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Overpowered Sword Chapter 261

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Level up with swords (261)

It was the next day.

After finishing the story about William, Irexana went straight into the palace, and Leon and his party briefly reorganized and gathered related information before leaving for ‘Famous Song’.

Yumyeonggok (幽冥谷).

Although it is one of the four major demonic scenes, it is a secret and terrifying land that is not much known compared to the other three places.

Even the name was truly sinister.

The magic scene that seems to have realized the deep and dark scene of the afterlife feared by the living was a ‘famous song’.

“Albion, do you know well about famous songs?”

When Leon asked, Albion answered while shaking his head.

“No, that demonic spirit gives a physiological aversion to the dragon race. It’s true for all demonic scenes, but famous songs are especially severe. “It’s no different from walking into a damp, rotten swamp with your own feet.”

Physiological disgust? Albion continued to explain that words were not enough for the group who only blinked.

“For dragons, natural order is like breathing, so they feel uncomfortable when they get close to an area where natural order is disrupted. Normally, the distortion would be corrected through ‘tuning,’ but it is best not to approach something that even gods cannot dare to touch, such as the Demonic Sutra.”

“But…Britra forces herself to open it, right?”

“Just as it is many times easier to destroy than to create, the same is true with coordination. “Increasing distortion is easier than calming it down, and energy consumption is also more efficient.”

It made sense.

Unless it is an ability that exists in a higher concept, such as immortality, the balance between destruction and regeneration always tips towards the former.

When Leon and the others were convinced, Albion let out a long sigh.

“I feel like I don’t want to go along, but I shouldn’t act selfishly in this situation. “Hero Leon, did Irexa or the kid say anything about transportation?”

“Umm, there was nothing else.”

Albion grumbled at those words as well.

“You’re even thinking about using your body just because your hair has grown a little thicker. Even that little guy was cute when he was young.”

Although it is located a little lower than the Clyde Empire, Jugend also required quite a long time to reach the southern tip of that continent.

The fact that there was no preparation even though Hansi was busy means,

“There is nothing we can do. “I’m going to try my best after a long time.”

Albion took a few steps and reached the middle of the clearing.

“Ride around me. “I cannot take responsibility for this body if I spread the distance for no reason and end up far away alone.”

“no way?!”

“Okay, I’ll go with multi-space transfer.”

Originally, it corresponds to the 8th rank space magic, but the magical power consumption is so large that humans cannot use it.

A great magic method that blows up the space itself, not as an individual but as a group.

“Calm down the aurors and stop the saintess from operating the holy magic machine. Even the smallest variable can become a big problem. Rodelin, lower your output to the limit.”

“All right.”

However, instead of immediately following the instructions, Rodelin turned to look in the direction where Leon was and asked a question.

This was because Albion was no longer her master.

“Master Leon, please give me instructions.”

“huh? Oh yeah. Please follow Albion’s instructions.”

“All right. “We will reduce the core output to 5 percent of normal and maintain the current status until we reach our destination.”

Not four, but three people and a golem stood closely around Albion, who stood in the exact center.

At the same time, a huge magic circle unfolds beneath your feet.

It was said that the magic of the dragon race does not require chanting and that mana moves according to the will, and that was indeed the case. Hundreds of magical lines extending at ultra-high speeds are woven into geometric shapes to form a gin.

The 8th level magic circle was completed in just 10 seconds.

“Stop breathing. “It’s over in just a few seconds.”

As Albion said, the moment the three people stop breathing,


The light erupting from beneath their feet engulfed them and pulled them into a world that was not three-dimensional. A world line that even those who have deeply studied dimensional science and magic cannot understand more than 10% of.

In a world where space and time flows like water and there are no boundaries between material and immaterial things, only the coordinates of the five beings are shot out somewhere.

Like the wind, like lightning, like a beam of light.

It was a moment.


Suddenly, Leon realized that all his five senses had returned.

Perhaps it was an immediate reaction from a world that could not even recognize the loss, but other people reacted similarly.

