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Overpowered Sword Chapter 241

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Level up with swords (241)

It was a few minutes later.

Two cardinals who had heard the story from Karen and several senior knights of Seongcheolswae joined them. The remaining members had no time to leave their seats as they were busy fending off the soldiers possessed by evil spirits.

Adela ran over first and spoke to Leon.

“Warrior! What happened! “That ignorant big lump was the emperor himself?!”

Leon explained while calming down a very excited Adela.

“Yes, if Rian said it, they look the same.”

“The idea that a human being who is neither an Auror Master nor an Archmage can be elevated to a transcendent status… Those so-called foreign gods are truly absurd. “I think I understand a little bit why the evil idiots are so stubborn.”

“It didn’t look like he had his head in the right place. “We can talk, but we can’t communicate.”

“A few screws were missing from his head, so he must have fallen for the teachings of a guy like Morse.”

Adella healed the ugly burn wound while adding a few curse words to Nex. Since the wound was caused by <Outer Law>, recovery was quick, but the remaining strength was less than half. In order to finish off Mors, I overexerted myself a little and it disrupted my pace.

Still, I can’t resign from this position.

It’s not that I’ve become less able to fight like Irexana, I’ve just lost some strength.

‘I guess I’ll have to be prepared.’

Even she, who has lived many times longer than humans, has never faced a being like the ‘Death King’.

My body trembled at the distance of several kilometers.

The fist that had promised that it could crush anything shrank shabbily, and the blood that had boiled like molten iron in a furnace cooled coldly. Just as a person who witnesses an earthquake or a volcanic eruption does not feel hatred or anger, only the same despair as when faced with a natural disaster ran through my mind.


‘…You can’t be scared in front of children.’

Adela corrected her trembling and spat out blood.

I lived long enough to live with the lifespan of a gnome.

What would it be like if you were beaten to death by that monster? All I had to do was visit the goddess I had served my entire life and never see, and complain about.

I hope that in my next life, I will be born into a tall race.

“Lord Geoff.”

Cardinal Anna thought deeply and then opened his mouth.

“Retire the Holy Knights in order. From now on, we will move with the overthrow of the ‘Death King’ as our number one goal.”

“Then the soldiers possessed by evil spirits…”

“Defeating the <Dead Spirit King> comes first. After that, if there is still time left, we will intervene again. “Leaving that giant alone for a day will cause much more damage than having a million demon soldiers.”

It was a cool-headed decision.

Geoff obeyed those words and returned to the battlefield with his senior knights. In fact, there was no way that the Fermat army and the revolutionary army would have been helplessly annihilated if they had left.

Even though the physical capabilities of demon soldiers were several times higher than that of ordinary soldiers, their intelligence was at the level of that of beasts. If the commanders, led by the knights, correct their battle lines and respond with systematic movements, they can easily win.

Of course, each member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights is worth a hundred, so if they are missing, the number of people who die will increase several times.

Anna made a decision even though she knew it all.

“Hero, how long is left to unseal the ‘Dead Spirit King’?”


When Leon, who had only used the artifact, hesitated, El Cid gave him the correct answer within him.

[Next 10 minutes. The margin of error is about 30 seconds.]

When I relayed the contents to Anna, she closed her eyes, thought about something, and opened a map.

Then, he drew a hexagon centered on the point where the King of Death was sealed, and when the remaining 30 Seongcheolsaegi Knights were placed, the perfect position was in charge of the vertex.

“It’s a legal barrier. It’s a close call, but it’s not too late if you start moving now. “It may not have much of an effect on the <Death King>, but it may be possible to stop its movement and suppress its ‘area’.”

It was that moment.

When Anna said, ‘Stop moving,’ a ray of light flashed in Leon’s mind.

Although he is an imperfect transcendent, the <Dead King> is a monster that cannot be compared to the likes of Nephren-Ka. Even if the masters’ firepower is concentrated, there is no guarantee whether it will be an effective hit or not.

But what if it were a being of equal stature?

What if he is a being with a more mature and powerful background than the guy who became a transcendent overnight through human sacrifice?

“…It might be possible.”

Even El Cid shared the idea and stuck out his tongue.

[There is definitely a possibility. If something goes wrong, the damage could be even greater than this.]

‘Anyway, if I can’t defeat it here, it’s all over.’

