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Overpowered Sword Chapter 17

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Level up with swords (17)

The sun was already setting.

After leaving the academy, Leon literally walked without stopping. Because his thoroughly trained body did not flinch from that level of abuse, it was possible for him to cover the distance that would have taken an average person a full day in half a day.

Leon, who was looking at the map, soon stopped.

‘If we go any further from here, it’s still a forest… I guess I’ll have to walk a whole day to get through it.’

I am a little reluctant to camp in the woods.

Visibility in the dark forest was short, and nocturnal beasts and monsters were bound to wander around. Even if you are an experienced hunter, it is not a place for an outsider to set foot in.

Even if you don’t have direct experience, you know the logic.

Leon studied the surrounding terrain, just as he had learned at the academy, found a place where he would not be surprised, and made a bonfire.

Tap, crackle.

The sound of dry tree branches breaking was heard.

There was no one there, so far from the city, and this bonfire was of little use against the darkness of the night. Nevertheless, that warmth is the power that protects travelers.

Leon spread the blanket he took out of his backpack on the ground and sat on it to bask in the heat of the campfire.

“…Somehow I feel a little more at ease.”

The starlight pouring down from the night sky opens your eyes.

Unlike the forest where darkness seemed to have opened its mouth, the path he passed was peaceful. The void, with nothing reaching the horizon, was so leisurely that it seemed to embrace anyone.

There was also a voice that echoed that sentiment.

[Now that you think about it, is this your first experience camping? If it happens too often, it will only make sleeping uncomfortable, but the first time is always special.]

“Did you do that too?”

[of course! When I left my hometown and crossed the red wilderness, I looked up at the night sky as usual and how beautiful it was. I wonder if he even remembers that it was a crescent moon that rose that day.]

El Cid’s emotions are conveyed.

Holy King Rodrik.

One of the greatest heroes in human history also had similar experiences. A crescent moon hung like the smile of a goddess in the night sky as seen from the red wilderness. A memory that still remains today, more than 300 years ago.

After thinking that far, Leon focused his mind on the back of his left hand with an unknown impulse.


A holy sword appeared with a brilliant light.

It’s closer to a work of art than a weapon, and the golden sword’s body is enough to make even the darkness of the night take a few steps back. I wasn’t allowed to call them carelessly inside the academy, but in the current situation, it was probably a good thing.

The sword, which revealed itself for the first time in a long time, raised its voice.

[What? Are you thinking about doing some stabbing at night?]

Leon was about to say no to that, but quickly changed his mind. Because I needed to get used to using El Cid.

“Can I take a swing at it?”

[Do whatever you feel like. [Don’t ask me questions one by one.]


Leon took a stance a few steps away from the bonfire and quickly calmed his breathing.

Although it was not to the point of going into a trance like during the duel with Lian, the depth of concentration was considerable. Now, even if I get stung by a bee, my composure will not be shaken.

It was right after that.


The holy sword that hit the rock wall bounced loudly.

Both hands were quite numb from the recoil, but Leon straightened his posture without showing any sign.

But before he can move any further,

[Hey! What is this all of a sudden, man! Have you got any complaints against me? Then say it with words!]


Leon said with a puzzled expression at the reprimand.

“No, a famous sword can split a rock, right? “Why are you so surprised?”

[The baseless hero novels are ruining children’s education!]

El Cid scolded him with sincere lament.

[you idiot! If there are really swords that can cut hair or cut rocks like butter just by placing them on the blade, which sheath should they be put in? How will the days go by and how do you manage them? The whetstone and the fingers will all be cut off!]

“…That’s what I heard.”

It was a reasonable point.

Leon, who was embarrassed and scratched the back of his head, asked back.

“So, are you saying that the power of the famous swords I gave as examples are all exaggerated or just rumors?”

[Well, it’s not all bullshit.]

There is always a cause for any result.

And most legends are created through the mouths of eyewitnesses, not those involved. These are rumors picked up based on interest without any special understanding of martial arts or magic.

El Cid explained the gap between the two.

[There definitely exists a sword that can cut through rock or metal. However, the sharpness is not the sword itself, but the aura amplified by the sword or the activation effect of the magic formula built into the sword. No matter how well made a sword is, it cannot cut a rock with pure energy!]

“Is that so.”

[I don’t know if your strength is like that of a troll, but that’s not it either. The sharpness of the holy sword itself is said to be comparable to that of a razor.]

In fact, that alone was impressive enough.

In general, the sharpness of a sword is often inversely proportional to its size. The thinly forged knife was sharper, as if a razor or medical dagger could cut flesh with just a brush.

It seemed absurd that a long sword like El Cid could be as sharp as a razor.

“It’s a razor… So what’s its durability?”

[I don’t know.]

El Cid thought for a moment and then trailed off.

[Even with the dragon breath, all I could do was scorch it, and even I, in my prime, couldn’t break it. It must be at a level that cannot be measured, right?]

“No, wait a minute!”

Leon was horrified when he heard the absurd sound.

“Why did you try to break the holy sword?!”

[The goddess kept nagging me. Unlike you, I used the holy sword to communicate with the goddess. But that damn woman woke me up every 6 a.m. and kept telling me to move to a dangerous place, so my patience eventually ran out. Ah, I get angry even thinking about it again.]


