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Overpowered Sword Chapter 268

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Level up with swords (268)

However, even though he was angry, the air around him was quiet and he did not raise his body other than yelling once. It was obvious that he was considerate of Karen, who was lying on his lap.

Guardian knight.

Leon, who reflected on what Albion said, finally realized the sincerity of it and spoke with an expression of surprise that could not be completely concealed.

“Did you really make Karen your guardian knight?”

“It is true.”

Albion smiled, as if satisfied with her astonishment, and stroked Karen’s hair again. Gray-white hair tangled around long, thin fingers and made a crunching sound as it flowed.

It seemed like he really liked Karen.

Leon, who was at a loss for words, didn’t ask Albion any more questions, but just poured out the questions in his heart.

‘Is being a dragon guardian knight this light?’

[Is that possible?]

El Cid explained, dismissing the question with a shout.

[I refused because it was really useless and bothersome from my perspective. Even 300 years ago, if I could become a dragon knight, there would have been people who would throw away everything, including wealth and fame.] ‘

What?! ‘Is it that big of a deal?’

[of course. Guardian knights who accept the true blood of the dragon race have their lifespan increased nearly ten-fold upon appointment, and their spirit affinity, physical abilities, and mana control also increase significantly. If a warrior at the level of an Aura Master becomes a guardian knight, he would be able to defeat three or four warriors of the same level.]

Just by being born and raised, he received the power of a dragon equal to that of a transcendental person, so it was no big deal.

There were many people who dreamed of eternal life.

There were also many who aimed to become stronger.

There were more people who wanted legendary fame.

The Dragon Knight Dragon Knight was the means by which all of those absurd desires could immediately become reality. In fact, it could be said that most of the dragon slayers of the old era were those who attempted to transcend mortality by stealing the true blood of the dragon race.

[Of course, you cannot become a Dragon Knight by pulling out the heart of a dragon alive and eating it. Most of the fools who believed that myth and tried to hunt dragons were killed or retaliated against. There was a time when I messed with a formidable hatchling and the whole kingdom was devastated.]

El Cid, who had taken a break from the idiots, trembled with his sword.

It was because I wanted to say this to Albion, not Leon.

《Norang, what are your intentions? I understand that a dragon’s guardian knight is not someone who just receives power, but has to perform duties corresponding to it.》

“Ah, you speak well about a topic that you threw out without even thinking about it.”

Albion said coldly while glaring at Leon’s waist.

“As you know, my body is not in a normal state. As the wings, horns, and heart lost more than half of their functions, their identity as a dragon race was greatly weakened. So, although the grace that can be bestowed on this child has diminished, the binding power has also become weaker.”

《In the end, it’s all just a guess. Your body could be worse than it is now, but wasn’t that too hasty?”

This time, it’s exciting! Albion snorted and shot back.

“Are you even going to worry about me? It’s okay. “He saved me as a beggar and then acted as if he would give me company, but then he threw me away to heaven without even a mouse or a bird knowing.”

“hey! “I thought I went there because I wanted to go up!”

“What’s there to know? “The only truth is that it has been 300 years since you showed your face again.”

Then he turns his head away as if he has no intention of saying anything more.

El Cid, who saw this, shouted as if he was really excited.

《Wow, I don’t even have blood vessels, but my blood pressure is going up! I’m sure you’ve relayed the news several times through oracles!》

“How can you remember everything you said in your sleep?”

“Do not lie! I remember being told that every time I came over, they even made a guest room for me to sleep in and then destroyed it—》

“I’ve never done that before!”

Albion, who had been hit back in his past, blushed and continued to argue with El Cid.

“…Cardinal William.”

In the meantime, Leon had a feeling that nothing good would come of him if he continued to whine, so he took the holy sword off his belt, placed it in front of Albion, and turned it on his back.

El Cid was talking in his head, but he blocked the mental waves and looked in another direction.

The place where Ellahan, another colleague of Leon, was seated.

“Can I hear what you are teaching Ella?”



When he looked dumbfounded at the unexpected answer, William tilted his head about 30 degrees and said,

“It was a joke.”

“…Oh, I see.”

Not only was he friendly, but he also seemed to have no conversational skills.

But from then on, the story flowed properly.

“I was teaching you how to counter the Demon King’s unique ability, <Reverse Heaven>.”


“okay. In fact, it is a power that is like the natural enemy of all beings based on natural law that does not receive any effective damage except from the Holy Sword. “If we can’t do that, we’ll have to defeat the Demon King with a single blow.”

It could also be said that the reason the dragons did not take part in the Demon King’s Descendence 300 years ago was because of <Reverse Heaven>.

The power that polluted Albion, <Corruption>, is based on <Reverse Heaven>, and the closer it is to natural law, the more lethal it acts. Stronger against dwarves than against humans. Stronger against elves than against dwarves. Stronger against dragons than against elves.

Even Albion, who was ranked among the top ten dragons, had the limit of being able to hold out without losing her sense of self, so it goes without saying that she was a weaker dragon than her.

Other than the holy sword, there were only two means to deal with <Yeokcheon>.

A sacred law that returns all phenomena to their natural state. And 〈Auror Blade〉, which changes reality by asserting its own laws.

“But those methods only worked to a certain extent; they couldn’t rise to the level of defeating him.”

Unless you are a monster like Rodrik who can destroy heaven and earth with just one person, roundabout methods are bound to be ineffective in the end.

The possibility of the Cardinal or the Auror Master enduring unfavorable conditions and achieving victory against the Demon King, who far surpassed even the Dragon in terms of power, was virtually zero.

So, the Holy Order studied it for over 300 years.

A way to overcome the overwhelming compatibility of 〈Yeokcheon〉 and become a force without leaving everything to one hero.

