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Overpowered Sword Chapter 250

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Level up with swords (250)

Saint King Roderick.

He is a great hero who wrote numerous legends while active more than 300 years ago and solidified his position as the strongest man in human history.

His military power described in the literature was so transcendent that there were several times when his existence was questioned, but since the traces were numerous and clear, there was no problem.

Nevertheless, there were countless people who tried to disparage his reputation.

It is said that this is the result of the Holy Church idolizing him across the continent, or that the achievements of several people were unified under the name ‘Rodrik’. Most of them were talking without providing any reasonable evidence.

But there was one fact that even they did not doubt.

It was Rodrik’s death.

“…wait for a sec.”

Leon, who was blinking his eyes, could barely speak.

“So you’re not dead?”

[He didn’t die.]

El Cid smiled, as if satisfied with his reaction.

[Think about it, disciple. As you said, there was no being in this world who could kill me with force without being bound by a transcendental lifespan. This was true not only for single entities but also for powers. Even if the entire continent fights against me, in the end, I will be the last one standing.]

It was truly an outrageous statement.

Even the dragons of the old era could not be said to have a high chance of winning against a single nation. The strength of the human race was only highlighted when they formed a group, not as a single individual.

Among the sub-human species, there was not a single species that was weaker than humans as a single individual. Both elves and dwarves. Even the beast people’s average abilities far exceed those of the humans.

Nevertheless, the reason humans became the losers of all continents was because as their numbers increased, growth in all fields was maximized.

[However, if it is a being of a different rank like <Death King>, the power of numbers becomes meaningless. [When I defeated the Demon King, I was only one step away from being a demigod and reaching the status of a full-fledged god.] This is

a realm that has gone far beyond the realm of a grandmaster and interferes with the ‘laws’ just by uttering one’s will.

The power of telekinesis, which was only used to temporarily overwrite the world, evolves into a semi-permanent change within its scope. If he reached full god status, he could make beings below demigod level in his area unable to breathe freely.

It is not for nothing that El Cid is guaranteed victory even if he fights against an entire continent. As Leon thought about that, his doubts deepened even further.

“If you really weren’t dead, why did you suddenly disappear? Even if he doesn’t die, does he become incapable of activity?”


El Cid opened his mouth after confirming Leon’s guess.

[Neither the goddess nor I could guess. Until then, I had planned to remain on earth for another hundred years. Even if I were to become a perfect god, I would just look down at the earth and worry like that bitch.]

“Because of the law of causality or something?”

[okay. When a being from a higher dimension interferes with a lower dimension, the reaction is enormous. I’m glad it ends with a natural disaster. Because the dimensional crack could be double-digit.]

Failure to ultimately kill the Archbishop of the Evil Church was also one of the reasons why Roderick refused to ascend.

Although it was nothing compared to that, I was confident that it would be a huge disaster for future generations.

However, Rodrik ascended to heaven before catching and killing him.

[You remember the concept of karma, right?]


[In my case, the problem was that I accumulated too much karma. I wiped out 10,000 monsters from an outer dimension and defeated the Demon King alone. A karma too great to accumulate on a single mortal dragged me to a higher dimension.]

“…Is that possible?”

[They say I am the first in the records of the divine world. I took a nap and woke up to find a heavenly, penniless bitch slapping my cheek with a white face? Do you have any idea how absurd it was?]

Roderick, who had ascended to heaven unintentionally, was unable to return to earth and became a manager of mankind together with the goddess.

It almost caused a huge uproar when Rodrik suddenly disappeared, but thanks to the goddess’s oracle, it was finally able to be put to rest.

[The real problem started after that. In this world, the boundary between the upper and lower dimensions became increasingly clear, making it difficult for even the goddess to interfere with the earth. So, before I ascended to heaven, I tried to close all the demonic realms and kill the archbishop as well…] When I was

forcibly ascended, that plan went awry fatally.

As soon as Rodrik and the goddess realized this, they gathered their strength through mutual agreement to strengthen the power of the holy sword, and at the same time separated a part of Rodrik’s soul and gave it to the sword.

This was the true birth of the Holy Sword El Cid.

“I suddenly feel like my shoulders have become very heavy?”

Leon, who felt the weight once again, muttered, and El Cid chuckled and encouraged him.

[haha! If that’s the case, you’ve been prepared since the day you picked me!]

“Well, that’s true.”

[You are doing well enough. There’s still a long way to go to catch up with me, but as a teacher, I’m quite satisfied.]

Leon, embarrassed by El Cid’s praise, only scratched the back of his head.

It was that moment.

The Auror Master’s transcendent vision spotted the person leading the soldiers hundreds of meters away. Leon even felt an inexplicable longing at the familiar sight of the back.

‘Chloe is safe.’

The fierce battle that took place in the ecliptic capital, Karellum, was literally the realm of chaos. It was a battlefield where even a master-level strongman could not guarantee his safety, so Chloe, who barely achieved the 6th rank, must have been on the verge of death several times.

In reality, she had white bandages all over her body and was covered in wounds that could not be fully healed even with magic.

[If it bothers you, why don’t you go and clear up the story? I think I’ve already let go of all my romantic feelings.]

“…That’s enough. “It seems like there’s a lot to do, but it’s also taking up time.”

Leon immediately turned his back on Chloe and flew in the direction where Ellahan’s presence was felt.

As El Cid said, it’s been a long time since I let go of all my romantic feelings.

It was enough to check on his safety as a childhood friend.

‘No, it’s a little different.’

Leon reflected on his own thoughts once again and realized why he had distanced himself from Chloe.

The path the two must take has become so far apart.

A childhood friend or first love.

With that level of connection, we can never cross paths again.

