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Overpowered Sword Chapter 195

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Level up with the sword (195)

‘Master level spearman.’

Leon opened his eyes and looked at Dayton.

Then something came to mind.

Geumseong Iron Wall.

Air superiority covers 360 degrees in all directions without any gaps. As with siege warfare, there is an advantage in martial arts when it comes to defense, but in Dayton, it was not something that could be treated as a single move.

It was already difficult to attack first because the range of the spear was longer than that of the sword, but his martial arts went one step further and he seemed to be even more powerful in the defensive aspect.

Not going in first was the right choice, but Dayton did not back down after recognizing the capabilities of the two men.

The intention may be to focus on wasting time rather than winning.

‘I have no choice but to go.’

Karen’s gender doesn’t mean much to the Master who is fully prepared. So the one who struck first had no choice but to be Leon.

sword and spear.

The debate about superiority and inferiority is still at a level where both parties are not convinced, but there were some parts that both the sword wielder and the spear wielder reluctantly agreed to.

[If a clash occurs as a cold weapon without the intervention of an Auror, the spearman will have an advantage of more than two moves.]

El Cid said in a calm voice.

[Except when the swordsman has a shield.]

Leon smiled softly at those words.

Then, in half a beat, he cleared his expression again and took a step toward Dayton.

In an instant.

The moment all colors turned black and white due to the nervous system accelerating at an incredible speed, the tip of Dayton’s spear pierced like a flash of light.

Regardless of air resistance, Chang, who has overcome the sound barrier several times, aims for the heart.


As the sword and spear clashed, an explosion of laughter erupted.

The ground sank in one fell swoop, and the two people took half a step back from each other and then took another step.

It was Dayton who took the lead in the attack.

The aura that rose above the blade was close to 1 meter, but Dayton’s spear also wrapped around the aura. Additionally, stabbing is much more efficient than cutting, so he is one step ahead of Leon in attack speed and spacing.

Stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing.

Throw away, block, dodge, and hit.

The contradiction of going from a defensive stance to an offensive stance. Dayton pushed him, not moving more than half a step from where he initially stood.

‘I have no intention of coming in. Is it really just to buy time?’

Leon, who shared more than a lily in an instant, saw through his intentions.

Even though it showed several openings, it did not come in and focused on defense, keeping an eye out for Karen’s direction.

It may seem wise, but the choice is ultimately an old one.

It was a path destined for inevitable defeat.


Leon took two steps back and opened his mouth.



Karen, who was watching the competition between the two, finally placed both hands below her waist.

Whether it’s pulling out a dagger, throwing a rope, or spraying poison.

I was ready to choose anything.

Dayton’s eyes became even heavier when he recognized this.

‘It’s such an overwhelming day for an old man.’

If he had been in his prime, he would have had fighting spirit even in this situation, but as he got older, his blood had cooled down for a long time.

Even if it weren’t for the son I got from late wind, or even if the son had been born in good health, I would have planned to go back to my hometown and live in seclusion. Dealing with an Assassin Master I’ve never met before in my life and a Sword Master who only appears to be in his early or mid-20s.

‘If they weren’t enemies, these are young people who would like to sit back and have a drink…’

It’s a pity.

That doesn’t mean he was happy with the situation. I just chose it based on priorities. He would save his son even if it meant sacrificing all the honor and wealth he had built up throughout his life.

There were things in it that as humans we should not abandon.

We have come too far to turn back.

“Are you regretting it?”

Karen recognized the look in his eyes and said.

I’ve seen it so many times I can’t even count. A group of people who wanted to get out of the slums where evil was swirling.

Those who long for light but have rotted while sinking in darkness.

Today’s Dayton was just like them.

“Didn’t I say it was already too late?”

“It’s not too late. “It’s just an excuse you make to yourself.”

“…Maybe so. but.”

Dayton let out a long sigh at her words and aimed his spear.

“If I end up regretting whichever I choose, I’d rather follow what my heart wants.”

No question or answer.

Karen, who read the will, kept her mouth shut. I didn’t do this without knowing anything. If you make a choice after being prepared to lose everything, it would be best to stand in your way as an enemy.

The short conversation ended.

