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Overpowered Sword Chapter 253

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Level up with the sword (253)

‘The reason the barrier opened as soon as it came into contact with the holy sword is probably because its power is based on natural law.’

Besides that, there were more than one point of agreement.

Even the habit of collecting long-lived rare precious metals.

The back of Leon’s neck was damp with cold sweat.

It had to be that way.

How can a person remain calm when faced with the most powerful race on earth, dragons?

“It’s been 300 years since I finally got around to it. Is it reincarnation? Or possession? Either way, I won’t leave you alone.”

Albion put his face right in front of Leon and growled.

The face created with the power of Polymorph was so perfect, without even the slightest blemish, that it even made those who looked at it feel a sense of discomfort.

However, Leon did not even have time to be intoxicated by its beauty.

A few drops of cold sweat ran down my temples.

‘Tsk, I can’t move. This is the legendary dragon fear…!’

I wanted to take a few steps back, but the pressure emanating from my vertically split pupils did not allow that. This is what happens even to an Auror Master when he encounters ‘Dragon Fear’, the power that restrains lowly beings, at close range.

It was then.

“hey! It’s not that way, it’s this way. Even though 300 years have passed, that foolish temperament is still the same?》

At the voice heard from the Holy Sword, Albion lowered his gaze with a wide-eyed expression.

Only then did Leon regain his physical freedom and take two steps back.

It was a shame because she wasn’t an enemy. If she had faced an enemy, her life might have been taken away. A suppressor like ‘Dragon Fear’ was a power that could immediately end the match unless you were fully prepared.

“Rodrik? Could it be that it was sealed inside the sword?”

Albion looked at the holy sword with an expression of disbelief.

“There was a being in this world who could seal you? “Even the goddess of heaven would not be able to do this without your consent.”

“I know well, but what’s the problem?”


Albion was lost in thought for a moment at El Cid’s blunt answer, but soon arrived at an answer.

“…Right. Did you do it of your own will? Sealing the soul inside the holy sword to guide the next generation of warriors?”

《That’s correct. “I didn’t know we would meet again after 300 years.”


At those words, Albion’s brow furrowed again.

“There’s no way you wouldn’t know about my situation, but I didn’t think we’d meet again? “Are you saying that if the situation wasn’t difficult, you wouldn’t have even thought about coming to see me again?”

“Wait a minute, do we have a special relationship? “What is there to do by coming to see you here?”


A sound that should not be heard came from between someone’s eyes.

The air becomes several times heavier.

Naturally, Albion was at the center. The incarnation of a dragon was so angry that its hair was standing up with its head hanging down so that its expression could not be seen.

‘No really? Judging by this atmosphere, it’s probably 9 out of 10.’

The people who were listening to the conversation between the two people held their breath in frustration, knowingly or unknowingly.

Could it be so at first? and dispelled the suspicion.

What happens next? He tilted his head.

Leon, who had finally become convinced this time, looked back and forth between Albion and the Holy Sword with an expression of disbelief.

‘The guy who always complained to me about being insensitive…is someone who waited 300 years to turn a blind eye to a dragon?’

If things continued like this, it was clear that only Leon and the others would be caught up in Albion’s tantrums.

It’s a romantic relationship between a dragon and an old hero, which is treated as Jugend’s top secret, so it may be an interesting story for some, but for the people caught in the middle of it, it’s nothing short of a disaster.

It will be worse than a shrimp caught in a whale fight!

“Now, please wait a moment.”

When Leon managed to open his mouth, Albion’s eyes, which had lost their senses and lost focus, flashed for a moment.

Leon, who did not miss this, desperately changed the topic.

“The reason we found out about this place is because Roderick told us about you not long ago!”

Perhaps because of the name Rodrik, Albion was shocked.

Fortunately, she still had some sense of reason left in her, so she asked back without getting angry right away.


“Originally, it was scheduled to come sooner. It was a few months, or about half a year ago. “

…Why did you come half a year late?”

It starts from here.

Everything I said earlier was intended to draw Albion’s interest to this topic. It’s not a lie, but El Cid calms her down by mixing things up that weren’t what he thought and said!

It was a hasty explanation, so if you think about it deeply, there were a few places that were sloppy, but it works better to stimulate people’s emotions directly rather than talking logically to people who are very excited.

“Because the last time I visited the Kingdom of Jugend, you were in a long sleep.”


Albion’s bristling hair twitched like a rabbit’s ears.

“Rodrik spoke clearly. I didn’t want to wake you up with trivial things. As far as I know, I heard that if a dragon is forced to wake up from sleep, its physical condition becomes unstable?”

“Mmmmm! It’s not a big problem, but it is. “In my case, it’s a little more dangerous.”

“The fact that Roderick speaks so rudely is… a chronic disease.”

“Mmmmmmm! This body knows it well! “You’re a smart kid!”

Every time Leon scratched the itchy spot, Albion’s ears twitched one after another and his stiff hair subsided to the point where he could see it.

Every time he said something, El Cid dropped the blade as if he was trying to refute it, but Leon was superior in controlling the holy sword.

‘Please keep your mouth shut! ‘Can’t you see I’m working hard to calm you down because you’ve lost your temper!?’

[Why is that lizard so pretty? uh? Are you sure you fell in love with that one? Hey dude! then no! There are already a few girls who are obsessed with you because

they like you!] ‘…No, this is just a bastard who ate up talent?’

Fights El Cid on the inside and appeases Albion on the outside.

Leon’s lonely two-faced battle lasted for an hour, and by the end of it, my throat was sore.

Still, his efforts were quite fruitful.

“You are a well-spoken child! “I liked it!”