Only Albion and Golem Rodelin, who were the subjects of space magic, stood calmly as usual.

“here is…? Is this a famous song, Albion?”

Leon asked a question while looking around.

As evidence of crossing over a distance of over thousands of kilometers, the humidity and temperature of the atmosphere had changed drastically.

Dry, cool air flows in from far away.

Even the movement of Mana was extremely static, unlike Jugend.

Is the influence of the Four Great Demons distorting the environment?

“Not yet.”

Albion denied.

“The four major demonic realms have more severe dimensional distortion than other magical realms, so they cannot be entered through space magic. So, I set it to a point about 10km away from the border of ‘Famous Song’.”

“Oh, I see.”


Albion spoke with a pale face unlike before.

“Due to the space transfer just now, my magical power has dropped to less than 20%. “A hand-to-hand combat is possible, but don’t expect my help from within the Demonic Realm.”

“of course. “It’s a journey for my growth.”

As Leon answered, El Cid secretly whispered.

It was a rare moment for a man who would normally be loud and loud to everyone to show consideration.

[Take care of yourself.]

‘Why are you acting like you are?’

[The Dragon people cannot pretend to be weak in front of others, perhaps because of their pride. The function of the Dragon Heart has decreased by less than half, and if I enter the famous song with the horns broken, it will be difficult to protect myself.] ‘

No, but Albion is a dragon, right? More powerful than all of us combined—’

[He wouldn’t even be at the level of a sword master in there. Do you think the subjugation of the four major demonic powers was not accomplished for no reason? This is because it was an environment where the dragons could not enter and use their power.]

El Cid continued.

[request. Because of me, he was left alone and I dragged him out, who was living a lonely life, so I have to take responsibility for this.]

‘Yes, I understand. I’ll try my best to take care of it.’

Leon naturally nodded his head.

It was the first time El Cid had asked for something like this, and I could feel his feelings for Albion.

Of course, it wasn’t a sweet and sour love, but it may not be as hopeless as I thought.

Afterwards, the group, having shaken off the aftereffects of the space transfer, began walking towards the ‘famous song’ again. If you look at the speed alone, it was close to a sprint, but no one seemed to be struggling.

It was some time after that.

“It’s a famous song, so I don’t know who named it, but it’s very fitting.”

Karen and Ellahan were silent as if they agreed with that statement.

I feel it every time I take a step closer.

The sense of time is stretched, the signs of life that should exist in the world subside, and the boundary between the living and the dead becomes blurred. The landscape was so quiet that not a single weed grew on the black, rotten soil, and even the wind had died down.


Ellahan looked up at the sky without realizing it and groaned.

It was a natural reaction.

In the sky, crows with all their feathers missing, bare bones exposed, and rotten flesh were floating quietly.

If you look closely at the ground, you can see something stirring.

Maggots and insect larvae that had long since died move about, oblivious to death. As if reading the presence of the living, it is approaching Leon and his group with slow movements.

“I feel nauseous.”

Even Albion’s face hardened and he muttered as he looked into the inside of the magic mirror that was now closer to his eyes.

Black flowers bloom from the withered bark of trees that have long since died, scattering poison and attracting the dead with their venom. Even if just one drop touches the body, it will burrow into the bone marrow. Unlike the poison Karen studies, it is like a materialized curse.

A poison that turns living things into dead ones.


Before entering the border, Leon looked back at Ellahan.

“I guess I have to look for the second cardinal there. Do you know anything else about him?”

“Cardinal William? “I don’t know…”

Ellahan rested his chin with an embarrassed expression.

Unlike when I looked at Irexana and Adela, I could clearly guess that they did not have a close relationship with each other.

just as expected.

“I don’t know much about him. Even when we met once, we only exchanged a few words of greeting. Even when talking to other cardinals, he often just moved his head. Does it feel like there is no compatibility?”

“So you’re saying there are no clues at all?”

It was like looking for a needle in a sandy beach.

