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Overpowered Sword Chapter 255

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Level up with swords (255)

“Keuhum hum! That’s it! “Please don’t ask any more questions.”

Albion, who happened to be talking about his first love, cleared his throat awkwardly. As a dragon, she was used to being revered by other races, but the gazes of those looking at her now were simply warm and kind.

Before he knew it, Ellahan was moved by the romance(?) of Saint King Roderick with his bright eyes clasped together, and Karen also couldn’t help but grin as her lips loosened.

The majesty he showed during their first meeting was replaced by a fresh appearance, and the tension was relieved.

Only Leon looked at her with pity.

‘Why, to a bastard who can’t even come up with this answer….’

Considering that El Cid is a split spirit, but the representation of his personality is not much different from the main body, even if Albion reunites with Roderick, a pink future will unfold. It didn’t seem like it.

No matter how much I thought about it, the compatibility between the two was the worst in many ways.

‘As a transcendent species, he is a dragon who only knows how to look down on other races and is not honest about his feelings, and a genius whose abilities are so great that he has no talent for empathizing with others or understanding their feelings.’

Rodrik and Albion.

If it were a problem that could be solved simply with time, there would have been at least a few steps in progress even 300 years ago. However, Albion is embarrassed to even indirectly express his feelings, and Roderick is treating it with a sense of responsibility without being aware of those feelings.

To resolve this stalemate, either Albion’s attitude must become more honest or Roderick must become more tactful –

“…I don’t see any hope either way.”


“Oh no.”

When Albion reacted to the self-talk he had made without realizing it, Leon immediately responded with an awkward response and changed the course of the story.

“So, Albion, you’ve been staying inside Ground Zero since Roderick’s ascension?”


Albion pulled his eyebrows together and nodded.

“All of my compatriots have left for heaven, so what can I do by wandering around the world alone? I can’t disturb the land that became peaceful thanks to Roderick’s subjugation with my entertainment. So, I made a full-fledged residence in what I thought was a villa, waited on the dwarves, and waited for the day when he would come to keep his promise.”

“If it’s a promise…”

“It’s the debt that damn bastard has placed on me.”

A sense of pressure fell again around Albion’s body, which became uncomfortable, but no one was as overwhelmed as the first time.

Even on her part, it wasn’t particularly sincere.

“Rodrik, is the business that came to visit me like that?”

When Albion asked while looking at the holy sword, Leon quickly loosened his grip and urged El Cid to answer.

El Cid, who had finally regained his right to speak, grumbled.

“OK. “I came to ask my disciple to fulfill the promise to pay for your life in gold.”

Albion, pouting at those firm words, asked back.

“Couldn’t you have asked for my scales or bones instead? “No matter how much gold you pile up, it will never be comparable in value.”

《If you remove something like that, it will be restored in a few months, right? “Look at you trying to do something because you don’t want to lose money.”

“…You bastard.”

He was praying quietly with his eyelids tightly shut, as if even Ellahan would not take his side this time.

Albion tried to give meaning to it by entrusting a part of his body to him, but El Cid’s narrow-minded way of thinking ended up misinterpreting that meaning in a snobbish way.

Cold sweat began to seep out from the back of Leon’s neck as he was sandwiched between them, but fortunately Albion did not have another seizure.

“good night. Confirm the promise made at that time. “I will pay you as much gold as my weight when I was saved, right?”

《That’s accurate. Don’t worry, I won’t charge you 300 years worth of interest.》

Leon reflexively tried to grab the hilt of his sword, but stopped his half-extended grip for fear of interrupting their conversation.

How can each word be so obnoxious?

The other people seemed to be feeling the same way, as their illusions of Holy King Roderick were all shattered. It was probably a natural result that thick blood vessels protruded from Albion’s temples.

“…Okay, thank you very much. “The idiot ascended to heaven without any news, and there was no news for 300 years, so the warehouse was about to explode.”


“I prepared every single grain of 50 tons of gold. “I measured it using artifacts, so there’s no need to go through the trouble of counting it again.”

