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Overpowered Sword Chapter 254

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Level up with swords (254)

Immediately after that, the sky was torn apart.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the destructive power is so enormous that it runs rampant, erasing everything in its path. The movement of so great a force even distorted space and its trajectory turned zigzag and crashed down on Rodrik’s head.

Impossible to avoid.

Light fixed in the form of breath becomes dozens of times slower than its pure form, but is still so fast that it cannot be compared to the speed of sound.

Roderick saw that and decided to respond immediately.

“Every time I see Dragon Breath, I think of it—”

He took a step forward with the holy sword raised straight in front of him.

The use of ‘Bobeop’ as if the world is moving away from behind rather than the body moving forward. Following the steps of Roderick, who has become one with heaven and earth, the mana in the area reverses and gains direction.

This is the pinnacle of nature.

It is an inaction in which the whole world agrees with every small movement.

“It’s too crude for a Transcendental Sect’s special move.”

Roderick sharply disparaged Dragon Breath in two words and stabbed the holy sword in his hand.


The basic technique of throwing the sword towards one point.

It confronts the Dragon Breath, which can collapse mountains with a single blow that can’t even be called the Five Swords. It was such an absurd thing that even a layperson could predict the outcome. Long and short are known only by comparing them, but who can compare Taisan and ants?



The tip of Roderick’s holy sword melted into thin air.

It has risen to a level that even the cognitive abilities of transcendental dragons cannot chase away.

Transcend the laws of physics and rise above them once again.

A sword reaches beyond the realms of time and space and reaches the truth.

Just as something is born from nothing and something returns to nothing. It was that moment

when all things were to be returned to normal

and all things were to be destroyed


The breath that could even pierce Mount Tai was completely extinguished, as if it had never existed in the first place.

It wasn’t blocked or leaked.

The aftermath alone was an output that shook the world. No matter how you block it, it was bound to leave a big impact. Even if Rodrik was safe, the space centered around him would have become an ecological wasteland for the next hundred years.

However, Roderick’s sword ‘denied’ that absurd power.

“It is an elemental bombardment based on the laws of nature with magical power that can fire five or six shots of ultimate magic. It’s definitely efficient. “Even if small children come in hundreds of millions, we can quickly wipe them out.”

As if a breeze had passed, Roderick took a few steps forward from where he had just thrust his sword.

No fear or interest.

It was a step toward achieving a victory that was deserved.

“But in the end, its efficiency and power are simply a mass of ignorant power. “If you encounter an enemy that can directly interfere in the conceptual area, you cannot do anything and have no choice but to be neutralized.”

In his mind clouded by the <Corruption>, Albion recalled the breath that had been vainly destroyed by the Demon King’s gesture.

It was just as he said.

Breath, which only efficiently discharges physical force against higher beings that even look down on transcendental species, was no more than a child’s play. The mockery that passed through the Demon King’s eyes was like a brand on her pride.

Rodrik’s feet finally stopped.

His eyes met Albion, who was floating hundreds of meters above the ground.

“10 seconds to here.”

Just as Albion’s instincts were paralyzed after his breath was neutralized, he said,

“20 seconds from now.”

A flash of light erupted from Roderick’s grasp.


Albion didn’t know.

Why was she falling and why did her ability to fly, which was supposed to function unconsciously, suddenly disappear?

It was two seconds later that I realized the reason.


There are no wings.

Unlike those of birds or reptiles, the wings of dragons are a body part that obtains lift through an internal magic organ.

Since it was cut off from the root, it had no choice but to fall.

‘Nonsense…! My wings at invisible speed?!’

Of course, the dragon’s body is strong. From the head to the tip of the tail, there is not a single scale that can be called a weak point.

The wing membrane was also protected by high-density magic power, so it took three or four blasts of ultimate magic to tear it apart. But it’s not enough to break through that durability with one sword, so you can make it so that you don’t even realize it for nearly 2 seconds?


Still, the physical capabilities of the dragon race were intact, and they perfectly protected themselves from a fall of just over 1km.

Albion’s body, which had lost both wings, stood on the ground on all fours and regained its center of gravity, glaring at the being that had dropped it.

The sense of loss caused by losing a part of the body and the madness caused by the ‘Fall’ momentarily suppressed fear and increased strength.



Albion rushed forward, striking the ground with all his might with all four legs in a beast-like stance, which was not typical of the dragon race.

Thanks to the magic engine, the weight is less than the volume, but the original weight of the dragon race is basically tens of tons or more. The speed boosted by horsepower is slightly below breaking the speed of sound.

When its weight and speed are added to its powerful durability, it becomes a crushing pen that can destroy a fortress just by running.

It would be enough to bleed a single human being.

“It’s shabby.”

Rodrik chuckled as he faced the onslaught.

“Even the dog I raised is probably more skilled than that.”

If it were <Cheonrang> by the squire Hackapell, who came to be called the Beast King at some point, I wonder if he would be subjected to such a reckless attack.

There is no need to use a holy sword.

Roderick, with his sword hanging down, clenched his left fist.



