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Overpowered Sword Chapter 249

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Level up with the sword (249)

With the death of the Light Emperor, the turmoil that took place in the imperial capital of Karelum came to an end.

In the process of breaking through the castle gates of hundreds of thousands of citizens of Karellum who died indiscriminately due to human sacrifice led by the evil cult, tens of thousands of soldiers from the two armies again became victims of the bloodbath caused by the evil spirits that poured out with the appearance of the ‘Devil King’.

It was a sacrifice that, if the corpses were piled up, could approach the height of a mountain, and if the blood was collected, a large lake could be created.

It was a result that could literally be called the greatest event of the century.

As a result, the allied forces of the Revolutionary Army and the Holy Church of Permat Army achieved victory by cutting off the heads of Morse, the “Exorcist,” and Nex, the “Right Emperor.”

However, all that was gained from that victory was a devastated capital and ruins with countless rotting corpses.

Among them, one thing that is fortunate is that the Fermat army, which suffered great damage during the fight against the evil spirits, obediently retreated from the imperial capital.

Walter returned to his home country without saying a word of greeting to Ryan and his companions until the end.

―It was an honor to fight alongside the goddess’ agent. If you ever get the chance to meet again, I hope you remember Walter’s name.

Walter, with his eyes shining even in his tattered state, stayed at the rear of the Fermat army and talked to Leon.

There was no desire to win.

The only light shining in his eyes was awe.

Any warrior who was born into this world and had heard the legend of Saint King Roderick at least once had no choice but to do so. A great hero who tore up the sky with one slash and turned the ground upside down with a stomp. Because the hero who inherited the holy sword like him was right in front of me.

In particular, the platinum-colored triangular horn that was crushing the <Serpent of the Apocalypse> was so strong that even if it cost him his life, he would not dare to face it.

―…Clyde has become weak.

Walter said while looking down at Karellum, who had been glaring at him with hatred not long ago, but now even a trace of it was miserable. My desire for revenge wasn’t diluted by pity or anything like that, but I didn’t want to think of stepping on the neck of my dying enemy as revenge.

―Even if we don’t continue the fight here, we won’t be able to recover our strength for another hundred years. No, neighboring countries, including Fermat, will not tolerate that. And…

the old general left like that, saying he didn’t want to point a knife at his comrades who had his back to him even once.

It had been only a week since the final battle.

The revolutionary army and the Holy Church remained in the ruined Karellum, and as a few more days passed, the Holy Iron Knights, who had gathered themselves, began to leave for their respective areas.

Even though they experienced something that wouldn’t be unusual for an ordinary person to lie down for months, they didn’t show it at all.

They were like iron men armed with rigorous training and faith.

“Well, it looks like there are still a few people left.”

Leon muttered as he looked down from the window of his dorm.

There were still people whose wounds had not fully healed or who did not have much to do after returning to their respective areas. One cardinal, Adela, remained and managed the castle knights.

‘It doesn’t look like there’s anything I can get involved in. Even if you offer to help, it seems like it will only cause a fuss.’

In the fight against the <Spirit King>, he showed greater performance than anyone else and used the five weapons so spectacular that they could be seen from several kilometers away several times.

There will be people who recognize him just by first impression, and you never know, but if there is someone who picks up the spirit wave of <The King of Death>, his identity may also be known.

I didn’t want to cause such a stir when there was already a mountain of post-war work to do.

‘I’m feeling pretty good, should I at least do some training?’

[Not yet.]

Leon, who was about to head towards the deserted vacant lot, was stopped by El Cid’s stern voice.

[Thanks to the Stigmata and Restoration Method, you may feel like you are all better, but your spirit and body are now in a state of nothing more than a rag. As if forcibly raising the level wasn’t enough, he even jumped directly into the excessive use of the Five Doctors, <Apocalypse>, so he needs to recuperate for at least a month.]

Leon was surprised because he did not know the seriousness of it.

‘A month at a time?! It’s not like I’m in pain or anything…!’