《Hey, you just called me a fool》

Albion, who had ignored El Cid’s words, stood up on his own.

“For the Dragon Clan, an oath once made is absolute. The promise made then was ‘to pay an amount of gold equal to my weight.’”

But, said Albion, who started crying.

“The only thing specified in the covenant was the amount, and there were no restrictions on the form and method in which it would be delivered. So I thought about it a bit. “Because I was wasting so much time figuring out how to tease you with gold.”


As Leon heard those words, he felt a chill running down his back. The sense that a bad future was approaching became more acute as I went back and forth between death and death several times.

It was the same for the rest of the group.

The group stood up from their chairs and lined up facing Albion, each taking out their weapons.

The sense of crisis was such that it was impossible to sit defenseless!

―――Kung Kugung.

A heavy vibration came from the ground through the soles of my feet.

An unknown entity was approaching.

It was clearly several times heavier than a large monster like an ogre. Leon used the wave echo method to trace what existed beyond the vibration.

Estimated weight is about 50 tons.

“hey! “Can’t you just give me what you agreed to give me, damn lizard?”

Albion said, ignoring El Cid’s shouting.

“I will retract what I said earlier. Even if you are acknowledged by Roderick, I will treat your recognition by me separately. “If you can overcome this ordeal, I will allow you to carry on Rodrik’s legacy.”

Albion looked at Leon without even leaving any room for negotiation.

It was a face that showed that he would not reverse his position, whether he accepted it or rejected it.

But instead of protesting, Leon smiled.

It was already frustrating to be caught up in a war of nerves between the two.

“great. “I accept it.”

Leon pulled out the holy sword from his waist and his eyes flashed, and Albion’s expression became strange when he saw it. Nevertheless, without saying any more, he stepped aside as if opening the front to Leon and the others.

It was right after that.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

Beyond the mountain of gold and silver treasures, a gigantic figure approached at terrifying speed.

In just one step, you can jump over a gap of tens of meters or even over a hundred meters. Judging from the act of ‘walking’, it was clear that something was bipedal, similar to a human.

And when more than a dozen seconds passed and it came into visual range, Leon’s mouth opened wide as he saw the true identity of the guy.


It was a reaction that should not have been shown right before a battle, but there was no one to blame for it.

Because other people had similar reactions.

“Hey warrior! “I’m not dreaming right now, right?”

“no. Absolutely not.”

“Nonsense! “That piece of gold can exist in reality!”

Karen closed her eyes before anyone else and shuddered.

It had to be that way.

[That miser-like lizard…! I said I would accept it in gold, but when did I ask for a golden golem?]

It was just as El Cid said.

What was approaching at full speed from beyond the horizon was a golden golem that appeared to be a whopping 20 meters tall. It doesn’t seem to have any aesthetic appeal, but the structure and shape of the body are extremely practical.

The gloves and joints, which had been artistically finished by the dwarven hands, seemed to have no cracks that could be dug into.

Leon looked to the side and asked if anything was possible.

“…Cardinal, really?”

“I guess that’s right. This is Master’s work. “I remember looking at a few blueprints in passing when I was young.”

Irexana smiled bitterly and stepped back to Albion.

Since my physical condition had not yet recovered, being close to Leon and the others would only be a burden.

At the same time, the golden golem approached the group’s eyes.

The light bouncing from all directions reflected once again on the brilliant fuselage, making the group’s eyes dizzy.

“Hero! Can I really break this? “If I have to pay compensation, it’s at least 20 years of unpaid work!”

“Don’t hesitate, just do it! “If it’s a dragon’s trial, it won’t be easy even if the three of us fight together!”

“The virtue of frugality…?!”

Leon encouraged Karen, who was tired of the majesty of the national budget hurriedly walking around, and Elahan, who was somewhat panicked.

Fortunately, the two quickly came back to their senses.


“Nice to meet you, guests.”

The golden golem standing tall in front of the three began speaking in a girlish voice that did not fit its size!

