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Overpowered Sword Chapter 266

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Level up with swords (266)


As soon as Leon took a step, he unleashed the “Icarus Wing” behind his back, smashing the wall of sound and flying into the sky.

The difference in size between him and Cerberus was so enormous that even if he stayed on the ground, he would just be crushed to death. Strike from above and strike from below. It was clear which side was more advantageous.

Leon’s sense of time increases as he faces the mythical beast.

All colors in sight fade to black and white, and even the sounds reaching my ears are cut into several pieces.

It was a world where even arrows had no choice but to slow down like slugs.


‘The reaction speed is ridiculously fast.’

Even at that moment, Cerberus’s eyes were flowing naturally and staring precisely in the direction from which he was flying.

One of its front paws was raised so that it could strike at any time.

‘If you rush in like this, you’ll be killed in one hit.’

The cold sweat running down my back and the hair pushed back by air resistance give me a chill in my ears.

As Leon faced that fear, he immediately found a breakthrough.

Do not slow down or retreat.

In his current state, if he slows down even a little, his front paws will hit him. Even if you block or dodge it, the damage is great. Giving the first effective hit to a magical beast whose physical strength and durability far exceeded that of a human was fatal.

Then, there is only one way to overcome this impasse.

‘High-speed turning!’

Don’t back down or slow down.

Move forward and clear a path!

Leon’s eyes flashed as he prepared to attack head-on.

It was right after that.


One wing of 〈Icarus Wing〉 suddenly disappeared, and the other wing swelled to more than twice its size.

The driving force that had been pushing him evenly in both directions suddenly shifts to one side, so the otherwise straight trajectory of the rush is bound to be greatly distorted.

Even Cerberus’s eyes became dizzy as he turned and zigzagged at a speed as fast as a swallow. Even when observing Leon from three directions, its orbit was difficult to read.


Leon narrowly dodged the front paw that struck him, and used that moment to insert his sword.

A golden aura burns along the blade of the holy sword. I also pushed El Cid’s assignment to a corner of my mind for now.

Limiting your power while dealing with Cerberus?

It was like I was going crazy because I wanted to die. A ray

of sword light from

Grand Chariot,


exploded onto Cerberus’ nape.


The sword light bounces out with a loud sound.

When Leon saw that, his face naturally hardened.

It doesn’t mean there is no damage. A faint scar remained on the nape of the neck, which was seen as the ‘stigmata of the beholder’, and it was seen that the skin had been split apart from being hit by the sword light.

“…I suffered minor injuries even after being hit directly by the <Seven Star Sword>.”

I didn’t intend to decapitate him with a single cut, but it’s also shocking that he was only able to cut off the skin.

Leon, who had slipped behind Cerberus’s back at the same time as he cut off his neck, turned around, and the three heads of the demon beasts that turned around just like him spewed out fire side by side.


It was a deep purple flame.

Leon was trying to break through, relying on his cloak’s fire resistance, but he blinked at the sudden sense of discomfort that came over him.

‘I can’t feel the heat.’

The fire was not caused by combustion.

El Cid penetrated its essence and warned.

[Avoid, idiot! That is a flame that burns the soul!]

There was no way there would be an ordinary flame in the Myeongbu Magic Island where the dead resided. The laws of physics in this world do not apply as there is no distinction between heat and cold as well as heat and cold.

Even though it looked like a flame, the shape was quite similar, but the essence of the phenomenon was fundamentally different.

“Huh, the cloak…!?”

Leon barely managed to avoid the three streams of flame that spewed out.

The end of the cloak, which had been grazed by the purple flames, was blackened and crumbled, but fortunately it did not lose its function.

It was an ability that even high-level artifacts could not withstand.

If I were to be engulfed in that flame with a living body—

[It is an ability that penetrates physical defenses. You have no choice but to block it with a holy sword or consume your aura to cancel it out.]

“That’s really tricky.”

Because of the nature of the demonic spirit, I can’t even use ‘Guardian’s Stigmata’, but it’s an ability that forces me to consume direct power.

As Leon, he was a monster that was not compatible in many ways.

If you take a direct hit, your auror will be greatly reduced even if you block or receive critical injury or instant death. In a situation where combat durability has significantly decreased, the burden is bound to be significant.