[If we were to classify it into the realm of mind and energy, it is a matter of ‘mind’ and ‘energy’ rather than ‘body’. It is one of the chronic shortcomings of self-reinforcing misconceptions like <Corona>. Aside from the damage to the body, it destroys the meridians through which the aura flows and the wick responsible for its control.] If the

physical strength is simply high and can withstand the overload, the beast-human race, whose body durability is stronger than that of the human race, is a dragon with the five powers of the strengthening system. It will reach a level where even a person can be beaten to death.

However, Auror is not a power simply vested in the ‘body’; it is an ability that can reach the level of master only when the mind and soul are united.

If you overload your body with aura, the recoil will naturally be transmitted to your mind and soul, and just like your body, if it exceeds its limit, it will collapse or suffer irreversible damage.

[Just get some rest for now. It is not too late to reflect on the sense of 〈Oseongjeonryeongeo〉 after you have fully recovered. Because it is not difficult to re-enter a realm that has been reached even once.]

It cannot be said that the techniques used in the realm of trance have been completely mastered. So, whether Leon knew it or not, he became impatient.

Once he had mastered the Five-Star Wheel, he was only two steps away from completing the Seven-Star Sword, so it was natural for his desire to improve as a warrior to boil over. If it weren’t for El Cid’s restraint, he would have immediately run out into the open space and been swinging his sword.

But if you rush too much, you can end up doing things wrong.

[If you feel anxious about staying still, try meditating instead of moving your body and aura. What you have done so far is enough to train your energy and body. To leap to the next level, you must make your ‘heart’ stronger.]

‘Make your mind stronger?’

[okay. The origin of 〈Auror Blade〉 is not physical ability or aura. It’s the power of the heart. [It is also the reason why the impossible can be reduced to the realm of the possible, interfere with higher dimensions, or surpass the laws of physics.]

For example, Cedric’s <All Crushing> originated from the stubborn belief that ‘my sword can cut through anything.’ . The perception that should have originally been the nonsense of a crazy person blossomed into Auror Blade with a mentality that reached the realm of madness.

It didn’t matter whether it made realistic sense or not.

If the user believes so, if they truly think so, Auror Blade transcends reality.

[The same goes for your ‘Sun Sword’. If you can truly embrace the sun in your heart, you may unleash a power that is incomparable to what you have now. It is not impossible for a sword wielded by a single human to reach the superheat of a star.]

Is this too far off for now? And El Cid concluded his teaching. Then Leon reflected on his advice for a moment and turned in a direction other than the clearing.

After hearing El Cid’s words, I gave up on training, but I was planning on taking a walk around the area or in a circle.

And soon he ran into Karen on the landing.


“Ah Leon! “Are you going to go out?”

“I’m getting a little sore because I’m sitting still in my room. “I don’t think it will take that long. Would you like to come with me?”

Karen nodded half-way, as if she was about to give in to his suggestion, but then shook her head vigorously and answered.

“Okay, I’ll decline today. “I feel sorry for Ella, and I learned something from the last fight, so I’m going to think about it.”

Karen let out a long sigh, perhaps because she felt disappointed after refusing, but she didn’t seem to have any intention of going back on what she had said.

The battle with the ‘Death King’ was for her an experience like the sweet rain in a drought. However, due to the lack of suitable vital points and the enormous volume of ectoplasm, it was not very active.

Ectoplasm is the boundary between matter and immateriality and is a spiritual body that has gained substance. That attribute had a part similar to a shadow.

‘If my Jet Black Dance can imitate the characteristics of ectoplasm, I might be able to transform my body into a shadow to control its volume or change its shape at will.’

Some people would immediately declare that it was impossible upon hearing that hypothesis, but Karen thought it was quite possible.

That was important.

〈Auror Blade〉 can advance to the next level only by focusing on one’s own thoughts, not on the words of others or common sense.

She had climbed over a wall without even realizing it.


