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Overpowered Sword Chapter 197

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Level up with swords (197)


As the shock wave exploded, several meters of water was removed and even the tiles of the surrounding road were peeled off, creating a storm.

Windows shatter several kilometers away.

Instead, several trees that were hit during the night are broken from the waist down.

The clouds flowing overhead are unraveling like skeins of thread.

Even after most of the force has been canceled out, that’s about it. If either of the two technologies had landed on a private house without being intercepted, the shape of the edge of the lake might have changed a little differently.


Leon was holding his sword in the center of the shock wave.

Dayton El Blanc.

The spearman who was once Clyde’s leader, the power of the technique he used in his last attempt was truly terrifying. Both of my grips had been torn apart a long time ago, so the inside of the gauntlet was damp, and not only that, my left index finger was bent 90 degrees.

‘It was dangerous.’

Return your bent fingers to their original position.

Although the pain was considerable, Leon did not even lift an eyebrow. The lightning that was cutting out the wall of starlight before his eyes was something he couldn’t take his eyes off of.

A strike that opposes <Hocheon Samyeonseong> despite being old and tired.

The fighting spirit of a dying old man that almost took his life was worthy of respect as a warrior.


In the time when even the lightning slowed down, the end finally came.

It was the window that reached its limit first.

Although Dayton’s Auror Blade turned it into a bolt of lightning, its essence was ultimately a weapon made of mithril. The moment it collided with the <Hocheon Samyeonseong> immediately after withstanding the air resistance of hypersonic speeds, the durability of the dwarven mithril spear eventually reached its limit.

It doesn’t break or melt. From the surface, it scatters into fine dust and disappears.

As if he sensed that the owner’s life was over.

[‘Old soldiers never die. It just disappears’…?]

The light began to fade along with El Cid’s faint monologue.

It was a stellar victory.

At the point when the spear, which was like a core, was crushed, the torpedo spear lost its central point and scattered. There is nothing more ridiculous than a window that has lost its density.


The aftermath of <Hocheon Samyeonseong> hit Dayton as it was, burning the crumbled window with a handful of dust.

The old man, pushed by the shock wave, floated and flew through the air.

After being thrown tens of meters, his landing point was Lake Ladoga.

‘…I lost.’

Accepting what would be the last defeat of his life, Dayton blinked his eyes, which he could no longer see clearly.

I could see the night sky.

A clear sky without a single cloud, filled with starlight.

‘It’s a pity that I couldn’t save that child, but I guess it’s okay to sleep like this. It was too good a fight for a sinful old man.’

This was also the first time I properly used Oh’s torpedo spear, which was conceived to strengthen his strength, which was gradually weakening as he aged.

He fought with all his might and was defeated with satisfaction.

The subject who threw everything away and even borrowed from the evil sect was respected by the young man who will symbolize the next generation. Having lived as a prestigious nobleman since birth, he had no more regrets left.

‘I’m sorry, son.’

Dayton’s eyes closed as he fell into the lake.

‘This is why I wish I would remain by your side until the end…’

The body that has shaken off all its regrets stops breathing.

At the moment when the soul was about to leave the body, which had reached the end of life.


A huge snake leapt out from the middle of Lake Ladoga and swallowed Dayton’s fallen body in one bite.

Its volume is a whopping 50 meters from head to tail.

The black and dusky scales, as if absorbing light, do not even allow reflected light. It would be easy to think that the name “Winter Snake” would have made it red, but within the dimension of permafrost, color was a meaningless concept.



Leon and Karen both looked at the guy with dumbfounded expressions as the situation unfolded without any time for them to stop and sleep.

Of course, I can guess its identity.

〈Winter Snake〉.

A monster from another dimension that the evil cult secretly summoned to Radoga territory and tried to use to cause great chaos within the empire. It was Leon who tried to lure it out of the lake by spreading bait several times, taking advantage of its habit of preying on ‘heat’ – ‘

No, I didn’t expect it to come out at this time either.’