“Thank you….”

Did they say that if you want to become friends with someone quickly, you should gossip about them?

It was as he said.

Albion’s hands, which had suddenly lost all life, roughly tore through Leon’s hair. It was a change in attitude that made me feel like it was a lie to tell him to pass the test in order to have a relationship with me.

“Now that I think about it, it’s funny that I’m testing the guy Rodrik approves of again! Now come inside. “The dragon’s reputation must be in jeopardy as it treats visitors for the first time in decades.”

As Albion said that and turned her back, the tail sprouting from her waist was seen gently swaying.

The tail swaying from side to side, as if to express an improved mood.

When Karen saw that, she almost spewed out reflexively, but somehow held it back. Ellahan was also holding his mouth with his hand and swallowing half of the breath that escaped him.

Irexana had a solemn expression as always, but she couldn’t help but twitch at the corners of her mouth.

“I guess this will be fine. Sit around. “There is nothing to eat or drink, but just talking will suffice.”

At her gesture, four people sat down around the pure gold table.

It was a table so extravagant that it was not only made of gold but also studded with jewels at 3cm intervals.

Is this really a dragon’s collection?

Even in the golden age of old, there were heaps of uncommon items. Ellahan, who considered thrift and frugality to be a virtue, looked a little uncomfortable, but did not say much, perhaps because he understood that it was the custom of the race.

“Then Albion…?”

Albion moved his eyes following Leon’s voice.

“Yes, a hero of the current era. “Don’t hesitate to talk.”

“yes. “Before we get into the main topic, there is one thing I would like to ask you.”

“What was it?”

“According to Rodrik, I heard that the dragon race has all migrated to a dimension called Upper Heaven. But-”

“Are you asking why you stay?”

Albion’s eyes opened wide as if threatening.

“That is…”

“Hehe no. This body is so mischievous. “It might have been 300 years ago, but it’s not something to get angry about now.”

Albion, whose expression softened again, closed his eyes for a moment as if reminiscing about the past, then opened them again and spoke.

“I couldn’t leave.”


“It’s not that you didn’t leave, but that you couldn’t leave.”

Deep sorrow and sorrow emerge from his bitter expression.

Leon knew that his question had touched her in a painful spot, but once words were spoken, they could not be taken back.

Even though 300 years have blurred the wound, it is as if it resurfaces from the bottom of my memory when I trace it.

“It looks like you didn’t hear from Rodrik. Should I call it consideration or just forget about it? Either way, it is a cruel story for this body.”

‘…I guess they just forgot.’

The holy sword that still could not escape Leon’s grasp trembled, but his grip did not weaken at all.

If it’s an important story, shouldn’t it all have been revealed before coming here? There was no way Leon would open his mouth when faced with an angry dragon thanks to El Cid’s prank.

“Well, it’s an old story. “If you want to hear it, I’ll let you know.”

In a low voice, Albion began to reminisce about the day he first met Roderick, more than 300 years ago.

* * *


A ray of light shoots out.

Golden breath.

The result of concentrating an enormous amount of mana and light into one mass and releasing it at ultra-high pressure was literally terrifying.


As if there was a major earthquake, the ground is dug several kilometers deep and lava is spewed out.

Everything that was directly caught by the breath evaporated, and after the light faded, the atmosphere burned and the surrounding environment turned into hell.

This was the true power of the breath, famous for being the special move of the dragon, the strongest race on earth.

What other races usually witnessed was the result of suppressing that power in order to minimize environmental destruction.



The Gold Dragon, whose body was stained pitch black and whose sanity was covered with madness, had no limiters like usual.

Even if you don’t have the mental strength left to use magic that requires high-level thinking, you can fire as many shots as you give your breath using the output of Dragon Heart, given time.

The dragon, which devastated a small to medium-sized territory with a single breath, once again absorbs the mana of the area.

The enormous suction power was enough to create a whirlpool.


The runaway Gold Dragon Albion was screaming from deep inside.

Where did I go wrong?

She looked back on her memories with what little mental strength she had left.

As a dragon, her innate pride and arrogance were particularly evident. It was a huge mistake to try to prove that the dragon race was superior and greater than gods and warriors by subduing the demon king before the warriors.

The Demon King was like a nightmare to Albion, who was used to fighting against the weak and had never faced an enemy stronger than himself.

With a single gesture, the breath was dispersed, and when the power was exercised once, it was painful as if the Dragon Heart was being squeezed.

This tragic ending was inevitable.

After being unilaterally suppressed, she ended up being polluted both physically and spiritually by the power of the Demon King, and became a demon dragon who committed indiscriminate destruction.

‘…Not yet…but…I don’t know…how long…I can…hold out…. ..’

Nevertheless, the souls of the dragon race were strong.

To the extent that they have been able to resist the “corruption,” a power that would have polluted the very roots of their souls if they were of any other race.

However, even that resistance soon reaches its limits.

Albion waited for her last chance, hoping that someone would end her life before she was completely corrupted.


“Hey, are you that immature lizard? “Why are you acting like you can’t win and then bringing me here?”

I encountered a being more arrogant and unreasonable than a dragon.

The beautiful young man, who had a beautiful appearance that even the aesthetic sense of the transcendental species could not find fault with, had a face that seemed like it was going to bother him to death.

Even in front of the demon dragon, there is not a single trace of fear.

At this time, Roderick was already in his prime.

“I’ll finish it in 30 seconds.”

The holy sword that was pulled out carelessly immediately burned brightly.

It was right after that.


Albion’s body instinctively realized the crisis and released its breath with such power that it made the dragon heart throbbing.

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