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Overpowered Sword Chapter 236

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Level up with swords (236)

“Thank you. “It’s not what I wanted to hear in this situation.”

Evans, the leader of the Imperial Knights, smiled bitterly at the praise.

Gilbert also had a similar expression.

There was no way the two had a friendly relationship, and they had once respected each other as seniors and juniors. So much so that I hesitate to draw my sword even in a situation where I become an enemy.

Is that why?

Evans looked behind Gilbert expressionlessly.

“It’s been a while since I greeted you, Prince. “How are you?”

Lian sneered at those words and asked back.

“Would you say something without even raising your face, Sir Evans?”

“sorry. “Because we are not bold enough to show any weaknesses when facing such powerful forces.”

“This is not something the head of the Imperial Knights should say in front of the royal family.”

“Wow, they’re royal family.”

Evans giggled and showed a mocking look in his eyes at the reprimand that he should not have raised his head on.

There was no trace of loyalty or respect in his attitude.

“Are you sincere? Your Majesty? Haven’t you seen what happened to the ecliptic along the way? Clyde is already ruined. The loyalty that must be given to the monarch and the people that must be protected. “They are all stuck in the mouth of that abyss.”

“How rude, Sir Evans!”

“Sir Gilbert, come to your senses! It’s too late. If you knew what kind of being the Mad Emperor was born into…”

Evans’ eyes, which had been gripped by uncontrollable anger, suddenly turned cold.

As if being controlled by someone rather than of one’s own will.

He closed his mouth and placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“I’m talking too long. Even if you break through here, you will be happier if you die without knowing anything.”

“Does the Imperial Knight dare to point the tip of his sword at Your Highness!”

When Gilbert scolded him like that, Evans shook his head and said,

“If you say that, I guess I can fulfill my loyalty. “His Royal Highness?”


“Fall to the rear with Sir Gilbert. If you don’t participate in the battle, we won’t target you either. “I think you can follow whoever wins.”

“It’s you!”

While Ryan was about to get angry at the insulting remarks, he realized that it was beneficial to receive the offer.

Aside from his own military power, the blood of the royal family was the key to the attack on the White Palace. If Lian dies, the infiltration unit that entered the palace as his guest will immediately become the target of the security barrier.

Above all, if the Imperial Knights were to target Lian as their primary target, there was little chance that they would be able to survive.

Gilbert was also in no condition to fight.

‘But that doesn’t mean…!’

It was also unpleasant to go along with the enemy’s intentions.

Even Gilbert, who puts Ryan’s safety first, hesitates because he is too embarrassed to openly agree to the offer.

“Well, it’s okay. “Let’s do as he says.”

“Lord Cedric?”

Cedric took a step forward and drew his sword.

As the blade of 〈Dyneslife〉 buzzed eerily, even Evans could not ignore it and took a half step back. My instinct as a swordsman told me that it would be dangerous to continue standing there.

It seems like he is confronting not a human being but a sword.

“Self-esteem is important, but there is no need to show pride unnecessarily. “Stay out with that old man.”

Likewise, the remaining Masters took a step forward.

Like Rian, they decided that it would be better for the two to be excluded altogether.

As the five masters advanced at once, the Imperial Knights could not stay still and raised their weapons. A force that cannot even be compared to that of the Royal Guard clashes with each other, causing the air to tremble.


Leon had a hunch.

When fighting the Royal Guard, they were just a nuisance, but each and every one of them could pose a threat to the Master.

There were as many as 100 people.

Among them, Evans, who had reached the level of master, was radiating a fearsome force. The scale of power that can be measured by rough estimate is three to four times or more than that of a typical master.

“It’s the same.”

However, Cedric snorted even though he felt that power.

“Does it feel good to be proud of the power borrowed from outside? “If you go outside the palace, you’ll shrivel up like a blowfish with an exploded stomach.”

“…For a provocation, your words and actions are base. “Are you of lowly status?”

“At least I won’t be a stooge for a crazy person. “It’s ridiculous to talk about a sword master who can build a family with a single sword about his natural status.”

“Seeing as how you can’t answer properly, I guess you’re lowly.”

Evans accepted the words with a calm expression, but his face soon became distorted as he ridiculed his subordinate status to Emperor Guang.

He was the one who joined hands with the evil cult and turned Karellum into a corpse field.

