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Overpowered Sword Chapter 208

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Level up with swords (208)

“It’s virtual that you all woke up with a dying body, but if you plan on confronting me, stop. “I think it would be a waste to kill a wizard like you with one blow.”

Necator spoke in a calm voice.

He was always honest.

He was also sincere in saying that he could kill the current Grania with one blow and that he did not want to deal with him for that reason. It seems that he wants to fully appreciate the great wizard who stands on the border of the 8th rank.

Even if Leon and his group were annihilated, Necator would save him. To kill him after his physical condition returns to full strength.

“I let go of the fear of death…more than decades ago. “The only thing left in this body is a lot of useless knowledge and an eyeball that can’t even see through a single person.”

“Was that idiot’s betrayal that shocking?”

“…I think life is a task…to leave a mark before death comes. “The footprints that were my pride have become a stain…”

Grania’s complexion was pale.

There was more blood than a patient who had been in a hospital bed for several years, and it was not simply because the blood had drained out. The psychological shock caused by Edgar’s betrayal, as well as the disappointment in himself for not being able to know the inner thoughts of his best disciple, whom he thought was his son.

As time goes by, the body becomes weaker, and as it ages, the mind also declines. And unlike warriors, wizards support their bodies with their mental power.

In other words, no matter how healthy your body is, if your mind is seriously damaged, it is the same as being seriously injured.



“Are you…afraid of death?”

Necator blinked at the unexpected question.

“well? I’ve never been afraid of anything. “Even if I were to die right now, I would still regret not being able to fight with you all, but I’m not scared.”

It was a non-human’s answer.

I do not feel any fear of the phenomenon of death, which exists naturally in living things. Leon and Karen Ellahan, who saw the strangeness in the face, were horrified.

Auror attributes represent the essence of the person.

If it was ‘fire’, it was bound to manifest in any direction, whether it was a hot-headed temper or a passion for dreams.

However, Necator’s attribute was ‘destruction’.

[…I see.]

‘Did you find out something?’

El Cid answered.

[Perhaps he was insane from birth. He must have been born with a collapsed ego, leaving his body at the mercy of impulses he could not control. Since you cross the gap between life and death without any hesitation, no matter what you focus on, your accomplishments are bound to be exceptional.]

There is an expression called ‘desperately. ’

However, few people can be literally ‘desperate’. It was an area where one could not enter even a single step without fear of life or unwavering determination.

[But he can. That absurd strength is probably the result of a mind running wild with even self-love collapsing, plus innate physical talent.] ‘

No, wasn’t it possible to become a master only by perfecting the balance of the mind and body? How could such a madman…!’

[If there is no dividing line between the mind and body, balance has been established from the beginning.]

The mind moves the body as it goes, and the form in which the body moves is the same as the mind. There is no flexibility. The level that had to be reached through long training and a lot of experience was a natural part of Necator’s daily life.

In some ways, it was a very bitter reality.

Most people think that true character and good teachings are necessary to advance in the martial arts path, but there is no correlation between character and martial arts achievement.

Rather, those who were completely crazy in one direction, like Cedric or Necator, were best suited for martial arts.

[Telekinesis is the kind of power that doesn’t even allow you to go far. [The height of self-righteousness, trying to change the world with one’s own stubbornness.]

El Cid’s analysis was indeed accurate, but that was not what Grania wanted to say.

There would be less than one or two people on the entire continent who could insight into Necator with the same perspective.

Grania said with a bitter smile.

“is it? Well…I knew it would be like that. “If you don’t want to die, if you threaten to back down… you’re the kind of person who will attack you with more anticipation.”

“I know very well.”

So Grania pinpointed his weak point.

“For today…just leave. “Otherwise…”


Necator held his tongue with a grim expression. The moment Leon and his group raise their weapons, feeling as if they will attack immediately if they make a single mistake.

Grania’s mouth opened.

“I swear on my life that I won’t bore you.”


Even Necator was so dumbfounded that he just opened his mouth.

“You do know that a wizard can consume his circle… to overcome his limit, right? “If I pour out all of that power and cast a sealing spell… it would be possible to imprison you for about a month.”

“It might be boring to be locked up for a month, but is that all?”

“no way.”

An inexplicable hint remained on the old wizard’s lips. He immediately turned his eyes to look at Leon and the others, and then brought up a story that Necator could not ignore.

“Great battle!”


“The people gathered here now are all powerful people who want to overthrow Karelum. There will be a significant number of additional people joining. It will arrive in a few weeks…maybe a few days. “At least within a month, double-digit masters will clash in the ecliptic Karelum.”

Necator, who was greatly driven by primal impulses, could not help but be drawn to those words.

Soon, Necator was listening to the speech.

“If you leave this position, you will be able to enjoy the banquet hall to your heart’s content. You can kill and kill whoever you want to fight. However, if you really intend to see the end here…”

Grania’s staff slowly aimed at him.

“I’ll help you clean up after the festival that ended without you. Now what are you going to do?”


Necator laughed.

It was still an expression whose meaning I could not understand, but the answer was hinted at by the way he unclenched his fists and took a step back.

The grotesque threat worked perfectly.

“Okay, I’ll leave. “That’s it for today.”

The pressure that was weighing down the space disappears.

Necator, who had completely lost his will to fight, turned to each of the four people except Grania and greeted them.

“The fight today was pretty good. “I hope it will be more fun next time.”

Adela, who was full of energy, shouted.

“Get lost!”

