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Overpowered Sword Chapter 238

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Level up with swords (238)

Imperial Knights.

Each and every one of them is a martial artist who has reached expert level and is a strong person whose martial arts has not declined at all even though they have lost their sense of self. It was supplied with the power of the White Palace and could threaten even a master level, but it was even more dangerous because it specialized in passing rather than individual force.

If Leon and his group were to break through the Imperial Knights, there was no chance of them using a strategy of gradually reducing their strength. There is no reason to engage in a war of attrition with those who have an almost inexhaustible supply of power.

One day at a time.

We had to push forward at once and turn the tide of the game.

“Elahan! Save time from the front!”

“As you command!”

As soon as Leon gave instructions, Ellahan ran out.

He firmly grasped the Seongcheolswae worn on his left shoulder with both hands and swung it once, making the imperial knights retreat. Even those who had only instincts left, no, those who sensed its destructive power stepped back because they only had instincts left.


That’s not all.

Ellahan did not stop at just once and began swinging the Seongcheolswae violently back and forth and left and right several times.

Since the hammer head is over 30kg and its length is larger than that of most people, the wind pressure is enormous. A storm of physical force that would make your blood explode with just a passing glance. The next time becomes stronger than the first time, and the golden afterimage continues to blur.

Normally, in just a few tens of seconds, your breathing will become heavy, and in less than 5 minutes you will be exhausted!

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz—!!

As a golden storm blocked the way, as if protecting the three, those who did not dare to stand against its destructive power stopped. If I had any intelligence left, I would have thought of a way to bypass it or attack from a distance to hasten its consumption.

However, Evans was the only exception, and the other imperial knights were merely dolls imitating their real lives.

‘I didn’t want to spend it here, but I can’t save it anymore!’

Leon was gathering his strength in the meantime.

The aura amplified by the four stigmata is further compressed and fixed around the body, raising the available power beyond its limit.

As the ‘Sun Sword’ manifests, his capillaries turn golden and even his bone marrow becomes hot as if it were boiling. An area that goes beyond reinforcement and overworks oneself. If I let go of the tension even a little, the power I had gathered would overflow and turn this area into a fiery pit.


I suppress the scream that threatens to burst out with all my might.

My heart was about to explode.

It had to be that way. Leon was currently absorbing the power accumulated in his solar cloak, enough to manifest the <Hocheon Samyeonseong> three times in a row. It was a level that even Leon, whose power was several times larger than that of an ordinary master, could not handle.

As my nervous system burned down and regenerated several times, the smoke rising from my skin was my blood boiling and leaking through my pores.


Leon’s sword, which had overcome the pain of being


at the stake, burned with a brilliant light.

The crimson flames of Prominence soon turned orange-yellow and then pure white. It was evidence that an auror density equivalent to that of <Corona> was instantaneously established.

White salt.

White flames, different from the torch, swirl.


I don’t even have time to talk at length, so I cry out his name.

Ellahan understood without needing to explain and launched himself using the Seongcheolsae, which he kept rotating with all his might.

It is enough to simply change the direction of the force.

When her body suddenly floated up, the Imperial Knights stopped for a moment, not knowing which direction to aim for. In terms of time, is it a comma of 5 seconds? It was literally a momentary gap, but it was enough time for the Assassin Master.

The jet-black dance’s

unique style of

shadow stepping.

A shadow stretched out from under Karen’s feet and grabbed the feet of all of the Imperial Knights. No matter how excellent the 〈Jet Black Martial Arts〉 is, it is impossible to restrain dozens of people whose power output does not differ significantly.


It only lasted 12 seconds, but dark red blood came out of Karen’s mouth, which suffered internal injuries.

That was enough.


Letting out a scream-like roar, Leon, holding the white-flaming sword, swung the greatest blow of his life.

There is no place to escape to those who have both legs captured.

I couldn’t jump up or move to the side.

So, what type of sword attack should be wielded now? The second type of horizontal cut of

Merak ‘s


Star Sword rolls out like a wave.

The sword light stained with white flame has the power to evaporate all obstacles just by grazing its tip. In an instant, the entire atmosphere burned up and only flashes of light flowed leisurely through the orbit, which had become a vacuum.

