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Overpowered Sword Chapter 224

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Level up with swords (224)

Irexana of Zanpa, the third cardinal of the Holy Church.

Adela of Maeng Jin, the 4th cardinal of the Holy Order.

It would be difficult to find a combination that is more incompatible than them, just by looking at it externally.

The sight of a giant with brown skin and muscular muscles walking side by side with a child less than a meter tall felt like something out of a storybook.

However, the friendship between the two was quite deep.

Gnomes and half-dwarves.

Both are species that live longer than humans and are closer to the land. Their personalities were completely opposite, moving and still, but perhaps that was why they were closer. Wouldn’t it be similar to the two poles of a magnet attracting each other?


Adela said without looking back.

Instead of answering the call, Irexana stopped.

“Are your eye colors okay? “I don’t think the cutie noticed, but you still can’t see it?”

“…Did you know?”

“What’s the point of just fixing the exterior? Even when I see something moving, I can’t focus. “Are you trying to fool me too?”

“No way. “I was planning to tell you on the way.”

Irexana smiled bitterly at her questioning and answered.

“It appears that his bow was affixed with some kind of magic that caused him to be unable to heal. “It’s not that recovery is impossible, but it’s not something that can be fixed in a short period of time.”

Irexana felt her left eyelid.

Robin L. Stendhal.

A bowmaster with the nickname <Shingung> suddenly fired an arrow that passed through the Aura Master’s energy and pierced his left eye.

Fortunately, it lost its power in exchange for its stealth and speed, so only the eyeball ended up being crushed.

If it had been so powerful, the brain behind the skull would have been shattered.

“It’s okay. Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean you’re so clumsy that you can’t show off your skills.”

“If that’s the case, I never worried about it either?”

Despite losing an eye, Adela wasn’t worried at all.

An average person would lose half of their field of vision and sense of distance, reducing their capabilities to less than half, but for a master like Irexana, it’s a different story. By the time I became an Aura Master, I had long since stopped relying on my sense organs.

In addition, Irexana was able to sympathize with the land and accept information about the area because she was also displaying the dwarven racial abilities.

“…Anyway, you’re such a piece of shit. “Today, I will tear that bastard to death with my own hands.”

Entering the cityscape that had turned into a hellish road, Adella spat and glared in the direction of the villa.

Death is familiar.

The corpse is also familiar.

Nevertheless, this sight was so terrible that it stuck to the corner of my head and gave off a foul odor.

Irexana also clenched her fists as if she sympathized with that murderous intent.

“Let’s hurry a little more. “If they are still alive, the sooner there is a chance to save them.”

“OK. “There’s nothing we can do here.”

The two entered the northern district of Karellum, passing through a cityscape where there was no sign of human presence.

A private estate directly managed and lived by the Clyde Imperial Family.

Although it is a few levels lower in importance than Baekak Palace, there are many villas and attached facilities where the royal family stays. Originally, it was an area where royal guard knights would reside and lead the royal guard to patrol, but for some reason none of them showed up.

Adela grumbled as she saw the scene unfolding before her eyes.

“They are worse than pigs! “If we use the money to build this luxurious palace, we can also get 30 years’ worth of tax exemption.”

“It will be more than that. “Okay then.”

When Irexana rolled up her left arm sleeve, the ‘Indian Stigmata’ drawn on her forearm shined like a thorny vine.

The direction the light points directly reveals the enemy’s location.

“It’s over there.”

“If it weren’t for you, it would have taken a long time just to find the way.”

Jump over the twisted maze-like road in one go and run into the building where the light of the stigmata is heading.

There was nothing standing in the way of the two cardinals.

The evil cult and the Royal Guard.

It was empty, as if it were a no-man’s land.

Running through the hallways of an extravagant villa. The two soon entered a hall that could be used as a banquet hall. I noticed at a glance that the stains of wine spilled on the tablecloth had not been completely erased, as if it had been used that way not too long ago.