“It took 300 years to finally prove that theory. If it is Yeokcheon that nullifies the power of natural law, then all you have to do is create a holy law that invalidates only Yeokcheon. “It was a simple and ignorant beginning, but it was successful.”

A method that does not simply follow natural law like the existing sacred law, but also reaches out and interferes with providence that is based on natural law.

Isn’t this study an attempt by the purists of the Holy Order to distort the true meaning of the goddess? He put the brakes on the research, but the goddess herself gave an oracle during the meeting and said, “No,” so the research continued.

Nevertheless, several problems emerged; one was that the level of difficulty was too high, making it impractical.

“Heh, it was a needless worry.”

William, who had explained up to that point, looked back at Ellahan, who was immersed in a trance with a small smile.

There was even a trace of bitterness on his face.

“I only explained the theory and showed it a few times, but I am already getting a feel for it and forming a foundation for the technique.”

“Is it great?”

“To say it’s amazing is not enough. It took me over 100 years to get to that level. I was born as a high elf and this is not something I would say, but talent is truly unfair.”

William grumbled and shrugged his shoulders.

Leon felt as if he had seen his human side for the first time and felt a sense of familiarity.



“Karen is reborn as a guardian knight and Ella learns that special sacred method. “How long will it take?”

“If I were to guess roughly… it would be at least a week to 10 days.”

After rolling it around in his mouth for a week to ten days, Leon quickly picked up El Cid and hung it on his waist again.

Albion, who had been arguing so far, said.

“Can you do it?”

I didn’t even ask what.

Leon smiled at those words and nodded once.

Albion also gestured as if that was enough. It was a kind send-off, telling her to have a good trip in her own way.

Rodelin, who had been standing still and concentrating on internal repairs, also opened her eyes.

“I will do it, Master.”

“Okay, please take care of me.”

The young man and the girl once again walked into the terrifying fog of ‘Famous Song’ and soon became invisible.

To combat the approaching apocalypse.

The warrior who decided to trust the two threw himself into the demonic realm.

* * *

It was some time later.

[The dimension connected to ‘Famous Song’ is one of the places commonly known as the afterlife, especially Tartarus, a prison dimension where sinners with deep karma are imprisoned.]


Leon cut into pieces a ghoul that was trying to bite the back of his neck and paid attention to an unfamiliar word.

For some reason, I felt an ominous vibe from the tone.

El Cid explained in detail as if responding to his request.

[It is a place that corresponds to an abyss that even the lowest class of gods in the underworld cannot escape. Of course, the place connected to the ‘famous song’ is only the entrance, so it is guarded by Cerberus. If it’s a deep area, they can’t guarantee safety even if I’m alive?]

‘It’s scary.’

[According to what the dog said, it looks like a few people escaped using this magic trick, but if they were arrested at the entrance, they must be petty criminals. Don’t let down your guard though? Because I’ll ignore the S-rank risk.]

It wasn’t a place where you could let down your guard.

As Leon took that advice to heart, he noticed that the frequency of monsters had begun to decrease.

It was an area I had entered once before.

A world where the dead are closer than the living.

In a world where ‘death is natural’, Leon is no longer treated as an intruder but as an intruder. If it were not for Anubis’s protection, just by residing in this realm, their lifespan would have been shortened and they would have become impoverished without knowing it.

“–there is.”

It was that moment.

Leon’s eyes flashed as he caught the enemy’s magic response faster than Rodelin’s detection magic.

In an instant, the ‘Stigmata of the Watcher’ strengthens and brightens the future.

A gaze that penetrates kilometers of fog.

The enemy whose form was not even visible suddenly became clear.

At the same time, Leon’s hand tightly grasped the hilt of the sword.

“…I guess that guy is the escaped prisoner Cerberus was talking about?”

[It looks like that just by looking at it.]

El Cid agreed.

He had no choice but to do so because the being that appeared from beyond was so believable.

To put it in one word, it’s a ghost knight.

The full armor worn on the skeletal wyvern’s back, with bluish eye glow radiating from within the face armor, looks quite antique. It may be hundreds of years older, perhaps even older.

When Leon widened his eyes to look at him more closely,


The ghost knight spoke a language I had never heard before.

“What is he saying now?”

[I do not know either. I never heard of it even 300 years ago. It may be the language of another world.]

The tone of voice did not seem friendly, so Leon raised his blade at the ghost knight who was looking directly at his position.

Come on!

Body movements that clearly reveal the intention.


An unidentified ghost knight flew up with a loud laugh that even made me feel joy.

This wyvern didn’t even flap its wings.

Without even giving us a chance to resolve the question of where the ability to fly comes from, the ghost knight flies in. A vertical lance charge that soars hundreds of meters at once and then crashes down to the ground.

In response, Leon also spread out two flame wings.

“Rodelin! “Beware of fortune-telling!”

“Yes Master.”

Leaving her behind to prepare for any unexpected intrusion, Leon, who had deployed “Icarus Wing,” ascended toward the Ghost Knight.

Vertical and perpendicular.

Heat and cold.

Conflicting forces and directions run rampant ahead of head-on confrontation.

Grand Chariot is

one beat late and is at a disadvantage.

In order to make up for it, Leon first brought out the Oui.

Brilliant light gathers around the blade and soars into the sky. If it’s charging, stabbing, stabbing, there is a technique that can be used in its own way. The long and

sharp sword light

spreads out like a jousting spear,

Alkaid .

Leon grabbed it and flew as if using lance charging.


Lance of Vortex

A huge vortex was born from the ghost knight’s lance.

It was not a technology that could be found anywhere.

A whirlwind spear technique based on Aura Blade that changes the area with its own laws.

The spear of the storm struck down against the spear of starlight.

Crumbling rumbling——!!

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