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Overpowered Sword Chapter 193

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Level up with swords (193)

“Winter snake?”


El Cid continued to explain.

The Winter Serpent summoned from the permafrost dimension of Cocytus, as its name suggests, brings winter.

It’s a grand expression, but it’s not about changing the seasons.

They only create an unnatural environment by eating up the heat around where they live. At first, the grass in the area does not grow well or the wind becomes cold, but as time goes by, its abilities grow to a gigantic size and one day reaches the sky.

Moisture that should have flown with the wind freezes, and water vapor that should have been rain turns into snow or hail.

“Then isn’t the one released into the desert area stronger? “It’s a place where heat is boiling everywhere.”

[Winter snakes cannot live in places with insufficient water. It’s not even close to Oasis. Even such a large lake is not a very good environment for winter snakes.]

Unlike ordinary living creatures, monsters from outer dimensions have no volume limit. As long as the nutrition and environment were sufficient, they could develop enormous size and strength.

The winter snake was like that too.

If a winter snake had grown up at the bottom of a warm ocean, it would have grown larger than a sizeable mountain in just a few months.

[Well, I guess I didn’t do it because then it would be impossible for the evil church to control it.]

Leon, who was listening to El Cid’s explanation, asked back.

“The bigger it gets, the more difficult it is to control?”

[Actually, the idea of ruling is a bit funny. Since the Winter Snake’s intelligence is rather weak, it can only adjust the priorities of its actions.]

If it had been able to control powerful monsters like the Winter Snake at will, the Evil Church would have finished conquering the world a long time ago.

The reason for not doing so was simple.

Because I couldn’t do that.

[Outer law ultimately borrows power from the outer dimension, and cannot dominate or place the outer dimension under one’s feet. The method of controlling a winter snake is similar to dangling a carrot in front of a running horse. It’s a very sloppy method.]

“It’s sloppy.”

[Oh, and one more thing. The winter snake’s most threatening ability is to absorb heat, but there is another power that is more annoying than threatening.]

When the word ‘annoying’ came out of El Cid’s mouth, Leon tensed without even realizing it. This was because I had experienced several times how high and difficult his standards were through my relationship with a priest.

It was exactly as I thought.

The Winter Serpent’s second ability was truly terrifying.

[It gives birth to countless larvae in its habitat so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye, and then becomes parasites on the bodies of those who drink the water. Of course, the more you consume, the faster it gets worse.]

“It’s a larva…!”

[Do you understand the seriousness right away?]

Leon asked stupidly, his eyes wide.

“Don’t snakes lay eggs?!”

El Cid, who was aghast at his foolish words, responded.

[…It looks like a snake, so it’s called a snake, but it’s a creature from another dimension, so would its ecology be the same?]

“When I think about it, it’s like that.”

[And there are snakes that give birth.]


After chatting a few words about a trivial topic, Leon and El Cid returned to the main topic.

[The larvae of the winter snake penetrate the host’s body through the water and change the characteristics of the organism from within the body.]

“Change the characteristics… How?”

[Turn them into a servant race that follows and serves the Winter Serpent.]

Smooth, cold scales grow on the skin, and the heart beats slowly for a few beats, turning the blood cool.

It has a long, thin tongue and sharp nails, and its lower body transforms into tentacles that wiggle like snakes to make it easier to move underwater.

[Winter snakes seem to be lazy by nature, so they probably created snakes to bring food and take care of things for them. If that happens, you will never be able to return as a human again.]

“It’s a really annoying ability.”

Leon glared into the lake with his golden eyes. It is a depth that even ‘The Stigmata of the Watcher’ cannot fully see through.

However, after listening to El Cid’s explanation, I concentrated even more and saw something small and wriggling in the water. These are probably the larvae of a winter snake.

Leon felt sick to his stomach when he thought that the water he drank at the hotel contained those larvae.

[You and the girls will have no problem drinking the entire lake, so don’t worry. If it’s a matter of mood, there’s nothing you can do about it.]

El Cid’s cheerful voice makes me hate it for no reason.

Leon didn’t answer those words, but thought about them and suddenly came to a realization that passed through his mind.

A conversation we had a little while ago was the trigger.

“El Cid.”


El Cid said.

The evil cult’s method of manipulating monsters is like dangling a carrot in front of a running horse.

