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Overpowered Sword Chapter 174

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Level up with swords (174)

The news that Leon had woken up quickly spread.

Al Razaz, who had been struggling with sending back a large number of evacuated tribesmen and mediating the friction that arose in the process, immediately handed over the task to his subordinates and returned to the city of Nuwas.

The tyrant Al Razaz, famous for his reputation as a man, went to such lengths to meet him!

It was a situation that made even people who were unfamiliar with the circumstances of the subjugation war remember Leon’s name. Al Razaz unintentionally increased the value of Leon’s name.

“Hahaha! “My little brother finally woke up!”

Al Razaz ran into his room and said hello.


“Uh-huh! “I told you to call me brother!”

Leon asked back with an embarrassed expression.

“I heard you went far away?”

Then Al Razaz laughed and said.

“I heard that the benefactor and hero of the Great Desert has awakened. Wouldn’t it be nice if I showed my face? “I’m very sorry for not being able to protect you.”

“It can’t be. “I’m even more sorry because I was already busy and it lasted four days.”

“Wow, that’s really humble.”

As Leon politely considered his situation, Al Razaz couldn’t help but feel happy inside.

As the head of the Bedouin tribe, it is absurd for him to stay in his sick bed for several days. However, if I pick it up with my own mouth, it becomes an excuse, and if the other person says it, it becomes a defense.

Al Razaz looked around as he felt that the atmosphere in the room was getting better.

“I can’t see the wolf. “Has it arrived yet?”

“Oh, that’s it…”

It was a story I heard just yesterday.

For some reason, Varg hurried his schedule a bit and returned to the steppe with the beastman elite. They dragged me to the leadership of the 12 tribes, so I have to go back as soon as possible?

In the meantime, Leon also heard Hathi’s words, but he still doesn’t know what ‘I don’t have the courage to see you yet’ means.

El Cid giggled again, but like what happened before, there was nothing helpful to say.

“Indeed, it’s a bit different from us. The 12 tribes can unite around the Fenrir tribe, but are they not mutually dependent? If that’s the case, it’s natural that there will be people who want to take care of their tribe.”

Al Razaz spoke as if he understood him.

In reality, it was just as he said.

Contrary to the title of beast king, the steppe system was far from absolute monarchy. There is no strong person who respects the weak. The reason why Varg and his clan are respected is because their ancestors were strong and have remained strong until the current generation.

The reverence paid to the first Beast King and the strength of the chieftains who succeeded him. It was clear that if even one of the strengths of the Fenrir tribe was lost, their position as the leader would be in jeopardy.

But Leon wasn’t too worried.

‘Well, except for Huracan, I didn’t see anyone who could pose a threat to Varg.’

After reaching the level of Auror Master, Leon was able to see the strength of his opponents more clearly than before.

Varg was stronger than he expected.

Al Rajaz, which we were currently facing, was not easy, but there was a clear difference in the pressure and depth felt through the skin.

The fact that he played a leading role in the fight against Nephrenka was ultimately just a matter of compatibility. It was impossible for Leon, who had just manifested his Auror Blade, to immediately surpass them.

It was then.

“Chief! Are you here!”

At the sound of a voice coming from outside the bedroom, Al Razaz frowned and shouted.

“What’s going on! “I told you not to come looking for me for something trivial!”

“The chief elder said it was urgent business!”

“You’re all like old men who don’t even sleep!”

Even if he was the ‘tyrant’ Al Razaz, he couldn’t just ignore the words of the chief elder.

After spitting out a curse like his temperament, he looked back at Leon.

“Okay, I’m sorry, but I guess I’ll have to go. “If you’re upset over something trivial, I’ll come back soon.”

“It’s okay to come leisurely after work. “I’m not going anywhere right away.”

“Thank you for saying that. Oh, come to think of it.”

Al Razzaz looked in his arms as if something had occurred to him, and handed the two scrolls he had taken out to Leon.

It was a scroll made of parchment, not paper.

Unlike paper, which is easily damaged, it is durable and its only weakness is that it is a humid desert, so most important documents were made with parchment.

Leon didn’t know what it was, so he just blinked.

“What is this?”

“It’s my own sincerity. “Please listen to the ladies for a detailed explanation.”

After tapping his shoulder a few times, Al Razaz walked away with the messenger waiting outside.

And as if to fill the empty space, Ellahan and Karen came into the room. The women, carrying simple snacks, soon discovered scrolls on the bed.

Ellahan said.

“Hero, what about those scrolls?”

“The chief gave it to me as his sacred robe. Do you understand what it is?”

“Oh, that’s it. “I thought it would take a little more time because the matter was a private matter.”

Karen also nodded as if agreeing with those words.

“It wasn’t something that could be concluded in just a few days, but it seems like they rushed it a little because of Leon.”

“So what on earth is that scroll about?”

“Non-aggression pact and mutual cooperation treaty.”


As Leon’s eyes widened at the absurd statement, Karen giggled and opened the first scroll.

Small, tiny letters engraved on parchment.

Leon looked up and down the contents and opened his mouth.

It was worth it.

Karen explained, smiling as if she was satisfied with his reaction.

“If you think about it, the reason we came here in the first place was because of the guild’s request, right? “Conflict mediation between beastmen and nomads.”

“Oh, I did.”

“So, I thought about how to perfectly achieve this request, and this is exactly what came out. Even so, we’ve become quite friendly with each other through this fight, right? “I asked that we make an agreement and put it in writing before that intimacy disappears.”

As a result, the Sui people and the Bedouin people, who had been fighting every few months or as long as several years, signed a non-aggression pact.