[Same. It seems like another variable has arisen somewhere.]

Coincidentally, what El Cid said was right.

It was the moment Rupert lost his breath on the other side of the territory that the <Winter Serpent>, which had been holding back again and again, jumped out of the lake.

When the leash that had been hanging on, at least formally, was completely released, the ‘delicacy’ and another form of power that kept hovering beyond the surface of the water strongly stimulated its appetite.

The ‘heat’, the food of the ‘Winter Snake’, was, in a word, energy.

Whether it’s a flame or lightning, if you put it in your mouth, it all becomes food.

And even though it was near death, Dayton was a delicacy that could not be compared to anything the Auror Master had ever eaten.


Waving its long tongue as if savoring the taste of Dayton, the <Winter Snake> looked back at the two remaining prey.

One is a male carrying a ‘delicacy’.

One is a female of unknown flavor.

Either way, it’s extremely appetizing.

“I think things are a little messed up?”

“I think so too.”

As I looked at the guy’s eyes full of appetite, it almost occurred to me that even if we couldn’t speak words, we could understand each other.

After exchanging a few words, Leon and Karen returned to their fighting stance.

Golden and turquoise.

The moment two colored auras bloom over the blade,


<Winter Snake>, unable to resist the enchanting temptation of two types of delicacies, rushed forward.

A volume of 50 meters.

Unlike its huge body, its movements are fast and light.

Maybe it weighs a lot lighter than that body.

Still, its charge was threatening.

“Go into the shadow Karen!”

Leon unfolded the ‘Icarus Wings’ while giving her instructions.

A pair of flames propelled him into the air, escaping the snake’s maw that swept across the earth’s surface.


The results of a 50-meter snake running at full speed were devastating.

The water of the lake rises like a tidal wave and covers the area, filling up the round traces like a waterway as the <Winter Snake> passes by.

There was no reward for holding back the power in the fight against Dayton, and the aftermath immediately spread to the center of the territory.

Tremendous noise and shock!

As this was a situation that occurred without any proper warning, even the residents who were soundly sleeping could not help but be shocked.

‘Still, the purpose of luring it out of the water was achieved.’

Leon calmly looked down at the tragedy and put the situation in perspective.

Even if you regret what has already happened, it cannot be undone.

In that case, we have no choice but to take this situation into consideration and come up with a strategy.

‘…He’s appetite has been stimulated because of me. I may have appeased my appetite with Lord Dayton, but he has never faced an enemy before, so if you show your back, he will come after you without hesitation.’

Sure enough, the ‘Winter Serpent’ glared at him from the sky.


As its roar rings out, the temperature drops.

The ‘heat’ remaining in the atmosphere is cooling the area as the energy is absorbed by it.

Immediately after that, the “Winter Serpent” attacked Leon, targeting him.

This is the result of straightening the body over 50 meters.


Even so, Leon was not the kind of person who would gently fall into the jaws of a guy who was attacking him in a straight line on an obvious trajectory.

Behind Leon, who simply pulled away, the back fire of <Icarus Wing> went up. The man swallowed the flames with pleasure and turned his head again.

It seemed easy to attack him as many times as he wanted.

‘This is it.’

At that time, Leon intuitively realized something.

This way, I can draw him deeper.

Although we left the lake, it was too close here.

It was a position where you could run away in seconds if you tried to go back.


So he shouted loudly to the ground.

“From here, we will lead you to the northern area! Get the civilians in that path out of the way as much as possible! If you encounter Ellahan on the way, tell him to prepare a barrier where you can lure him!”

There was no grudge against the lord, but it was the area with the lowest population density. Karen also agreed with his truly heroic remark that he would save more people regardless of whether he was raising his status or not.

She moved immediately.

It was something I had already done once at Al Control.

Leon watched her walking away along with several other clones and pointed his sword at “Winter Serpent.”

