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Overpowered Sword Chapter 243

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Level up with swords (243)


Adela forgot what she was going to say and looked up at the <Devil King>.

Morse, one of the main enemies of the Holy Church and considered the second most dangerous after the Archbishop, met his end in vain.

And that too because he was eaten by the monster he created.

It was an ending I could never have imagined, let alone expected.

No matter how excellent Morse’s ghost skills were, the price of one wrong move in front of a deranged demigod was terrible. The body of the <Death King> is a mass of ectoplasm made up of hundreds of thousands of souls. No matter what external method was used, there was little chance of escape.

‘How should I interpret this situation? I don’t know what the effect of absorbing Morse will be.’

Leon hesitated, unable to tell whether this unexpected situation was good or bad for them. It may seem like a good thing since one strong enemy fell by self-destruction, but the change in the <Death King> that absorbed Morse was unknown.

If Morse’s madness were added to the unstable mental state of the <Death King>, creating a madness that could even overturn the decision not to run away from Apophis, it would be difficult to handle.

[Hahaha! Can luck be this good?]

‘El Cid? ‘What are you talking about all of a sudden?’

Leon was puzzled by the laughter resounding inside him. What on earth is El Cid laughing at about his luck?

The reason was immediately apparent.

—Huh?! That’s it! pole! Sooooo…!

〈Death King〉 swallowed Morse and savored it for a few seconds, then suddenly twisted its body and violently shook its upper body as if it were nauseating. It was a seizure that would have caused Apophis to roll around on the ground if he had not restrained his lower body.

Did I have indigestion?

Even though 〈Death King〉 is no longer a living being and all five organs and six parts, including the digestive system, do not exist, such thoughts were felt.

[Indigestion? Isn’t that wrong? It’s the same as me getting sick from eating incorrectly.]


[That lump made a terrible mistake. It’s strange that a crazy person doesn’t make mistakes, but this is by far the worst.]

El Cid’s explanation was simple and clear.

〈Death King〉 Nex was a transcendent being whose frame had not yet been completed. Ectoplasm’s body was also proof that it remained on the borderline between the spiritual body and the real body.

Hundreds of thousands of souls were tied into a knot in the shape of the ‘Death King’, but once the knot was untied, they would have scattered again.

But it swallowed Morse.

Among the external methods, an external Buddhist practitioner has completed the remodeling of the brain and heart, which is taboo. From head to toe, even the soul that had been contaminated in dozens of external dimensions had absorbed the monster without a single pure part.

[The military command that is supposed to unify my body into one order has absorbed <Chaos> even in an incomplete state, so it is bound to suffer. Just wait a little longer. Then, that lump did whatever it wanted-]

It was that exact moment.

Gurgling! Gurgling! Gurgling!

The 〈Death King〉’s massive body swelled without any warning.

The body made of ectoplasm instantly loses its human form. Several arms protruded out, then morphed into the forelimbs of an insect, and soon turned into tentacles that looked similar to octopus feet.

A disturbingly large number of eyes sprouted from its epidermis, then closed again as they were covered with scales similar to those of a reptile.

It was a sight that anyone with normal sensibilities could not help but hate.

— ■■■■■■■―――!!

The pain of being transformed like that must have been considerable, and <Death King> let out a scream that could not be interpreted as a human voice.

The roar turns into a shock wave that spreads across a radius of several kilometers.

Leon continued to watch the transformation of the <Dead Spirit King> while dispersing the cloud of dust in front of him with a single sword strike. His golden eyes could watch him from hundreds of meters away as if they were right in front of him.


Leon’s eyes widened as he saw something he couldn’t overlook.

It was a person.

A human face, to be exact. Although it was just a blurry shape that its features were unrecognizable, an innumerable number of death masks appeared on the surface of the <Death King>’s body.

They looked like they were struggling inside the ectoplasm body, trying to get out.

[The binding force of the colony has become loose. The consciousness integrated into <Death King> cannot hold all the hundreds of thousands of souls.]

‘In that case!’