And as the power of the Winter Serpent grows, it becomes more difficult to control it and the moment comes when its reins are broken.

The breakthrough was right there.

“―I’m thinking of doing this, what do you think? Do you think it will work out?”

El Cid, who heard Leon’s plan, spoke in a lamentable tone.

[That’s a really bad idea, student.]


El Cid smiled.

It was a bad boy’s voice.

[Let’s do it!]

* * *

Meanwhile, Karen was moving towards the lord’s mansion located in the northern district of Ladoga.

In order not to make the same mistake as before, she hid herself from the beginning and moved by skipping the shadows. The only beings who were able to sense Karen in this state were Nephren-Ka and Giant King Cassim.

The speed also became faster as it ignored air resistance and obstacles, allowing it to reach its destination in just a few minutes.

It was the residence of Viscount Rado.

‘Is it here? It’s a bit more simple compared to Alger Castle.’

It was impossible to compare a margrave and a mere viscount, but Karen didn’t care.

It was after the sun had set and lanterns were lit throughout the mansion, so Karen entered the interior through several shadows. It was harsh to ask a mere soldier or knight to notice the Assassin Master’s infiltration.

Several shadows swayed in the windless room, and Karen, who was running inside them, immediately stopped.

‘Oh I found it!’

There was no need to even look at the structural diagram.

Although it was not the region where she mainly worked, the mansions of nobles had a certain style regardless of region or nationality.

For example, there is a basement for storing alcohol.

For example, is there an escape route in case of an emergency?

For example, the large, spacious room on the top floor is the office.

Viscount Ladoga’s mansion was no exception.

“Deacon! “Where is Deacon Rupert?”

A man with a round mustache and an impressive belly rang the bell while sitting in a soft leather chair in the office.

Perhaps he is Viscount Radoga.

After a while, Rupert, the head deacon who heard the bell ringing and came to visit, politely bent his back once and then straightened it out.

“Did you call me, my lord?”

“So, did you find out what I asked you to do?”

Rupert responded as if he had been waiting for those words.

“Yes, I was seeking advice from wizards and scholars.”

“Advisory? joy! “That sounds very leisurely!”

Viscount Rado shouted, pointing out the window with his chunky finger.

“Summer isn’t even over yet, and there’s already thin ice on that damn lake! “It’s a shame because our territory has nothing to do with farming. If we had even done farming, everything would have been ruined!”

“Yes, that’s a good thing.”

“Relief? Daaa-haha? Since when did the meaning of the word fortunate change to something like that? “Has everyone already frozen to death even when I say I’m glad?”

Karen was secretly impressed.

It wasn’t a double insult or a personal attack, but it made the listener feel upset?

Deacon Rupert’s expression was still gentle, but his eyebrows were trembling. If it weren’t for his superiors, Viscount Rado’s tone of voice was so unpleasant that he would have slapped him.

“Whether it’s magic or witchcraft, quickly find the cause and solution! It’s been almost two months since this cold started, and nothing has been revealed yet! “I have nothing to say to the merchants, so I guess I’ll just suck my fingers, huh?”

“I will hurry.”

“Huh, you weren’t in a hurry until now? Was it so much fun for me to groan in this tiny corner of my room? Lord Dayton has already come as a guest…”

The conversation between Viscount Ladoga and Deacon Rupert continued considerably further, but nothing progressed.

There were only A and E.

Viscount Rado, perhaps satisfied after being treated for nearly an hour, waved his hand and bit the head deacon. Rupert never lost his poker face even though he was going through hardships.

It was then.


When Karen turned away from the viscount and approached the door, she was finally able to see Rupert’s face directly in front of her.

A pair of eye lights flashing in the middle of an expressionless face.

Eyes sparkling with bluish life.

‘Let’s follow along.’

I didn’t feel anything even with the aura master’s spirit, but for a moment, what I felt in his eyes was murderous intent.

A force worthy of being counted among top assassins.

It was not something you would see as an ordinary butler.

Leaving behind the sound of the office door closing, Karen followed Rupert in the shadows. I go down the stairs, around the corner, through several rooms and empty hallways.

While receiving greetings from several maids who were working even in the middle of the night, Deacon Rupert eventually headed towards the annex.

It was right after that.


