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Overpowered Sword Chapter 229

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Level up with swords (229)

Following the words from Anna, Leon headed to the outskirts of the city without accompanying anyone.

There was no pretense of popularity at all.

This was because, except for the camp of the Fermat Army and the Revolutionary Holy Church, there was not a single survivor left. The air was so low that it felt uncomfortable, and the wind flowing through the empty building was wandering like a ghost.

On rare occasions, there was the presence of a patrol patrol wandering beyond, but there was not a single person skilled enough to see Leon through hundreds of meters of darkness.

How many minutes have you been walking?

When Leon arrived at the meeting place, he saw golden hair that seemed to shine on its own even in the middle of the night.


“…You came.”

As if responding to that voice, Lian turned around.

Leon, who then stood facing him, was a little surprised.

‘Why is my condition so bad?’

The only parts that were the same as usual were the brilliant blonde hair and blue eyes. I couldn’t feel the spirit that a warrior should have at all, and my eyes were just hovering in the air without any trace.

Even if the strength consumed during the siege was great, there would have been enough time to recover, but just looking at that face, it seemed like he had stayed up all night.

Lian seemed to have noticed that gaze as well and tried to keep a wry smile on his face.

“sorry. “I asked to meet him first, but he didn’t look like he should show up.”

“No, that’s probably a good thing.”

It wasn’t a relationship worthy of being treated with any new formality.

“Did you suffer any serious injuries? If it wasn’t treated properly, I would call the Cardinal or Ellahan and—”

“No. It’s really okay. “I wasn’t hurt or anything, I was just a little tired.”

“Is that so?”

Rian, who declined his favor several times, remained silent for a moment with an embarrassed expression on his face, and then got straight to the point.

“Brother Leon, you can guess why I called you that, right?”

“To some extent.”

This was something that could be understood even if one had little political insight.

The gulf between the two countries, Clyde and Permat, was too deep and wide. Even though it is reasonable to hold hands, there are many people who cannot accept that choice.

The same was true for Marquis Walter, who was no different from the commander-in-chief of the Fermat army.

“Are you here to ask me to mediate? Even the Marquis Walter would not be able to act rashly in front of the church.”

“Well, it’s similar. “It is something that cannot even be attempted without the cooperation of the Holy Church.”

“Something you can’t even try?”


Lian agreed to the question and continued the story.

“As most of you may have already guessed, if you use my bloodline, you can get past the White Palace’s security system. The problem is that when that method is used, there are only a few people who can accompany it.”

“what?! “There is a limit to the number of people!”

“It seems like it was a measure taken out of concern that a rebellion would break out within the imperial family, but I had no idea it would be a hindrance in this situation.”

It was a variable that people, including Irexana, had not thought about. Maybe Lian was lying, but Leon’s intuition confirmed that what he said was true.

If so, the framework of strategy is shaken.

Even if it passed through the White Palace’s own security system, not all of the troops within it were neutralized. In order to definitely break through them, they had to drag at least a few knights in.

They said at least hundreds of people were needed.

“so? “How many people can you bring with you?”

“I guess there are about 6 people, excluding me.”

“It’s not enough, but it’s just a question of whether or not we can barely get in by selecting only the masters.”

“So, we need to infiltrate with a small group of elites and destroy the barrier center room inside the White Palace. Then we can bring in troops from outside.”

Rian, who had decided to solve the problem, looked at Leon carefully.

“They are forcing Leon and his colleagues to make sacrifices.”

“A sacrifice?”

“yes. “In order to form an infiltration unit of 6 people, Leon and his companions are essential.”

Leon, who was following Rian’s words and thinking of possible candidates for the top six, tilted his head.

This was because there was a part left blank.

“There are three, including me and Karen Ellahan. “What about the other three?”

“On my side, I will request that Gilbert and Cedric accompany Sir Walter to the Fermat army. “You can’t have the commander-in-chief of a potential enemy behind you.”

“Cardinal Anna is staying? Ah, are you trying to have him form a buffer zone between the two armies?”

“Even if there are no commanders, the Fermat Army has greater military power than the Revolutionary Army. There is room for a stab in the back.”

It was a simple story once you understood it all.

It’s just that, just as Walter didn’t trust Lian, Lian couldn’t trust Walter either.

Distrust is the sharpest sword.

He could stab himself or cut others.

In this case, they broke each other’s blades to erase the possibility of stabbing or cutting each other. In a situation where there was not a single master left, there was no way they would be able to confront the Holy Iron Chain Knights led directly by the Cardinal.

All of the members are experts or higher, and the Seongcheolsae Knights are strong in group competition.

“No, wait a minute.”

Leon, who interrupted Lian, pointed out the loophole.

“If I do what you say, it’s no different from the church siding with the revolutionary army. “Isn’t this a violation of the principle of absolute neutrality?”

“It would be so if the denomination moved on its own.”

“…It sounds like you don’t mind if it’s my order.”

“you’re right. Although the warrior has full authority over the Holy Church, he or she is not bound by its rules. “The principle of absolute neutrality was established for fear of distorting the will of the goddess, so the principle itself is meaningless if it is an order issued directly by the goddess’ agent.”

In reality, it was just as he said.

The reason why Lian once dreamed of reclaiming the throne by becoming a warrior was because he understood that position.

If the principle of absolute neutrality were applied to warriors, it would become impossible to use the power of the church. Excluding the ten cardinals and the Holy Knights, the Holy Order’s military power was virtually non-existent.