Leon’s eyes rotted at the dark history he never wanted to know that there was such an inside story in the heroic story of Saint King Roderick.

A warrior who calls the goddess a damn woman.

A goddess who nags a hero.

It was a story where there was no dream or hope.



That was then.

El Cid, who was gossiping about the goddess, stopped talking, and Leon also stopped breathing to come to his senses.

There is a sign approaching from beyond the forest.

El Cid said as if everything went well.

[Is it practical as soon as it comes out? It’s a good opportunity. Try it once.]

“…That should do it.”

Leon turned off El Cid’s light first. Because in the darkness, the light of the holy sword is only a target.

Then, I walked away from the campfire at a brisk pace and entered the forest, avoiding the approaching direction. Although thick darkness obscures my eyes, I can distinguish the shapes of objects.

Leon hid himself after a few steps and waited for his time.


After a while, small shadows appeared.

There are seven moving figures.

It was hard to see because of the darkness, but experienced hunters are said to see their prey in shape, not color. This was also possible for Leon, who had learned <Rodrick’s method>.

‘Is it also a goblin?’

He is about 1m tall and has pointed ears.

A snickering sound like a sneer is also a characteristic of goblins. Leon hid behind a tree and went behind them. Although goblins have good night vision, they do not have a great sense of smell or hearing.

Maybe that’s why they were only looking at the bonfire, and Leon, who easily took over behind them, raised his sword.

‘It would be ideal to eliminate them one by one, but…’

This is not possible for Leon, who is not an assassin. The best thing to do was to kill as many enemies as possible.

Leon made up his mind and rushed forward like a gale.


At the same time, two heads came to mind.

One hit, two kills.

The necks of two goblins were cut off by a strong horizontal slash. The group of goblins who had lost their two comrades looked back in shock, and Leon was just as surprised by the result.

This is because El Cid’s power was beyond imagination.

‘what? ‘You hear amazingly well!’

Of course, the goblin’s body was weak, but there was no resistance even after cutting two goblins across the neck. It felt like I had cut a thin piece of leather or paper.

However, even for a moment, Leon was taken aback by the touch and calmly moved towards his next enemy.


Goblins attack with threatening screams.

The guy with the dagger took the lead, and the guy with the spear and the guy with the blowgun followed him.

The other two were obscured by them and were hard to see.

‘You have to look wider and farther.’

Unlike the Academy, it is not a one-on-one fight. If you get distracted by one guy, you could end up in trouble afterwards.

Among them, the guy with the blowgun is especially dangerous.

Goblins are weak monsters, but their poisonous stings are so powerful that they can be eaten by even large beasts of prey. If even one foot gets stuck in your bare skin, you won’t be able to last long and will lose consciousness.


The body is cut in half along with the arm holding the dagger.

Blood and intestines poured out. As I avoided it and took a step to the left, a goblin holding a spear charged at me.

Stinging is no big deal.

Leon’s wide field of vision was focused on the guy hiding behind him, aiming his blowgun at him. The moment I parted the head while brushing the window, the tip flashed briefly.

Pit –

At the same time, twist your body to avoid it.

Avoiding it itself is not difficult. It was just dangerous to be caught off guard. The power of a blowgun depends on lung capacity, but goblins were much weaker than humans. The range was about 10 meters at most to be able to shoot well.

Leon didn’t wait for the second shot and rushed in, splitting the embarrassed guy vertically.

‘This makes five.’

The rest are two.

The guy who looked like the leader and the guy with the blow gun remained. Leon took a step forward while shaking off the dirt that stuck to his sword.

I saw the power of a wind gun once.

The only remaining variable was the strength of the leader.

‘The weapon is a sword. He was a size larger than the others and had reddish skin. Are we on the verge of evolving into Hob?’

But his fate ended here.

The moment a ray of moonlight came down between the tree branches, Leon’s legs quickly kicked the ground.


The leader reacted and fired a stab, but Leon easily dodged and aimed at the guy holding the blowgun.

Could it be that he didn’t know that he would try to kill himself first?

The goblin, who couldn’t even fire his blowgun, was cut to pieces with a single blow. As blood spurted out along with a foul smell, the leader, who had lost all his men, rushed in with red eyes shining.

“Are you stupid?”

Leon countered the charge with a sour face.

A downward slash that relies solely on strength.

He casually blocks that sloppy sword strike and counterattacks before his shaken body can regain its balance.

From the right collarbone to the left side. The head goblin, who was cut in two diagonally, was unable to even scream and fell into a ball. The midnight battle ended that way.


It was an easier fight than I thought.

Leon, who had annihilated seven goblins in just 10 seconds, looked down at the holy sword in his left hand.

Despite being soaked in goblin blood and filth, its majesty is not hidden at all. The sword was meant to cut down life, and the holy sword was meant to cut down evil beings. It could also be said that it was only faithful to its original purpose.


And El Cid made his sword body shine like the sun and erased all the dirt on his body.

Would it be more accurate to say that it was purified?

El Cid said, looking neat as always.

[40 points.]


[40 points out of 100. That’s my grade.]

Leon stiffened at the unexpected failing grade.

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