[Yes, you can probably cut that lump off with your own strength.]

Leon, who received El Cid’s advice, widened his eyes.

At the same time, the Auror, who had recovered from a few minutes of rest, warmed up his body and spewed wings of golden flame behind his back.

〈Icarus Wing〉.

Before the companions could say anything at the sudden action, Leon lowered the holy sword raised above his head.

The sword light that protruded from the orbit of the

Grand Chariot,


bell-slasher struck near the abdomen of the <Death King>. In the original, it was an attack that should not have been able to inflict damage that damaged the ectoplasm and then recovered.



A whitish mist spews out from within the torn abdomen of the ‘Death King’ and soon disappears into the air with a loud wail.

These are vengeful spirits who were sacrificed through human sacrifice.

Souls who no longer have any memories of their lifetime as citizens of the imperial capital of Karelum. The King of Death pressed his stomach with both hands to stop the outflow, but more than a thousand souls had already returned to normal.


‘can win!’

Masters weren’t just fools either.

As soon as I saw the ‘Dead Spirit King’ panicked and his strength weakening due to Leon’s blow, I revived my lost fighting spirit.

can win. As if a ray of light appeared in the darkness of the impossible, Leon’s sword cut through the despair that was eroding the masters.

The Holy Church launched a counterattack before anyone else.

“Saint! Match me!”

“yes! “Cardinal!”

Ellahan and Adela leaped in the same direction to gauge the timing. The King of Death was still unable to free himself from Apophis, and his hands were tied as he held his torn stomach.

Moreover, he seemed to be unable to control his body’s mutations, so parts of his body were distorted and jagged.

Literally defenseless!


Quartet of Fist

Adela’s fist struck the air four times in succession.

Then, the space in front of him was distorted and pushed away like a wave, and the side of the <Spirit King> that was touched by the wave was crushed.

Ectoplasm is at the border between material and immaterial. If so, it meant that the shock wave from the material collapse was about half effective.

Immediately afterwards,

“Goddess! “Please shine the light of punishment on this strike!”

Ellahan, who had even used holy magic to amplify his power, jumped in.

As her natural aura and divine power come together, she emits a platinum brilliance, and all of that light dances as it gathers on the Seongcheolsae.

The power gathered with the determination to kill with one strike.

Ellahan’s blow, which fell with the force of a mountain collapsing, shattered the left side of the <Death King>.

— ■■■■■!?! ■■■■…?!

The huge body of the <Death King> stumbled for the first time.

It was not because of the shock, but because thousands of souls were lost through the wound in his side, causing him to lose his balance.

Attacks that were not supposed to be effective attacks were turning into fatal injuries.

“Ho-oh, has my sword energy reached the area where it can reach?”

Cedric also realized the change and raised his sword.

In a situation where there is this much power, I guess I can use it to some extent. Because right now, no one is leisurely enough to pay attention to things like Dainslife’s Magi.

An ominous power overflows from the dark red Zweihander.

The demon sword that left the Kingdom of Jugend and sucked the blood of at least 3,000 people until today revealed its fangs.


Letting out a roar that only Cedric could hear, the magic sword nearly quadrupled the length of <All Crushing>.

A whopping 10 meters.

Due to the density of auras, one of the shortcomings of <All Crushing>, which had a short range, has disappeared. Cedric smiled as if he was satisfied with the majesty, and then swung his sword with an expressionless face.


Another stab wound appeared on the body of the <Death King>.

Hundreds of souls flow out from deep, though not wide, wounds, and before the wounds heal, another slash strikes.

The advantage of <All Chamjeol> was its efficient consumption.

Because it simply keeps the aura concentrated, it was possible to keep it light for a longer period of time than the Aura Blade, which is a series that releases it outside the body or burns rapidly. Four shadow stakes, each of which is 20 meters long, from the Jet

Black Dance

, Type 4


are thrust under the solar plexus of the ‘Spirit King’.

Karen’s Oui has limited attack power but lacks attack power.

As if to make up for it, Walter’s long sword spouted fire.

