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Overpowered Sword Chapter 2

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Level up with swords (2)

What I saw that night was a dream from my childhood.

It was a story I heard while I was in my mother’s arms in front of the stove so long ago that I can’t remember when.

Clearly, the content was nothing short of ordinary.

An adventure story in which the main character, who grew up without knowing his origins, is chosen by a prophecy and defeats evil with the sword given by the goddess. During the journey, the protagonist rescues a kidnapped princess and overcomes an ancient dungeon with a trustworthy companion.

After accumulating countless trivial achievements, he eventually regains his identity and defeats the evil king.

It is the happy ending that everyone expects and hopes for.

―Mom, I have a question.


Even at that young age, Leon couldn’t understand it.

Why was only the protagonist able to defeat the evil king?

Other than the main character, were there any righteous knights or wizards?

Why did the goddess only hand the sword to the protagonist?

Could it be because the main character was a royal rather than a commoner?

My mother was taken aback by the unusual question. After thinking for a moment about why that was, he smiled bitterly and answered.

“It was just decided from the beginning.”

Leon was not convinced by the answer, but nodded without asking any more questions. Because my mother seemed troubled by his question.

For now, I fell asleep with that question buried in my mind.

I didn’t even know that I would think of it again after more than 10 years.

* * *

“…When on earth was that ever?”

Leon became embarrassed and held his face in a dream from his childhood that he couldn’t even remember. How many children would have asked such a question after hearing an old story?

Even in his own opinion, he was a really picky kid.

After a moment of groaning at the dark history of his childhood, Leon immediately got up and looked out the window.

‘It’s been a while since I overslept.’

Judging by the fact that the sun rose in the sky, it was already past noon. I don’t know how long it’s been since I woke up this late.

In Leon’s daily routine, waking up time was always before sunrise.

As I ran through the dark training ground, warming up and swinging my wooden sword, I watched the rising sun covered in sweat. I even felt an inexplicable sense of guilt, perhaps because I had been lazy for the first time in years.

‘Oh, by the way, was today a holiday?’

Leon, who was looking out the window, finally remembered that fact.

It was a rare day at an academy where diligence was the rule, but it was no different from usual for him. Except for the day I ran out of medicine and went to buy it, I never went out to the city.

However, other students seemed excited about the rare holiday.

It’s a lot more busy than usual, to the point where it seems like there’s no place to focus or do anything.

‘I have to go out.’

Leon quickly came to a conclusion and packed his bags.

It wasn’t much of a burden to say the least. All that was left was a change of clothes, a towel, two wooden swords, and a water bottle.

Leon left the dormitory carrying a small bag.

Most of the students moved in the direction of the school gate, so no one encountered him climbing the mountain behind him. Because of the rough road, it was not often used as a walking trail. The only people who visit the mountains behind this long-awaited holiday are probably people of that kind.

After some time, Leon arrived at the mountainside and was out of breath.

“Ha, is today the last time I come here?”

There was a fairly large vacant lot there.

It was a place I discovered by chance in the past when I was hiking up and down the mountain as part of my physical training. From then on, he came here to train whenever he found it difficult to concentrate.

The evidence was the land that had become swollen with Leon’s traces.

How many times have I run, vomited, and swung a wooden sword here? Traces remaining throughout the vacant lot tried to bring back old memories.

“…No, not until today.”

But he muttered that as if he was scolding himself.

He expressed his feelings of being broken by the bleak reality, saying that there was no point in clinging to an impossible goal any longer.

Still, I keep my promise to work hard until today.

Leon stood in the middle of the clearing, holding a wooden sword. My left palm, which had not fully healed yet, was sore, but it was just the right pain to shake off my regrets.


The wooden sword tore through the empty space with the sound of a fierce wind.

A perfect downward cut.

The academy’s swordsmanship was ultimately nothing more than the application of basic techniques, and there was no opportunity to learn advanced swordsmanship. So Leon thoroughly refined only the basics.

A thousand times to come.

Cut until the remaining regrets in your heart fall away.


* * *

That night.

A small party was in full swing in the dormitory hall of the Royal Academy. The main character, of course, was Ryan, who was celebrating his 17th birthday, and on any other day, the students who would have fallen asleep long ago were busy eating and chatting.

Even though he was in the commoner class, his status was unclear and he had both strength and dignity, so a considerable number of students from the noble class also flocked to him.

If he is of high status, his intention may be to look good.

“Happy birthday Rihanna! We ask well!”

“You are the pride of this academy!”

“It’s not a big deal, but I hope you can accept it without any hesitation.”

The human population was very diverse.

A person who clings to you by pretending to be friendly, a person who flatters you openly, a person who tries to oblige you by showing favor to you.

Lian dealt with them all with a smile as always.

How many times have we repeated this worthless conversation?

Only as the night got deeper did Rian, who had been biting people, find a corner. There, Gilbert, the attendant who had accompanied him before entering the Academy, was drinking alone.


When Lian sat down next to him, Gilbert immediately snapped his fingers and created a transparent soundproof barrier around them.

It may seem like magic, but it is one of the applied techniques of Auror.

An Aura skill that allows you to control internal and external sounds at will.

