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Overpowered Sword Chapter 21

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Level up with the sword (21)

<Rodrik’s method>.

Leon began to move his eyes in earnest and looked at his enemy. Unlike Rodrik, <Anbeop>, which was only level 2, could show its true value only in narrow spaces.

Fortunately, since the duel with Rian, it has progressed to a higher level, so it has become possible to see multiple movements. The experience of defeating goblins in the forest was also quite helpful.


Leon, counting his enemies, took a step forward.

As the light of the holy sword advanced along with the steps, the rat men lost their momentum to attack first and retreated.

That retreat was what he was aiming for.

Moving forward is always faster than retreating.

Leon’s right foot slipped without a sound.


The sword that shot out from the bottom sprayed blood.

If it were a human opponent, the technique would cut off the legs, but for a rat man less than 60cm tall, the head fell off. Leon, who cleared the gap with <Bobeop>, made the preemptive attack.

At the same time, the ratmen’s eyes turned red.



Seven pairs of eye lights flash.

The smell of blood must have excited them, and the ratmen came at them, trampling on the body of their fallen comrade.

However, the width of the sewer was not wide.

There are two, at most three, attacking at once.

Unless he was dealing with seven of them at the same time, the rat men could not be his opponents. Leon calmly watched their movements and strengthened his stretched wrists.


The one who jumped up without any fear was cut in two.

The leap attack has as many loopholes as its power.

The guy died without even being able to scream. Leon lowered his raised sword as the blood poured out.

This is a technique that was also used on Ryan.

The sword, curved like a whip, struck down like a poisonous snake.


The rat man with the sword stuck on the top of his head shook once and then lost his breath. It is rare for a monster to be able to move even if its brain is destroyed. The fact that it doesn’t exist is itself a scary thing.

Immediately after that, Leon’s first crisis came.

The moment he pulled out the blade from his head, the rat men who had already closed the distance showed their fangs.

This is the worst timing.

‘Even if you dodge it, there’s no way back. It’s too late to use the sword.’

It cannot be defeated with the sword techniques that Leon has learned so far.

As El Cid said, swordsmanship that was only intended for interpersonal combat was not suitable for subjugating monsters.

After cutting down only three, they were put on the defensive.

It’s time to go beyond your own limits.


So Leon kicked as hard as he could.

As the Ratman, hit by the toe of the boot, fell to the ground with a few teeth, the one that came in between jumped fiercely.

It was a surprise leap aimed at an unstable position.

However, Leon’s sword was struck precisely between the eyes.


It was a scream of death.

Leon stood with one leg while kicking and delivered a thrust. If it weren’t for his sense of balance, which was greatly improved by the <footwork>, his posture would have collapsed first or his thrust would have been weak and he would not have been able to pierce Ratman’s skull.

When he escaped the predicament by improvising and regained his normal posture, the rest of the rat men finally stopped.

There were four dead ones and one fainted.

More than half of them collapsed in an instant, so it was natural to be scared.


However, Leon caught his breath in one breath and rushed at the rat men without even having time to turn back.

This sewer was their territory.

If you run away, you can’t catch it. Also, considering the ratman’s size, there would have been many movement routes that humans could not travel through. Therefore, it was efficient to kill it immediately when encountered.


The last one fell.

Leon stomped on the neck of the unconscious man and cut off the ends of the rat men’s tails and placed them in a bag. This tail was the item that had to be submitted as subjugation evidence.

They said that if processed well, it could be used as rope, but it was so unpopular that even if it were sold, it would only amount to a few pennies.

‘Well, who would want to touch the Ratman’s tail?’

Even if it was a cleanly processed product, it was natural for people to avoid it if the material was unclean.

Leon, convinced by that, stood up.


The floor is soggy with a mixture of blood and internal waste.

Leon paused for a moment at the stench and then realized too late that his clothes were also covered in blood. It was covered in the blood and filth splattered from the floor of the Ratman’s intestines.

It wasn’t at the level where anything would happen after washing. It’s leather armor, not metal, so the smell won’t go away.

[Well, if it weren’t for me.]

But when El Cid radiated the light of purification, the dirty clothes and hair returned to a clean state.

For Leon, he truly felt saved.

“This is the power of the holy sword…! “I believe in you, Goddess!”

[Uhm…. By the way, for air purification and laundry. Even I think he’s acting in a somewhat strange direction.]

“There’s nothing you can do about it since it’s sealed, right?”

[That’s true.]

El Cid let out a long sigh.

A great warrior’s first adventure is to subdue ratmen in the sewer, and all he does is purify the air and do laundry? Even he, who didn’t really care about face, felt a little embarrassed.

So El Cid reexamined Leon’s training schedule.

If I get stronger as soon as possible, I’ll be able to escape this miserable place!


Leon was shivering with chills for no reason, but he didn’t know why and just looked around.

I didn’t even know that the thing in my right hand was the culprit.

It was right then.

‘…there is.’

A group of ratmen were caught in the corner of my eye.

There is quite a bit of distance left.

They seemed not to have realized his presence and were moving around, making ugly squeaks.

Leon shook off his random thoughts and raised his sword.

* * *


Ratman, who lost his head, falls over.

Turning the corpse over with his feet, Leon cut off the creature’s tail with a movement he had become accustomed to. Unlike the first time, the sack has become quite heavy. It was proof that a significant number of rat men had been killed.

As of now, this was my 7th battle.

‘I just caught the 50th fish. How many fish should I catch to be appropriate?’

