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Overpowered Sword Chapter 207

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Level up with swords (207)


Ellahan, who was close to the two, was the first to react to the situation. In a flash of divine light, her body reached Edgar’s eyes.

Seongcheolswae (聖鐵碎).

The sacred law that had been passed down for over 300 years from past saints was struck down without any mercy.


With a loud noise, pieces of stone fly out in all directions.

Ellahan glared in the direction where Necator was standing as he retracted the Seongcheolsae, which had missed by a few seconds.

It was indeed as expected.

It was a fact that even people who were neither wizards nor warriors knew well.

In close combat, the warrior was bound to be stronger than the wizard. That’s why wizards studied ways to escape from that gap, and one of them was Blink.

“Hehehe, that’s scary. After all, the heretic killer of the Holy Church.”

Edgar, standing next to Necator, had a sinister smile on his face.

“Do you mind if I leave you alone, Master? “More than half of his internal organs have been blown out, so if you miss the timing, even the archmage will die.”

Edgar had a chance to kill Grania a little while ago.

If it had been aimed at the head or heart, it would not have been difficult to kill it instantly with one hit. Nevertheless, the reason it ended with a moderate blowing up of the ship was to create casualties and further increase the loss of power.

Leon and the others guessed his intention and their expressions hardened, but only Adela stretched out her hand with an expressionless face.

“Saint, please take care of the old lady.”


“The three of us will do something about Necator and that trash. “Please leave it alone and join us.”

“…All right. “Please, good luck.”

As Ellahan took a few steps back and began to heal Grania’s wounds, the other three advanced towards the two outer magicians to get away from the surrounding area.

Bishop Necator in <Ruin>.

Edgar, the current Mage Tower lord of Clyde.

No one was an opponent with whom one could spare one’s strength.

“하나만 묻자 개새끼야.”

Adela said.

“What kind of grudge did you have against your teacher that led you to stab him in the head like that? “The old man was arrogant, unlucky, and foul-tempered, but he treated his people well.”

“Hehe, you know very well. Master was that kind of person. So I really liked it too.”

Madness was overflowing from Edgar’s eyes.

“Everyone wanted a teacher. “Not me, not someone like me who had nothing better than you!”

“Are you feeling inferior? “It’s boring.”

“Yes, it’s boring. “Isn’t that what happens in the world?”

Everyone has ugly parts.

What was important was whether to be wary of that part and try to become a better person, or to acknowledge the ugly parts of oneself and fall further into the abyss.

At that crossroads, Edgar chose the latter.

You have fallen into an abyss from which you can never return.


Dozens of complicated magic circles appeared behind Edgar’s back, and Leon and the others entered their respective battle stances.

Adela lowered her body with her fists tilted, and Leon spread his feet wider than his shoulders and let his sword hang down.

It happens at a moment’s notice.

It feels like if you move even one inch, it will explode with a fuse.



It sounded like a tomato exploding.

“―I mean. “I hate boring bastards like you.”

Necator said in an emotionless voice.

The blood flowing from Edgar’s headless body was pooling like a puddle.

It was instant death.

Even if you are a foreign magician, unless your entire body has been mutated, your heart and brain are considered fatal vital points. Among them, the brain was the place where the soul stayed, so rebirth after death was impossible.

Necator nervously kicked the body of Edgar, who lost his head, several times.

“Because of you! Because of an idiot like you! I could have fought Grania! “You bastard with a head full of shit!”

Necator, who had been spewing out anger like an active volcano, looked like he was happy just a moment ago, but he looked away.

My body freezes when I meet that gaze.

The fear of facing an overwhelming predator.

Necator’s killing intent swelled several times in an instant.

“What happened? You guys will stay too. Three people can enjoy it quite a bit, right? “Let’s get started right away.”

Just when you thought it was coming.

Leon looked directly at Necator who had come right in front of him.


He reflexively raises his sword and catches the fist with the sword’s face.

The two colored auras exploded as they repulsed each other, and Leon was pushed back ten steps. No matter how slow it is, the level of destructive power is very different.

