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Overpowered Sword Chapter 259

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Level up with swords (259)


This was the name that would later refer to this situation.

The demonic realms of the entire continent exploded all at once as if they had been concocted, releasing countless monsters that were difficult to count.

Even the monsters that came out of the nameless demon world had an average level of danger ranging from C to B. It was a threat on a different level from monsters with large numbers such as goblins and kobolds.

So what about the four major demonic realms on the continent?

Just how powerful are the monsters that escaped from Hell, a place at the bottom of the A-rank food chain where even one escape can cause a catastrophe?

The lucky survivors were able to quench their curiosity.

Their reaction was truly fierce.

“They’re monsters…they’re going to kill us all!”

“The ogre burned to death like some kind of flying insect! “The Knights are not the type of guys that can be defeated!”

“…Goddess, please have mercy.”

A person who is consumed by fear and struggles.

A person who spreads anxiety among the crowd.

Those who want to relieve their worries through faith.

No one could imagine a peaceful tomorrow. The monsters of the Four Great Demon Worlds were literally terrifying and possessed a level of power that was no different from a natural disaster.

If humanity had left the Four Great Demons defenseless, several countries would have collapsed due to this incident.



The cannon installed in the canyon area on the border with the ‘Mirror Canyon’ sprayed steel rain along with the sound of thunder.

As thousands, perhaps more than 10,000 gun ports fire sequentially, even the darkness of the night is mercilessly torn apart. Iron Wind Thunder Fire, which cannot withstand even the A-rank level for less than 10 seconds, destroys the monster that has escaped one step from the ‘Mirror Canyon’.

From the gun barrel to the shell, it was a special product that used magic and special metals like water. Even a Drake with a danger level of S+ becomes minced meat in the face of this heavy rain.


Due to the enormous destructive power, even the dimensional boundary of ‘Mirror Canyon’ shakes for a few seconds. Although it is a simple physical attack, it is a different story if the firepower that can collapse a mountain is concentrated in a certain range.

Just as 〈Auror Blade〉 can overwhelm even a force that deviates from the laws of physics if it greatly exceeds its output.

The defense posture that the Kingdom of Jugend had built up over hundreds of years was able to suppress even the invaders of ‘Mirror Canyon’.

The same was true for the Titan Mountains.

“Hmph, there were a lot of them today.”

The leader of the Titans, Giant King Cassim, muttered with a sour expression as he shook off his fist.

At his feet lay a snake that seemed to be about 100 meters long, and its crystal-clear scales were nothing out of the ordinary. It is a monster wrapped in material strength that does not exist in this world, and is difficult to attack even with Aura Blade.

To calculate the risk, SS rank or higher.

Tarrasque, a legendary monster that only appeared occasionally in ancient times.

“It would be a bit annoying if something like this appeared elsewhere.”

However, Kassim crushed the Tarrasque’s head with three punches, and then silenced the headless body by cutting it into several pieces with a capital knife.


It is a being that goes beyond the laws of physics and creates its own laws and enforces them.

The immortality and defense power of the outer dimension were all destroyed.

“Are you finished King?”

Sarunga, the warrior general who jumped around on one leg because one of his legs was cut off, asked that question.

Then Kasim answered calmly.

“I guess that’s it for today. “What about casualties?”

“Seven people died and twenty-four were injured. “I’ll wake up half of the time tomorrow, but the other half will have to rest for about three days.”

“Feed them well and put them to sleep as soon as they return. “It doesn’t seem like a situation that can end today.”

“All right.”

With injuries that would have already caused a human to faint, the Titans began to return to the village on their own feet.

Cassim walked slowly behind him and looked back.

My intuition as a transcendent is warning me.

This sudden rupture is just the starting point.

There will be even bigger troubles in the future.

“Hurry, priest. “You don’t have much time.”

It is unreasonable to entrust this to a person who is not yet 30, but it is truly a hero to shoulder that unreasonableness.

From the moment he drew the holy sword, there was no place for Leon to retreat.

As a death sentence, all I could say to him was support.

“…Is it already morning?”

The sun rises on the eastern horizon.

Behind Cassim, who was advancing as if facing the sun, the bloody seas of bloody monsters were revealed at dawn.

