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Overpowered Sword Chapter 232

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Level up with the sword (232)

Since they were not cut directly with the holy sword, their regenerative power would remain, but their goal was not to annihilate the Royal Guard. All you have to do is leave those who have been split in two and head to the barrier center.

There was no need for Leon to explain it or anything.

“Hahaha! “It was a useful slash, you little bastard!”

Cedric followed next to him, trampling on the guard who was trying to grab his ankle with only his upper body remaining.

The same was true for Walter Lian and Gilbert.

Elahan, who jumped upward, also started running as soon as he landed.

The guards pulled themselves together and stood up in a matter of seconds, but the infiltration unit had already spread the distance to more than 2 kilometers. It’s a gap that their mobility can’t keep up with.

Karen, who popped out of the wall a beat later, joined us.

“Leon! how is it? Did I do well? “I think I made three servings this time!”

“good job! “It’s all thanks to you!”

Leon, who had previously heard from her, knew why the guards suddenly became weak.

Blocking magical power using ‘Jet-Black Dance’.

It was an impossible method except for Karen, who could safely steal the power without damaging the magic itself. The royal guards who lost the power of the White Palace are nothing special. Even if you don’t die, just neutralize it like before and just pass by.

Only then did the people who learned why the guards became weaker look at Karen with surprised expressions.

“Was that what you did? “You have amazing skills.”

“Oh, did you destroy the magic furnace?!”

Walter looked greatly impressed, and Ryan guessed the cause and spoke with a pale face.

Karen shook her head a few times and answered.

“no way. I didn’t touch it with magic. “It only blocked the power flowing into the Royal Guard.”

“How could you do that…no, you made a mistake. “Please forget it.”

“I’ll understand.”

For the Auror Master, the <Auror Blade> was the source of power and the power that symbolized the warrior.

What Lian said without even realizing it was like trying to pry into the secrets of a master with whom he had no close relationship. Fortunately, Karen handed it over without much emotion, so it was a level of rudeness that would have been enough to get someone in trouble if they had decided to do it.

Ellahan, who was playing with both feet at the front, opened his mouth.

“Sister, what have you been thinking about since last night?”

“huh. My poison and memorization are less effective against those who don’t die through external methods. “I thought about ways to help in other ways.”

“Awesome! “The only thing I can do is destroy everything!”

“…I think that’s even better.”

Karen just smiled shyly.

She wanted to play an active role next to Leon like Ellahan, but the Assassin Master was more powerful when she was hiding behind the scenes than when she was fighting from the front.

While exchanging a few words, the infiltration unit covered a distance of more than 10 kilometers.

Even though it was expanded using space magic, the area of the hallway is ultimately finite.

The end has finally come in sight.


A large door like a castle gate opens to the left and right as if welcoming seven uninvited guests. It was a sight that could only be assumed to be a trap, but if you step back, you will only end up fighting the Royal Guard again.

Without hesitation, Leon and Ellahan crossed the threshold and jumped into a hall so wide that they could clearly see the horizon.

The rest followed suit, one beat behind the two.

“What is this needlessly large room?”

“This is the first main hall, one of the three halls you have to go through to reach the barrier center.”

Lian, who answered Leon’s self-talk, frowned.

If it weren’t for Emperor Nex, he would have been the next owner of the White Palace. Most people knew about the hidden facilities inside the palace and the devices used to repel intruders.

A ceiling trap that rains down dozens of 7th tier lightning magic like a shower, a trap that randomly moves the opponent through space, etc.

Among them, there were some that I found particularly impressive.

“Everyone be careful. In an auditorium this large, ‘that’ could come!”

“What is ‘that’ again? “You have to tell me in detail.”


Before Rian could begin to explain, ‘they’ appeared.

As if blocking the infiltration unit’s direction, dozens of magic circles appeared in the air, spitting out a gigantic shape.

Kugung-! Kugugoong—!

A loud noise is made as the enormous weight lands on the ground. They were giants with two arms and two legs like humans.

As a rule of thumb, the size would be about 4 meters.

The four giants slowly stood up and their eyes flashed.

The silver-grey fuselage is made of adamantium, and the gold-yellow joints and parts of the armor are made of orichalcon. The price of just the amount for one weapon is enormous, so how can you make a golem weighing tens of tons out of special metal?

Each piece may be more expensive than most fortresses.

“Imperial Guardian!”

Gilbert, standing next to Lian, shouted as if screaming.

Imperial Guardian.

Because its fuel efficiency is so extreme, it can only operate at the White Palace, but its combat ability is comparable to that of the Master. The golems, which weighed tens of tons of special metal and were engraved with high-level magic of the 6th rank or higher, were extremely flexible and agile, befitting their size.