That wasn’t enough.

After swinging once, all the nerves in both arms were burned, but Leon lifted the holy sword again and swung it in the reverse direction. Doing

the Merak

reverse Five -Ui twice in a row is like the Yeon

-Sik Five-

Ui, but the burden is ridiculous. Connecting a vertical-horizontal cut and cutting horizontally and then reversing the cut and cutting again were completely different.

Inertia and recoil.

Still, I had no choice but to do it.

Because it was not possible to wipe out all of the Imperial Knights within the scope of the <Jipole Cross> or <Hocheon Samyeonseong>.

Kwaaaaaaaaah not?

The double wave of white flame exploded.

The imperial knights holding shields in the front line melted like wax, and soon the back line was crushed into a similar shape.

It was truly a terrible sight.

About 30 imperial knights instantly turned into watery soup and pooled on the ground. Even then, the heat hadn’t completely cooled down, so just looking at it bubbling up made me feel nauseous.

The rest could not be intact either.

Even though they were protected by Auror Fire and Artifact Armor, they suffered severe burns and some had their limbs burned like charcoal and turned bony.

“…no way.”

However, the Imperial Knights were not afraid and did not know how to suffer. If you are still alive and able to move, keep fighting.

The remaining 40 or so people raised their swords at once –

the explosive force

of the dragon-shaped sword

struck the galloping fire dragon with terrifying force.

It’s Walter.

Walter, who fired the Dragon Blade from behind Leon, burst into laughter with a triumphant expression.

“Hahaha! “How does it taste, you bastards of the empire!”

Surprisingly, its power had increased several times compared to the first time, but that was thanks to Leon, not Walter’s power.

〈Auror Blade〉 embodies the user’s intention.

If the masters were not hostile to each other and had good auror attribute compatibility, it was possible to join forces. Leon’s ‘Sun’ and Walter’s ‘Explosion’ were also such cases.

Therefore, Walter was able to receive some of the power from the sword light fired by Leon and greatly increase the output of <Dragon Blade>.

“You’re so boastful, even though you didn’t do it all by yourself.”

Karen scolded him for his foolish behavior, but Walter, who was in a good mood after wiping out the Imperial Knights, just laughed.

In any case, the scales of victory were greatly tilted.

“…Let’s finish this.”

Putting strength into his shaking knees once more, Leon clenched his blood-covered hands.

The heat remaining in the holy sword corrects the disturbed mind.

Ellahan and Karen also nodded at those words.

The four masters and about 20 imperial knights clashed again.

* * *


The moment Leon’s 〈Merak〉 double shot exploded, even Evans, who had turned his back to that direction, looked back in shock.

A destructive force that even he, who receives power from the White Palace, cannot handle from the front. A swirl of flames that was overwhelming. Are you saying that this is a technique that can be handled by one master?

The radiant heat radiated out to a place far away, scorching Evans’ skin, which was protected by an aura, red.

It was then.

“This bastard…! How dare you deal with me and turn a blind eye!”

Unlike Evans, Cedric did not blink his eyelids even when faced with a flash that seemed to burn his eyeballs.

The focus of the tasted eyes temporarily became blurred, but the Master’s five senses were secondary. Cedric had no error even in millimeters as far as the blade could reach.

A momentary gap.

Evans, who was stabbed for that moment, took a breath without realizing it.

‘can not avoid. It’s too late to stop or stop it.’

Still, Evans did not think it was a desperate situation.

Because he possessed the power of foul play in both attack and evasion.

〈Auror Blade〉 that refracts space.


The space above the body was distorted in the direction where Cedric’s blade fell .

Even if a meteorite falls, it cannot hurt you.

Commander of the Imperial Knights.

It was a technique that even the four senior masters who had previously protected the flag of the empire could not break through. Evans had absolute confidence in his “Balisardo.”

Is that why?

“I can clearly see your thoughts, idiot!”

A deep murderous intent overflowed from the corners of Cedric’s mouth.

The reason I suffered defeat in the previous battle was because I did not know about the existence of <Balisardo>.