Leon made his move right after that.

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Scarlet Lotus Eclipse


The power that surges explosively within the body is released into the sword. The flames that erupted at a distance of nearly 20 meters, overwhelming the range of the spear, moved along Leon’s hand like a blade.

A flaming sword slashing from the top.

Even Dayton guessed its destructive power and frowned.


A bluish flash of lightning flashes across the surface of the window.

Dayton El Blanc.

It is said that he is an Aura Master with the <Lightning> attribute and that his arcane spear skill can even cut off lightning with a single swing.

The reality was now being revealed.

The lightning that

shot out from Dayton’s grasp exploded on the middle part of the flaming sword that had not completely



Then the sword, which seemed to tear the ground apart, stopped.

The principle itself is the same as stopping.

It was an impossible technique if you could not overwhelm the opponent with the speed to cut off the flow of the attack before he could complete it.

[Lightning and fire? What an interesting match!]

El Cid chuckled.

If Leon was ahead in destructive power, Dayton was ahead in speed.

Following the strength and speed of the sword and spear, another difficult problem emerged.

Jet Black Dance (漆黑舞蹈)

However, this fight was not just for the two.

Karen, who understood Dayton’s strengths through unison, completed the technique by putting her hands together and making several hand signs.

As the

six shadows stood

up and rushed towards Karen in the same shape, Dayton could not just look at Leon.

The clones run in a low posture as if grazing the ground.

The durability of the clone was incomparably weaker than that of the main body, but its attack power was equal to that of the main body, limited to one blow. Even an Auror Master will receive fatal injuries or die instantly if attacked by a technique such as <Lion’s Confidence>.

Dayton’s spear made several brilliant turns.


A shock wave exploded along the trajectory of the 12-type

lightning torpedo spear and 7-type

trust wind column spear.

As if it wasn’t enough to reach supersonic speeds, it’s a spear technique that controls the aftermath. The Blanc family’s secret martial arts controlled a 10-meter radius of Dayton.

The alter egos that were approaching from six directions also stop under the pressure, and the skin that was burning from Prominence cools for a moment.

A gap of just a few seconds.

Leon cleared away the shockwave and stabbed his sword. Even the flames of

the Grand Chariot

‘s Prominence change into starlight and pierce the wall of storms made of spears.

The Alkaid

flash of light

flashed once.

As the shockwave vortex tore apart and dissipated, Karen crossed her hands as if waiting for that moment.

Projection type 1 (投影一式)

Poisonous snakes appear (毒蛇出動)

Six clones approaching Dayton exploded without a sound.

No, it didn’t explode. Each clone was transformed into dozens of shadow daggers.

A total of over a hundred daggers are raining down.

Dayton hurriedly spun the spear and knocked out more than half of it, but had no choice but to hit the rest with his body. A crackling aura is released over the body, causing the daggers to bounce away.


But Karen was even reading the response.

Only one dagger, stronger and sharper and well hidden so that it could not be detected, dug into Dayton’s abdomen.

He immediately pulled it out and stopped the bleeding, but it was already too late.

“…Is this poison?”

“It’s something that can only be combined in the Titan Mountains.”

When Karen agreed, Dayton smiled bitterly and moved his auror to burn the poison. This could have prevented the internal organs from rotting away, but it was a desperate solution.

<Lightning> was not a very convenient attribute.

He lost a significant amount of blood in return for burning the poison that had flowed to the duodenum. I feel like the senses in my lower body have become slightly dull, perhaps because my nervous system has been cut off a bit.

‘It’s terrible. It’s a poison I’ve never experienced before.’

I’ve experienced the infamous poison a few times, but nothing like this.

Titan Mountains.

It is made from poisonous substances that grow from its depths.

Unless it is a living body like Nephren-Car, if it is alive, half of the Auror Master’s body will die if left alone for a few minutes.

Dayton barely suppressed a groan and lifted the window.

‘I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.’

Of course, there was no chance of winning, and his aging body was slowly sinking like a ship with a hole in the bottom.

Still, he fights.

To save the one and only biological relative.


* * *

―Priest! The spell is weakening at a rapid rate!