When Leon, who started calling her by her nickname, asked, Karen pointed in a certain direction and said.

“I’m doing volunteer work in the city. “There are a lot of injured soldiers left and reconstruction work is being done in the meantime, so it seems like there will be some accidents.”

“Are you planning to use the ecliptic again because it is a reconstruction project?”

“I guess so? Because it’s too easy to ignore something bad. “It seems like it will take 10 years for it to function as a capital like it used to.”

Leon agreed to those words and left the dorm.

As soon as I came out into the city, the barely noticeable presence of people increased, and soon I could see soldiers moving around busily.

The revolutionary army was Ryan’s army, which would now be recognized as a regular army.

Although they lost many comrades, the faces of the soldiers were generally bright, as if they were happy that they had won in the end. Since he had won the war by taking the new emperor’s side, he would be rewarded generously.

‘If peace continues like this, then.’

Leon, who remembered Walter’s words, could not join in the laughter.

It was just as he said.

Clyde has built up too many bad relationships since ancient times.

It was not a karma that could be endured as most of the masters were lost and even the imperial capital’s defense force was annihilated. We may have to give up at least half of the country, perhaps more.

Lian declared that he would not destroy this country even if it was downgraded to a kingdom, but what will happen?

“…Well, it’s not something I should worry about.”

Leon, who was thinking about Clyde’s future, smiled bitterly.

It was not the time to talk about others.

Although two ‘Exorcist Archbishops’ were defeated in this war, the threat of the archbishop behind them still remained. As Nex said, if his true identity is a dragon, then one archbishop would be ten times more threatening than all the ‘Exorcist Archbishops’ put together.

How will the archbishop who lost all his limbs react? Should we create more limbs to replace the empty seats? Or –

[There is a high possibility of moving directly.]

El Cid said.

[Even during my lifetime, he reacted greatly to the ‘appearance of the hero.’ The number of evil cult henchmen who appear in front of me has increased dozens of times, and the frequency of making annoying threats has also increased. I don’t know why, but he is obsessed with the ‘warrior’.]

‘And yet you haven’t seen the archbishop’s face even once?’

[Because he never came to see me in person. It was so meticulous that I couldn’t even see its tail even if I tried to follow it. I found out later, but that trick was done to test my strength. If I had known that, I would have at least tried to pretend to be weak.]

‘You can’t believe it…?’

When Leon trailed off, El Cid said in a sheepish voice that it was as he had guessed.

[There was a time when I blew up the mountain where their base was hidden because they were always bothering me. The place name was probably Atlan or Adlan.]

‘Are you talking about Atlan Canyon?’

[It was the Atlan Mountains before I struck.]


A blow that not only cut down the mountain but also cut deep into the surface and turned it into a canyon?

Even that was written because he was annoyed by the people who kept pestering him, so it may not have been something he wielded with all his might.

Leon, who was at a loss for words, muttered.

“…Dragons and Nabals are all too scared to come out.”

From that day on, the evil cult stopped its activities on the entire continent and did not move until Holy King Roderick disappeared.

Even the archbishop realized it as soon as he saw it.

There’s no way to win if you fight that monster.

There is a gap in combat ability that even the dragon’s pride and madness that could be the beginning of an evil cult cannot dare to surpass! The strength of Roderick, who slaughtered a goblin on the mountain behind the Demon Lord Island, made it impossible for him to even dare to climb up.

But the archbishop must have known when he saw Leon’s strength.

He and Rodrik are completely different beings.

“Oh, I see.”

Leon brought up a topic he had often thought about, but was unable to because he thought it would be rude.

“Why are you dead? “If you are a transcendent, you can continue your life regardless of your lifespan. It’s not like you were killed by someone.”


“If it’s a question that makes you feel bad, it doesn’t matter if you don’t answer it.”

[No, it was an unexpected question.]

El Cid asked back as if the words were really unexpected.

[Why do you think I’m dead?]


This time it was Leon’s turn to be dumbfounded.

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