There was no way that Evans, who truly loved this country, would have any loyalty left toward him. He wanted to turn over the hilt of his sword, but the oath he took as an imperial knight forced him to do so.

And one word from Cedric broke his patience.

“I’ve lived my whole life as a dog, so it’s inevitable that I’ll be satisfied with dog food. I will understand. “They say that a dog whines when its owner calls its name, even if its owner kicks it. That’s true.”


It was a moment.

When Evans took a step, Cedric, who had anticipated it, was already taking a step as well.

Two steps.

The gap that existed between them was erased in just two steps.

The sword masters’ sword strikes, missing even the sound by a beat, clashed in the air. Cedric’s blue-grey Aura and Evans’ crimson Aura bit each other like beasts.


Using that explosion as a signal, the entire Imperial Knights rushed towards the remaining four like a rising tide.

It was a rush to block any opportunity for them to intervene so that they could not get involved in Evans and Cedric’s diary discussion. Among them, about 20 imperial knights approached Leon and Ellahan, who were a few steps ahead.

Between the eyebrows, uvula, heart, abdomen.

Swords and spears aimed at four vital points at the same time. A weapon heavily engulfed in aura fire rushes in.

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Crimson Eclipse


In response, Leon’s sword turned into a pillar of golden fire.

It is easier to wipe out four people at once than to block four swords. As the holy sword’s blade spewed out fire, the imperial knights stopped in place, unable to enter any more.

That was Leon’s intended move.

Grand Chariot

has full plate mail and increased defense with Aura Fire.

A clumsy attack will not even work.

In that case, a meaningful blow can only be inflicted by reducing the power itself by pouring out misguided wisdom generously.


light erupted as if crossing the

Merak horizon.

A ray of golden light moves forward, cutting the imperial knight’s waist in half and cutting off both the armor and the sword.

The four people who rushed in at the beginning and the two people in the back row.

The six imperial knights collapsed with their upper and lower bodies separated.

“…only 6 people.”

If it were the Royal Guard, they would have fallen five or six times more, but the quality of the troops itself was significantly different. Leon moved forward, cutting the heads of the imperial knights in two.

The situation was almost similar for the rest of the Masters.

Quad deuk!

As the Seongcheolsae struck down, it crushed the imperial knight’s sword helmet and crushed his torso, plunging him to the ground.

The guy who was literally torn apart couldn’t even use his regenerative powers and just fell limp. Kill with one blow. Ellahan took a deep breath after killing the imperial knight with one blow.

Killing one person left scratches all over the armor.

Unlike the Royal Guards, which were close to suicidal special forces, the movements of the Imperial Knights were efficient and gave the impression of systematically hunting down the strong.


Even Walter’s “Dragon Type Sword” didn’t go far.

As soon as it is implemented, the <Dragon Shape Sword> burns two imperial knights to death and is attacked by dozens of people, causing the structure to collapse.

In the end, the limit was to surround yourself with a defensive battle. 〈Auror Blade〉 is clearly superior to the average Auror, but its overwhelming output overturns even that superiority.

About 90 imperial knights pushed them without stopping.



The two swords swirl dizzyingly.

When Cedric turned to the side and swung his sword down, Evans instead advanced and let go of his sword play. As the blades scrape against each other, sparks are emitted. The sword dance was spectacular, with its tongue lashing out like a poisonous snake, targeting the two swordsmen’s vital points.

A friendly rival.

It was a thought that passed through the minds of the two as soon as their swords met.

The clash between Cedric, who was close to the apostle, and Evans, who was the heir to orthodox swordsmanship, was all the more fierce because their sword skills did not mesh from beginning to end.

“What an old-fashioned swordsmanship!”

“With a struggle that has no basis…!”

Every time he opens his mouth, he criticizes the other person, but the ability he feels through swordplay adds even more tension.

Evans, who stopped Cedric’s attack, launched a counterattack.

Stab once, make him step back, and then immediately switch to an upper slash from that stance. Even though it is an application of the basic technique, it is difficult to respond to as it cuts down as quickly as lightning.



Cedric, who avoided the stab by turning his head a few degrees, raised his sword and deflected the sword coming down from the top.

If Evans had cut him horizontally after stabbing him, his head would have been blown off. Without any certainty, he read the opponent’s next attack using only instinct and completely destroyed it.

