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Overpowered Sword Chapter 248

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Level up with the sword (248)

It was a fact that no one could have guessed.

People who heard Nex’s words, regardless of affiliation or status, could not believe their ears and their eyes were wide open.

Even Leon fell silent, at a loss for words.

It was a natural reaction.


It is a transcendental species that the entire continent remembers even though it has been several centuries since its last appearance. Although monsters such as Drake Wyverns are classified as a sub-dragon species, there is a bigger gap compared to dragons than goblins before ogres.

The size of an adult dragon can reach at least 50 to 100 meters, and its athletic ability is also ridiculous.

What about magical abilities?

The established theory was that the magic system currently used by modern humans originated from dragons.

It is also said that the breath released from the dragon heart, which contains inexhaustible power, collapsed mountains, tore open the sky, and defeated countless alien invaders along with the gods of old.


‘…The Archbishop of the Evil Church is a dragon?’

El Cid opened his mouth as if responding to Leon’s self-talk.

[Well, I thought so. I wasn’t sure because I’d never seen it in person.]

‘You’ve never seen it in person? A dragon?’

[No, the guy called the Archbishop. As for dragons, I met them a few times when I was active. Because the bridge of his nose was so high, his fists often went out, but later on he was able to crawl on his own.] If he

had just become an adult, he would have been an Ancient Dragon-level creature that not even the Grandmaster could treat lightly, but all beings standing in front of Roderick became equal.

Even the Demon King, with whom the entire world was supposed to unite, fell in vain without even giving him a scratch, so how can his dignity as a transcendent species still apply?

Leon was dazed for a moment after imagining that scene, but soon returned to reality and thought about what Nex had said.

‘It’s no one else, but the archbishop is a dragon.’

Speaking of the Archbishop of the Evil Church, he was a legendary being in the complete opposite sense of Roderick.

A world public enemy.

The <Exorcist Bishop> was a similar case, but as he was subjugated by the Holy Church or someone else, the positions in that position kept changing, so there was no one who constantly accumulated notoriety like the Archbishop.

Even within the Holy Church, there have been countless discussions regarding the archbishop’s identity, but the dragon was completely unexpected.

‘I heard that dragons are a species that fundamentally follows harmony and goodness, but are there people as corrupt as the Archbishop?’

[As far as I know, he’s the first in history? Because the transcendental species has a high original status, it is difficult to deviate from its nature. Why would dragons, who should be free from worldly desires, like gold and jewels and build nests to live in places with few people? It’s all because of their nature.]

El Cid tactfully revealed information about dragons, of which very little was left in this era.

[To return to the main topic, dragons are born with the innate ability of ‘attunement’ regardless of their color.]

One of the characteristics of transcendental species is their innate ability, which is completely different from that of elves and dwarves that excel in a specific field.

Just as the Asura tribe has arms that can crush even space, the Gangdanpa tribe has the ability to move freely through the sky and water. This is a case where a person possesses abilities that cannot be imitated or acquired by other races simply by being born.

And the dragon’s innate ability was the power of ‘attunement’.

[Dragons can directly interfere with the natural laws of this world, rewriting ecological information or controlling weather or geological changes. At Ancient level, it would be possible to change a barren desert into a flower garden or control the eruption time of a volcano.]

This is an ability that is half a step into the realm of God.

Therefore, dragons have often been revered as apostles of God or guardian deities of specific regions and countries since ancient times. They were the ones who played the biggest role in restoring the world that had been devastated by an invasion from another dimension.

It was also the duty of the dragon race to calm the distortion of the demon world and close the dimensional crack.

Only after hearing that far did Leon understand.


[Do you understand?]

If it is possible to close the demon realm that even the goddess cannot touch, then the opposite would also be true.

The foreign method that Morse used, even using the <Dead Spirit King>, was only enough to briefly open the portal. Only the Dragon race’s innate ability ‘Attunement’ could directly interfere with the Demonic Realm.

That was the reason why Roderick guessed that it was a dragon when he was alive.

Nex, who was lying on the ground, laughed, wondering what he thought of him talking to El Cid.

“I can’t help it if you don’t believe me, but this is all the information I have. Next, let’s find out for ourselves.”

Leon didn’t respond to that but just nodded.

Then he took a few steps back and gave Lian space.

The only two remaining royal family members of Clyde made eye contact. From the fate to the ending, it was a fate that had nothing in common.

“I can tell just by looking at your face, little brother.”

Nex, seeing the expressionless Rian, smiled wryly.

“You and I are both children of that damn rapist.”

“Don’t rape me….”

“Are you going to say no? “I don’t know if the former emperor was a good father to you or not, but to me, he was a piece of trash who called himself noble but violated a woman of low blood.”

“I have no intention of denying that.”


When a reaction different from what was expected came back, Nex stopped talking and looked into the eyes of Lian, who was not excited at all.

My blood, which had been boiling, cools as I look at it, which is as calm as a lake.

Lian looked down at his enemy, whom he could not have thought of as a brother who had grown up in a completely opposite environment.

“I did not come to take personal revenge on you. As a member of the Clyde Imperial Family, I have a duty to clear up the sins committed by my clan and restore peace to this land.”