I don’t know how Chloe might remember him, but to Leon, she was now just an old relationship. One of those acquaintances who cannot even be called a relative.

‘I hope you are doing well.’

Still, my desire for happiness was sincere.

Leon crossed the skies of the ecliptic Karelum, leaving Chloe behind, who did not notice his presence until the end.

Thinking of Ellahan, who would smile brightly as soon as she saw him.

* * *

Evil cult.

People who know even a little bit about the reality say this.

They are traitors.

These are people who shamelessly deny the majesty of God and seek to overthrow this world by communicating with the outer dimension.

Those who have delved deeply into the reality say:

They say they are madmen.

These are people who throw away their lives like a coin and devote themselves to senseless slaughter and destruction.

And the one who fully understands the reality speaks.

“─Have we lost <Chaos>?”

The root of the evil sect, an entity that spread the foreign law and appointed the “Exorcist Bishop” to expand its sphere of influence.

The Archbishop felt the fragments of power scattered far away in the darkness, unable to see even an inch ahead, returning.

This is the power given to Mors.

More than half of it was lost due to the Holy Sword, but it was better than nothing. The Archbishop’s eyes, who received the memories and the entire story from that power, were shining with blood.

“…It’s insignificant.”

I did not leave this hideout in preparation for any unexpected situation.

I still remember that day.

The moment when the world was split in two with the Holy King’s single sword and the land that had been a mountain range turned into a canyon. Even though he was an arrogant dragon, his cautious nature could be said to have saved his life.

If he had not sacrificed his subordinates to see the truth, it would not have been the mountain range that was torn in two, but the archbishop himself.

“…It’s insignificant.”

So, for over 300 years, he went into hiding, hiding behind the evil sect and repeatedly working in secret.

This was because he could not overcome the fear that, if Saint King Roderick was still alive, he would be torn in two as soon as he appeared.

It wasn’t until the news that a new warrior had appeared that the archbishop, who had been oppressed by suffocating fear, regained some freedom.

“Hehehe hehahahahahaha—!”

The Archbishop, seeing the new hero Leon from Morse’s memories, laughed like a crazy person.

He’s barely this much of a hero?

Are you the same hero as Saint King Roderick?

The successor to the monster that made even the gods fear and the devil tremble like a rat is nothing more than this!

“Rodrik is dead.”

It was clear just by looking at that El Cid, a sacred sword that belonged to one person, was in the hands of someone else.

If so, there is no reason to remain buried further in this darkness.

No matter how many ‘Exorcism Bishops’ were sacrificed and tens of thousands of believers were killed, confirming that fact was more valuable.

From the beginning, the evil church was nothing more than a group of puppets playing into the hands of the archbishop. There was a reason why its members were stained with madness. There is no way that ordinary people who dream of wealth and fame would try to become enemies of the world.

So the archbishop distracted his reason, destroyed his character with sophistry and fanaticism, and made him addicted to external law. Even among the ‘Exorcism Bishops’, they were only those with a more outstanding aptitude for external law.

“All evil cults are illusions. That doctrine and more. “It’s nonsense to make those who have been abandoned by the world into my hands and feet.”

It was a truth that even the Holy Church could not help but be shocked by.

A ‘denomination’ is a religious group.

However, the archbishop was monologuing that the evil sect did not belong to religion and that its very beginning was a deception. The darkness, which had no hearing ears, wriggled inexplicably, as if satisfied with his deception.

“Are you going to hand over this world to foreign media? Both the Holy Church and Holy King Roderick were deceived. “No one could even guess what my true purpose was.”

It was just as El Cid said.

Transcendental species such as dragons have a high natural status, so it is difficult to escape their original nature. However, if one strayed from the realm of ‘nature’, one could easily become corrupted.

All races are born with a nature that matches their origins.

Just as the elves, a species conceived by Mother Nature, love the forest and animals.

Just as dwarves, a species conceived by rocks and mineral veins, are fascinated by minerals.

The dragon conceived by Sunri was a species that had no choice but to love this world.


“I will get it this time.”

The Archbishop walked out of the darkness with a declaration that seemed to be an oath to himself. Darkness flows behind the back like a cloak, and the eyes, which look clearly different from humans, are slit vertically.

A different kind of golden color than Leon or Ellahan.

Eyes of a transcendent species that low-ranking beings cannot dare to face.

“I am left alone in this world just for that. “In the era when the dragon race leaves for the upper heavens and Holy King Roderick disappears, there will be no one who can stop me.”

Even though there is no wind, my hair, as black as the abyss, flutters around and each strand is intricately mixed up like a snake’s head.

The archbishop looked up at the still dark sky.

Today too, I will be looking down at the earth from beyond the starlight.

The archbishop looked straight at the night sky, as if enjoying the gaze, with a flawless smile on his face. It was a face that did not seem like a monster that had committed immeasurable evil.

“Are you watching, goddess?”

There was only one difference between him and his compatriots.

The dragon race, born as ‘controllers’, loved this world, defended against invasions from the outer dimension, and valued natural law.

But the archbishop had eyes for only one being. The goddess of lovingkindness who remains alone and watches over this land while all the gods have left. loved her I also knew that that love could not come true. For the goddess, the dragon race is a part of this world, so the love given to her will be after being torn apart countless times.

“…If all you love is this world.”

The archbishop’s eyes were distorted with a cloudy glow.

He thought of himself as rational, but the evil cult was a manifestation of the madness lurking inside him. There was no law that said it couldn’t go crazy just because it was a dragon.

He was driven crazy by an obsession called love.

“I will become this world. I will leave only me intact so that you cannot love anything other than me.”

The Archbishop of the Evil Church, or rather the evil dragon, Vritra, took a deep bite of a smile that was rotten with malice.

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