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Overpowered Sword Chapter 225

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Level up with swords (225)

The characteristic of those who held the position of cardinal in the Holy Order was that they each had one clear specialty.

Adela was like that too.

As a gnome, their vibration-sensitive constitution was sublimated to martial arts, allowing them to achieve destructive power that was not restricted by their small size. Angela, who was accepted as a disciple, was also one of the top five members of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, but compared to her, she was only at a level where she had not even grown up.

〈Super Vibration〉.

The power to vibrate the aura itself at ultra-high speeds and completely destroy all objects regardless of material strength.


When Adela, who exploded the tentacle monster with one blow, punches, the air ripples and a shock wave comes out.

Unlike 〈Vibrato〉, which is specialized for close combat, it is a technique specialized for long distance combat.


A wave of material collapse was aimed at Morse.

“…It’s dangerous. “Is the destructive power similar to that of Necator?”

Morse could not downplay its power and dodged away.

As soon as the purple flames and the bundle of tentacles touch the 〈Tremolo〉, they break into small pieces and scatter.

Absurd attack power!

It’s a regenerative ability, but if you grind away every last bit of flesh, it’s meaningless. The time spent fighting against the foreign magistrate was not even a day or two. I was familiar with dozens of my opponent’s weaknesses and strategies.


The moment Adela was about to launch a second attack, Morse quickly chanted a spell and stretched out his hand.

At the same time, the pile of shattered tentacles evaporates and turns into fog. The fog, which gave off a foul smell similar to the smell of sulfur, immediately transformed into an irregularly shaped monster.

The air centered around the fog turns deadly poisonous.

A corrosive fog that dissolves both organic and inorganic substances.


Adela was about to leap in the air once again, but instead of holding her fists, she opened her palms. Her ‘Super Vibration’ could decompose even liquid or gas, but its efficiency was bound to be much lower than that of solids.

This was true even in cases where the volume was too large, like this fog monster.

Even if you erase part of the body with a shock wave, it will quickly multiply, so the correct strategy was to kill the caster quickly.


When Adela clapped her hands once, the sound of the applause amplified and resounded like an explosion of sound.

Dealing with vibration is the same as dealing with sound. It wasn’t difficult to turn a small noise into an explosion and amplify it into a shock wave.

As the fog hit by the shock wave was pushed back, Adela was able to land without a single scratch.



At some point, Irexana came up next to her and answered.

“I kill Mors. “You take care of the rest.”

“All right.”

“Something must have been done to this space as well. So, try to leave some room for it.”

After deciding on a battle strategy through a short conversation, the two charged in head-on without any hesitation.

Irexana went first and swung two axes.

Jugendsteel No.200 No.201.

A fierce flame spewed out from a pair of axes called “Eyes of the Goddess” made of special metal.


It is one of the weaknesses of gas-type monsters.

Vulnerability to high or low temperatures. The fog monster writhed and scattered in all directions due to the blow that penetrated that area all at once.

And Adela was not the one who would miss that gap.


It charges like a wild boar while screaming the enemy’s name.

As the title of “Maeng Jin” suggests, the force was truly terrifying. Morse also swallowed dryly under his mask. It is impossible to stop that rush, let alone stop it, with any reasonable method.

There is no chance of winning in close combat.

In that case, you need to turn over a card.

“I can’t help it.”

An evil light shone from the mask Morse wore.

Under normal circumstances, if he had engaged with the two cardinals, he would have been outnumbered and killed before long.

But what if the population of the ecliptic Karelum, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even a million, has offered a ‘living sacrifice’? There was another purpose for the human sacrifice, but the scraps alone were enormous.

So much so that even monsters that should normally not be summoned can be summoned with a single wave of the hand.


Then, the black crystal in his arms shattered and the fog that had been dispersed by Irexana disappeared, letting out a scream.

One high-ranking being of the Ghost Path, swallowing up the grudges of 100,000 people, answered the call!


The air split before Adela’s eyes.

For a moment, the malice that overflowed from within him was so thick that it even made him dizzy, so Adela stopped walking, unable to go any further. If you turn your back, you might die.

It was right after that.

[…It’s been a long time since I was summoned to the material world.]

Nails sprouted out as ugly as a reptile, skin was distorted and ugly, and an arm with blood vessels shining red like lava stuck out.

From arm to shoulder shoulder to waist waist to feet.

It was a monster with the lower body of a scorpion and the upper body of a human.

When the monster about 4 meters tall revealed itself, both Irexana and Adella let out a sigh. This is because it was a monster that appeared once in old records.

Adela muttered the name as if chewing it.

“Agwido’s transcendental species <Predator>…!”

Another name is Devourer.

A gluttonous demon that eats all living and non-living things. Its power far exceeds the level of the <Winter Serpent> that was previously summoned to Radoga territory.