It was a completely different situation from the days when he barely escaped from the purges of the <Light Emperor> and hid in the Academy to strengthen his power.

It’s not that there is no anger.

It’s not that there is no resentment.

However, Ryan was not controlled by those emotions.

“It is not that I have no grudge against you for killing my father, killing my brothers, and killing my subjects. “I feel like I want to cut out that tongue and eyeballs right now.”

“I don’t mind if you want to do it, right? “The nervous system is not properly attached to ectoplasm, so it cannot feel pain.”

Nex laughed and mocked him, but Lian just laughed and shook his head.

“What does torture mean to someone who can’t even feel pain? And I won’t be like you. “There is a good precedent of the <Light Emperor>, who fell to a place of no return while being swayed by resentment and hatred.”


This time, it was Nex’s turn to keep his mouth shut.

“Brother, I will become emperor.”

Lian proudly declared while looking back at the ruins behind him.

Ecliptic Karelum.

Faced with the fact that the most luxurious and magnificent city on the entire continent until a few years ago was brutally devastated, he said that he would overcome even this adversity.

“Even if I fail to remain as an empire and become king, I will not be reduced to someone who ruined everything like my brother. History will record the Emperor Guang, who caused this catastrophe, as the worst criminal in the empire. “People in future generations will say that my older brother, who inherited his blood, was a more terrible person than my father, who murdered my older brother’s mother.”

“Is that your revenge?”

“I am self-employed. “This is the ending of my brother who chose to become a perpetrator rather than remain a victim.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! “I have no regrets.”

Nex muttered that as if he were defending himself.

“It was the only way to get out of that bleak villa. No one tried to protect me, and the one who loved me died at the hands of the beast called my father. “I just struggled with all my might against my unreasonable fate!”

“Then who should blame those who died during your struggle?”


When Nex fell silent, at a loss for words, Lian continued speaking as if driven by the shaking.

“Although your childhood may have been more cruel than mine, the choice to join the evil sect was probably your own. “The time has come to accept the punishment.”


“I will no longer resent you or forgive you. “As a monarch, I only hand down a fitting judgment to one criminal.”

As Rian said that, he pulled out the sword from his waist.

The night air is cut by the sharply drawn blade.

The anticipation that spread along with that sound reached the nape of Nex’s neck, which was lying on the ground.

“Sinner Nex Imperium Gladius von Clyde. I will confess your sins.”

Holding the blade to Nex’s neck, Lian recited his charges in a low voice.

It wasn’t just one or two things.

Even if all the punishments recorded in the Imperial Code were applied, there would still be more crimes. Lian’s voice echoed throughout the ruins of the White Palace for several minutes, and the aura on the blade became increasingly clear.

Nevertheless, the end finally came.

“I will judge the sentence to be meted out to you for these crimes.”

Ryan sentenced.

“It is a beheading. “Would you like to object?”


Nex did not answer that question for a moment and looked at the night sky.

It was a scene that was no different from what I saw when I was young.

If there is one thing that has changed since those days.

“…is it.”

Nex closed his eyes and slowly opened them, looking up at the blade pointed at his neck.

The facial features of the young man holding it were clear.

The face and eyes were even more hateful because they resembled the previous emperor’s, similar to the ones I had seen so many times in the mirror. The face of Rian, who saw everything down for the first time, said,

“Do whatever you want.”

Nex just smiled disgustingly without saying any words of apology until the end. Unlike himself, who was born with desire and hatred, his younger brother was blessed with love and glory.

I thought I would not be able to tolerate its existence until I die.

I only found out right before the end.

That it was all a vain illusion.

‘I thought the thing called blood ties was cut off when my mother was murdered.’

If it weren’t for their father, who wouldn’t be angry even if he killed them a hundred times, the brothers might have been able to have a good relationship in their own way.

Nex closed his eyes while thinking that.

From beyond the darkened field of vision, there was the sound of the wind cracking.



The head detached from the body and rolled on the ground.

Ectoplasm never spewed out anything like spiritual blood that imitated the physical body. The concept of critical points was also unclear, but it did not mean there was no damage.

Nex’s body, which was already on the verge of collapse, began to disintegrate into small pieces starting from the beheading.

From the tip of the toes to the severed head.

In less than 10 seconds, the ectoplasm that was Nex dissolved into thin air without a single piece remaining.


Lian looked down at the sword body, which did not have a single drop of blood on it, and then turned around with an expression that even he could not understand.

‘Is this the end?’

Could there have been a better ending?

Lian, who couldn’t see the future, had no way of knowing. I just walked this far, barely able to support the reality rushing in front of me with my two shoulders.

Just like Nex, who held Morse’s hand while trapped in the villa, Lian also chose the option he thought was best.

As a result, Nex died and he lived.

‘This should be enough. Okay, this is it.’

There was no way for the two half-brothers, Nex and Lian, to tolerate each other. If the only possible ending was tragedy, it would be right for the evil one to fall and the guilty to be punished.

You have to believe in the ending you came up with.

I have no choice but to believe it.

The path that Rian must walk from now on is not to show weakness to others.

‘Lian Imperium Gladius von Clyde.’

This was the name that the God Emperor of the Clyde Empire should have given himself.

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