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Overpowered Sword Chapter 171

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Level up with swords (171)

‘…It’s over.’

With the holy sword plunged into the man’s heart, Leon barely managed to support his knees and let out a long sigh. Even though he was in the center of the scorching flames, not a single hair of his head was singed.

Sun Sword <Solaris>.

The Aura Blade that appeared in Leon burned only those that he recognized as enemies, just as it recognized its user.

Ammut, Babi, Mnevis, Apis.

As I calmly surrender to the light that burns my rotten body and soul, what had been going crazy returns to rest as if it were a lie.

Although they are said to have been bound to the afterlife by Nephren Ka, they are all spirit creatures and a type of divine beast. They sensed the presence of the sun god Ra from the sun with Nephrenka as firewood, and took advantage of the weakening of his control to end their false lives.

As the demonic beasts, which could be said to be the main force of the undead army, disappeared, the tense balance of the battlefield collapsed in an instant.

【This can’t be…!】

Nephrenka cried out desperately as the sun burned more intensely because of her own curse.

【My power is disappearing…! My kingdom is powerful…!】 This

is a man who sacrificed countless people as living sacrifices to satisfy his greed while alive, and even in death, to avoid judgment, he clung to the body of an evil spirit and avoided falling into Duat.

This death can be said to be a cause and effect.

Flesh melts and bones burn.

The flame reached not only the body but also the realm of the soul, and eventually even transferred to the soul that was contaminated by magic from an external dimension.

【Oh oh…! oh…! Sun…! Is it you again…! Are you once again usurping the glory that should have been given to me…!】

Beyond her fading consciousness, Nephren Ka was visualizing a scene from more than a thousand years ago.

In the past, he lost his throne after being discovered offering sacrifices to foreign gods and had to flee to a distant land. Unable to acknowledge his fall from power, he once again performed an offering ceremony and became the king of death.

There is no need for a subject.

There is no need for the people either.

Only he is great and glorious, and all the rest are good as absolutely obedient slaves. Supporting this nephren car is the only purpose of the undeserved lives given to slaves.

【…Don’t you allow even that! Sun!】

It is arrogant and shallow, mean and petty.

Because his actions led the ancient kingdom, which had prospered for thousands of years, to ruin, he ignores his mistakes and turns his hatred towards the sun.

〈Black Pharaoh〉.

Neprenka’s existence was not erased from history for nothing. Because his very existence was a shame, it was impossible to record that someone who should be revered as the incarnation of the sun was so ugly.

【Then I’m fine too! I will desecrate your light until the end of this unfortunate life!】

Infinite malice soars.

In the fireball that was burning her body fiercely, Nephren Ka stretched out her bare, skeletal hand.

The epicenter of light.

Towards Leon’s eyebrows.

“It’s a mess until the end…!”

That point-blank strike was truly the last struggle.

With the sun embodied in her body, Nephrenka’s soul was torn to pieces like a rag, and the power escaping from her in real time was so enormous that she was even losing the ability to stay in this world.

But his malice went beyond even that limit.

The index finger, sharp as a skewer, slowly stabs Leon’s head as if it were going to pierce it.


Nevertheless, Leon could not avoid it.

When he plunged ‘Solaris’ into Nephren Ka’s heart, he literally used up all his might. Both body and mind have limitations. A finger that could pierce my skull like a sheet of paper was approaching, but I didn’t even have the strength left to tilt my head back.

I couldn’t help it.


It was time to turn over the one card left until the end.


《――I’ve waited a long time, hero!》

A cheerful voice rang out from Leon’s shadow.

Karen was hiding inside from the beginning.

Although she had reached the beginning of becoming an Auror Master, her compatibility with the undead, including Nephren Ka, was truly the worst.

Critical attacks and poisons don’t work, and the Auror Weapon is a temporary solution. 〈Auror Blade〉, which focused on stealth rather than destructive power, had difficulty performing properly in this battle.

That’s why Karen chose this position.

A dagger hidden in your arms.

A position where I can move in place of Leon if the situation arises.

Leon, who didn’t


have the strength to lift a finger, moves his body as he is pulled by Karen’s shadow


I turn the sword that was inserted into the center of my heart.

Raise the diagonally sharp blade vertically.


He cut straight up with all his might from Nephrenka’s heart to the top of his chin.

Due to the shaking, the index finger that was trying to stab him between the eyes lost its place and ended up just fluttering in the air before falling. Only after the head was split from side to side did the light in its eyes become clear.

The light in the eyes that had been extinguished inside the blackened skull flickered at a rapid pace.

【…I will…curse…I will…be cursed…of the sun…】

“It’s noisy.”

Leon spoke in a disdainful voice to the man who, even as he was dying, was only spewing out hatred and resentment toward someone else.

“Go to the bottom of hell, you trash.”

At the same time, Karen’s shadow moved him and cut Nephren Car, which was collapsing, up, down, left and right.

The one that was shattered into pieces was still on fire.

I couldn’t even let out my screams and resentments until I turned into a handful of ash. That trivial and meaningless thing was the end of a ruin that had survived for thousands of years.


Only after Nephren Ka disappeared did Solaris shrink and slowly return to Leon’s heart.

It was right after that.

Damn it! Damn it!

The pyramid summoned to the ground by Nephren Ka, where the unholy power and demonic beasts were pouring out, had dozens of cracks in the structure. Each piece of gold was so large that it could not be blocked by repair work.