‘Aguido’ is a world where food is scarce and there is no concept of satiety, so people feast on each other from birth to death.

The more you continuously eat and eat, the stronger you become.

[Are they followers of God? It’s been a while since I tasted such delicacies.]

The Devourer looked at the two cardinals and smiled eerily.

I don’t even feel any hostility.

All that was visible to the six pairs of eyes was an appetite that had subsided to the point of inexhaustibility. Morse only summoned him, but he could not manipulate him as he pleased. He was a person who could have been repulsed because he joined in for no reason and ruined the taste of the ‘meal’.

“That’s it.”

Morse, who had returned his transformed body, turned his back on them.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to hang out any more. “If we survive, we’ll meet again at the White Palace.”

The two couldn’t answer.

It felt like the monster in front of me would attack me if I tried to touch my lips even once. A moment of inattention causes anger. The cardinals, who knew this well, did not let down their guard at all.

The Devourer also saw through that fact.

I understood that it was not prey that could be toyed with, but prey that had to be slain with great effort.

[good. Shall we hang out?]

The moment the Devourer first showed signs of survival, the two leaped in two directions almost simultaneously and deployed their Auras.

It’s different from when fighting Mors.

It was an opponent that could not be spared even an inch.


Quartet of Palm

Adela went ahead and sent out four shock waves in succession.

It is so destructive that the space can be seen with the naked eye.

Even though Devourer saw that, he did not dodge and attacked with his body.


A thunderous boom resounds.

The floor tiles are overturned and the pillars of the villa are cracked and shaken. There was no way a palace built for residential purposes could handle her strength.


[It hurts quite a bit. For a small female, she is quite strong!]

The Devourer, which broke through the dust cloud, put out its front paw.

The scorpion’s unique claws quickly surpass the speed of sound and reach Adela at a very short distance. If you hit it directly, you won’t be able to remove even a single piece of bone.

Adela held out both fists in response to the counterattack.

When the fist wrapped in the


volume’s Duet of Fist (Ultra Vibration) and the Devourer’s foot collided, the two beings were thrown away with an explosion.

Adela takes four steps and Devourer takes one step.

The difference in power was clear.



An ax flew at incredible speed and hit the Devourer’s body, making him take three more steps back.

It is an attack wrapped with divine power in the <Auror Blade>.

The Devourer, who had a deep cut in the middle of his torso, gritted his teeth. Blood that was as poisonous as poison flowed from the wound.

[Are you planning on hunting me down? How dare they be prey…!]

“We will only know who will be eaten after it is all over.”

Irexana grabbed the ax that had returned to her hand and summoned all the strength in her body.

Aura elemental power, divine power.

As the three types of power fuse, they are amplified several times.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

Against him, Devourer also showed off his abilities.

The physical abilities developed as a predator are basic, but their true value lies in the paranormal abilities they possess as a transcendent species. There were few races that specialized only in hand-to-hand combat like the Asuras.

Something like a magical eye that petrifies the target.

Something like a flame that burns vitality.

A power whose method of operation is several levels higher than that of magic and is impossible to destroy is a paranormal ability.


It is not a language.

The reason communication was possible so far was because the Devourer directed his thoughts at the two people.

The man’s thoughts resound softly.

Neither what kind of ability it has nor its scope is known. The best the two could do was to respond with all their might.


Irexana sensed the change first.

It flows in here from inside the villa and from outside the villa. It’s an unfathomable number. The sound of an enormous number of footsteps pounding the ground was coming closer to the villa.

Nevertheless, what is mysterious is that there is not a single life reaction.

There was no way that a being that could even avoid the Aura Master’s spirit was that common.

“…This is dangerous, right?”

Adela broke into a cold sweat without realizing it.

While keeping the Devourer in check, he only turns one eye to look out the window.

What comes into view

is, “Necromancy in this situation!”

It was a feast of corpses filling the city.

Exhibitions of death and evil decorated throughout the city took on false life when they encountered the Devourer’s paranormal abilities.

It is so ugly that it makes you feel nauseous just looking at it. The corpses that had turned into undead writhed as if they had become objects.

[They may have lost their souls and only their shells remain, but if they gather this many people, there is a way to use them.]

The Devourer sneered lowly.

Corpses gather as if responding to the sound of laughter. The corpses gathered in one place gradually grew in size as they trampled, trampled, and crushed each other.

Bones and flesh become intertwined and turn into one lump.

It was a different form from a human.

A pair of arms and legs were attached to the thick body with a long neck extending below the head, and claws were erected at the ends.

Instead of the beautifully grown scales, the surface is covered with bones and the inside is filled with rotten chunks of meat. The massive figure, which is over 50 meters long from head to toe, is quickly being completed.