“Well, even if you don’t urge me so much, next time I will definitely smash Adela’s little head!”

“Because that’s what I’m going to do! “You tomato-headed bastard!”

While several childish arguments were going on, Necator’s feet were being sucked into his own shadow.

It is a phenomenon that appears similar to 〈Jet Black Dance〉, but is completely different.

It must be a type of extraterrestrial method that performs spatial movement.

Even after every last strand of blood-red hair was sucked out, the four people remained alert a little longer. Because there is nothing more foolish than believing the words of an evil cult.

“…It looks like he’s really gone.”

As Leon, who had lowered his sword in just a few minutes, muttered, Adela hummed and grumbled, humming.

“It’s so colorful that I don’t think anyone is crazy.”

“Cardinal, please say something-”

“The problem is calling a crazy person crazy! “At this age, I can swear a little with my mouth!”

While Ellahan was soothing Adela, who was very angry, Leon and Karen hurriedly helped Grania.

His mental power was exhausted by making Necator retreat.

I was in a state where I should have fainted a long time ago.

“I don’t…there was no other way to come up with it.”

“no. “Please don’t mind.”

As Grania continued to apologize even though she was out of breath, Leon told her not to say any more and moved her to the bed.

Meanwhile, Grania’s moaning continued.

It was a complaint similar to the sacrament of confession, as if confessing one’s own sins.

“You… made their existence known… This is how it can’t be a surprise… I saw the wrong person…”

Lastly, I made the mistake of Edgar. After mentioning the mistakes he made while growing up, he let go of the consciousness he had been holding on to.

Necator, the second-ranking member of the Evil Church.

The first meeting between Leon and his group ended like that.

* * *

After half a day had passed, Grania was finally able to open her eyelids.

Of course, he only regained consciousness, but his physical condition was still at its worst.

When Grania woke up, there was only one person still around her bed.

“Are you okay?”

“I might not say it’s okay.”

He responded to Leon’s words with a wry smile and stood up.

Grania seemed to be diagnosing her own body with a few simple magic tricks, but then she remembered something and opened her mouth.

“What is the situation outside? “It looks like the marquis has come to visit.”

“It didn’t come.”


The old man’s eyes frowned at the incomprehensible answer.

Necator didn’t just target his residence.

It approached by destroying all living and non-living things in its path without distinction. How many people died in the process and how many buildings collapsed?

The Marquis of Portroy had to come to him, either to inquire about the circumstances of this catastrophe or to seek help.


The Archmage, whose thinking speed was slow due to his physical condition, soon realized what had happened.

“Did you say they were all dead? The Marquis and his family?”


“The knights and soldiers all ran away or died. “That guy, Necator, must have felt like he was stomping on an ant.”

The reason he once participated in a war of conquest as the vanguard of the empire was because he had overflowing patriotism along with his blood.

The old man said as he closed his eyes and opened them with a sad heart.

“You looked ugly. “I have nothing to say about either my shortcomings or my student’s vices.”

All the spirit I showed during our first meeting suddenly disappeared.

Defeating Necator must have been quite unreasonable. Leon bit his lip as he sensed the despair from the old man sitting on the bed.

No matter what he said to comfort me, it was of no use.

I needed someone of similar age who could form a consensus.

Speaking of such a person around here-

“What are you doing, old man? “As soon as you woke up, did you sit down again?”

Cardinal Adela There was only her.

“…with Malbonsae.”

“I can’t hear anything? “If you’re going to apologize, raise your voice a little, right?”


When Grania had nothing to say and clenched her molars, Adela started laughing but then spoke with a serious expression.

“it’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong. “It is also a mistake to not have eyes for people.”

Grania asked back with a shocked expression.

“Are you trying to comfort me or mock me?”

“Well, that’s fine. both?”

“Damn little bitch.”

“An old man who was dumped by an elf.”

“I told you not to do that!”

As they were arguing like that, the sense of despair that Grania had been feeling seemed to be fading away.

It was a simple story.

The person who hugged without saying anything or throwing up was the most dangerous. I had to somehow put words to it and make it sound like nothing special in order to get my emotions under control.

Grania, who had regained some of her strength after fighting with Adela, said.

“What did Ed do with that idiot’s body?”

Leon answered.

“After confirming that there were no traces of it, including the Death Spell, I buried it in a corner of the yard.”

“…is it.”

Even if he is a traitor, he is the best disciple who tried to pass on everything.

The affection that had lasted for decades remained, piled up damply in one corner of Grania’s chest. As bad thoughts arise, we try to deny the reality that is right in front of us.

Wasn’t Edgar just brainwashed?

Wasn’t the fact that they targeted my stomach rather than my heart or brain an attempt to avoid killing me somehow?

That’s right, there’s no way that foolish guy would betray me –


A trickle of fresh blood flowed down Grania’s nose.

It was a reward for hitting my philtrum as hard as I could with the back of my hand.

As a wizard who tried to deny reality with absurd imagination, it was also an admonition to himself for trying to do something he should not have done.

“Change the story.”

He looked back at Leon with his eyes fully focused.

“I guess I can’t accompany you. “With this body, instead of adding strength, it will only become a burden.”

“Are you feeling very unwell?”

“You will need to recuperate for at least two years. “If I had been younger, one month would have been enough, but my vitality has diminished so much.”

“So,” said Grania, who started crying.

“I was planning on taking it with me, but I have no choice. I will provide you with items that may be helpful.”

It was the moment when the warehouse of the former Magic Tower was opened wide.

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