Is it because the owner of the pyramid disappeared?

Even though it was deteriorated, the pyramid, which was supposed to serve as a ‘coffin’, seemed to have fulfilled its purpose along with Nephrenka.


Just as it appeared, a crack appeared in the ground and dragged it underground as if swallowing the pyramid.

With that collapse, the undead also met their end.

As the bandages on the mummies come off, the bodies trapped inside fall to the ground one by one, and swarms of scarabs turn their stomachs as they dry out and die.

Undead are beings that violate the providence of this world. It is impossible for a necromancer to even exist for a moment without paying the price or bearing the backlash. This ending was predestined when Nephren Ka was defeated.

“…Did he win?”

someone asked

Starting with those words, the punitive force murmured together.

“I think so.”

“Aren’t there more people waking up?”

“Confirmed. “There’s no fighting sound anymore.”

Leon, who saw them murmuring, eventually raised the holy sword.

Neither Bargh nor Al Razaz.

This was because the people who could be said to be the leaders of each force were all looking at him.

It is his job to declare victory.


As he shouted loudly with what little strength he had left, hundreds of eyes turned to him.

Leon said without flinching from the attention.

“The enemy leader, Nephren Ka, has been defeated! “It’s our victory!”

Was it a coincidence?

The moment he declared victory over the hundreds of punitive forces, the sun began to rise behind him.

The sky brightens from the eastern horizon.

Leon’s appearance, standing with his back to the dawn, looked like that of a hero to anyone’s eyes. People looked at him, forgetting what to say. Thinking back to an old story I heard once or twice in my childhood.

And then they finally realized that they had won.


Because it was a tough fight, the cheers were even stronger.

Survived against tens of thousands of undead. There were people who died or were seriously injured, but at this moment, more than anything else, the joy that came from the victory was full of joy.

The Beastmen and Bedouin tribes embrace each other without fault, and the adventurers who were only going to get money’s worth end up in a state of complete disrepair and make a drinking date with similar castle knights.

Blood oaths are made with blood.

In this difficult fight, they achieved something they might not have been able to achieve even after several years of interaction.

Beast King Barg and Al Rajaz held each other’s hands with bitter smiles. They also felt it intuitively. There won’t be another fight until this generation retires.

It was then.


A majestic voice woke them up.


“Are you still alive…!?”

The punitive forces spread out all at once and surrounded him. However, even though the formation was completed, no one felt relieved.

It had to be that way.

The being who spoke out a moment ago was Anubis, the messenger of the ancient kingdom whom Nephren Ka had summoned. The lower body had already been reduced to ashes, but the upper body and head, which had been torn in half, were still moving and looking at them.

【There is nothing to be cautious about, warriors. I salute your struggles and express my utmost gratitude to Anubis for opening the way back to Duat.】

“Are you free from the bondage of Nephren Ka?”

【As you said, Apostle.】

Anubis’ eyes looked back at Leon.

The way he looked at him was softer than before, and contained a wisdom whose depth was difficult to grasp.

【My foolishness has been detrimental to you, but you have been gracious to me. Therefore, I, Anubis, as the guide of the list, must return a befitting reward.】

Anubis plunged the crescent moon spear into the sand and clasped his hands together while reciting an indescribable spell.

Leon thought about stopping it, but he felt no malice at all, so he stopped. It also looked completely different from when it was controlled by Nephren Ka.

It was a few minutes later.

The crescent moon spear that had been stuck in the ground was suddenly buried in the sand and soon could not be found.

Anubis then explained while blinking his eyes.

【We have restored some of the depleted intellectual power of this land and brought up the water veins buried deep underground to near the surface. For the next 100 years, whenever a damp place is found and sold, an oasis will emerge.】

“What?! “Is that true?!”

Al Razaz spoke with a skeptical look on his face, but Anubis just nodded without saying a word.

Believe it or not, it was a face that said everything was done.

【Apostle who embraces the sun, I will bestow my protection upon you. If you add the stigmata engraved on his body and my protection, the dead will not be able to attack him carelessly.】

There was no reason for Leon to refuse that offer.

“I will accept it gratefully.”

【I wish you good luck in the name of Osiris.】

After leaving a line of congratulations to him, Anubis’ entire body turned into ashes. Unlike Nephren Ka, his soul would have left for Duat, the afterlife where he belonged.

When Anubis disappeared, people finally let go of their tension and sat down.

In the end, it worked out well.

The situation of the Great Desert was at its worst due to Nephrenka, but it gave an opportunity for reconstruction. As the number of oases increases, the food supply will collapse and it will become easier for scattered tribes to unite. In the long run, it was an opportunity to revive even more than before Nephrenka invaded.

‘Well, it seems like my relationship with the beast people has improved quite a bit.’

In addition to Bargh and Al Razaz, many people were talking regardless of faction or race.

I didn’t know it would turn out like this, but isn’t a good thing a good thing?

Leon opened his mouth while thinking like that.

It was slowly reaching its limit.


As soon as he called, Karen’s head popped out.

“what’s the matter?”

“I feel like I’m about to faint. “Would you mind moving your body for me until I return to the village?”

“what? “What?! Just wait a minute!”

“Please… please…”

Leon’s vision had been going dark since before, but he eventually passed the limit and lost consciousness.

But there was a gentle smile on his lips.

Evil was defeated and peace returned to the desert and grasslands.

As a warrior, I somehow played my role.

[Good job, student.]

That was enough.

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