With an explosion that could be heard several kilometers away, Albion’s massive body was lifted up and thrown away.

It feels like a pebble thrown by a water spoon.

The dragon’s body, which must have weighed at least 50 tons, bounced on the ground several times before landing on the hill. It was ridiculous. The destructive power comes from hundreds of times the weight. As the saying goes, it was impossible to overcome this level of difference.

“〈Half Moon Fist〉,”

Roderick said.

It was the name of the technique that knocked down Albion with one punch and even broke off one of its horns. It is a half-moon technique that reverses the direction of the approaching force and returns the impact by adding the opponent’s momentum as well. Burning machine.

Albion, who was hit directly by the <Half Moon Fist>, was as if she had collided with herself, charging from the opposite direction.

“I cut off all the wings that had rotted down to the marrow, but left one intact horn. Is the last part the heart?”

As Rodrik said that, he walked towards Albion, who had not yet regained consciousness.

Strangely, each time he took a step, the distance narrowed, as if space were being compressed. In just four steps, Rodrik jumped hundreds of meters and stood in front of Albion. He looked down at her.

It looked full of holes, but there was not a single hole in sight.

“You must have come to your senses now that the horn that was invading your brain was broken. Why don’t you at least say a few words?”

Albion weakly mumbled as if responding to his request. “…Kill me…Give me…”


Roderick tilted his head at those words and spoke again.

“The will is weak, but you don’t have to die yet. Wings contaminated by ‘Corruption’ Wow, I’ve cut off all the horns, and if I just extract what’s left around the heart, my life can be saved.”

“…There’s no need…Uh…!”

How can I take advantage of the diminished influence of <Corruption>? Albion, who moved his mouth, shouted as if spitting out blood,

“I… am… a… shame… for my clan!… I will kill… the life… that I should… protect…. …I threw it away…! If it’s a…sin…that I can’t repay…by living…I’d rather…die…to the hero!”

“Is that so?”

“…Please… …Do it…Kill me…!”

Roderick threw away his pride as a dragon and begged.

“I don’t want it?”

He immediately answered without a moment’s hesitation.

Albion’s face, which had been contorted in pain, was momentarily dazed. It was an answer that was completely devoid of consideration.

“I wasn’t born as a dragon, so I don’t know how you feel, but don’t throw your life away over trivial things


” We are bound to make mistakes a few times in our lives. Even if you are humiliated, as long as you live, you can make up for it someday. Besides, you’re a dragon, right? “Are you trying to run away because you’re afraid of responsibility when you have thousands of years left to live?”

Roderick raised the holy sword.

The area where the tip of the blade is aimed is where the crystal of the heart <corruption> was planted. Normally, it would be destroyed and spread to the capillaries at the same time, causing even the strong bodies of the dragon race to die.

“Your wishes are none of my business. As a warrior, I save lives that can be saved. “You can take care of your life after that.”

Albion was angry at that careless answer, but for some reason he also felt relieved.

When I let go of all my pride and duty as a member of the dragon race.

Does she want to die or live?

And before I could even agree to the answer.


A holy light pierced the center of her heart.

* * *


When Albion, who had lost his mind, opened his eyes, the sky had turned dark as the sun had set. The body was in a humanoid form, as if it did not have the strength to remain as its original body.

My mind, which had been clouded like a thick fog, had already returned to its original state, and I let out a long sigh as I recalled the memory of begging Rodrik to kill me.

At the time, I thought I had no choice but to die, but now—

“What happened?”

Albion turned to the voice that came from behind him.

Blonde hair that is easily visible even in the dark, and eyes that sparkle in the shape of a cross. As a transcendental species, my natural eye power saw its true nature and I shuddered at its endless potential.

This man is truly human?

It feels stronger than the godhead I encountered once in the past and bigger than the demon lord?

“Are you scared because you got beaten up by me? “He’s unusually gentle for a dragon.”

“Who said they were scared!”

“Oh, my temper has returned. good.”

Rodrik paid no heed to her anger and began to prepare the wild boar he had just killed.

Because he worshiped the goddess and had no hair, he swiped the holy sword several times, and the bones and flesh separated, leaving only the flesh that was easy to eat.

It was a feat that would make even a veteran hunter’s eyes widen.

Chiik chiik.

When you place the meat on a stone plate placed on top of a campfire, it doesn’t take long for the fat to overflow with a nice smell.

As I selected only the delicious parts, I ended up with only a few hundred grams, but it was enough to fill my mouth. I took out the spices from the subspace and sprinkled them once or twice, and it became reasonably edible.

Roderick profanely took a piece of meat with the tip of his holy sword and threw it into his mouth.

“Well, it’s not bad. Luxurious cuisine is fine, but sometimes I crave something like this.”

“…It’s barbaric. Is it okay for you to treat the holy sword like that?”

“You call the goddess a bitch, but what can she say when she just wields a sword like this?”

“What? “Punsu bitch?”

Albion was on the verge of losing his mind as the image of a warrior he had been thinking of was shattered.

Either way, Roderick just kept eating meat.