“What is the life reaction?”

“doesn’t exist. “The hostage must have been placed somewhere else, or…”

There was no need to say that afterword.

Both Adela and Irexana were expecting this result.


“――I pay my respects.”

I did not expect the owner of this voice, which was bleak and yet inexplicably boiling with disgust.

The two cardinals turned to look at each other without any hesitation.

A man wearing a mask.

The Bishop of Chaos, who stood on the podium without any presence, like a ghost, welcomed them with his arms wide open.

“The courage to overcome fear and look into the abyss, the faith that is consecrated to the doctrine, even though you know that it is mortal. “They are truly apostles of justice who overthrow our evil enemy.”

Adela shot back fiercely as her voice was raised several tones as if she were performing a play.

“Did they replace my snout with an asshole while I wasn’t looking? “I sat down and pooped a lot in my mouth.”

“Please don’t scold me like that. Adela, small and powerful agent of the earth. “I was just paying tribute to you in my own way.”

“Did you just call me a little bitch, you fucking idiot?!”

Adela, who was about to convulse, took a step forward and Irexana brought up the business that brought her here.

“Where are the people you said were held hostage?”

“Do you need to answer me?”

“If I didn’t want to talk to you, I wouldn’t have talked to you. “If you answer, we will join in the fun.”

“Hoo, the story goes well.”

Next, Morse wore an eerie smile that could be seen even through the mask.

“Good timing. I was just on my way after disposing of those useless hostages. “If you want to retrieve the body, go to the attic in the left corner of the third floor of the villa.”

“…A little while ago?”

“There is no reward for the loser. They were people I didn’t expect from the beginning. “Isn’t mercy your virtue, not ours?”

Then, Morse faced him and said, “It’s my turn.” The guy’s face suddenly became expressionless and there was no life at all.

Even the two eyes lose focus and flutter hazily.

It was the moment when Morse revealed his true colors.

“I will ask.”

Morse said.

“I have been empty since I was born into this world. I don’t know joy, I don’t know sadness. It does not desire life and does not shy away from death. Nothing moved me and nothing made me despair. I am nothing. “It’s always been that way.”

There is a topic that is always brought up when discussing human nature.

Without intervention in education or environment, are humans simply inherently good or evil? Or is it colorless and transparent white?

Some said it would be evil.

Someone said it would be good.

Someone said that it depends after its birth.


“I once tried to practice Zen according to the words of the sages. Time to give to the poor, medicine to the sick, and rest to the dying. “I couldn’t feel it even after doing it that way for decades.”

Because he could not find anything good, Morse denied his path and returned to the beginning.

So I committed evil.

They trampled on those who had nothing, made the healthy sick, and drove the living to unreasonable deaths. Just like when I did good deeds, I lived like that for decades.

“It was the same. Good deeds and bad deeds. It gave me no inspiration. “There was nothing in this wide yet narrow world that could make me feel alive.”

This was the essence of Bishop Mors of Chaos.

He was neither good nor evil. In order to pursue one’s own essence, one did both good and evil.

But when all his efforts ended in vain, he thought. If there is no answer I long for in this world, I must seek the answer outside of the world.

This was the opportunity for the birth of Morse, one of the ‘Exorcist Bishops’.

“I will ask.”

Morse looked down at the cardinals once again.

“Your world says I am a sinner. They say it is an unacceptable evil. However, if this body was something that could not be permitted from birth, isn’t the world that conceived me truly evil? “I want to get an answer to that question.”

Then Irexana responded immediately.

“no. Although you may be empty, the fact is that you are an evil person. “There is no one qualified to pass on sin to this world.”


“If all you had inside you was really nothing, you wouldn’t be able to do anything. “If I were truly nothing, I wouldn’t even try to find meaning in my life.”

Irexana continued speaking further.

