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Overpowered Sword Chapter 244

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Level up with swords (244)


〈Death King〉, who was struck by the light of Divine Punishment, desperately swung both palms to create several barriers, but there was no way he could block them with a hastily constructed barrier.

Divine glory.

It was a powerful and noble ritual that was considered the first among sacred methods that directly borrowed the power of the goddess.

The barrier built with power drawn from an external dimension was not an obstacle the size of a piece of paper, whether it was a hundred or a thousand pieces.

As the wall of ectoplasm melts like thin ice in front of a furnace, the body of the <Death King> beyond it also begins to burn.

A light flame that destroys unauthorized beings in this world!

“uh? “Huh?”

As Leon looked at the majestic scene, he suddenly felt power flowing into his body and was taken aback.

The aura that had been scraped to the bottom was flowing abundantly.

[Why are you so surprised?]

El Cid said indifferently.

[How many times have the Holy Church kids said this? It is said that a warrior is an agent of the goddess. The light pouring down from the sky right now is the source of the power given to the warrior. So, it is possible to recover at several times the normal speed.]

As expected, it was as he said.

The stigmata carved all over Leon’s body shined so brightly that they could be seen even through his clothes. It was to accept as much as possible the power of the highest purity in this world, divine power.

The fatigue that made every bone throbbing and the dizziness that hit me every time I took a deep breath all disappeared.

I felt like I had returned to before the battle with the <Dead Spirit King>.

‘No, it might be better than that.’

As if the goddess had personally blessed him, his physical abilities and aura had increased significantly more than usual.

[Others won’t be able to use it. It seems that the saintly lady also used up all her strength while participating in the invocation of <Divine Punishment>.]


[Even though the amount of sacred power is the highest ever, it is not infinite. Even if he had continued to fight without resting even for a moment, he must have been overexerting himself.]

‘I see…’

Only then was Leon able to look beyond himself and look at the conditions of others.

Both Ellahan and Karen were already at their limits.

For some reason, Cedric seemed to have some strength, but other than that, so did the cardinals and Walter Gilbert. There were only two people left who could respond to any unexpected situation.



With a groan that is as if the soul is escaping, the large body of the <Dead Spirit King> began to shrink, and in just a few minutes it was reduced to about 10 meters.

Because of the rapid contraction, Apophis couldn’t hold on any longer and lost the guy. The snake’s body, which had been wrapped around the lower body, returned underground and its eyes glowed with an ominous glow in the darkness.

If the situation arises, the plan is to jump out again and target prey.

‘That’s fine as long as you don’t approach the hole.’

Leon, conscious of the holy sword in his grasp, took a step closer to the <Devil King>, who was still lying on the ground.

I no longer felt the ‘status’ of a transcendent person.

Even a mortal attack can be enough to defeat it.

Golden light blends in with the silver blade of

the Grand Chariot holy sword.

Cedric looked a bit surprised when he saw that. Could it be that I didn’t know that Leon had that much energy left?

Leon only recovered thanks to the light of divine punishment, but there was no need to explain or convince him of this situation. To make sure I blow off the guy’s head, I close the distance one step further.

The remaining distance to <Spirit King> is about 50 meters.

To definitely finish him off, he had to get up to 30 meters away.

Seuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu be

be be the permissive, the unconsciously developed walking technique even erases the vibration of weight movement and turns the presence into complete silence.

It is so secretive that even Leon himself is surprised.

One step, two steps.

When you approach like that and leave exactly 5 meters behind.


The body of the <Dead Spirit King>, which had been lying down like a corpse, shook once. It was like I had rigor mortis, or my legs were cramping from sitting in a bad posture.

Only Leon, who was nearby, could feel it.


The reaper’s scythe sweeping down my back.

Area of comma 1 second.

Leon immediately returned the holy sword to its middle position and concentrated all of the power that had been achieved just before the activation of the <Seven-Star Sword> into a defensive posture.

It was right after that.


With a tremendous impact, Leon was thrown dozens of meters away.

It is a shock that could have resulted in instant death if this had been allowed without protection. Even though he lost most of his power, is <Death King> this strong?

In Leon’s mind, that question and a strange feeling of déjà vu intertwined.

