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Overpowered Sword Chapter 23

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Level up with swords (23)

The free city of Blaine is always busy.

The commotion caused by thousands of people, sometimes more than 10,000 people coming and going every day, was beyond imagination. And the purposes of those who came to Blaine were truly diverse.

An adventurer trying to make a name for himself somehow.

A mercenary who came looking for an opportunity to make a fortune.

A merchant trying to make a fortune with rare goods.

An artist who wanted to impress merchants from all over the world… People of all kinds passed through the gates of the Free City with big dreams, but it was fortunate that only three out of a hundred people achieved their goal. Most people disappear without even a single letter of their name being remembered.

In some ways, it was a natural thing.

The more people there are, the easier it is to become famous, but the number of people with that goal also increases.

In particular, fame fades if it is not at its peak. Earning a name for yourself in Blaine was a more complicated goal than just grabbing a lot of money.

“Hey ≪Kat≫!” “Are we going to subdue the Rat Man today as well?”

But someone who saw Leon waved his hand.

“That guy is ≪Cat≫? “You’re young.”

“What does age have to do with adventurers? All you need is enough skill. “I heard they build a mountain with rat man corpses every day.”

“Aha, so it’s ≪Cat≫?” “It suits you well.”

The adventurers gathered in the guild hall are talking about him. There were few negative reviews, and the majority of people were interested in a ‘different species’ that had appeared for the first time in a long time.

It was true that subjugating rat men would not attract anyone’s attention, but Leon’s case was an exception.

Blaine is a fairly large city.

Additionally, the size of the sewage facility is proportional to the size of the city. Ratman was like that too. The sewer overflowing with a large amount of sewage was like paradise to the Rat Man. If a continuous subjugation had been carried out, the number of rat men had increased to an immeasurable level because adventurers were avoiding them so much.

An evil god named Leon appeared in the ratmen’s paradise.

“How many animals did you kill in 10 days?”

When an adventurer who was curious about what he heard asked, another adventurer tilted his head and answered.

“Well, I stopped counting them after there were over a thousand.”

“They say they catch at least 200 a day. So you probably killed about 2,000 of them?”

“There must have been a pile of Ratman tails in the guild warehouse.”

Even though he was a rookie, it was a number that would give him a nickname.

If you catch 1,000 monsters of one type, you are often given the title ‘Slayer’, but since ≪Ratman Slayer≫ seems so rare, he is given the nickname ≪Cat≫.

His tendency to wander alone rather than socialize with others also contributed to his nickname. Since they don’t aim for lucrative commissions, there is no need to keep them in check, and they are not competitors. It was natural that there were many people who mentioned it favorably.


When Leon put down the full sack as always, Rize was no longer surprised and weighed it.

14 kilograms.

It was still a ridiculous amount, but considering that it always exceeded 20 kilograms, it was a fairly small number. Rize said with a puzzled expression whether she thought so too.

“Are you writing something down today?”

“I’m having a hard time finding your rat man. The number of people who attack first has also decreased. “It looks like he was scared of me.”


Rize trailed off as if she thought it was worth it.

Even though Ratmen were stupid monsters, they were not unintelligent. It was natural to be cautious as there was a being that slaughtered hundreds of animals every day. Even the cleaners complained that their backs would be bent while cleaning up the Ratman corpse.

After receiving the money from selling the tail and the request fee, Leon spoke without turning around like usual.

“So, I’m looking into some other requests…”

“Oh, you see! wait a minute.”

Before Rize finished speaking, Rize moved.

She took out the papers she had gathered in my desk drawer, picked out a few and handed them to him.

It was clear that it had been prepared in advance. I heard that they would accommodate me, but I didn’t have any expectations, but looking at Rize’s attitude, it seemed like it wasn’t just a formality.

‘What do you think?’

Leon asked El Cid while looking through the documents. This was to select the most suitable requests for training.

There are four options given.

<Subdue Cave Kobolds> <Defeat Rock Slime> <Investigation of the abandoned charnel house and subjugation of the undead> <Suppression of living armor in abandoned houses>. All of them were requests that did not make money and were cumbersome to process.

[It would be nice to fight in the cave… but the rest is also good. Subtract the fourth. Living Armor is still difficult to deal with. Because it is difficult to completely destroy plate armor without an Auror.]

‘Aren’t undead okay?’

[It will be a good experience, but there is nothing to gain. If I use my power it becomes too easy and if I don’t use it it becomes too difficult. Let’s go after manifesting the aura.]

In the end, only the <Cave Kobold> and <Rock Slime> remained.

El Cid pondered over the two options and soon chose <Rock Slime>. It may have been judged that it was more appropriate.

Leon accepted the choice without saying anything.

And when he selected the request for <Rock Slime>, Rize nodded with a strange expression. I read the mouth muttering ‘as expected’, but I didn’t know what it meant.

‘Oh, the request form is quite old.’

[I guess that means it’s a request that doesn’t go out that much. It would also mean that there was no need to update.]

‘The habitat is an underpass near the castle wall. Due to its tendency to gnaw away at stone, if left for a long period of time, it can have a negative impact on the durability of the castle wall. The client is… Blaine’s garrison commander.’

If so, there was no need to waste money or anything.

If the request has turned yellow because no one is already doing it, and your credit rating has dropped, who will take on the request?