* * *

It was a time when the entire continent was groaning under Dungeon Break.

The main temple, the headquarters of the Holy Order.

In the basement of the church located at the ‘Top of the Star’, a sacred and secret ceremony was in full swing.

The person in charge of the ceremony was Chief Cardinal Lark.

Even though he has reached a high level of white hair and beard without missing a single strand, his skin cannot hide all his wrinkles. He was active in the Holy Order for over a hundred years, and according to some, he was even rumored to have lived for close to 200 years.

L’Arc knelt respectfully in front of the altar, put his hands together, and recited a prayer in his serious voice.

“…Do not be greedy. Know that everything that has an owner, that is closed, and that is locked is a test. Just as a thoughtless way of speaking invites disaster and pierces one’s heart with one’s own tongue. “Keep in mind that a recklessly extended finger can open the lock of destruction.”

The light of divine power flowing out softly increases its brightness.

It was a sealing ceremony.

The divine power that Lark unleashed with all his might was wrapped around the door located in the very center of the basement, like a chain.

“Whew, this is enough, right?”

No one is here.

Nevertheless, Larque spoke while looking up above his head as if someone was listening.

And then he chuckled again as if he had just heard the answer.

“Hehe, why don’t you run away now? That can’t be possible. It will take at least 30 more minutes for this sealing ceremony to be completed. “How much longer will you live if you continue to live in an ugly way at this age?”

Larque said that and took off his clothes.

The mozzetta I was wearing just a moment ago was by far the most effective for sexual purposes. It was not in a form suitable for combat.

A material that is resistant to evil powers without interfering with the range of motion of the limbs is most appropriate. Lark took out a set of priest’s uniforms from the closet and smiled bitterly at the unfamiliar feeling.

There was a time when I wore these clothes and ran to the front lines, but when I look back on that time, a century has already passed.

“Fortunately, I have no regrets left in this life.”

As soon as I can recover, I start walking again.

After climbing the stairs from the basement to the ground step by step, Lark returned to the auditorium of the church headquarters and soon crossed the threshold of the main entrance.

As far as possible.

Only by moving away from this place will his intentions become true.

“…I can feel it. “Honestly, it’s creepy.”

Lark chuckled as he watched his fingertips tremble.

His mind was calm.

However, my body, which had long since passed its prime, instinctively sensed the power of the approaching being. I can’t win. It’s a fight you can never survive.

That was actually the case.

“It would be more correct to call it a black dragon, or a dark dragon.”

As the darkness overflowed from beyond the eastern horizon, L’Arc narrowed his wrinkled eyes and looked straight at the being inside.

A monster that has lost its natural attributes as a dragon, accepted the ‘corruption’, and is riddled with negativity.

【Did you see me, human?】

The moment Lark’s gaze touched Vritra’s will, filled with intense discomfort. The mental wave that passed several kilometers in an instant clung to his frontal lobe as if clawing.

Larque reflexively took three steps back and laughed.

Retreating from a threat rather than an attack?

They say they have become old and weak over the years, but what kind of depravity is this?

Vritra spoke with a mocking tone, as if laughing at him.

【He must not be so foolish that he cannot tell the difference in rank. If you quietly back off and clear the way, I will preserve your life.】

“What if you refuse?”

【You will regret not being able to live or die.】 He

neither shouted nor spewed out murderous intentions.

Nevertheless, in that dry warning, I felt a sense of life and threat that far surpassed even that of the Auror Master.

The Dragon race, which is already considered a transcendental species, is not enough and is a monster that has accepted the power of the Demon King and become corrupted. Lark, who could not even become a grandmaster, had no chance of winning.


So Larque just laughed.

Because the murderous intent of cutting up my own body was so outrageous that it did not feel like reality.

I was able to enjoy it as if I was watching a typhoon swirling in front of my eyes, an erupting volcano, and a falling meteorite.

The eyeballs that were facing Vritra felt stinging.

Higher being.

It is a gap that is not even allowed to be faced carelessly. Even though there was no way I would know the difference, Larque instilled strength in my eyeballs.


The iris emits a bluish light.

Looking at him with more relaxed eyes, Larque smiled warmly as always.

And then I took a step.

“Hehe, I looked down on this old man a lot.”

Another step.