―Half of the magic stones installed as a power source are depleted! In the next 3 hours, ‘Snake”s behavioral control will be completely lost!

―Please instruct us on countermeasures, priest!

-Priest! You must hurry!

Rupert shouted, slamming his fists hard.

“Shut up! “You’re concentrating!”

Then the voices in my mind suddenly stopped.

<Winter Snake> is one of those monsters that may be difficult to control in its initial state, but it becomes more difficult to control as it grows. In order to limit its radius of action within the lake, Rupert sent members of the evil cult to various places in Ladoga and entrusted them with part of the magic team.

“Why did things happen like this!? “Since when did something go wrong!”

Rupert didn’t know.

It was only recently that I heard about a trio wandering around the lake, and I had no idea how they were able to motivate the ‘Winter Serpent’ to want to come out of the lake.

By the time he realized the seriousness of the situation, the <Winter Snake> had already started not following orders and was now ignoring him in an attitude as if asking whose dog was barking.

Thanks to the magic that Rado had spread throughout the area, they were prevented from going outside the lake, but it was only a matter of time.

“…I guess I’ll get out of the way while that old man from Dayton stops them. “Even if you’re not a ‘snake,’ there are plenty of other means.”

There were three unidentified masters, and when Dayton discussed their capabilities, Rupert gave up the idea of fighting.

Even if the <Winter Snake> moves like his limbs, the odds of winning are 50/50, so there is no reason to gamble in such a situation. A promise to Dayton? Why would you keep a promise you made to an old man who will die soon? His incompetence may have also played a role in not being able to achieve his goal.


Rupert rummaged around the room, gathering things to take with him. It was said that Rado disguised himself as the Viscount’s head butler, but if they investigated him properly, there would be many things to uncover.

You have to hurry.

I stuffed all my belongings into a necklace-shaped subspace artifact and left the room in barely organized clothes.

No, it was time to step forward.

-Priest! Run away! Come on…

The connection with one of the believers who was subordinate to him was suddenly cut off.

There was no time for Rupert to ask or sleep.

When you’re confused about what’s going on, you lose connection with someone else. One, two, three. It sends shivers down my spine as the connections disappear one by one, second to minute.

The meaning was clear.

“You have to run away too. Right here…!”

Rupert, overcome with fear, left the room.

A passing maid tried to ask him how he was, but he roughly pushed her away and ran away again.

The coat, which was always fastened without missing a single button, was left half open and fluttering, but Rupert’s mind was filled with the voices of the prisoners calling out to him and dying one by one.

“omg…! Hehe…! omg…!”

I ran like crazy and barely reached the castle wall.

In the meantime, he forged a document that even had the lord’s seal on it, so it would be no problem to leave the castle gate even in the middle of the night.

Only then did Rupert feel a little relieved and catch his breath.

Tap…. I need to take

a breath

…. I need to


a break


“…You are a heartless person. You don’t even look back when your colleagues’ heads are rolling on the ground. “How many more people do I need to throw to you before you turn around?”

A respectful expression that is even polite.

However, there was no temperature in that voice, making the listener feel fear as if their blood was freezing.

Rupert had a hunch.

You shouldn’t look back.

If you’re going to die anyway, die without looking back.

I’m sure it would be much more comfortable that way.

“I can’t help it.”

Despite his resolve, the voice moved.

In the blink of an eyelid, the silver-haired girl who had come down in front of Rupert opened her mouth.

“I’ll give you a chance to lighten that crime just a little bit.”

Suddenly, a huge golden hammer was in his hand.


It is a weapon that no executive-level member of an evil cult would know about.

When Rupert saw that, his eyes widened as if they were torn apart.

“You are—!”

People often describe them as heresy inquisitors, but that is incorrect. Not a single heretic interrogated by them survived. Since when did ‘interrogation’ become synonymous with ‘execution’?

Seongcheolseo Knights.

Among them, tens of thousands of heretics have been killed by the hammer of the saint who served as vice-captain.

“God’s accursed execution frame! “You’re a white-haired witch!”

“You know me? Then we can talk quickly.”

Ellahan smiled.

“If you tell me the truth, I’ll send you to a room.”

There was not an ounce of mercy in that smile.

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