“Well, I haven’t been in an unfavorable fight once or twice!”

Nevertheless, Leon flew towards Cerberus without any hesitation. It was the same when dealing with Nephren-Ka and when fighting <Dead Spirit King>.

Just because Pia’s power gap is so huge, if you go passively, you will only miss out on a tiny bit of victory.

The weak must not miss the time when they have to struggle!


Despite showing off the difference in power, Cerberus growled as if to express its displeasure with its three mouths as Leon approached.

The smell of sulfur overflowing from the mouth permeates the entire area.

Like the popular belief that Myeongbu (冥府) exists deep underground, the beings of Myeongbu Magic often had characteristics similar to underground minerals. So was Cerberus, the watchdog on this list.

Even though it was standing on all fours, the pores on the entire body of Cerberus, a giant demon with its head 20 meters in the air, widened all at once.


Pushi Yi —…

The hole that was wider than the human finger was a smoke -like steam.

It was phosphorus.

Black phosphorus is flammable and highly toxic, but unlike white phosphorus, it has a lower risk. However, the black phosphorus that had been purified and strengthened in Cerberus’ body was dozens of times more toxic than before.

As soon as it mixed with the fog of ‘Famous Song’, black phosphorus ignited and began to dominate the space around it.

As the temperature rises in an instant, a haze appears everywhere.

“Are you going to restrict my movements?”

Leon understood the intention and stuck out his tongue.

I thought that since it was a mythical beast, it would have great intelligence, but would you have thought that it would use a countermeasure as soon as it missed?

You must not wait and see.

It had to be stopped before the black lint’s territory expanded further.

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Red Lotus Eclipse (紅蓮一式)

Before he jumped in, he let out a burst of sword light.


A large and thick pillar of fire ran along the golden sword road, erasing all the black phosphorus that had blocked its path, opening the path.

The golden sword flame extended more than 30 meters.

Leon grabbed the sack and ran out without hesitation.

‘I’ll cut it properly this time.’

Using only the <Seven Star Sword>, the limit was to tear the guy’s skin.

It is possible to overcome that durability only by maximizing the power by using at least the simultaneous use of Yeonsikoh or the <Sunsword>.

Cerberus also reacted as if he had read that determination.


As the three heads roared at the same time, three shock waves exploded together, shaking the Icarus Wing.

It was not a simple sonic attack.

It is a roar that can disrupt the waves of power and even distort the flow of mana in the body of low-level targets. A person like Leon who has reached the level of an Auror Master will only stiffen for a moment, but say,

“Damn it…!”

Cerberus was a monster that could strike in an instant.

In the few seconds that Leon stopped in the air, Cerberus’ front paw attacked with terrifying force.

can not avoid.

Leon, who sensed the timing, reflexively gritted his teeth.

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Red Lotus Transplant


If you can’t avoid it, just hit back!

I gather the power that surges within my body and strike against a wall of pressure that feels like the sky is collapsing.

The holy sword, which became a ball of fire, collided with Cerberus’ forepaw.


Leon, who was thrown back by the reaction of the explosion, fell to the ground once and then immediately jumped up.

Immediately after that, Cerberus’ half foot struck down and cut into the ground, creating a crater wider than a small pond.

Leon approached Cerberus again and looked at him.

The front foot of the side that clashed with the holy sword a moment ago.

‘There wasn’t much damage. The front foot, which is used as a means of attack, is more durable than other parts of the body, isn’t it? Even though I hit <Flare>, all I got was a slight scorch on the leather.’

To be precise, there seemed to be no weak point other than the head.

Unlike the head, where the outline of the skull was exposed on the skin, Cerberus’ body was strong. If you want to cut down a body covered with several meters of leather, muscle, and bone in one go, you will not have enough strength even if you use <Corona> and use Yeonshikoui.

In the end, the area that Leon had to target was the guy’s three heads.

Wow! Kwaaaang!

While flying with the <Icarus Wing>, it clears away the black phosphorus and avoids the front feet that strike like lightning.

I realized it after hitting it once.

It is not a level of destructive power that can be eliminated with technique.


The anomalously swung tail grazed past and several strands of hair were torn off by the flames engulfing its surface.