The guild said ‘as many as possible’, so it was clear that the more there were, the better the evaluation would be. First impressions are an important factor in any organization, so we needed to pay more attention to them.

When I think about it that way, 50 seems a bit lacking.

I still had some stamina, and defeating monsters was also an opportunity to improve my skills as a warrior.

“Okay, let’s fill it up with just 200.”

[Have you lost an enemy to the rats?]

El Cid said in a tired voice.

[The power gathered from ratmen is not much different from that of goblins. If I overexert myself and use recovery magic once, almost half of what I have accumulated so far will be gone?]

“It doesn’t matter.”

Leon answered those words with a stern expression.

It’s good to gather strength and train your Aurors by subduing monsters, but there are many things you can learn from this fight.

“I realized a lot while fighting like this. “There are things like improvisation and things I didn’t know about when I was just training.”


“Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Holy Sword, there were moments when it would have been quite dangerous, right? He said he was scared when Ratman fell from the ceiling. “If I had blocked it with a sword other than the holy sword, I would have fallen.”

The power of the holy sword is certainly powerful, but you should not rely on it. A warrior is one who wields the holy sword, not one who wields it.

El Cid agreed with that.

[…i get it. You say that, but I shouldn’t stop you. Try to do as much as you can without overdoing it.]


Leon smiled and nodded.

But that expression soon disappeared. This was because a group of rat men came into view again.

This time there are as many as ten.

On average, there were 7 in a group, but 3 were added to that group. There was no need to be scared, though. The narrow gap in the sewer was an advantageous battlefield for Leon, so all he had to do was cut down the ones that attacked one or two at a time.


Leon, who had forgotten the sound of his footsteps, followed behind him.

Ratmen born in the sewers have poor eyesight, so they rely on their sense of smell and hearing. However, his body odor was erased by the light of purification, and the sound of his footsteps was able to be hidden with <footstep>.

The conditions for a surprise attack were perfectly prepared.

‘For now, one guy.’

Naturally, he narrows the distance and plunges his sword into the back of the Ratman’s neck. Having stabbed and cut down 50 animals, I knew well which parts were weak.

Dark red blood splatters with a ‘pop’ sound.

The moment the leading rat men turned around at the noise and smell, the holy sword flashed once more.


Ratman, cut diagonally, falls down.

Leon kicked the corpse and looked at the reactions of the remaining eight. If you were scared and tried to run away, you had to rush in. If you were angry and attacked, you had to fight back in a calm manner.

But his eyes soon widened.

This was because the rat man hiding at the back of the group had small horns growing out of his head.

‘Why does the rat man have horns?’

[It’s an evolved species.]

El Cid said as if it was no big deal.

[When monsters survive for a long time or consume a lot of resources, they awaken special powers. Same as Hobgoblin.]

“What should I be careful about?”

[It’s a horn. For monsters, horns are not powerful in themselves, but are evidence that they have special abilities. The bigger the horn, the more numerous it is, the more dangerous the ability is.]

Leon asked with a nervous expression.

“Can you tell what abilities you have?”

[It would be nice to try it once… but unfortunately, that guy’s abilities won’t mean much.]


[Because it is a curse type.]

Even in its sealed state, the Holy Sword is the strongest sacred weapon on earth. Curses like Ratman could not have any effect on the user, let alone using the light of purification.

For a typical D-class adventurer, he would be quite a difficult opponent, but for Leon, he is no different from a regular ratman.


Leon’s eyes glowed sinisterly.

Monsters with special abilities have high value. In particular, ‘Curse’, which is just helpless in front of the Holy Sword and is no different from primitive black magic, is difficult to deal with without divine power.

It was clear that if I cut off that horn and submitted it as evidence, I would receive a good evaluation from the guild.


Did they use a curse?

The horned rat man floundered in confusion. Its eyes glowed green a few times, but it didn’t work on Leon.

<Curse of the Plague>.

It was a curse that bestowed a weak disease on the target, but today I met the wrong person. Leon rushed forward without hesitation, spraying the blood of the ratmen who stood in his way.

“Give me your horns!”

With one horizontal slash, both heads pop up.

The rat men, overwhelmed by their spirit, took a step back.

with a splash!

However, there is no place to retreat in the narrow space, so one kick from Leon causes him to fall into the waterway. The human rush that never stopped for a moment was an unknown experience even to the rat men.

Leon, who destroyed 7 ratmen in just a few seconds, finally reached the target.

Ratman’s eyes widened as he faced the predator.


Those pitiful eyes were enough to make a weak-hearted adventurer hesitate for a moment, but

“What are you looking at?”

This did not apply to Leon, whose sensitivity had dried up like a rice paddy field during a drought due to El Cid’s terrible education.

The holy sword soaked in blood and filth glowed eerily.

Just like that, the group of ten Ratmen were annihilated.

“With this, is there one evolved species out of 60? “Let’s catch 140 more and then go back.”

[Do you really want to fill all 200 animals?]

“It will be done until the sun rises.”

Leon bathed in the light of purification, which has now become a mandatory procedure, then took out a few pieces of beef jerky and put them in his mouth.

The salty seasoning and the taste of the meat spread.

As the place was filthy with blood and filth, I lost my appetite, but it was foolish not to eat because of my stomach. If it wasn’t to the point where I felt nauseous, I could have eaten anyway.

There are several more hours of fighting ahead.

“Now, let’s keep going.”

Leaving the pile of corpses behind, the warrior holding the holy sword began walking through Blaine’s sewers again.

The soft light of the holy sword looked like bait for a deep-sea fish.

After a while, the rat men’s screams rang out again.

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