In other words, even though it was a request made by the garrison commander, no one took on it. There were records of disciplinary measures being imposed on adventurers who made mistakes, but no one volunteered.

‘It seems like a very tricky monster.’

Leon clicked his tongue and put the request in his arms. Ratmen were also quite annoying, but not as annoying as rock slime. Still, I liked the fact that unlike the Ratmen, I could defeat them regardless of day or night.

“For the time being, let’s focus on <Defeating Rock Slime>. “If no one comes forward to do the rest of the requests, please leave them to me.”

“yes! “I’ll take care of it!”

“Then again next time.”

All business at the guild has been completed.

After leaving a short greeting to Rize, Leon started walking along the route written in the request.

They said it was near the castle wall, so it was quite far away.

He waves to the people who greet him and walks down a path that has become very familiar to him over the past few days. The nickname “Cat” was a bit weird, but it wasn’t a bad feeling to be recognized.

* * *

“<Subdue Rock Slime>? “You haven’t even applied yet?”

“Is that possible?”

The guard who greeted Leon at the entrance to the underpass asked. In his experience, this cumbersome task required the direct urging of the garrison commander to attract a few unlucky bastards.

So the two argued for a while.

Because our opinions were so different, we thought the other person was mistaken.

Fortunately, the dispute was soon resolved. This was because the garrison commander who was passing by happened to spot the two.

“Oh oh! Are you that ≪Cat≫? “A new adventurer who cleaned out the rats in the sewer?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Hahaha! Excellent! There should be more adventurers like you. It’s ridiculous that these guys who only eat sweets and avoid bitter things are adventurers! “Isn’t that right?”

It was a difficult question to answer.

The garrison commander probably knew that too, but instead of answering, he just patted Leon on the shoulder a few times.

“Then, please take care of the <Rock Slime Suppression> as well. “If you get results, I’ll take care of it, so work hard.”

“Thank you for your concern, Captain.”

When the garrison commander, who had asked the soldiers to take good care of him, left, Leon was barely able to enter the underpass.

The inside of the underpass was as expected.

The damp air tickled my nose, and the lanterns hanging on the wall cast long shadows.

There was a musty smell, a mixture of dirt and moisture. Unlike sewers, there was no need to purify it with El Cid. It wasn’t difficult to breathe.

‘The ground is a little soft.’

It’s not at the level of mud, but it’s not hard either. If you are not conscious of <footstep>, your feet will slip a bit.

That too was no different from training.

Leon walked forward without leaving any footprints. You have to shift your center of gravity at the right time. If it is off by even an inch, excessive force is applied to the knees and optimal balance is lost.

‘Tsk, it’s a lot harder than I thought.’

Even though the ground was only slightly soft, the difficulty level increased significantly. It is impossible to maintain this balance during combat.

His <stepping>> was still only level 1.

I learned something in the narrow space of the sewer, but it wasn’t enough to take me to the next level. The fight in this underpass will become a stepping stone for that progress.

How many steps did we take like that?

‘there is.’

I saw something wandering out of the corner of my eye.

Rock Slime.

It is a target of subjugation. As soon as he recognized its existence, Leon’s consciousness sank. Suppress emotional fluctuations and direct all your concentration to the organs necessary for battle.

[Is it three?]

Three, as El Cid said.

Leon’s eyes stared at the writhing figure. It wasn’t my first time seeing slime, but it was my first time seeing rock slime.

If it is like an ordinary slime, there is no reason for adventurers to avoid it. To find out the reason, Leon thoroughly examined the rock slime’s body using the <method>.

[How do you know?]

‘Roughly speaking.’

I raised my sword while answering with my thoughts instead of my mouth.

Holy sword El Cid.

The blade, which never breaks and is sharper than any other famous sword in the world, slashed at the rock slime. There was no way that the soft-looking slime could withstand that.


However, the holy sword dug into the guy’s body and bounced out with a loud noise.

The reaction was like hitting a rock.


Leon, shaking off that repulsion, narrowed his eyes.

The purpose was to see through the obstacles hidden inside the rock slime, which looks like round slime. Blocking the holy sword. There was something hidden in the cloudy mucus.

Leon soon recognized its identity and was impressed.

“…So this is ‘rock slime’!”

Slime’s representative weakness is its core. If you destroy the core at the center, whatever abilities you have will disappear.

However, the rock slime’s body contained countless pieces of stone, protecting its core like several layers of armor.

It was a very well thought out approach to the subject of monsters.

Ultimately, the defense power of the slime is that it can only be used by blunt weapons, so it is easily pierced by blades or arrows. That weakness was compensated for with stone fragments. It has become a monster that is difficult to deal with with cold weapons.

‘It’s really worth avoiding all adventurers.’

To easily subdue rock slime, you needed to know how to use an auror or a magic powerful enough to evaporate the slime.

It was a skill that was difficult to find in D rank.

Moreover, even if he used his skills to defeat the rock slime, the only material he could obtain was stone fragments. The garrison is also not a request worth paying a large amount of money for, so people have no choice but to ignore it.

Roll… roll….

The slimes wriggle in response to Leon’s attack.

In general, slimes have two attack methods. Throwing the body and hitting it or spewing out digestive juices from the body.

But rock slime was neither.

The three slimes twitched for a moment and then shot out all the rocks contained within their bodies!

Pew pew pew pew!

Leon’s eyes widened at the sudden sling.

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