“My name is Rodelin, an autonomous unmanned golem created by Master Albion.”

Leon, who was momentarily embarrassed and at a loss for words, asked back.


“Yes that’s right. “Let me explain the origin of my name…”


At that moment, Albion, whose face turned bright red again, interrupted.

The reason was clear.

If you mix up a few letters of the spelling of Rodrik and Albion’s names,

it means “No nonsense until I give you the order to stop!” Neutralize the three people in front of Rodelin!”

《As the Master wishes.》

Not knowing that Leon and his group had already discovered everything, Albion immediately gave an order to engage Rodelin.

A golden golem that reaches 20 meters in length.

If you were to judge just by its appearance, it looks like a bear wearing thick armor. Even taking into account the magic circles carved all over the body, the weight of 50 tons was a restraint that was difficult to shake off.

It leans more toward power than speed.

‘Let’s cut down on mobility first to block the possibility of a counterattack.’

Just a few seconds after the comma, Leon chose a straight attack and raised his sword.

The place to aim was decided.

There is no way that weight can be covered with floating magic or lightening magic, so if the lower body is damaged, tactical options will immediately be reduced by less than half.

The golden light gathered on the blade poured out like a cluster of stars.


Star Sword (Grand Chariot) Heavenly Grain Transplant


Generally, giant golems have weak joints, but Rodelin, designed and manufactured by the previous Grand Meister, did not seem to have the same weakness.

So Leon aimed at the shin area, where the armor itself was broadly and flatly covered.

As the holy sword was swung, a beam of sword light exploded near Rodelin’s shins.



As soon as it hit directly, the sword light dissipated with a dull metallic sound, and not only Leon’s but also the eyes of the two people widened.

“Is it blocked?!”

“There was no sign of the defensive magic working…?”

Ellahan’s sense of power magic that distorts the law is more sensitive than Leon’s.

If so, it would be true that the defensive magic did not activate.

To sum it up in one word,

“I may not have used my best, but I neutralized the strike of the <Seven Star Sword> purely through durability?!”

It is a glove of absurd strength.

It’s so delicately woven that not even a single needle can go in, and its durability can even block Auror Blade?

Karen and Ellahan fired back and forth as if testing.

Jet Black Dance (漆黑舞蹈)

Projection Type 1 (投影一式)

Poisonous Snake (毒蛇出動)

Dozens of daggers accelerate into the shadows and sink their teeth like poisonous snakes. It had enough penetrating power to penetrate even a well-made full-plate mail like a piece of paper.

Taboo, boom!

Nevertheless, it bounced off without even getting stuck, proving only the soundness of the armor.

Afterwards, Ellahan’s Seongcheolsae attacked with explosive force.

“Goddess, give me grace for a frugal and sincere life!”

For some reason, Ellahan’s blow, which spun his whole body like a top, was accompanied by a cheering sound that seemed to be filled with personal emotions.


This time, Rodelin also seemed to be unable to stand still, so she retreated three steps and readjusted her stance.

Leon and his group’s eyes naturally followed that striking point,

“…didn’t it work?”

“…I guess so.”

I had to stick my tongue out at the sight of the armor plate shining smoothly rather than being dented.

It was then.

Light flashed on Rodelin’s face, where only her eyes were exposed, like the helmet on her head that had received three attacks.


A strongly incandescent circuit unfolded throughout the golden golem’s body.

It is the same as the magic furnace seen inside the White Palace, but with the addition of the dragon’s skills, its level has been raised several levels.

A magical structure of a level equivalent to ultimate magic in both quantity and quality.

Immediately after that, Rodelin’s fuselage deformed.

《Switch to Destroy Mode to engage.》

A total of 12 gun ports open from the shoulders and abdomen, and 36 remote weapons ejected from the back soar like birds of prey.

Leon and the others, facing it head on, froze.

“No, this is a bit much.”

There was no time to complain that it was too much.

《Full Burst!》

A storm of ultra-maximum firepower raged inside Ground Zero.

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