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Overpowered Sword Chapter 191

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Level up with swords (191)

Cedric scoffed at those words.

“It must be a rebel army, not a revolutionary army.”



The air becomes heavy.

A line stretched out from Cedric, who had not even drawn his sword, as if he was going to cut him down on the spot if it was nonsense. It was a trajectory that only a skilled person could see, but Ryan could see it. A slash that could split his body into two pieces.

It was a future of uncertainty.

It may or may not cut.

However, the moment Cedric solidifies his thoughts, Lian will be cut in two and die.

Nevertheless, Lian confidently opened his eyes and spoke.

“Would you please listen to my story?”

The standoff did not last long.

Cedric’s confidence seemed to have aroused interest, and he lowered his hand that had been raised to the hilt of his sword. The line through the top of Ryan’s head also became blurred, but did not completely disappear.

Threaten that it can be cut down at any time.

Rian bowed politely once and opened his mouth.

“thank you.”

“It’s okay to say a polite greeting. “Get to the point.”

“yes. First of all, the reason why the people I lead are revolutionaries and not rebels is simple.”

He said, placing his fist over his heart.

“Because there is a legitimate heir to the throne.”

“Are you saying you’re a member of the royal family?”


It was right after that.

Gilbert, who was standing behind Lian, had no choice but to respond, and Cedric’s swordplay was unleashed.

The sword shot like a flash and stopped an inch in front of Lian’s uvula.

“Say it again.”

The thing that was creeping up on the blade was a crystal of power that would surely kill someone just by brushing against that piece of Auror Blade.

However, Lian did not even lift an eyebrow.

“My full name is Ryan Calem Gladius von Clyde.”

A thin line of blood was drawn on the edge of the uvula, which trembled slightly while speaking, and a few drops of blood formed.

If you go one inch further, you die.

Ryan declared, literally facing death.

“The Emperor of Light is the only legitimate heir to the imperial throne of this empire who survived Nex’s purge.”

“…I’m not lying.”

Cedric said as he returned his sword.

“Are you a madman who believes himself to be a member of the imperial family, or are you truly the only member of the imperial family?”

Ryan neither confirmed nor denied it.

Because his words no longer mattered.

I knew it from the moment we met.

For Cedric, this world was something he could see through himself, not someone else explaining it to him. No matter what anyone says, I am a single-minded person who only believes in my thoughts and follows that path. For such a person, eloquence is no different from noise.

Cedric said after thinking quietly for a few minutes.

“What is your business?”

“I would like to welcome Cedric as a guest of our revolutionary army.”

Cedric’s words did not end there.

“Do you need a flag or a sword?”

“It’s a sharp knife.”

“What if you don’t distinguish between top and bottom?”

“If the wind stays and leaves, is there an up and down?”

Cedric smiled darkly, as if he was satisfied with the answer.

It was enough to make those who looked at it shudder.

At the same time, the blurred line completely disappeared.

“It’s okay. “It’s my first time serving as a guest, but please take care of me.”

“Please take care of me.”

Lian, holding hands with Cedric, smiled.

I was on my way to confirm a report that I had seen suspicious people, but recruiting the Sword Master was a great achievement.

〈Sword Demon〉 Cedric.

The nightmare of the Kingdom of Hispania and the seeker of the sword.

Although he is a person who cannot be controlled as he pleases, a sharp weapon can overwhelm an opponent with its mere presence. From the previous Q&A, Rian picked out the ways to use him.

‘He clearly wants a fight, too, since he responded that he needed a sword, not a flag.’

In that case, all he had to do was bring him in front of his enemy.

There was already no other card that could deal with a master-level force, but Cedric’s presence filled that void.

That’s not all.

Cedric also had his own ideas.

‘This war will not end easily.’

Not only Hispania, but also the Permat and Merrill maritime alliances were not enough, so even the Jugend and the Holy Church moved.

A great war breaks out.

There will be a bloody wind that will sweep the entire continent to the point where the deaths of tens of thousands of people will seem like a child’s play. If he can dip his sword in that wind once, his magic sword will be complete.

You can meet plenty of guys worth fighting with.

‘Good.’ There was also something useful in the evil church.’

And in this situation, belonging to the military wing of the heir to the throne, Lian, who used legitimacy as a weapon, was also a good option. Anyone can turn you into an enemy, and there will be no problem even if you abandon them and leave.

The dreams of the two people intersected like that.

Lian and Cedric.

An alliance was formed where everyone held hands with smiling faces on the outside, but there was no trust whatsoever.

* * *

Without even knowing that the two had met in Golden Whale, Leon and his party left Alger Castle the very next day.

This was because the Margrave of Alger had decided that he had done everything he could by deciding to convert to Jugendro. It was better to be tricked by a cunning raccoon than to shed meaningless blood in a siege with a clearly decided outcome.

Even though she knew all this, Karen looked very dissatisfied.

“Ugh it’s frustrating! In the end, you only did something good for that kid!”

In reality, it was just as she said.

The Margrave of Alger lost nothing in this incident. If we had to really think about it, would it be the cost of restoring the yard that was devastated by the battle that took place after the chase between the Hivewalker and Karen?

Even with his conversion to Jugend, only his nationality changed, but his authority as lord of the castle and margrave remained the same.

“Don’t worry too much, sister. Since this is the warrior’s decision, he must have something in mind.”

Ellahan soothed the hysteria with his usual smile.