It was an unexpected counterattack, but why?

‘I feel like I experienced it once recently.’

As soon as he regained his posture, Leon looked ahead and his eyes widened.

It had to be that way.

What was sticking out from the shoulder of the translucent body of the <Death King> was that of an enemy I had faced before. Jet-black arms. A body made of ominous, writhing darkness.

“What is Surawan (修羅腕)?! how!”

The power that Necator, the second-highest ranking member of the Evil Church, received through a contract.

The arms of the transcendent Asura race were protruding from the ‘Spirit King’.

—…Ugh, that was arrogant. I should have known long ago that I couldn’t handle madness on my own.

After throwing Leon away with a single punch, the <Death King> leisurely stood up on his own. Even though he lost most of his power due to the masters’ concerted attack and divine punishment, he seemed relaxed.

Eventually, when it raised its face, even those who had maintained their composure could not help but be shocked.

Leon was like that too.

“Can you believe that face is…!?”

Adela looked at the guy’s face and shouted harshly.

“Mors! This bastard! “If it goes down your throat once, it’s like shit. Why does it come out again?”

It was like that.

After falling once and then rising, the appearance of the <Devil King> had changed to that of Mors rather than that of Emperor Nex.

An appearance that leaves the viewer with an ambiguous impression.

—Unfortunately, it seems that the ending did not come to me, Goddess’ Boar. I also had no idea that things would turn out like this. As the number of souls decreases, will the initiative return to me?

〈Death King〉 No, Morse said while looking down at his body.

A translucent, fluttering body of ectoplasm.

As it ran all the way to Surawan in a body built from the vengeful spirits of the imperial capital Karelum, its appearance was extremely hideous.

After checking his own physical condition, Morse looked at Leon.



—I have a suggestion. Would you please listen?

Leon tilted his head at those words.

What more is there to say after coming this far? If I was going to leave a will, I would have listened to it and passed it on.

Before he could reply, Morse spoke.

He spewed out words that made everyone doubt their ears.

—I hope you end this pointless fight and let me go.

Even El Cid was dumbfounded and just burst out laughing.


What’s the point of a meaningless fight in the middle of this hell city?

Leon heard something snapping in his head.

—My goal has already been achieved. This body would be able to maintain self-consciousness even if it entered a dimensional gap. Unlike Nex, I have no intention of going on a rampage in this world. So leave me alone. I swear I will leave this place and never come back.

Even for Morse, who ate lies like a meal, these words were sincere. There is nothing to see in a world where there is nothing to enjoy. Beyond the border of that dimension lies the answer he has been seeking.

I had no intention of struggling to become a god like in The Light Emperor.

However, if there was one thing Morse overlooked, it would

be “……you.”

In the end, Morse was also a monster who could not understand the human mind, and he did not know that his words and actions could irrationally create enemies.

Leon’s eyes burned fiercely with golden light.

It was a feeling I had never felt before while dealing with the <Death King>.

I can’t forgive. I can’t keep it alive.

I can’t send it to you. I can’t leave it alone.

We must destroy even the dust of our souls in this place.

“…as much as you.”

I remember when I first set foot in the ecliptic Karelum.

I recall a scene that insulted life to its very core.

As if having their lives taken away was not enough, we recall the screams of the victims who were shaped into the bodies of monsters.


Yes, it is reasonable to accept Morse’s proposal.

Except for Leon and Cedric, there are no people who can fight properly, and if I say it, they will disappear at will even if they don’t fight. It was a chance to end the situation without more pointless bloodshed.

There is no need to make a life-or-death decision with Morse, who stole the body of the <Death King> and is famous for being the worst outlaw in the evil cult.

“I’ll crush you——!”

As if in response to his emotions, the wings that sprouted from behind his back waved wildly. The light and heat that overflowed from the Icarus Wing and the aura emission enveloped Leon like a whirlpool.

Anger without a single impurity bursts out.

They roar that they cannot forgive evil.

Rational judgment is a thing of the past.

Punish sin and destroy evil.

For a warrior, that’s all there is to do.

“After killing countless people! Trampling on dead people again and again! “You guys were the ones who started this pointless fight, so what are you talking about in front of me?!”

Leon’s presence swells several times.