The compatibility between <All Crushing> and <Balisardo> was not good, but it was also not irreversible. Just as Cedric did not know Evans, Evans did not know Cedric.

It was that part that put an end to this duel.




disappeared at that moment.

No, it seemed to disappear.


In the middle of nowhere, Evans’ collarbone cracked and fell all the way to his side.

Coincidentally, the wound was in the same area as Cedric’s and was incomparably deeper. Evans, whose upper body was cut in two, collapsed to the ground with only his lower body remaining.

A question deeper than pain appeared in his eyes.


In a wry voice, he asked how he cut it.

“If the space has been distorted somehow, shouldn’t we just cut down the distorted space?”

Cedric answered why I was asking such an obvious question.

It was nonsense.

Evans’ eyes widened at the incomprehensible defeat, but Cedric, who was looking down at him, did not seem particularly boastful.

“I just want to say that I won…”

Cedric said with a somewhat uncomfortable expression.

“If I hadn’t gotten that girl’s help, I would have lost. So I’ll call this duel a draw. how is it?”

“…shameless guy.”

Evans, too, was venomous at those words and looked astonished.

It’s not like you lost even with help, it’s a draw, so if that’s going to happen, shouldn’t you give yourself one more chance? Evans’ defeat was decided when 〈Balisardo〉, who unexpectedly delivered a single blow, was discovered and failed to kill him.

Cedric didn’t know that either, so he seemed very embarrassed.

Evans saw that and smiled.

“I’ll admit it. I lost.”

In the world of competition, there is no IF. Regardless of whether help came or not, the one who stood still at the end was the winner.

He could not help but be a loser, cold and cut in two.

“I never thought it would end this way…but it’s not that bad. “I no longer want to be that madman’s puppet.”

Unable to get up because he had nothing below his waist, Evans only moved his eyes to look back at Ryan and Gilbert.

What was going on with that gaze?

Regret for the unfulfilled oath and the failure to keep it?

No one would know.


“Speak up, Lord Evans.”

Lian said he would listen and took a step forward.

Evans looked up at the prince, who had become much more dignified than before, with a somewhat relieved expression on his face.

The boy he once thought would serve as his lord was looking down at him dying. Is it sad or not? It’s been a long time since even that became known.

“Your Majesty, if you really intend to succeed Clyde… you will need to be prepared to shoulder even the responsibility for the tragedy committed by the mad emperor. “I will watch that struggle from the depths of hell.”

“Evans! “You will be there until the end!”

Despite Gilbert’s outcry, he only tugged at the corners of his mouth.

“Lord Gilbert, you have no idea. “I and my men helped create the hell outside the palace.”


“With these hands we killed what we had sworn to protect, and committed sins we did not want, and the pride we once exalted was buried in a pile of dung in that stable. “If I had lost my mind, I wouldn’t have had to think about the despair I experienced that day over and over again.”

Even though Evans’ body was cut in two, he was still alive.

The flesh sticks and the blood returns.

If things continue like this, it will return to its original state in a few minutes, up to 10 minutes, and start the battle again. Cedric raised his sword to finish him off before that, but Evans shook his head first.

As if there was no need for that.

“Thank you. A nameless strong man. I wasn’t even allowed to kill myself, but if things are going like this, just sending the Aurors into a bit of a frenzy-”

My lungs, which had been healing, exploded.

The wound opened and blood poured out like a fountain.

If the overflowing aura is poured onto a body that has been cut in two, it becomes a deadly poison that tears the wound apart. Destroying his body with his own will, Evans blinked his eyes, which he could no longer see clearly.

It’s death.

The death he longed for was approaching.

“…Goddess, if you will have mercy.”

Evans, the leader of the Imperial Knights, expressed his last wish.

“Please do not forgive this disgrace.”

At the end of that monologue, my brain ruptured.

Evans’ body and head were torn apart, leaving only the part below the waist that had been cut off by Cedric, leaving no trace of him.

Lian looked down at the wreckage that was simply Evans.

With a truly miserable face, I tore my tattered lips again after tearing them several times. I looked down at the end of the knight who I thought would one day stand by my side.

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