At this point, I had to make a life-or-death decision with him.

Even after devouring hundreds of thousands of people in the ecliptic capital, the ‘Spirit King’ was formed in an incomplete state. If it escapes from this Karelum and devours millions more souls, it will lead to a catastrophe that is not much different from a situation where an external god descends directly.

Even Kasim cannot defeat a complete transcendent.

As soon as the ‘Dead Spirit King’ completes his divine status, the world will be unified into the ‘Dead Spirit King’ Nex, just as he said.

“Cardinal Ellahan Adela.”

Leon called the two together and gave them some instructions.

Both Ellahan and Adela looked dumbfounded for a moment.

However, the two people nodded without questioning Leon or asking for an explanation. This was because I realized that every minute and every second was a waste.

About 7 minutes until the seal is lifted.

This is how the operation to subdue the King of Death came to an end.

* * *

Time passes like an arrow being fired.

The time of only 7 minutes and 420 seconds was literally an instant.

The preparations of the Castle Knights and Adela and Ellahan’s preliminary work were completed with about a minute left. Even though the two were breathing heavily, they did not take their eyes off the place where the <Death King> would emerge.

Although it was done in an evil way, there is no time to let down one’s guard against a monster that has reached the realm of God.

It was right after that.

The holy sword held in Leon’s hand emitted light loudly.


As soon as he cried out, the outer wall of Dimension Rock collapsed, and several cracks began to run across the night sky.

There was no sound.

From beyond the torn gap in the night sky, several thick, gigantic fingers extend out and open the left and right sides as if widening the crack.

The boundaries of space, which should be untouchable, widen.

The three-dimensional life form was an interference of an imperceptible and untouchable dimension. That phenomenon was proof that the <Spirit King> was of a different level of existence than them.

—You will pay for the trouble with your luggage, prostitute’s servant.

As soon as he exited <Dimension Rock>, <Spirit King> searched for Leon and his eyes flashed.

There was nothing to do other than look for it.

Leon was not hiding anywhere, but was looking up at the <Devil King>’s feet. I had no intention of wasting time again with puns like before.

The amulet that Grania had given him swung around his neck.



The 8th level time magic unfolded.

The entire space centered around <King of Death> suddenly slows down the time axis, and even the flow of air changes into a slow state.

It’s not just actions.

In this range, even the accident speed decreases several times.

If he were a complete transcendental person, he would not have been affected because he would have escaped the flow of time, but 〈Death King〉 is still incomplete. So when he realized that his hands and feet had become dull, he let out a roar.

―Are you…doing…another trick?

Leon answered with his sword instead of his mouth.

Holy sword El Cid.

When its true nature is revealed without hiding, the splendid majesty of the holy sword illuminates the world. It seems like the sun came up in the middle of the night.

The ectoplasm body of the <Death King> boiled with a crackling sound as if it had been burned, and those who touched the light felt their body’s vitality restored.

The Holy Knights and the cardinals’ eyes widened as they realized what this phenomenon was.

Light given directly by the goddess!

It is the power that energizes life.

“All in one! “It’s a holy war!”

Adela shouted in a voice that could be heard hundreds of meters away.

“The Goddess is watching us! “Don’t show your ugly face until the end and kick that weakling to the very end of hell!”

Deus Lo Vult!!

About 30 Seongcheolsaegi knights cried out as if they were vomiting blood.

It had to be that way.

While praying, practicing, and doing penance. The light and grace they always felt from afar were now staying within their immediate vicinity.

God wants it.

There was no greater driving force for the devout church members.


I could die right here.

The power raised with such a mindset exceeded the power output normally displayed by the Seongcheolsaegi Knights by more than three times. The six vertices of the six-pointed star surrounding the Four Spirits are connected with an intense flash of light.

The boundary of the law.

It is a law of nature that suppresses the existence of external dimensions.

—What…are you doing…slaves of prostitutes…!

The chain of light rising from beneath the feet wraps around the ankles and waist of the <Death King>, squeezing and restraining the lower body.

As soon as the guy’s movements were blocked, Leon immediately jumped up.

〈Icarus Wing〉 fixes the body and increases strength.

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Red Lotus Transplant


Holy power and aura gather in one place to form a sphere like a small sun. Leon delicately manipulated that power, put it on his sword, and aimed it at the ankle of the ‘Death King’ and brought it down.