The level of the soul temporarily increased.

It may be because of the blessing given by the goddess, or because the time has come to fulfill his role as a warrior.

Morse also realized this and took a step back, groaning.

-Foolish…! Are you thinking of risking your life in a pointless fight, being swayed by the death of worms?

“Shut up. “You swear, so I swear.”

Leon glared at the figure writhing before his eyes and aimed the flaming blade of the holy sword at Morse.

“There is no salvation that will come to you. Are you leaving this world? Whose will it be? “No matter what happens, I will put you in hell!”


“Say no more from now on. “I have no intention of listening or answering any more than this!”

At the same time, Leon’s sword drew a cross.

There was no time for Morse to react or do anything else. Morse, who saw the golden cross


the Grand Chariot

and the Golden Cross,

reflexively raised the <Surawan> and blocked the front.

Although he gained the body of the <Death King>, his immortality and status have disappeared. If you are hit properly with a holy sword, it will be an irreversible fatal wound.


〈Surawan〉, split into four pieces, falls apart.

It was the same reaction as Necator.

Even if the scale of power is similar or greater, in front of the Holy Sword, powers of other dimensions are scattered uselessly.

‘Now is the time.’

As soon as Leon found the gap, he accelerated rapidly.

As soon as the <Icarus Wing> was powerfully released, the sound barrier was broken and the body accompanied by a shock wave reached the close range of Morse.

Acceleration that is difficult to withstand even with the durability of an Aura Master!

Leon clenched his molars and held on, lowering his sword.

A heavenly eclipse (天樞一式)

Dubhe sword

light explodes.

Just as a ray of sword light was about to split Morse in two from the top of his head to his groin,

it roared!!

Dozens of tentacles sprouted from Morse’s body and struck the sword light, spewing out dark green blood and scattering in all directions.

Even with 〈Dube〉’s sword light, I couldn’t cut it all.

Leon took a step back and glared at Morse.

The colorless and translucent body of the ectoplasm was gradually turning into a disgusting color and was eroding the ground in the area with the unique energy of the ‘Foreign Law’.

—I can’t help it.

Morse said while making a strange hand sign with both hands.

—I wanted to save my strength as much as possible before leaving on the journey, but in this situation, there really is nothing I can do.

Even the cardinals, who can be said to be experts in their knowledge of the ‘Outer Laws’, are using unfamiliar external laws one after another.

Two pairs of 〈Surawan〉 rise from around both shoulder blades, and sticky scales and tentacles sprout from the surface of the body and wriggle.

Behind his back are four pairs of bat-like wings.

Horns or tentacles, I don’t know, also grow out of the skull.

[Wow, I guess I’ll lose my appetite while eating.]

El Cid groaned at the disgusting appearance.

It is an extraterrestrial technique that transplants the characteristics of dozens of extradimensional creatures into the body to overcome the limitations of living creatures. At the same level as Morse, he is a near-immortal monster that does not even have vital points.

It’s been a long time since I replaced my heart and brain.

To kill it, you needed to either grind down every bit of its flesh or deny its existence.

“…No problem.”

In this position, only Leon could do this.

* * *

Cedric watched the clash and then stuck out his tongue.

“Tsk, I can’t get involved in this. “Either way, it doesn’t suit me.”

Cedric’s strategy, which focuses on technical fighting, is not compatible with the fight between Leon and Morse, which is based on overwhelming output.

Regardless of which side is more advantageous, this meant that the combination of co-fighting was the worst. Leon’s ‘Seven Star Sword’ and ‘Sun Sword’ would be more than enough to sweep him away.

So Cedric retreated to the side of the other masters.

“Huh! “The warrior is fighting and I can’t be of help…!”

Ellahan bit his lip hard.

The divine power that had never dried up in my life was as dry as a rice field during a drought.

The Seongcheolswae that was wielded like a pole was too heavy.

It made me wonder how they were swinging it like a windmill.

“Goddess, please guide my path.”

Elahan, who had barely made it to the castle, prayed.

It was an informal prayer, but the goddess was not one to dwell on trivial formalities.

〈Revelation〉 worked as always.

Seongcheolsoe fell down in a certain direction and pointed to the target.

Ellahan’s eyes widened when he saw that.


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