The guild’s request to just stop the fight and come back was exceeded by an enormous amount. Not only did he prove his skills in battle with Nephren Ka, but he also had a track record of reconciling the two forces.

The value of this scroll can be said to be physical proof that the guild has no choice but to promote Leon to S rank.

“I didn’t know things would turn out this well.”

Leon honestly expressed his feelings.

Then he pointed to the second scroll and asked.

“If one scroll is a copy of the agreement, what is the other scroll? “I wouldn’t have given you another one out of fear of losing it.”

“well? “You’ll understand when you read it.”

“I’m curious too.”

Soon, the three people sat around the bed, with Leon at the center, and read the second scroll.

It was shorter than the first scroll.

But its weight was enormous.

Leon, who read until the last paragraph, even let out a laugh.

“No, it’s too big of an issue to just say it out of sincerity…?”

“I know. “Both the Beastmen and the Bedouin are sensitive to silver, but I never thought it would come out this big.”

“I think it’s reasonable from my point of view.”

The content of the second scroll was simple.

It was an IOU for Leon that had been personally stamped by Barg and Al Razaz. A certificate to repay this favor on behalf of the Suin and Bedouin tribes.

Not only will they lend their military force, but they will also take the risk of jumping into a big fight like this one.

For Leon, whose only support force was the Holy Church, it had great significance. Although the Holy Iron Chain Knights are powerful, it is difficult to exert influence at a national level because their number is small. However, if the Bedouin and the Beast people are added, the story becomes different.

“The Beast King already knows, and the Chief seems to have figured out who the hero is. “He may have a violent side, but he is not a shallow person, so he must have judged that supporting the warrior would bring both benefit and justification.”


It made sense.

Since the evil cult was plotting to devour all of the deserts and grasslands, it was a natural choice to be on the same side as the warrior who could be said to be their natural enemy.

Leon and Karen were immediately convinced and nodded.

“We will have to deal with many enemies in the future, so let’s think of it as a good thing. “We don’t know how far the roots of the evil cult extend, so there is no harm in our support growing.”

A small elite is good, but in the end, if you want to exert influence on a large scale, you need a force to support that power.

It was like that in this fight alone.

Without the help of the Allied Forces, even if Leon had become a master, it would have been difficult for him to even approach Nephren Ka. He must have fainted when he realized the meaning of limitation in the face of inexhaustible quantities.

If I couldn’t defeat them all on my own like Rodrik, I had to find people to fight alongside me and support me.

“Let’s go back to Jugend.”

For that reason, Leon decided on his next destination.

Kingdom of Jugend.

It was a place they visited once and then left, but they needed to go again in order to be promoted to S rank. In a desert guild with only small branches, the S rank promotion process was blocked, so you had to go to a higher level branch in a big city.

‘El Cid also said something.’

[Yes, I thought well.]

El Cid suddenly intervened.

[Last time, I didn’t think it would be necessary so I just left it alone, but the evil guys moved faster than I expected. I need to pull out all the available means and screw them over.]

‘What on earth are those means?’



[The debt I owed to that guy while I was alive. Since they asked me to pay it back with interest, the amount must have increased enormously.]

Leon was about to listen to the story in more detail, but Ellahan opened his mouth one step ahead of him.

“Anyway, the empire’s movements are unusual these days. I heard that the church headquarters is also discussing sending a cardinal…”

“The Clyde Empire?”

“Your risk level has risen to level 2.”

The level of risk determined by the Holy Church is level 3, which means a catastrophe at the city level and level 2, which means a catastrophe at the national level.

An emergency situation that requires summoning more than half of the castle knights.

It was already like the eve of a typhoon, to the extent that each of the cardinals who reached master level had to be mobilized. It was literally like a powder keg about to explode.

Ellahan continued speaking with a shadowy face.

“Rebellions are constantly occurring in the outer territories of the empire, and rebels and punitive forces are repeatedly plundering and massacring each other. It is said that people caught in between naturally have to choose one side, and territories that express neutrality are targeted by both sides.”


“It’s an abnormal trend. “They don’t take a single step back even though it’s a situation that would make them feel cold, as if someone has instilled malice and madness in them.”

Well-trained soldiers or knights who have devoted most of their lives to fighting can understand this. For them, death was something to be prepared for and something they would experience someday.

But the farmers and woodcutter, who were busy with their own lives, rush at them without fear of death?

It was ridiculous.

“The rebels alone are abnormal, but the imperial family is also strange. “I also heard that most of the nobles who had gone up to the capital upon receiving the emperor’s call had lost any news.”

Leon drew a shocking conclusion from those words.

“…no way!”

“Your church believes they are all dead.”

“why?! “Even if the emperor had absolute power, there would be great resistance if he indiscriminately executed many of the nobles ruling his domain!”

“I just don’t understand that.”

Is it not for nothing that he is not the Emperor Guang?

Even though not only the Holy Church but also powers from all over the continent spied on the empire’s movements, they did not understand the situation.

No, I couldn’t understand.

This was because, even with all my common sense and wisdom, I could not figure out what was in their mind to commit such an atrocity.

“…Once I finish my work in the Kingdom of Jugend, I have to go to the Empire.”

Leon clenched his fists and looked out the window.

blue sky.

Unlike the empire, which must have been filled with death and blood, the sunny sky made his eyes feel cold.

When it comes to the Clyde Imperial Family, there is someone who comes to mind.

Leon became a little frustrated as to where he was and what he was doing.

‘What are you doing, Lian?’

Leon’s golden eyes sparkled with sunlight as he swallowed a complaint that Lian couldn’t hear.

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