The wrist holding the sword was throbbing, and the shock that I couldn’t shake off was enough to make my insides tremble.

“oh? It reacts to this.”

While Necator was satisfied, Adela aimed at his flank and dug in with one step.

〈Shunbo (瞬歩)〉.

As Adella specialized in ‘forward movement’, the momentum was fearsome.

Adela, who had taken a few steps away from the sound, threw out her fist.


When two fists collide, a shock wave explodes.

The atmosphere was greatly pushed out, creating a vacuum, and fists and feet were running wild in the space where it was impossible to even breathe.

Adela, 4th Cardinal of the Holy Order.

Necator, the second-ranking member of the Evil Church.

Coincidentally, both of them were superhumans who reached Aura Master level through fighting skills. Just one step. The distance at which it is difficult to swing a dagger becomes the greatest killing range for them.


They punch, scratch with their fingers, hit with their knees, hit with their shoulders, push with their palms, and hit with their heels.

It is a battle where dozens of sums are exchanged every second.

The two continued their brawl at an incredibly fast pace, at a speed where even Leon and Karen could not intervene.

It wasn’t just that it was fast.

The blow is delivered from the blind spot of consciousness, focusing strictly on vital points.

[Watch carefully. How scary can a martial artist who does not use external objects become?]

Following El Cid’s words, Leon widened his eyes.

As the aura is infused into ‘Stigmata of the Beholder’, the blurry movement is seen divided into several beats. When I looked for a gap between them where I could insert my sword, I couldn’t even see a hole the size of a needle.

Still, it wasn’t without results.

‘Cardinal Adela is getting pushed back.’

Even though they were fighting back as best as they could, taking half a step at a time, the balance of the two fighters was falling apart.

The reason was simple.

Because Necator’s capabilities were higher than Adella’s.

Adela opened the distance and screamed out of breath.

“You bastard! “You’re twice as strong as before!”

“There is no difference Adela. Both height and skill. “If I disappoint you any further, I will kill you like this?”


I don’t feel any murderous intent, but cold sweat breaks out.

I’m serious.

Leon took two steps forward and stood next to Adela. Adela read the sign without turning around and asked.

“Can you follow me?”

“Let’s give it a try somehow.”

“Okay, show me your guts.”

Karen didn’t say a word.

This was because she needed to mobilize all of her abilities and spirit to outsmart Necator.

Leaves that have fallen somewhere are fluttering down.

Immediately after that, the leaves fell between the three people.


It shattered without a trace.

Necator was first, Adela next. Leon moved his sword in the third order. The initial movements of the two fighters are so fast that even following them is difficult if you do not read their moves.

Unfold 〈Icarus Wings〉.

A pair of flame wings wrapped around a radius of 10 meters.

“oh? What is that! “That’s cool!”

Necator’s eyes turned to Leon as he slid Adella’s elbow into his palm.

That moment. The flames that poured out from the Holy


of the Red Lotus Eclipse

swept over Adella and Necator together. 〈Auror Blade〉 is the power to distinguish between enemy and enemy. It doesn’t really matter if you use it this way.

Leon swung <Prominence> without stopping with that blow. The sword light that exploded with explosive force, with the feeling that it was going to set heaven and earth on fire, drove Necator.

“-under! Hahahahaha! Good, very good! “I liked it!”

Nevertheless, the guy laughed.

And then he raised both palms.

A black aura erupted from around Necator’s hand,

the first type

of destruction technique .

The darkness is like the darkness of the abyss.

“Cheonbung (天崩).”

It surged towards the two like a tidal wave.

Leon had a hunch.

Even if you just brush against that, you die. Even though the nervous system accelerated to its limit had already changed the vision to black and white, the wall of darkness that Necator pushed away was another ‘color’.

That power is the darkness that devours all things.

It destroys matter and immaterial matter without distinction, and only erases auras and magic if they are inferior in output.

[Could it be the auror attribute of ‘destruction’…! That he can use that power without self-destruction is, in a sense, a singularity.]

‘How to deal with it?’