“This way! “You big snake!”

You should not attack in a way that can be perceived as a threat, but you should throw an appropriate bait so that the enemy’s attention does not go elsewhere.

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Red Lotus Type


It is not a sword, but an open palm.

This is because when it passes through the Holy Sword, its power is imbued with divine power and acts as an extreme poison to monsters from the outer dimension. Therefore, the sacred fire contained in the ‘Stigmata of the Purifier’ could not be used either.

The heat collected within the body is gathered together.


the sphere that you put together in the palm of your hand !”

It exploded towards the <Winter Serpent>.


A mass of intense heat and light energy was compressed and released, sweeping the creature with its force. It is such a destructive force that even an S-rank dangerous monster cannot avoid serious injury to an ordinary living being.



To the heat-eating snake <Winter Snake>, the waves of flame were nothing more than a feast.

I take a deep breath through my wide-open mouth.

It twists its body and accepts it as a scale.

The snake, which had grown 3 meters taller in an instant, was wildly delighted.

“If you want more, follow me!”

One human and one snake began a chase, flapping their wings even more inflated as if to lure the bastard.

For the Viscounty of Ladoga, that series of events was a disaster.

Its body length is a whopping 50 meters.

Just wriggling from side to side is enough to collapse dozens of buildings, and even fluttering up and down once causes the ground to shake and the road to collapse from the impact.

“Aaaah! “It’s a monster!”

“Run! “Don’t block my path!”

“Go to the store! “This is a store that I built from the ground up!”

As I reached the level of an Aura Master, my senses became several times more sensitive and I was able to grasp the full picture of the chaos.

Leon gritted his molars and moved his wings.

If he stops because of cheap sympathy, there will be a level of human casualties that cannot be compared to what is happening now.

‘Faster and more accurate…!’

Feed it several Flares and select the path with the least damage to attract it.

In terms of time, it must have been less than 10 minutes.

However, Leon even broke into a cold sweat.

The burden was enormous because even the slightest mistake could result in casualties ranging from hundreds to thousands.


Still, he succeeded.

Finally, Leon entered the northern area and landed in a yard where there were no houses, and looked back.

At the same time, the ‘Winter Snake’ rushed in.


He must have been angry at having been given medicine all this time, so he crossed hundreds of meters with his eyes turning red.

Why are you teasing me so much about food?

I will chew you painfully and kill you!

That primal murderous intent shook the night air and

cried out, “My merciful goddess!” Please bestow your grace on this desolate land, upon us where evil cannot escape!”

The sacred law of Elahan that had been waiting for that time was completed.


Light that blooms so much that it can be seen beyond the horizon.

A vortex of brilliant and warm light covered a radius of 1 kilometer, centered on “Winter Serpent” and Leon.

It is a type of sanctuary spell.

A wide area barrier that blocks anyone who is not from this world from entering or leaving.

“It looks like you timed it just right.”

Leon responded to Ellahan’s words with a chuckle.

“Why have you always been like that?”

“I am? “I worked really hard too!”

“Of course Karen did a great job too. “You’ll have to suffer even more from now on.”

<Winter Serpent>, who was looking around in front of the three people, finally stopped thinking.

I had no idea what this disgusting light was.

It just devours all the food in front of it.


The ground shakes.

As the earth-shaking roar loses heat, the air freezes, creating unseasonable fog.

A monster whose very existence distorts natural phenomena.

In front of him, the warrior raised his sword.


The frozen air melts in the light and turns into a warm breeze. Holy sword El Cid. A crystallization of power sent down to this land by the Goddess, a decisive battle weapon that even the great Holy King Roderick could not make a single scratch on.

The sunlight emanating from the sword contained such sacred heat that it made even the “Winter Serpent” retreat.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. From now on, it’s junk food.”

Leon mocked the guy in a dry tone.

“I’ll throw you in until your belly button explodes.”

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