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Overpowered Sword Chapter 273

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Level up with black hair (273)

Silver hair and golden eyes.

A girl with gorgeous colors sat neatly and closed her eyes. All she had to do from now on was not to lose even a single ounce of concentration.

The strongest saint of all time.

The sacred power swirling within the body of the 8th Ellahan was literally a storm. A force greater and purer than ten cardinals combined moves and disperses the fog in the area.

Ugh—! Ugh—!

It rings like a huge bell. Waves of divine power spread out several times, like concentric circles that form when a stone is thrown into the middle of a puddle.

Once, twice, three times.

By blowing away the fog of ‘famous songs’, several layers of waves normalize the distorted ecosystem.

A level of religious celebration that even a cardinal could not dare to do.


“The control of power is sloppy. “We need to coordinate more carefully.”

William, standing a few meters away from Ellahan, pointed out bluntly.

Unlike magic, the magic system of sacred magic tended to rely more on intuition than calculation. Perhaps that is why there was a significant difference in aptitude and power for each type of sacred law. If it were not a group that only worshiped the goddess, it would not be surprising if the factions had differentiated long ago.

Healing methods, auxiliary methods, purifying methods, etc.

Fortunately, the saints who passed down the title of ‘Elahan’ were able to use all types of sacred methods, but even they were slightly more proficient in each type of sacred method and there were differences in degree.


As soon as he heard William’s advice, Ellahan increased his breathing and became even closer to unconsciousness.

The state of shaking off all distracting thoughts and focusing on one thought.

Before starting this training, William ordered fasting meditation for as many as four days. My usual concentration was not enough to learn how to deal with <Yeokcheon>, which was outside of the existing legal system.

‘That’s amazing.’

Although she spoke in a harsh tone, William was deep in admiration at the speed of her growth.

Ellahan, the wisdom built by the Holy Order through 300 years of research and trial and error, began to approach its essence in less than a week. Even though it was a simple training just to learn how to use it, the difficulty level itself was not drastically lowered.

‘In this era, there is no one but me who can use it, and even I am not at a level that can be used in the fight against <Reverse Heaven>.’

William clicked his tongue unconsciously.

The reason was very simple.

Aside from being inefficient, the improved form of the holy law to combat <Reverse Heaven> consumed too much sacred power. Even William, who had the most divine power next to the Chief Cardinal, was fortunate to be able to use it for only 10 seconds, and that was not enough to completely cut down the Demon King’s <Reverse Heaven>.

Therefore, the 8th Saint Ellahan was the only suitable candidate.


It was that moment.

The divine power that was swirling everywhere gathered at one point, reducing the brightness of the light and emerging in the shape of a brilliant sphere.

The majesty unique to divine power is not felt.

It was just clear.

The sphere, shining transparently like pure water without a single impurity, slowly rotated in Ellahan’s palm. It was a sphere so transparent that the inside could be seen, like a soap bubble.

“Yes, you did well.”

A sphere of pure brilliance.

The power to nullify only <Reverse Heaven>.

A law that exists in a completely different realm from sexual law.

“That is ‘Right Law.’”

Turning wrong into right.

Unlike external law, 〈Yeokcheon〉 and 〈fall〉, which are based on natural law, should not be opposed by sacred law.

“If natural law is clear water and foreign law is impurity. Holy law is the power to scoop out impurities out of the pool with a scoop. However, the power of the one born from the corruption of the Demon King’s Sun-ri is not impurity, but corrupt water. “You can’t get it out with a scoop.”

The magic that distorts nature by one level is the power of water transformation, ice or steam. That was not enough to purify or neutralize the sewage itself.

〈Auror Blade〉, which goes one step beyond the law, is a deterioration of water. Although it was an ability that worked well against <Reverse Heaven>, most of its power was dissipated due to its lack of status.

If you reach the realm of grandmaster, you can compete even with <Reverse Heaven> on an equal level, but in the current era, there is only one warrior of that level, Cassim.

“For that reason, the ‘Jeongbeop’ that was developed is a filter paper.”

An evolution and variation of the sacred method of returning rotten water to its original state. Because it deviated significantly from the existing form, the efficiency of power consumption deteriorated significantly, but further improvement was impossible.

“How long is the expected duration of the Saint’s ‘Jeongbeop’?”


Ellahan closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them and answered.

“If I keep it like this, will it last about 10 minutes? “I think it will become shorter if you control the sphere from a distance or increase the density of force.”

“10 minutes is amazing.”

“Is it great? In practice, it’s only 10 minutes…”

William agreed to that statement, but immediately refuted it.

“I can’t rest assured. But keep in mind that there is no one other than you, saint, who can use it on a minute-by-minute basis. “You are the only key that can break the evil dragon’s ‘Reverse Heaven’ with ‘Jeongbeop’.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”

“Continue practicing the operation until the hero returns. “I think I’m done with what I can teach you.”

After giving Ellahan instructions to practice on his own, William visited Albion with the news.

The two were conducting their training at a distance for fear that there might be a conflict between the training of elemental arts and the ‘Rectification’.


William laughed when he arrived at Karen’s training site.

It had to be that way.

I also felt it when teaching saints, but there are people in this world who are born with talents that cannot be understood through common sense.

For example, the first person to hold a sword hilt cuts through iron with a single blow. Like creating a magic circle perfectly using formulas that I couldn’t even memorize.

A level of achievement that is simply unreasonable.