[Push with force. [There is no correlation between destruction attributes.]

Even attributes such as ‘life’, ‘regeneration’, and ‘recovery’ could not compete with ‘destruction’. Compared to the high-dimensional and inefficient life force, the power to kill and destroy something is simple and efficient.

So, that darkness had to be offset, not destroyed.

Leon changed his mindset and raised his sword.

The Grand Chariot

cannot be used as a single strike or as a separate strike.

At least three times.

The sword cried out, ready to pour out four times if the situation were to come up. The three stars born from the sacred sword

of Hocheon Samyeonseong

(壺天三連星), the

five great righteousnesses, tear apart the darkness.

The wall that erases all things in orbit stopped moving due to the strong resistance of light and began to become increasingly blurred.

If you pour in your strength like this, you can cancel it out.

At that time, Adela ran out.


Her nickname is ‘Maeng Jin’.

As Grania said, you can give your best only when you run without looking back, and you are like a wild boar.

Breaking the speed of sound in one step and supersonic speed in two steps.

In three steps, you reach hypersonic speeds.


Adela poured all of the rushing power that could pierce a fortress into her fist and smashed into the wall of darkness.

Even if the darkness is impervious to physical force, if it is an attack within the realm of Auror Blade, it is a different story.

Adela’s “Auror Blade” was very simple and clear.

Just moving forward and moving forward.

Realizing the concept of ‘breakthrough’ that can crush any obstacle that stands in the way.

Like a meteor falling from a distant sky.

Meteor Strike!

The wall of darkness, which had finally reached its breaking point, shattered.

“Hahahahaha! You broke my wall head on! You’re a much better guy than I thought! Let’s enjoy it until we die!”

Even though his own technique was broken, Necator was happy.

He was a beast that roamed around looking for strong enemies because killing and overwhelming him one-sidedly was not his temperament.

It’s been a long time since I threw away reason.

Defeat enemies according to instinct and move without worrying about tactics or strategy. For him, who became an Auror Master through his nature and talent, the evil cult simply provided an arena.

Jet Black Dance (漆黑舞蹈)

So it was a step late to react.

About 20 blades rose from its shadow and aimed at six vital points like lightning rising backwards.

Projection type 1 (投影一式)

Viper Emergence (毒蛇出動)

A baptism of supersonic daggers writhing in an anomalous orbit.

It was a technique that was difficult to block or avoid, but to Necator, that was nothing.

Destroy all daggers with your reflexes.

The dagger made of Drake’s scales shattered into pieces like obsidian due to repeated blows with one right fist. When Necator was about to grumble with a look on his face asking if this was all.

A strike that surpassed

even his reaction speed was fired.

Even after reaching the level of Auror Master, Karen was frustrated several times. It was foolish for the assassin to insist on a head-to-head fight, but the number of opponents he could defeat through trickery was limited.

Destructive power is needed. A purely strong technique that can fulfill its role in any situation.

So Karen was created.

Her own 〈Dark Thunder〉 that does not exist in the original 〈Jet-Black Dance〉.



“You guys exceeded my expectations. “I came here to kill time, but I had no idea I would be using defense techniques.”

Type 2 of the period of destruction, <Sakwol>.

An application that implements absolute defensive ability by wrapping the darkness that collapses everything like armor. The contradiction of the coexistence of the strongest spear and shield was established in Necator’s hands.

Even the “dark lightning” that Karen fired with sincerity failed to pierce the armor and disappeared.

This is the second rank of the evil cult.

It is an absolute powerhouse, one of the top five players on the entire continent.

“Shall we go to the end? It looks like the saint is trying to get involved, and if it were my life, you guys would be interested too, right?”

Even Necator cannot gain the upper hand against four masters. It is even difficult to deal with an opponent with an absurd output like Ellahan, even with his <Destruction Machine>.

It was an added bonus that external laws were blocked due to the Holy Law.

Even though he knew all this, Necator was willing to fight.


However, Necator, who was about to take a step, stopped.

“That’s it…”

Grania was getting up behind Ellahan.

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