Next, waves of light erupted along the path the sword took.


The sword light of <Flare> cuts the ectoplasm and burns its cross section black, falling into the ground.

It is an incredible power.

Not only was it enough to cut off the thick ankles of the <Death King>, but it also melted the ground and created a crater before the light faded.


However, the 〈Spirit King〉 did not groan or stumble in pain, but only laughed at his struggles.


Ellahan jumped in as if following Leon.

The sight of it leaping high and falling, surrounded by overflowing divine power, is literally like a comet.

Ellahan’s hammer, which had easily broken the sound barrier by spraying aura and accelerating its falling speed several times, hit the center of the <Devil King>’s instep with all its might.


The shock wave that shattered Ectoplasm’s body once again shattered the ground beneath his feet and shook the body of the <Dead Spirit King>.

That wasn’t enough.

As if the two people were repeating their attacks, the rest unfolded their five intentions.


Quartet of Palm

The shock waves emitted by Adela hit four times in a row, and

the explosion

, dragon-shaped sword, and

shattering wall destroyed

Walter’s body. Dahan’s ‘Explosion River’ tore through the already melted ground and made it boil like magma.

Cedric and Anna Karen Gilbert, who lacked firepower, could only fire Aurors, but it was not enough compared to the others.

Due to the masters’ serial bombing, the ground fell significantly and the huge body of the <Dead Spirit King> sank to its knees. Even if he only took one step, he could escape, but the binding force of the Holy Law Barrier did not allow him to move yet.

―Ants…they…are struggling…pointlessly…

but <Spirit King> is alive and well.

The ankle, which had been torn open and severed by several attacks, had already been restored to its original state a long time ago, and the chain of the Holy Law Barrier was clearly fading and losing its strength.

Originally, in order to defeat a transcendental person, the only way to do so was not to fire countless low-level attacks, but to land a good blow using an equal or higher level attack.

“Is it possible to take this thing down?”

Even Cedric stopped his sword and complained.

At first, I was very excited about the idea of being able to cut down a monster, but I was not at all happy with the result that my attacks were meaningless.

Walter and Gilbert had similar faces.

Can’t win.

A sense of helplessness they have never felt since reaching the level of an Auror Master eats away at them like soaking dry cotton.

“You can!”

It was Leon’s voice that shook off that feeling of helplessness.

“Raise your sword! Even if you lose, shouldn’t you feel proud that you did your best until the end?”

The voice of the young man who was the youngest among the masters and yet stood at the front reached the hearts of the men who had been worn down by the world. There was nothing more to say about the people who completely trusted and followed Leon.

Once again, I squeeze my heart and unfold my five intentions.


The ground turns over as if there was an earthquake.

Just the aftermath of the power caused several demon soldiers to leave their hosts in fear, and the clouds in the distant sky were torn apart, causing the stars in the night sky to look down at the ground.

Even if the White Palace’s barrier was intact, the destructive power would be difficult to handle!

As soon as the dust cloud rose, it dispersed again and rose again, sinking the ground.


—…Your efforts are completely useless.

It was the moment when the masters, who had finally consumed more than half of their power, stopped for a moment.

-I believe this is all over.

The eyes of the <Death King> who broke the chain of light glowed. A blood-red flash erupts from the pitch-black eyes.

Two rays of destruction crossed through their exact center.


I shiver at the aftermath of the power that passed by.

The eight masters froze, not knowing who was first, and looked back at the destruction ray that passed them by a few seconds ago. This was because I belatedly realized what the ‘Death King’ was aiming at.

“…your bastard.”

Walter stuttered with a white face.

The interior of the imperial capital, which had been covered with soldiers just a few minutes ago, was devastated by two rays of destruction.

How many people have died?

Even assuming the minimum, it would have exceeded a thousand units.

And where the destruction ray passed, the souls of the dead, who had not even a single shred of flesh left behind, rose up and began to be sucked into the wide-open maw of the <Deadly Spirit King>.

It is soul consuming, one of the abilities of 〈Great Law of Divorce〉.

A fundamental desecration of life that kills the living forever!

-This is how all the scratches you guys inflicted on my body were healed.

<The King of Death> asked them in a calm and weak voice.

-You can try as much as you want. There are still many people left for me to save.

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