It was a technique that could only be used by warriors who had reached a significant level, but Rian, who knew his true nature well, was not surprised.

Gilbert looked at that calm face and spoke politely.

“Congratulations on your 17th birthday, Your Highness.”

It was truly a shocking statement.

What kind of title do you mean?

It was a name that other people would have doubted if they heard it, but in reality, Rian let out a long sigh and gave a small sigh.

“Stop it, Sir Gilbert. “It’s a title I don’t deserve to hear right now.”

“Your Majesty, noble blood shines brighter through trials.”

Gilbert answered those words with a happy expression.

“Only one year until the day of the prophecy passed down to the imperial family. “On the day your Majesty comes of age, our empire will witness the second coming of the old Holy King Roderick.”

“I have very high expectations from you since you are the Holy King Roderick.”

Lian’s voice suddenly subsided.

Holy King Rodrik.

He is a great hero from 300 years ago. Even in the long history of mankind, he left behind one of the three greatest achievements, and beheading the Demon King with a holy sword bestowed by the Goddess is just one of them.

But Gilbert’s eyes did not waver one bit.

“Hehe, this old man has no doubt about your potential. Didn’t even that ruthless usurper fear that Your Majesty would fulfill the prophecy? Please be confident.”

“…We’ll find out next year.”

Lian closed his eyes for a moment.

The reason why he, a member of the royal family of the great empire of Clyde, had to run away here and hide his identity with several layers of packaging.

The reason why the current emperor, who took the throne from a collateral lineage, tried to kill him was because of that prophecy.

[The day a person with the name of a lion comes of age, the sword that destroys evil will come down from the sky.]

Coincidentally, Lian was the only member of the royal family with a name meaning ‘lion’ when he was underage, and the emperor saw the prophecy as soon as he ascended to the throne. They immediately tried to catch Rian and kill him.

How many things did I have to lose before crossing the border and hiding in this academy?

Even for that sacrifice, he had to become a hero.


It was then.

Lian opened his eyes to a voice calling him.

The anger that had been brought back by bad memories subsided, and he looked back with a refreshing smile as always.

“Chloe? Is something wrong?”

“No, there’s no problem…”

Chloe continued to look around before opening her mouth.

“You haven’t seen Leon either, right?”


“I heard that I didn’t see anyone in the dorm… so I was wondering if you were at a party. “Then where on earth did it go?”

She sighed as if there was nothing she could do and turned around to look for it again.

Gilbert, who was watching the scene, spoke mischievously.

“Your Majesty has been kicked.”

“Even a joke.”

Lian chuckled and picked up the glass on the table.

“What do you think of the two of you, Lord Gilbert?”

“You mean Chloe and Leon.”

Gilbert understood the meaning even though the words were rambling.

“Chloe’s talent is extraordinary. “I’m already learning the magic of the 4th level, so I’ll be able to handle it as one person by next year.”

“What about Leon?”

“It’s ambiguous.”

The old knight spoke in a voice filled with regret, whether he knew it or not.

“His muscles are acceptable, and his sword skills are average. However, his mental strength is extraordinary. “If we support him with proper swordsmanship and elixirs of exercises, he will be able to break through the shell.”

“Can we accommodate you?”

“It is difficult.”

Gilbert coolly denied that statement and explained the reason.

“He does not see you as someone who should serve you. “It seemed like there was no malicious intent, but we won’t be able to maintain the same relationship even after His Majesty regains his status.”

“That’s why you didn’t teach me how to use a sword.”


Lian looked out the window with a slightly regretful expression.

After clashing swords for three years, he saw Leon’s potential. Although he was not a person who would stand out in a short period of time, if he was raised over a long period of time, he could be of great use.

But because I knew the reason, it was difficult to force it.

“That’s too bad. “If Chloe were an ordinary child, it would be too much of a waste to give her up just to get Leon.”

“I think so too.”

The king smiled bitterly, regardless of who was first.

Although they pretended not to know, they weren’t fools either.

There was no way he didn’t know why Leon stayed away from him or tried to win him over. If it is a matter of gain and loss, negotiation is enough, but if politics gets involved, any calculation becomes useless.

Nevertheless, Lian tried to embrace both people.

‘…Leon has a strong sense of pride. I will definitely take responsibility for my own words and actions. Then wouldn’t it be possible to use that part to make them make a promise?’

Have you developed any affection over the past three years?

Lian wanted to take both of them if possible. He liked Leon in a different way than Chloe. For Rian, he was the first person she had bumped into without any pretense.

I didn’t even know that he considered me a ‘friend’ who wasn’t there when I was a member of the royal family.


At that time, Lian, who was looking out the window, rubbed her eyes.

Gilbert, who saw this, asked curiously.

“Why are you doing this, Your Highness?”

“No… I guess I saw something in vain.”

Lian couldn’t explain what he had just seen, so he glossed over it. Because it was clear that Gilbert would make a big fuss if he told the truth.

It literally happened in the blink of an eye.

In an instant, the night sky turned golden, and when I closed my eyes and opened them, they were back to normal. Like his excuse, I almost thought it was an optical illusion.

So Lian forgot about it without thinking any more.

Not knowing that his fate had changed from that very moment.

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