Explosive force,

shoe type sword,


Walter, the once-in-a-lifetime power exploded.

Not one or two, but nine.

The fire dragon, which can kill a thousand people with just one shot, increased in number and force and burrowed into the body of the ‘Spirit King’.

Karen’s open wound grows several times larger.

This was a technology aimed at from the beginning.

“Well, you’re stronger than I thought! Mustache man!”

“…who has the mustache?”

An exhausted Walter muttered helplessly at those words, but Karen paid no further attention and looked straight ahead.

The presence of <Death King> is gradually disappearing.

If he became a transcendent by sacrificing hundreds of thousands of souls, if he lost all of them, he would be reduced to mortal again. If we don’t take this opportunity to defeat him, they will have no chance of winning.

Gilbert and Anna, who did not possess wide-area skills, also focused on hitting him with all their might.

I don’t know if it was a few seconds or a few minutes.

The eight masters even forgot their sense of time and used all their power to defeat the monster in front of them.

That scene was truly a catastrophe!

It seemed as if heaven and earth were violently turned upside down.

— ■■■■――…Gwaaaaaaa! Oh no. You must not leave your luggage…! This world is hell. Only Jim, and only Jim, can save you…!

Before I knew it, the ‘Death King’ was speaking human language again.

As he lost a lot of his soul, the part of him that was contaminated with Morse probably fell off, but he had not yet regained his sanity and was speaking gibberish.

As if trying to catch the souls escaping from the wounds all over his body, he flails his arms around and mutters his thoughts.

—My…my people, my kingdom is falling…! Goddess of disaster, are you persecuting me again? You, who took my mother away and tried to kill me with my father’s hands!

Even the first person was changed from Jim to me.

〈Death King〉 Perhaps he did not realize the change himself, but his eyes, which had not yet regained their sense of reason, glared at the distant sky with hatred.

That gaze did not belong to Emperor Guang.

That gaze wasn’t even that of the ‘Death King’.

It was a long time ago, when a boy whose hopes and dreams had all been trampled looked up at the sky, blaming the whole world.

“be quiet!”

At that time, Ellahan’s mace struck his jaw.

The mouth that had been spitting out the curse closes, the head bounces around loudly, and even the eyes turn to another direction.

The body of the ‘Death King’ had already shrunk to about a hundred meters.

Ellahan has become so small that he can punch it in the chin with one leap. Hundreds of thousands of souls were also lost, and it was unclear whether they would be able to maintain their status as transcendents or not.

—Yes…a prostitute…a maid…!

Immediately after the attack, <Death King> stretched out his right hand to catch Ellahan who was falling.



Cedric’s slash cut off the index, middle, and ring fingers at the same time, making the attempt aborted.

Other people didn’t just sit by and watch.

A shadow stake aimed at the neck of a fire dragon flying with both eyes as if blocking the view, a shock wave striking the defenseless abdomen, and even golden sword light.

—Gaaaagggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg-!! Bugs that crawl on the ground all their lives without understanding the meaning of the burden!

The pain and loss that had once transcended overtook him.

I was feeling it.

The status that he had risen to as a transcendent gradually lowered to the point where he was damaged by attacks from mortals.

If this continues, rather than being reborn as a god, he will return to being a human.

As a weak person who could not do anything and had everything taken away by a merciless fate.

—It can’t be like that. It can never be like that—―…!

At the moment when I was about to unleash my remaining strength in a last-ditch effort.

“Divine punishment.”

The Holy Law Barrier, made up of about 30 Holy Iron Knights, and the sacred power accumulated over half a century rose up.

The Holy Law was further strengthened with the help of Ellahan and Adela.

Cardinal Anna’s staff, standing in the center, was aimed at the sky.

Directly towards the head of the ‘Death King’.


The door to heaven, where the goddess resides, was opened.

At the same time, light poured in.

A divine light that seems to dispel all darkness in heaven and earth.


〈Divine Punishment〉, activated with the highest output of the Holy Church’s strongest holy law, hit the top of the 〈Death King〉’s head.

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