Leon, who thought that far, smiled and said.

“That’s why you called me aside. “If Cardinal Anna or Ellahan had heard that, they would have been really angry.”

“I was prepared for that, but… I didn’t know that my brother would really come alone. “You still have a lot of trust in people.”

When Lian complained as if she was reprimanding him, Leon shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“If you were the one I knew, you wouldn’t do such trivial things. “I believe that much.”

“…Is that so.”

For some reason, Lian became quiet with an inexplicable expression.

Leon didn’t understand that reaction and thought about it for a moment, but quickly brushed it off and turned his back.

“I will discuss this separately and then give you an answer. “Can you wait for a day?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then you should get some rest too. That’s an extremely tired face. “Chloe won’t worry.”

After saying a few words, Leon walked away.

Lian, who was looking at his back, was silent for a moment and then smiled with a face that even she couldn’t recognize.

I felt a deeper sense of defeat than when I was defeated in sparring.

Every time I see Leon, I get to know him and feel him.

Why I couldn’t be a warrior myself.

* * *

Baekak Palace.

The luxurious palace was peaceful even while surrounded by tens of thousands of troops, and even its interior was extravagantly spacious.

It was said that dust would accumulate even if thousands of maids swept and cleaned it every day, so most of the royal family did not know how many rooms there were in the White Palace and how much the square footage was.

This was especially true for the underground area.

Jump and jump.

Lanterns powered by horsepower are lined up at regular intervals.

As a result, the basement stairs, which should not have been visible even an inch in front, were softly lit, and there was a man walking down the stairs.

It was truly a strange appearance.

To be precise, it was an appearance that could not even be called ‘features’.

Everyone who sees the face will describe it differently and draw only question marks on the paper they are given to draw.

It was literally Bishop Mors of the <Chaos> evil sect.

Jump and jump.

The desolate sound of footsteps echoes.

He didn’t care about the ominous air that felt like he was falling into an abyss with every step he took.

“――I have never been afraid of night and darkness. “The time when it was natural to not be able to find the way was salvation for those who could not find the way even when the light was shining.”

Even though no one was listening, he did not stop his monologue.

“With unexpected luck, we have passed the crossroads between good and evil, but now it is time to face the next question. I believe that if we go ‘outside’ of the world, there will be a proper answer for this defective product. “If I can’t find it anywhere, I’ll take that emptiness as the answer.”

Suddenly, the end of the underground stairs came into view.

Morse proceeded without stopping even for a single step and soon entered somewhere underground in the White Palace.

Has it ever been used as a wine cellar?

The smell of alcohol emanating from all over the walls tickled my nose.

It was a place full of good liquor that made drinkers ecstatic just by smelling it, but Morse was a person who could not even enjoy gourmet food, let alone the capital.

So, after building this wine warehouse, they used it as a base.


Morse was the first to stop when he saw the center of the room.

It had to be that way.

A mirror made of black crystal, one of the evil cult’s means of communication, was burning with strange colors. As soon as an average person sees something in the face, they may lose their senses and go crazy or die.

There was only one bishop who could use “Flame of Madness,” a fragment of power that did not exist in this world.

Morse carefully approached the mirror and stretched out his hand.


“It’s been a while, Archbishop.”

The worst villain in history was named.

An enemy of the world whose identity and even strength remain unknown. 〈Exorcist Bishop〉 A person who is like a father and teacher to everyone, but a monster who has brought hundreds of disasters to the entire continent.

The archbishop could be said to be the entirety of the evil cult that had not fallen from the top of the Holy Church’s wanted list for hundreds of years.

The absurd being spoke from beyond the black crystal mirror.

―Mors, why did you start an uprising without my permission?

Just listening to it shakes my mind and body.

Even Morse, whose soul was stained with madness as if entering the master’s realm was not enough, had bright red blood flowing from his eyes and ear holes due to the anger that overflowed beyond the black crystal.

The aftermath alone caused internal injuries.

But Morse answered calmly.

“Because you taught me to be ‘chaotic.’”

Chaos is undefined.

Chaos is not organized.

Chaos is unpredictable.

Chaos because nothing is known and no one knows. It is called chaos because it can be anything and do anything.

Bishop Mors of Chaos fulfilled his duty by doing something that even the archbishop could not predict.

-…is it. It looks like you want to get out of my hands, Morse.


The archbishop understood what he wanted with a one-sentence answer, and his anger calmed down in an instant.

He wasn’t the type of person to overturn something that had already been decided.

In that case, just find the most usable value.

A monster of evil opened its mouth from beyond the black crystal.

-Are you planning to open the door?


―Is there any guarantee that the emperor will act as you think?

“doesn’t exist.”

―The Holy Sword El Cid is around you. If you want to achieve that wish, try to avoid at least the Holy Sword’s blow.


Even though he had ruined his own plan, the archbishop did not reprimand him further.

Rather, he was giving encouragement by giving away the information he had, as if pushing the back of a student who was trying to go his own way.


Morse thought about it for a moment, but realized that it was an unanswerable question and soon forgot about it. His past life was enough to waste time on meaningless things.

“I will keep this in mind, Archbishop.”

-Okay, this is the last one.

“Yes, thank you for your guidance so far.”

Saying goodbye in a dry voice, Morse left behind the mirror where the fire still remained.

This is a room you will never return to again.

There won’t be anyone coming to visit.

―…It’s the last time.

As if to see him off, the black crystal mirror was decorated with gold and gold.

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