When Karen stuck her tongue out, Ellahan apologized with a gloomy face.

“sorry. If I had known it would turn out like this, I would have talked more with Cardinal William…”

“No, who would have thought it would turn out like this? “Don’t apologize.”

Leon quickly comforted him, but Ellahan clenched his fists, probably thinking he had to make up for his mistake himself.

At the same time, the ‘Sacred Barrier’ was deployed again.

Crash, clank, full body armor is formed.

The strongest saint of all time.

As commanded by his name, the sacred power that overflowed from Ellahan’s body purified the land and air polluted by the energy of ‘Famous Song’, returning the dead to providence and breathing life into them.

“As the warrior said, it is difficult for us to find Him within. But what if he comes to visit us?”

“You’re coming? how?”

“Like this!”

Ellahan, who raised the Seongcheolswae high, shouted powerfully.

“Execute new punishment!”


There was no time for Leon or anyone else to stop him.

With her shout, a crack appeared in the gray-white sky. Heaven where the goddess resides. The final ultimatum law that borrows its brilliance has been activated.

Light falls.

The majestic light of God, purifying everything, flashed so brightly that it stung the eyes even from several kilometers away.

Woo Woo Woong —!

As the light of divine punishment spreads, the air around ‘Famous Song’ becomes normal for a moment. Corpse crows fell to the ground and turned into dirt, and the flowers that bloomed on dead trees were crushed like rotten leaves.

If it is a phenomenon that originates from an external dimension, it cannot resist for a moment before divine punishment. The execution of new punishment, which is several times stronger than in normal space, erases the morale of ‘Famous Songs’ and even causes the border to retreat tens of meters.

Although it was not aimed at a specific target, it had an effect that even Elahan himself could not have guessed.

Albion realized that the dizziness and headache that had been piercing his brain had faded and he thanked her.

“…I feel a little more comfortable thanks to you. Thank you, Goddess’ Staff.”

“Ah yes! What a relief!”

Ellahan was humble, not knowing what the situation was, while Leon and Karen just looked dumbfounded.

I don’t know why I used the new punishment or whether Albion is grateful.

Only Rodelin was wary of the surroundings with a calm expression.


“An unidentified heat source is approaching. The moving speed is Mach 3 or higher. The energy that plays a large part in life reactions is aura and divine power. “I presume he is the person the Master is looking for.”


“Coming into visual range in 5 seconds. Master Vigilance.”

Leon and Karen Ellahan, who understood Rodelin’s words, turned to the direction of ‘Famous Song’ and raised their weapons.

According to the report, it is highly likely that he was the second cardinal, but it could not have been so. If there is a presence moving at more than 3 times the speed of sound, it is at least a master level powerhouse.

If you let your guard down and get caught off guard, there is no turning back.

Right after that,


Something flew from the horizon to within close range of Leon and his group and fell from the distant sky to the surface.

If it weren’t for <Anbeop>, I wouldn’t have been able to see it.

Leon was able to see what he was riding by a narrow margin.


It was longer and thicker than an ordinary arrow, but it was clear that it had flown all the way here while riding on that arrow shaft.

Three people and a golem and a dragon saw him.

The man who literally fell from the sky frowned, as if the warm air thanks to the punishment was unfamiliar. Then, he opened his eyes wide as if he had spotted Ellahan.

“Saint? why?”

At a similar time, Karen also spoke with a surprised expression.


It was as he said.

Although it was a practical, improved outfit, the ears of the man wearing Mozetta’s distinctive red attire were pointed and long.

It’s different from humans.

It was a characteristic of the elves, who were more famous as a forest race.

William said as he twitched his eyebrows at what Karen said.

“Yes, I am an elf. Is this your first time seeing me?”

The tone is clearly blunt.

Even Leon remained silent, not knowing how to approach this person, as he had a completely different impression from the cardinals he had met so far.

William of the Second Cardinal “Adrift.”

It was the moment when his veil was lifted for the first time.

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