However, he must have been concerned about the absent-minded Albion.

“Hey, don’t just look at me, you should eat some too.”

“Not required. Dragons don’t really need to eat…”

“I know at least that transcendental species don’t need to eat. But there is such a thing as atmosphere, right? “It feels awkward to eat alone.”

“Haha, if it’s a favor from my benefactor.”

Albion eventually gave in to the offer and picked up a piece of meat, hesitating several times before putting it in his mouth.



I blinked at the taste that was richer than I could imagine.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t taste the delicacies of the mountains and the seas.

There have been times when I have been addicted to food for centuries. Nevertheless, the taste I felt at this moment was a different flavor from my sense of taste.


I know that my heart is beating and my blood is flowing.

I felt that the life I had once given up was coming back and the feelings that had become desolate in the face of death were being rekindled.



Albion was neither happy nor sad, but he lowered his head while wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

I was afraid that if I didn’t, I would show my ugly face to Roderick.

As I thought about that, my heart started pounding violently again.


Unfortunately she was intelligent.

As soon as the dragon race’s reason and intellect sensed the physiological effects caused by emotions, they analyzed the cause.

Hero Rodrik.

From what I heard from afar, he was the greatest and greatest hero in human history, even given the honorific title of ‘Holy King.’ What do you think of this man who is sitting mischievously in front of you, chomping at the meat of a wild boar?

Albion could not bear it anymore and let out a loud scream.


“What is it? “Has the pollution gone yet?”

“It’s not like that!”

Albion reflexively flinched at Roderick, who was holding the holy sword, and took a few steps back, covering his head.

His face, which was as white as porcelain, had turned bright red like a bonfire.

Before Roderick, who saw this, could ask anything, Albion shouted as if shooting him.

“Take responsibility!”

“what? “What am I?”

“Didn’t you cut off my wings and break off my horns? A body that has lost its integrity cannot go to heaven. “I have to live in this world until I die!”

Roderick’s expression became devastated when he understood those words.

“No, I knew lizards had thick facial skin, but I had no idea they could be so shameless. “I saved you from drowning, and now you want me to rescue your bundle too?”

“Wasn’t it you who ignored my request and saved my life? Take responsibility! “Take responsibility for the rest of my life!”

“Oh shit. “What kind of situation is this?”

Albion also knew that she was being unreasonable, but once she had done something, she couldn’t take it back.

However, Roderick seemed surprisingly shaken by those words.

As if he sympathized with her situation of being left alone in a world where all the dragons had left. After thinking about it several times, he came up with something that came to mind as a compromise.

“Tsk, I get it. Even if you take responsibility, you can’t do big things? I’ll be alive for at least hundreds more years, so I’ll be your companion until I die. “Is this enough?”

“Is it a promise? Have you made a pact with this body? “If you break it, I will chase you all the way to heaven and kill you!”

“Why am I saving lives and listening to death threats?”

Roderick, who had made the promise unintentionally, looked displeased, but Albion ate a few more pieces of boar meat with a smile, as if he was satisfied with having tied up an insignificant relationship.

It wasn’t a taste that made me realize life like the first time, but the man grumbling in front of me was a good spice.

It started from here.

Gold Dragon Albion fell in love with him.

* * *

‘…It’s a heartwarming story.’

Leon nodded, deeply moved by the story.

Of course, Albion did not honestly reveal his feelings, but everyone seemed to have noticed because of his refreshing reaction.

Only El Cid was shouting loudly from inside the Holy Sword.

[It’s so heartwarming!? Have pity on me who was caught by the collar when it wasn’t enough to be treated as a benefactor! That’s normal!]

‘Oh, what can I expect from you?’

[Why are you reacting like that?!]

Leon, who was trying to block El Cid’s words, remembered one thing that was holding him back for a moment, so he stopped.

El Cid clearly said that he owed Albion a ‘debt’.

It was something that was not mentioned in the story I just heard.

‘El Cid.’

[What is it?]

El Cid said bluntly.

‘What did you say next? He said he cleared the debt. Then, isn’t there more to the story?’

[of course. Doesn’t it show how shameless that golden lizard is to not tell it to the end?]

El Cid excitedly explained as if he had been waiting for Leon’s question.

[What did he talk about after receiving that promise?]


[Suddenly, he said he would return the favor and said he would follow me around and appoint me as his guardian knight. How can I be of any help to a topic that is much weaker than mine? I answered that there was no need for all that because it was inconvenient.]

Leon, with a headache in his head, questioned a beat late.


[When you think of a gold dragon, you have the image of gold, right? Isn’t that right?]


[Why do you keep doing that? What did I say?]

‘What did I say?’

El Cid responded to those words with a confident attitude.

[I told you to pay me back with money if you were so grateful to me.]

Leon was impressed.

‘Wow, this is garbage.’

It was understandable that Albion became enraged as soon as he saw him.

Leon, at a loss for words, looked down at the hilt of his sword.

Why was this a hero?

The goddess who was looking down at them from heaven sympathized with me without realizing it.

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