It executed attacks and defenses by imitating the Auror Master’s movements and had no weak points anywhere on its body, making it difficult to destroy. In addition, it has the ability to restore itself, so if it is not destroyed immediately, it will be possible to continue the battle.

“under! “This time, something worth cutting has come out!”

Cedric stepped to the front of the group and raised his sword.

As if with no intention of conserving its strength, <All Crushing> cut out the sounds around it as it wrapped its blade around it.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Orichalcon or Adamantium.

If you can cut anything, you can cut it. If you can’t cut anything, you can cut it.

“Karen, let’s take a step back and watch the rear, and take care of the rest one by one. Ryan and Sir Gilbert, priority is defense.”

As if Leon’s instructions sounded reasonable, the Masters moved to their respective positions without a single question.

Cedric was in front of the one with the letter ‘Ⅰ’ on his chest, Leon was in front of the letter ‘Ⅱ’, Walter was in front of the letter ‘Ⅲ’, and Ellahan was in front of the letter ‘Ⅳ’.

As if reacting to the approach, the guardians’ magical power radiated light.

[An aptitude object has been recognized.]

[The level of force has been adjusted to the maximum. Enter combat stance.]

[Keep 13 types of magic circles activated, including ‘Haste’, ‘Gravity Bound’, and ‘Force Field’.]

[Engage until the vital activity of the hostile entity stops.]

Four Guardians The movement changes naturally.

Those who activated the auxiliary magic moved their joints as if they were really alive and adjusted the halberd in their hands to the correct position.

There was no need to say who came first.

The Masters, who sensed the Guardian’s powerlessness, unleashed colorful auras almost at the same time. They were incomparable to the guards I faced earlier.

Immediately after that, the Imperial Guardians rushed in all at once.

Coo! Coo! Coo! Coo!

It has become faster thanks to magic, but its weight remains the same.

Because we gave it acceleration magic instead of making it lighter, we were able to perfectly utilize the golem’s unique weight. If it had been a building other than the White Palace, the floor would have collapsed long ago. The Imperial Guardian was a being that could only exert its power inside the palace.

Guardian No. 1 approached Cedric first.


The halberd raised above the head struck down like lightning.


As Cedric leaped to the right, the halberd struck the ground, creating a small crater. The floor, which could withstand the impact of dozens of tons of golems rushing at it, had exceeded its limit.

I did not dare to accept it even with <All Chamjeol>.

Even if you cut down the halberd, the power contained within it will not disappear. There was a possibility that the shoulder or wrist could be broken or the magic sword Dainslife could be damaged due to the repulsive force.

“…It’s ridiculous. Blood boils!”

Cedric, who was even more excited by the dizzying situation, smiled.

The other Masters were also like him.

Without taking a single step back, Ellahan counterattacked Guardian No. 4’s halberd strike.


The moment Seongcheolsoe and Halberd collided, a shock wave swept through the surrounding area. Because the weights were so different, Ellahan had to take a few steps back, but No. 4 also stiffened from the impact.

Who would have thought that someone with the power to go head-to-head with the Imperial Guardian would appear!

“Tsk, only people who are not compatible with me show up.”

Walter, facing Guardian No. 3, clicked his tongue and stepped back.

The heat of <Blaze> is of little significance against golems made of special metal. This was because it was protected by a force field barrier and had very strong resistance to magical power.

Still, I was able to make a winning move with <Dragon Shaped Sword>, but there was still a long way to go before I could use up all my strength here.

Walter, who decided to delay the fight, started moving around and playing tag with Halberd.

‘Cedric can win on his own, and Ellahan can too, but it will take some time. Sir Walter chose a delayed war. I guess they’re trying to save some strength, but it’s not a bad idea.’

Leon analyzed the battle situation while dealing with Guardian No. 2.

The halberds wielded by the Imperial Guardians were fast and powerful, but were not outstanding in the realm of martial arts.

It wasn’t difficult if your goal was avoidance rather than victory.

One problem is that time is not on their side.

‘As expected, there is no other way but a quick resolution.’

It was simple to say, but very difficult.

The Imperial Guardian was strong, fast, and solid.

Even if Karen blocks the magic path, if the core inside the fuselage is activated, it will continue to move for several hours.

Additionally, in order to completely destroy a fuselage made of special metal, a destructive power that could ignore defense or even crush the special metal, like Cedric’s <All Crushing>, was needed.


Leon’s eyes sank deeply.

The tenacity to reach selflessness as soon as a decision was made was at a transcendental level. The mind leads the power and the power moves the body. The literal union of mind and energy.