[I don’t know if it exists in this world, but wasn’t it made pretty well? I tried using lizards with high noses as a motif.]


Irexana recognized the sculpture and opened her eyes wide.

“Zombie Dragon?!”

[To be exact, Flesh-DragonGolem.]

Devourer spoke like an artist introducing his work.

[The bones were hardened to create scales and framework, and the muscle fibers were compressed to the maximum to create tough flesh. And I condensed the remaining resentment and soul fragments to build a core. You can collect poison and shoot breath?]

As soon as his introduction was over, the zombie dragon’s eyes opened.

The lens, which only imitated the shape and did not function as an eye, looked down at the villa with cloudy pupils.

Even though it has great power, it is ultimately a flesh golem.

Even if the remaining thoughts were combined, there was no sublimation to intelligence.

So, that monster is

like [Hehe, this makes it 2-2. Show how far you can struggle!]

It meant that he was a thorough servant of the Devourer.


The full-scale battle resumed with a terrible roar.

The zombie dragon moved before anyone else.

It opened its rotten maw wide and spewed out a lot of poison that had accumulated in its stomach. As the Devourer said, the poison extracted from the corpse was shot like a breath.

The breath itself did not have much physical power, but the star palace that came into contact with the poison began to corrode at a rapid rate.

A deadly poison that decomposes even high-quality building materials in just a few minutes!

“「Goddess, please pray for the safety of this body. Please do not let anything harmful or evil come to me. “Don’t let anything that you can’t eat or drink touch the tip of your tongue.”

Irexana quickly covered him and Adela with sacred law.

It was ‘Mugang’, a holy law that drives away diseases and poisons.

As the two people jumped out the window, enveloped in pure white light, the villa collapsed.


The Devourer quickly approaches after them.

With a big swing of both claws, the one who found Irexana lashed out at the dust cloud.


Even though I block the two axes by crossing them, my body bounces off.

Even with Irexana’s mighty strength, she couldn’t do it from the front.

If you are pushed by force, use finesse.

The essence of martial arts is to attack the strong as the weak. With that thought in mind, Irexana opened her eyes and suddenly threw away the ax she was holding in her right hand.

It was to prevent his pursuit and follow-up attacks.

[Do you mean to die like this, throwing away your weapon?]

asked the Devourer, who easily flicked the ax away with her claws, and Irexana shook her head once and answered.

“no way. “I just thought an ax wasn’t enough.”


Before I knew it, Irexana was holding a spear in her right hand.

“Jugendstil No.154 ‘Spiral Wedge’.”

Irexana took out a spear made of adamantium with a spiral-shaped blade and threw it.

Even though he threw it with only his shoulder and arm strength, without having to go up to his waist, he easily broke the speed of sound. This was thanks to his incredibly strong physical strength and the ability of his spear to break through air resistance.


As Devourer tried to hit the spear with his claws, his eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain.

It was pierced.

Although it did not penetrate completely, the spear penetrated deep into the carapace of the claw. The Devourer pulled out the spear with its other claw and growled fiercely.

[You’re doing something unbecoming. Don’t you have any pride as a warrior?]

“That sounds trivial.”

Irexana lightly returned the provocation and this time took out three daggers and a scythe.

Just like the spear thrown earlier, they are all Jugendsteel.

These were masterpieces created by Irexana herself in the past.

“I use a weapon I made myself. Is there any reason to be ashamed of that action? At least, I don’t think it’s something someone who rubs other people’s corpses as he pleases would say.”

On the other side, loud noises and shock waves are heard, as if the fight between the zombie dragon and Adela has begun.

Irexana read the battle situation from the aftermath.

The tide seemed to be in her favor, but it was a battle she couldn’t win. If there was no way to evaporate a volume exceeding 50 meters in one shot, the zombie dragon could be revived infinitely until the user fell.

So, Irexana planned to reveal a little of her wealth.

‘The number of Jugendstil brought from the home country is 34. There are about 11 types that can be used against that monster. If we mobilize all expendable weapons, the odds of victory are more than 50%. The problem is of course time.’

The posture is completed by inserting three daggers into the joints of the left hand and holding the hilt of the scythe with the right hand.

This is a posture that does not exist in any martial art in the world.

Even the anomalies were a few steps beyond the extraordinary.

It was a level reached only by Irexana, who could perfectly handle dozens of types of weapons.

Truly a Weapon-Master.

“Now let’s continue.”

Irexana took a confident step forward and raised her scythe.

“Because I and Cardinal Adela are not free enough to keep playing with you.”

[…Then I guess I’ll have to keep you busy.]

The Devourer, who had recovered all of the claws that had been pierced by the spear, roared.

[I’ll let you melt together in my stomach!]

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