“He is a person who took advantage of the hero’s cause for his own benefit, but it is also true that thousands of people have survived thanks to him. “I’m sure the goddess will be pleased with this result.”

“I wish I could think like you.”

Karen said, pressing her frowning brows.

Perhaps because she was a reactionary raised to be an assassin since childhood, she felt a strong aversion to situations where she was used by someone.

This is because they were treated like tools rather than people.


But Leon, who was watching the two, blurted out.

“Will my letter of recommendation have that much power?”



Ellahan and Karen looked back at him with puzzled expressions.

“Of course, you are a hero…”

“Because Leon is a hero…”

Not long after, the two of them said, ‘Ah!’ And I realized.

As they said, Leon’s true identity was that of a hero.

However, the only person in the Kingdom of Jugend who knew about it was Irexana, and even though it was part of the Holy Church, Leon’s influence in Jugend could never be said to be great. I received Jugendstil, but I didn’t have a title or anything.

Where flexibility is needed, the state can respect it, but when it comes to important issues, the state immediately becomes cold.

“Just because I accepted all the conditions presented by Count Alger, there is no way Jugend would accept that position at face value. “I would have to sit down with a proper diplomat and write the contract again from scratch.”

“Now that I think about it, it’s definitely…! No, why didn’t that person know? “He seemed like a guy with a good head.”

Ellahan, who realized one beat before Karen, said.

“Because I didn’t know.”


“For those who don’t know the hero’s identity, the hero is a sword master in his 20s dispatched from the Kingdom of Jugend. As if that wasn’t enough, my sister and I are people who follow around like subordinates? Of course, we have no choice but to view him as a key figure in the kingdom.”

It was accurate.

The Margrave of Alger recognized the three as masters raised in secret by Jugend and greatly overestimated the power of the letter of recommendation written by Leon, whom he recognized as the leader of the group.

Even if I had said on the spot that I would give up my commission, I would have believed it.

“Hero, you really thought about everything until now…?”

“Well, that’s it.”

When Leon answered in a natural way, Karen finally returned to a wide smile and started giggling.

He must have been thinking of the humiliation that the Margrave of Alger would experience.

Leon, who had unintentionally amused the girls, looked back.

The outline of Alger Castle looming in the distance brought back memories of that time.

When I asked El Cid how to deal with someone like the Margrave,

he said, ‘How did you deal with him? I think you’ve experienced this often.’

[huh? There’s nothing special. Just—]

El Cid answered like this.

[I passed it all on. There are a lot of people who are more shameless and more eloquent than me, so why do I have to act like a diplomat?]

It may have sounded irresponsible, but Leon came to a realization after hearing those words. Why should he negotiate directly with the Margrave on behalf of the Kingdom of Jugend?

The role of a warrior is to eradicate evil and protect innocent lives. When it came to things like diplomacy and politics, there were plenty of people who could do them skillfully.

Irexana would definitely understand what he meant. In the not-too-distant future, the Margrave will realize that he has been fooled by his own cunning.

And the importance of Margrave Alger in Leon’s mind ended there.

The story that came next was even more impressive.

―Lian Calem Gladius von Clyde.

The last and only heir to the Clyde Imperial Family.

―If he returned to this country, would he be able to bring down Emperor Guang?

When Leon asked that question, the Margrave thought for a moment, but then answered in a firm voice.

-It’s impossible. Even if it is possible, it will be determined by the amount of power and not by legitimacy or lineage.

-The empire has suffered greatly due to Emperor Guang’s purge and this civil war. In these times, even if you claim to be a member of the royal family of Clyde, you will be criticized for inheriting the same bloodline as Emperor Gwang.

―If there are those who serve the Light Emperor out of loyalty, there is a possibility of appeasement, but to persuade them, we must enter the imperial capital of Carelum. In the process, everyone will eventually die.

―More than anything, if he ascends to the throne, will the Maritime Union of Fermata and Hispania Meryl step down gracefully? Justification is only needed when you first cross the line, and it is of little use if you look for it after you have crossed the line.

Those words were cruel, but more than reasonable.

If people who sacrificed their lives for loyalty were common, this world would be overflowing with the beauty of the relationship between military and god.

That’s probably why I couldn’t find Lian’s name no matter how many times I looked through the rebel information. The question of whether he is the rightful heir or something is a common phrase only among loyal nobles, and a person whose relatives were purged by Emperor Guang would already have hatred for the imperial family deep in his bones.

“…I can’t help it. “I have no choice but to look into the situation between Rihanna and Chloe later.”

Leon concluded by talking to himself, closed his eyes, and then opened them.

Leaving Alzer Castle, the three were heading deep into the territory of the empire. That was the route to enter the capital Karelum in the completely opposite direction from where Cedric was led.

And in several cities at the halfway point, signs blinked due to quests selected by Leon.

“Where was this next city?”

Leon grabbed the hilt of his sword, took out a map, and played with his fingers.

A city 40 kilometers away from Alger Castle.


It was a city with an impressive lake located in the center of the city, and coincidentally, there was a yellow sign on the lake.

The difficulty level is difficult.

It is a quest of the same level as 『Lode Invaders』 solved in Jugend.

Considering that Leon and his team’s skills have advanced further since then, the scale of the incident may have been greater than that time.

“…I guess we should hurry.”

In a situation where there was no time to catch his breath, Leon let out a long sigh without realizing it.

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