The martial artist who had taken one step forward while fighting Necator took the next step in a trance.

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Scarlet Lotus Samsik (紅蓮三式)

Aura boils inside the heart.

While writing “Icarus Wing,” I learned how to control aurors outside my body. This was a thought that came to mind after seeing Necator’s Surawan.

Strengthening one’s physical abilities as an Auror had its limitations.

However, wouldn’t it be possible to overcome that limit if one deploys auror abilities outside the body to compensate for movement?

‘White Flame’s Armor Corona.’

A white radiance emerged like a ring behind Leon’s back.

It was evidence that the force that compressed it to an absurd density had transcended its form and been reborn as a fourth substance.


Leon, who had not studied natural science, could not understand, but he intuitively realized that it was a different state from flame. It is also the same as the ring surrounding the sun during a total solar eclipse.

As the light of <Corona> enveloped Leon like a full-plate mail, only the silhouette remained as a blur.

[Unable to measure the risk of an aptitude object. One body cannot handle it.]

Realizing his disadvantage, the Guardian stepped back, but Leon approached several times faster.

Leon, who had become like a blob of light, rushed forward.


Even though I didn’t even open the “Icarus Wing,” I crossed the speed of sound in one step and thrust the holy sword in with a burst of energy in the second step.

The Guardian, who reflexively accepted the sword strike, was greatly pushed back.

A golem made of special metal weighing tens of tons could not withstand the stabbings of a single human being. As No. 2 was pushed several meters, two deep furrows were dug in the floor.

“Not yet!”

Normally, Leon would have stiffened due to the repulsion immediately after the collision, but he connected with the sword strike without any hesitation.

The function of <Corona> was not just to strengthen physical abilities.

All four major bodies are surrounded by aura, nullifying all external pressure, including inertia. It was possible to accelerate and decelerate freely in any posture, and it was also possible to walk or run in the air.


The white burning sword body stuck in the head of the guardian who was unable to shake off the impact of the stabbing.


The adamantium covering the top of his head like a helmet was split, and the blade of the holy sword El Cid cut off his head at an angle.

It is a wound that would inevitably result in a person’s brain being cut off and immediate death.


[Check the disadvantage in close combat. We focus all our energy on ‘Force Field’ and ‘Gravity Bound’.]

They were only made in the shape of a human, and the golem’s head did not contain a brain.

Guardian No. 2, who bought time by allowing one sword attack, activated the magic circle engraved on his body. Two types of 6th level magic, a force field barrier and a gravitational field, appeared and threw Leon away.

Leon, who had offset the pressure with <Corona>, attacked the Guardian again, but the creature had completely turned to a defensive posture.

[Gravity field fixed. [Maximum force field barrier activation.]

Ben Leon’s sword struck the halberd even without a sound.


Unlike the first time, even with the single sword reinforced with <Corona>, it was not pushed away and held on to the point where the halberd was slightly bent.

The weight of several tens of tons, the durability of the special metal, and the defense power of high-level magic combined made it virtually impregnable.

Nevertheless, Leon was not disappointed.

‘It’s the same thing that I didn’t use my full power.’

As I maintained <Corona>, the strength of my whole body was draining away like an ebb, but I still had the strength to use the Oui.

It is strong enough to blow away a guardian with a single hit.

So, how many times has the power of the Seven Star Sword manifested in this state been amplified compared to normal times? I don’t know for sure, but it was sure to be far superior to the Imperial Guardian’s defense.

The guy who was in a defensive posture didn’t move.

Unlike humans, a golem’s thinking circuit is short-circuited, so it takes quite a long time to change a pattern once decided.


Even though Leon was gathering strength right before his eyes, he couldn’t make a dent.

The starlight of ‘Seven-Star Sword’ mixes with white brilliance and flickers.

The power overflowing from his grasp was so great that Leon understood that if he made a mistake, this entire area would completely evaporate.

‘Three times is too much. You can’t use up all your strength once.’

Therefore, there were only two correct answers.

When Leon raised his sword, the attention of the masters who felt the flow of tremendous power was focused.

It had to be that way.

Because the output far exceeded even Walter’s ‘Dragon Type Sword’.


Even Cedric, who rarely acknowledges others, was impressed.

It was a completely different path from <All Crushing>, but the power that Leon wielded was such that even its density could be weighed down.


Leon moved twice, leaving behind a blurry afterimage


the Seven Star Sword and Five Swords .

Once vertically and once horizontally.

Two consecutive attacks that cut the enemy into four pieces!

The Polar Cross (指極星十字),

a pale cross of light, exploded at Guardian No. 2.

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