I never thought I would see that twice in a row in one day!


There was a cat.

There were cats that climbed on Karen’s body, which was lying on the floor, and curled up on her stomach with their tails buried in her hair.

It wasn’t just one or two.

At least ten.

William, who had seen through its essence, was at a loss for words.

“What do you think, child of the forest?”

Albion spoke without even looking at William at that time.

His voice was much softer than usual.

“Are you asking about my guardian knight’s accomplishments?”


William answered honestly.

“In just one week, you can summon multiple mid-level spirits and maintain them without concentrating your consciousness. “Maybe he is more talented as a spiritist than as an assassin.”

“No, it’s the opposite.”


“As an assassin, I achieved that level of achievement because I had a deep understanding of night and darkness and shadows. “If I had grown up in a harmonious family, I might have barely taken the first step.”

Albion stroked Karen’s hair while she was sleeping and patted her a few times as if comforting her about her unfortunate past.

“Contact with high-level spirits is also smooth. If you continue training like this for a few weeks, you will be able to become a spirit knight, something that has never been seen before in the recent century. “As expected, this body’s insight was accurate.”

It was then.

Albion, who was boasting about himself, suddenly turned his head and glared at ‘Famous Song’, who had been uncomfortable even looking at him once.

William naturally followed his gaze.

I didn’t understand why, but it was definitely not uncommon for a dragon to be unable to hide its emotions.



A ray of golden light rose like a pillar from the depths of the famous song, scattering its brilliance so brilliantly that it could be clearly seen from tens of kilometers away.

It was a moment.

The pillar of light appeared and disappeared in a matter of seconds.

Nevertheless, Albion and William recalled that person without confirming each other.

Warrior Leon.

* * *

“…Huh! omg! “Huh!”

Leon let go of the sword hilt and fell to the ground with a pain that shrunk his lungs. The holy sword, which did not let go even though the palm was burst and all the wrist bones were crushed, was sunk into the ground.

Not only was my physical fatigue, but even my mental strength had reached its limit.

If he had closed his eyes, he would have fainted, but Leon, who had strained his eyelids enough to cause bruising, managed to maintain consciousness.

It was a blow.

I fell into a state of exhaustion with just one swing of the sword.

[It’s a power that you shouldn’t be able to use yet at your level.]

El Cid spoke softly.

[The 2nd level of Heart Sword could only be freely used after breaking the Grand Master’s wall, but you were a special case. [It is also because my teachings were so outstanding.]

Even during this time, El Cid did not hide his pride.

However, Leon was not annoyed by that hateful behavior. While enduring the pain of my blood boiling and my lungs burning.

He was smiling brightly with a distorted face.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…! succeded…!”

One slash.

It was a diagonal cut, not a 〈Seven-Star Sword〉 or a 〈Sun Sword〉.

The blow was swung with an unknown sensation that seemed to condense the martial arts skills he had accumulated so far into a single strand.


Sisyphus looked down at his upper body with his eyes wide open.

From the left collarbone to the right side.

A faint line was drawn.

It wasn’t a deep cut and no blood was flowing. There was just enough force to make my skin swell. It was an embarrassing level of scarring to even call it a minor injury.

Still, I reached that body.

[under! I guess that guy didn’t know you could cut ‘Penetration’.]

Even though Sisyphus was stripped of his powers when he was alive and was bound to ‘Tartaros’ and the punishment rock, this feat cannot be denigrated.

It’s not surprising that orcs defeat orcs.

However, for a goblin to defeat an orc is an amazing feat, and for a goblin to defeat an ogre is something that may become legendary. That is what it meant when a weak person challenged a great power and overcame its stronghold.

Sisyphus stroked his body several times as if he couldn’t believe the wounds on his body, and soon burst into laughter.

There was no trace of anger in his laughter.

I was just delighted with the stimulation I felt after going out for a long time.

Sisyphus soon approached Leon with a smile, carrying the rock he had put down again.


He patted Leon’s shoulder three or four times, even though he couldn’t move a single finger, and disappeared through the fog of ‘Famous Songs’.

Inward, not outward.

Towards the place Cerberus told me to find.

Leon looked at his back with a puzzled expression.

“…You didn’t escape?”

[Even if you don’t know ‘Tartaros’, you won’t be able to get rid of the curse of the Punishment Rock. I think coming this far was some kind of entertainment.]

“I played well with you, so now you’re going back.”

For Sisyphus, swinging his sword desperately was like a game for the first time in a long time.

There was no murderous intent or hostility from him. This was the reason why not even a single trace of malice could be found. If Leon had waited instead of dealing with him, he might not have been able to overcome his boredom and opened the way.

“I guess it’s okay since I’ve gained something.”

It’s meaningful because it didn’t end up being a waste of time.

Leon stood up, confirming that fact again.

Rodelin supported him and performed recovery magic.

“The drain on aurors and stamina is serious. “We urge you to take at least three hours of rest and regroup.”

“it’s okay. “There are no more monsters left around here.”

While patting Rodelin’s head for her concern for him, Leon thought of Cerberus waiting on the other side of the fog.

Watchdog of the list.

Shinsoo asked to close down the Demonic Sutra ‘Famous Song’ with the Holy Sword.

Now it was time to keep that promise.

“Let’s go slowly.Slowly.”

With steady steps, Leon and Rodelin began walking towards their upcoming destination.

Myeongbu Mado.

To the entrance of the land ruled by the Reaper Pluto.

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