“We know your actions well. Bishop Mors of Chaos. A person who stimulates people’s desires or pushes them to participate in evil deeds rather than causing tragedy with their own hands. “When I think about what I said a little while ago, it makes a lot of sense.”

As Morse said, if he was empty, if he was nothing, no one can judge him.

But he was not truly empty. Even though there were some missing parts, there was something lurking inside. Irexana, who recognized this, was convinced.

It’s called evil.

“You used the time you wasted wandering the border between good and evil to want to force that unreasonable pain on others. Maybe that’s why he was so obsessed with corrupting good people. The intention to suppress the pain one has experienced on others is undoubtedly evil. “It is a desire that cannot exist in a vain person.”

“…That makes sense. “Is this something I couldn’t understand because I couldn’t objectify myself?”

Morse’s face twitched.

He himself didn’t know what he was feeling right now, so his expression was full of doubt and confusion.

Still, the questions and answers are now finished.

What they would do from now on was decided.

“I understand. “I am clearly a villain.”

Morse, satisfied with Irexana’s answer, moved.

A masked monster slowly rising into the air.

In response, Irexana and Adela also entered a fighting stance. The force emanating from the bodies of the two cardinals caused several tables to bounce, creating the sound of dozens of glasses shattering.

“I would be grateful for the answer you gave me. Let’s pursue that selfish interest like this Morse villain…!”

Purple flames exploded from within Mors’ robes.

An extradimensional flame that physically has no heat but corrupts everything it touches.

At the same time, dozens of ugly, twisted tentacles pop out as the robe flips open. This is the exact opposite of Necator, who purely pursued his own strength.

As a foreign magician, I am a monster who has remodeled and strengthened my body to its limits!

“It’s such a bountiful harvest.”

Adela raised both fists and glared at him.

“Is life all about whining about why you gave birth to me at that age? Pathetic bastard! I don’t know who created your lousy personality, but when you see that little guy, you’ll lose everything you wanted to say! “You irredeemable immoral bastard!”

“…Is that the end of what you wanted to say?”


Adela, who responded with a curse, raised the middle fingers of both hands and shouted.

“If you’re really thankful, let’s start by cutting off a limb! “Don’t you know what it means to be ingratiated?”

“Isn’t it quite strange to demand revenge from a wicked person?”

Morse became even more shameless and stretched out his hand.

The tentacles wriggled as if responding to the movement. Wavelengths that distort the senses of living things, sounds and colors that do not exist in this world penetrate with the purpose of destroying the mind.

Even an ordinary person can easily be deceived, but the two cardinals were not ordinary people.


Adela’s short burst of energy shatters the wave.

That was the beginning.


1 A spell of dozens of syllables is completed in just 2 seconds.

As befits the “Exorcism Bishop,” Morse’s level of foreign law was ridiculously high. A method that could take even a few minutes of effort for a missionary to use was revealed in a matter of seconds.

Above all, this villa was already his territory.

The marble-tiled floor suddenly cracked, and the monsters that had been hiding inside burst out.


A mass of tentacles that cannot be distinguished as animal or plant engulfs the entire field of vision.

Risk level S rank or higher.

Pressure that can crush even adamantium and secretions that can melt the body of an Auror Master. A monster with both regenerative ability and speed tried to crush the two cardinals at once.

It was that moment of

vibrato .

A sound like a swarm of bees rang out from somewhere, and the mass of tentacles that had wrapped around the two people began to wriggle.



Blood, thick and black as crude oil, and shattered flesh exploded, flying out in all directions.

The monster, which did not even scratch the Auror Weapon, exploded with one blow. Even Morse seemed to have unexpectedly seen the sight, so his eyes blinked for no reason.

Anyway, Cardinal Adela, a girl who calmly walked out of the center of the storm, her eyes burning with life, flashed.

“You died today! I decided so!”

Immediately after that, Adela from 〈Main Jin〉 leaped forward with terrifying momentum.

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