With this, the initiative returned to him.

“Crazy guy!”

Looking into Evans’ astonished eyes, Cedric activated the mystery he had prepared in the meantime.

At the same time, the aura around the sword became transparent. The moment Dainslife

, the first type of

universal destruction, hit like a


Evans’ sword that blocked it was cut off like a straw. <Auror Blade> was a sword that was several levels higher in output.

Even when faced with an unexpected situation, Evans’ response was quick.

As I let go of the sword that had only the hilt left, I brought my hand to my waist and grabbed the hilt of the spare sword.

However, Cedric’s next attack was one step faster.


Evans, who hastily pulled away, cracked his left collarbone and spewed out drops of blood. The wound wasn’t deep, but it was enough to prevent my left arm from moving well until it regenerated.

It was a fatal injury during the fight with Cedric.

Cedric, who had confirmed his superiority, smiled grimly, and Evans struck with an emotionless face.

The sword that was supposed to be pulled out with just one right arm was slashed diagonally.

‘That’s stupid. If it shows its teeth right away when it is cornered, it will rip out its teeth and suffocate it.’

Cedric laughed at the response and swung his sword.

I was planning to throw away that poor sword strike and deliver the final blow while my arm was raised.

〈Dantian〉 instantly multiplies the cutting power of 〈All Crushing〉 by several times, cutting even 〈Aura Blade〉. Even armor made entirely of adamantium could be easily cut down.



A smile overflowed from Evans’ lips.

It was right after that.

Balisarda The sword, which

came in the form of a diagonal cut, was strangely bent and passed through Cedric’s sword, which was blocking its path.

It was a fleeting moment.

Before Cedric could react, Evans’ blade dug into his shoulder and cut into his other side. The injury was not severe enough to split the torso in two, but may have reached the ribs.

Red blood flowed like a waterfall down Cedric’s feet, who reflexively took three steps back.

“…is this an <Auror Blade> with the ability of ‘penetration’?”


Evans agreed to Cedric’s words and shook off the bloody blade.

He also did not have a triumphant face.

〈Balisardo〉 is ultimately a sword of unexpectedness. Once revealed, its power is halved from then on. It could not be said to be a success at the point when the first kill was failed.

Therefore, we must not give Cedric time to recover.

“Die, thousand things.”

Evans, without even waiting for his collarbone to regenerate, raised his sword.

If this continues, Cedric will die.

It was a single hit, but the wound was very deep. It takes even a master at least 10 minutes to recover enough to continue the battle.

Someone had to save him.

He is quick enough to escape the siege of the imperial knights and has good compatibility with Evans’ Balisardo.

There was only one such person in the infiltration unit.

Karen, riding on the shadow of a jet-black dance ship and

leaping several meters away from Cedric’s shadow, stretched out her hands.

Even an Assassin Master cannot compete head-on with a Sword Master.

You should not engage in hand-to-hand combat with monsters that have reached their peak with just one sword.

Dozens of green rays of light shot out from her grasp. When

dozens of daggers filled with special synthetic poison

flew out,

Evans, who could not raise his left arm yet, had to retreat.

When I turned all the auras that had been pushed into the blades into the armor, the daggers were unable to pierce the full plate and all bounced off.

Cedric, who was saved from a desperate situation, said with a grin.

“Ha, I didn’t know I’d be in debt like this. By the way, girl, can you beat that guy? “If you don’t think you can win, just leave me alone and back off.”

“It’s okay to let your guard down and get hit, but then pretend to be strong until the end.”

Karen shrugged her shoulders at those words and looked back at Evans.

Before I knew it, my left collarbone was completely healed.

The already powerful Sword Master receives the power of the White Palace and demonstrates the power to penetrate even the Auror Blade. In pure hand-to-hand combat, you won’t be able to withstand dozens of hits and will be killed.

But why?

“…Do you think it’s worth a try?”

Karen, with a confident face, stretched out her arms.

Then, a sword with only a dagger and a hilt with a blade curved like a crescent moon was caught in my hand.

My sense as an assassin speaks.

Imperial Knight Commander Evans is a strong man who would be ranked among the top five in his entire life. If you fight, you lose. You must not fight. There is no other way than to kill this monster.

‘Is it possible.’

I knew he was an opponent I could easily kill alone.

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