“No way, to a lizard who forgot his duty.”

Take another step.

“—You look down on me.”


It was a moment.

The moment the third step grazed the ground, Larc instantly became a blue flash of lightning and broke through several kilometers. Unable to overcome the friction, the hem of Mozetta’s clothes burst into flames, and the air that was vainly pierced spewed out a shock wave a few beats later.

Before I knew it, Lark’s body was covered in blue-white electricity.

Comma 5 seconds.

Lark’s fist reached in front of Vritra and exploded in the center of the human mimic’s face.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

The ground turns over.

As the enormous shock wave exploded, it overturned the ground with a radius of 50 meters and carved out a circular crater-like area around it.

An oval centered on Vritra and Lark.

A few bolts of electricity that have not been completely resolved bounce into the air, burning away the dust along with a threatening sound. It has enough destructive power to destroy even the marrow of one’s bones with just a passing glance.


【It’s a foolish choice.】

Vritra looked at Lark without moving away even a single step.

Contempt and pity.

The gaze of a transcendent looking down on mortals.

Facing that, Lark unconsciously gritted his molars.

‘It’s the same as the devil who appeared 300 years ago…! Is the Holy Sword the only way to break through the reverse heaven that neutralizes power based on natural law?’

【Did you realize it?】

‘I read your thoughts?!’

Lark reflexively kicked the guy in the stomach and used that momentum to secure the gap. Although it is not as fast as when rushing, it is fast enough to be considered ridiculous at around the speed of sound.

This was Lark’s secret martial art, the Lightning Fist, which had once made him unknown throughout the entire continent.

【Did you even think that the bastard clinging to her mercy could somehow defeat me?】

“That’s impossible. This old man is not that greedy either.”

Larc responded by raising both fists.

“If it is the power of reverse heaven, physical attacks are completely neutralized. Even if you use holy magic, all you have to do is weaken its momentum. Even with <Auror Blade>, you will only be able to hit less than 10% of the damage. Isn’t that right?”

【It seems like you know how to grasp the topic. So】

“In that case—”

Lark grinned, cutting off Vritra.

Unlike the smiles he had shown so far, it was a smile filled with playfulness and fighting spirit.

“Wouldn’t it be better to give ten blows instead of one hit?”

It was that moment.


A lump of auror accumulated in Lark’s body. Energy concentrated over a hundred years exploded through the blood vessels.

Terrible pain swept through him as his capillaries and nervous system burned, but L’Arc just contemplated his inner self with a calm face and reached several levels higher.

Everything from bones to muscles and skin becomes colored with lightning.


Since that resolution has already been completed a long time ago, there will be no movement.

After seeing his change, Vritra declared.

【Did all the nervous system and meridians in the body change into electric current and become lightning in the shape of a human being? You have given up your foundation as a living thing. Now you cannot escape death. When all of your strength is used up, you will disappear without leaving a single speck of dust behind.】

“I have received so much in this life. Grace and fate.”

Lark shouted with a look of relief on his face.

“So, let’s give back and hide as much as we can until this last breath!”

Chief Cardinal Larc.

He regained his strength beyond his prime with a life that would not last another hour.

Lightning has been considered one of the top natural phenomena since ancient times, and like flames, it was also possible to enter the realm of plasma.

Lark felt as if he had been rejuvenated by the power rushing out with terrifying force.

“Now, let’s hang out somewhere. “Fallen dragon.”

【—I’ll take back what I said earlier.】

Vritra said without paying attention to the majesty.

Before you know it, the wings rising behind your back, the horns sprouting above your head, and the magic swirling like a storm prove its anger.

Even the thunderbolts swirling around Lark’s body take his breath away.


A disaster comparable to a volcanic eruption is approaching!

【You don’t understand the topic, human!】

Evil dragon Vritra.

The dragon, which had released its mimicry and returned to its original form, looked down at Lark with its bright yellow eyes shining.

It was truly a monster that seemed to embody despair.

The scales stained with the power of <corruption> have become several times more powerful than before. The power of ‘tuning’ that was born as an innate ability has become even more destructive.

There is no chance of winning.

Larque faced that absurd reality and said,


Like a thunderbolt striking backwards, it soared right in front of the evil dragon Vritra without a moment of hesitation.

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