If I had gone a little deeper, my head would have blown off.

A flame that burns the soul.

However, it was not possible to protect one’s body with aurors at all times.

[If I keep running away like now, there will be no way out?]

“I know!”

After shouting once at El Cid’s urging, Leon continued to dodge the front foot attacks that he had become accustomed to after several experiences.

Cerberus was not fast enough for its size, but since it was in the form of an animal, the trajectory of the strike itself could be read through the movement of the joints. It was a weakness that most gigantic beings possessed.


“Tch! “Because there are no blind spots, you can’t see any gaps at all!”

Since the three heads observe different directions, they can easily catch up with Leon’s movements even at a speed one beat slower than Leon’s.

If I were to challenge the limits of 〈Icarus Wing〉, I might be able to exceed its reaction speed, but in that condition, I was fortunate to be able to fly for 10 minutes. Because recovery is low, extreme choices should be avoided.

The only option left to Leon is

the Sun Sword.

Leon’s body, which instantly reached its maximum power, emitted a brilliant flash of light, surprising even Cerberus, who was watching him, and all three heads glared in one direction.

No matter how you attack, you can win as long as you are defenseless.

Cerberus’ confidence was the truth itself.

Leon also knew that fact, so


Suddenly, Leon appeared above Cerberus’ head and raised his sword.

The flash from before was just a deception.

A huge amount of power was poured into the air, and the remaining amount of aurors was instantly reduced to close to 10%. It was not a battle situation that could be overcome without raising the stakes.


The moment Cerberus, who belatedly noticed its existence, was about to turn his head, Leon’s special move was unleashed first.

5 consecutive strikes of <Seven Star Sword>.

The brilliance that crushed 〈Serpent of the Apocalypse〉.

Grand Chariot stabs

once to secure and cuts twice to restrain.

〈Hocheon Samyeonseong〉 is ultimately nothing more than a starting point.

The subsequent sword strike would be the path to a deadly death.

Megrez, a

four-stroke form, uses

a slash that draws an arc diagonally, connecting three strokes and converting them into three dimensions to create a very large triangular pyramid.

At this point, Cerberus’ middle head was crushed by the power of the Light Angel Constellation, and all four legs were dug deep into the ground.

Even though he was being crushed like that, his resistance was fierce.

The muscles that support the head in the middle swell taut and resist the pressure from the top of the head, creating thick blood vessels.

It is withstanding a whopping 4-stroke Yonsik Oui with durability and strength. Leon,

with his five swords,

spun his sword as if to show respect for his stubbornness.

‘I don’t know if I can get through it all with 〈Mizar〉 or not.’

Stop hesitating.

As soon as his resolve was made, the blood vessels of his entire body became fiercely white-hot, and he was imbued with an irresistible force.

He wrote Ganghwagye Oh’s “Corona” from “Sword of the Sun.”

If I had used it from the beginning, I would have been exhausted as soon as I fired the 5th stroke, but if I only strengthened the last blow, I could somehow continue the fight.

The holy sword changed from golden to platinum and spun smoothly.

Once, twice, three times…


The triangular pyramid stuck on the top of Cerberus’ head spins even further, eventually penetrating its skull and spraying blood.

Liquid, whether blood or brain fluid, was splashing everywhere.

Even as he faced that, Leon did not loosen his grip.

If you do not thoroughly destroy it, its success cannot be guaranteed. The sword light, which turned into a round cylinder like

a five-star wheel vehicle,

eventually shattered one of Cerberus’s heads.

It took tens of seconds to pierce the skin and flesh, which was several times thinner than the body, so if it had been aimed at the heart, it would have run out of aurors before it even penetrated the ribs.

“Huh…! “Whoa! Whoa whoa…!”

Leon, who had lost his strength with his final sword, took a big step back in preparation for the guy’s counterattack, even though he was breathing heavily.

Cerberus has three heads.

He wasn’t someone who would die just because one thing was broken.

just as expected.


Even though the guy’s head had exploded in the middle, he was standing there firmly, glaring at Leon.

The eyes, reduced to four pairs, burn ominously.

It was then.

—Hmm, I guess this is enough.

A voice with a deep tone flowed into Leon’s head.

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