Karen’s heartbeat accelerated.

Instinct figured out before reason.

‘Master level…!’

In the building where Deacon Rupert was approaching, there was a presence that even she could not ignore.

The other party hasn’t detected her yet.

Even for equal Auror Masters, <Shadow> is the attribute best suited for covert action. If Karen continues to focus on hiding, she will not be detected unless she switches to an attack stance.

After a few seconds of contemplation, she followed Rupert to the annex, hiding in his shadow.


Finally, the door to the VIP room opened and

“…you’re late.”

An old man with bright white hair, a strong body and wide eyes, greeted Rupert.

He was a person with a unique physique.

He is nearly 2 meters tall and has broad shoulders.

I feel the vitality of running into battle at any moment.

said old man Dayton.

“Why do you have so much to talk about in the middle of the night? “You don’t look good.”

“shut up. “I will tear that damn fat man to death with my own hands.”

Deacon Rupert, no, Rupert threw away the mask he had been wearing a moment ago. The deacon’s attitude of not even showing courtesy towards a master-level strongman was by no means that of a deacon.

That was actually the case.

“The growth of ‘Snake’ is slower than expected. If all goes according to plan, the fat man has already died, and I was planning to use this land as a base to train the ‘snake’ army to lure the imperial army directly-”

“There has been a setback in the work, right?”

“…No problem. “It’s a little late, but the plan itself is going smoothly.”

Rupert, the evil cult’s foreign magician, had a wry smile on his face.

“According to the contract, your son will live. “Well, I can’t remain human.”


“Auror Masters are also people after all? To throw away one’s loyalty and one’s family name and honor just because of one’s blood relatives. No matter how much I think about it, I still don’t know.”

Dayton opened his mouth in a heavy voice.

“I won’t expect you to understand. “If that child can survive and die later than me, I’ll put this life to good use.”

“joy! “It brings tears to my eyes.”

Rupert took a quick look at his determined will and then confessed his true feelings.

“In the next month or so, all life in Ladoga will be subordinated to the ‘snake.’ “We will set that point as the time to fulfill the contract.”


Dayton just nodded his head once.

Although I unintentionally sided with the evil cult, I had no intention of joining in or joining in with their evil intentions.

To the extent possible, to save my son.

Even if it meant committing an unforgivable sin.

‘Hmm, I had a rough idea of what was going on.’

Karen, who had been overhearing the two’s secret conversation, thought for a moment.

Apparently, the guy named Rupert seemed like a spy sent by an evil cult, and the Auror Master named Dayton participated in the scheme because of his son.

Even though she heard the heartbreaking story, she remained cold.

As an assassin, I was weighing whether I should do it or not.

‘7 to 3 tidy up. It’s worth a try, but if you fail, there’s no going back. Because I don’t even know what that old man’s “Auror Blade” is. If you’re not careful, you’ll be killed or mortally wounded by a single counterattack.’

High risk, high return.

‘Let’s quit today as well.’

Karen got lost at the crossroads for a moment, but soon remembered Leon’s instructions and took a step back. He asked me to avoid combative action as much as possible and focus on gathering information.

Was it thanks to that?

The moment the shadow flutters once,


The spear fired like a flash of light and cut out the tile without a shadow.

“What?! Are you trying to defy me, Dayton!?”

A frightened Rupert screamed like a frightened rat, but Dayton spoke without even looking away.

“…Is it an illusion? “I’m old too.”

Before he knew it, Dayton returned the spear in his hand to his back and glanced at the spot where he had felt the ‘pretend’ a moment ago.

Even though I feel depressed, I don’t feel anything.

He even used the <Auror Blade> to stab him, so if there had been anything, it would have inflicted a fatal wound right away. Still, there was no smell of blood, so it was clear that nothing was there.

It was obviously like that, but for some reason I felt uneasy.

‘Goddess, are you looking at me?’

Dayton thought.

‘Don’t blame me. You have no right to blame me for not being able to save my son.’

The man who once raised the flag of the empire sat down on his chair again, making a sound that was unclear whether it was guilt or excuse.

Rupert said something, but nothing was heard.

The only thing that was clear was the weight of the beloved bottle I was carrying on my back.

I gave up my loyalty and threw away my honor.

Now all that was left of him was a spear.

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