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Overpowered Sword Chapter 164

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Level up with the sword (164)


A loud noise sounds as if the earth is turning over, and shock waves rip through the area. Even a fortress renowned for its strength would not be safe from this attack.

〈Black Pharaoh〉 The ground under Nephren Ka’s feet gave out in a circular shape, digging dozens of meters into the ground.

Kill with one strike!

It is such a destructive force that even an ogre would not have left a single piece of flesh behind.


Nevertheless, Nephrenka ended up just groaning in embarrassment and staggering around a bit.

For a human being, would that be equivalent to getting slapped in the face?

Although the damage wasn’t zero, it wasn’t that big, and the only thing I was surprised about was the sudden blow. Because it is in a different realm from mortals, it is difficult to defeat even with overwhelming physical power.

But that wasn’t Ellahan’s goal either.

“Goddess, punish that ungodly man!”

The moment Seongcheolsoe hits Nephrenka’s main body, the ‘Shin Punishment’ gun opens and takes aim at him.

〈God Punishment〉.

The light flowing from the heavenly world where the goddess resides is focused and aimed at a point on the earth’s surface. If it were a righteous life, it would be nothing more than a warm light, but in the body of someone who had been corrupted by external methods, it was a flash more intense than a furnace.

With no time to dodge or block, the sky opened up and a pillar of light fell from within and struck him.


Unlike the first attack, the light of the Divine Punishment was fatal even to that guy.

Nephrenka withdrew her hand from Leon and desperately wrapped it around her head. Hundreds of thousands of scarab beetles are throwing their bodies like crazy towards the brilliance of divine punishment.

As light and darkness fiercely bit each other, accompanied by the stench of burning rotten meat, Ellahan quickly picked up Leon and started running.

“Hero! Are you okay?!”

Leon, who opened his eyes at the sound of her voice, muttered.


“yes! “I am Ellahan, the warrior’s saintess!”

“…I…this place…is he…?”

Even with unclear consciousness, I did not forget what I had to do.

A body that is completely ruined.

Heartbeat slowed down due to massive bleeding.

For some reason, Ellahan’s eyes grew hot at the sight of that pitiful yet unforgettable sight, so he shook his head once before answering.

“Thanks to the hero’s efforts, everyone is safe! The cooperation between the two Bedouin refugees was also successful!”

“Thank goodness…”

“Both King Bargh and Al Rajaz fully cooperated! Talented people dispatched from guilds and churches have also gathered, so please rest assured! “I will take you to a safe place!”

Leon couldn’t even answer that question and just nodded.

I didn’t even have the strength to raise my voice.

The heat that could be felt even through the armor and the swirling breath near his face convinced him of Ellahan’s presence. She could barely feel relieved that it was real and not a hallucination or something.

Ellahan, who activated the <Sacred Barrier> at full power, accelerated several times and retreated from Nephren Ka.

Mobility that exceeds the speed of sound by almost twice the instantaneous speed.


【…cheeky! How dare you steal the sacrifice chosen by this Pharaoh!】

Even while being hit by the light pouring down from the sky, Nephren Ka persistently aimed at Leon. This was because he possessed both ‘sun’ and ‘sacred power’ and could be a real threat to him.

The scarabs that block the light are left alone and the rest of their power is used to move the darkness.

Three Apophis creatures quickly attacked the two.

“It sucks!”

Ellahan could not ignore the threat and turned around. She might have been alone, but Leon, who was completely devastated, was with her. The barrier of the <Sacred Barrier> cannot completely protect the two people.

Stop your feet and turn the Seongcheolswae with one hand.

Like a top, like a whirlpool.

When he turned the huge hammer using his fingers, wrists and elbows, a golden whirlwind arose.


An Apophis creature jumped into it without any fear and boom


My head exploded with a single blow.

The other two probably flinched at the sight, so they did not approach the golden vortex and just wandered around.

There is a lull.

It is difficult for even Ellahan to completely block two enemies with Seongcheolsae held with one hand, so this rotation must be maintained. Conversely, the Apophis fluids had to wait until their rotation stopped.

There are three factors that can change this situation.

Either the rotation of the Seongcheolsae will stop or the Apophis will attack.

“…I wanted to take you there, but I can’t help it.”

Ellahan looked away with a regretful expression.

If either party is unable to change their stance, a third party can intervene.

A shadow stirred where the gaze was directed.


She moved before the Apophis fluids could react. The human-shaped shadow takes Leon over to Ellahan at an incredible speed and flies away hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye.

It would be a waste to say that Assassin Master Karen’s full speed was literally fast.

However, Neprenka’s reaction speed was faster than that.

【You think you’ll miss it!】

Four more Apophis creatures were summoned along with the arm he was swinging in a fit. Since it was written while preventing divine punishment, the burden would have been greater, but it was based on the feeling that Leon should not be lost.

Ellahan hurriedly adjusted the Seongcheolsae.

Then, using the power that had been used to rotate it just before, it struck the center of the Apophis, which had grown to a total of six.


Three of them got caught up in it and were counter-summoned, but the other three bypassed it and attacked Karen.

A snake that swims in space regardless of physical resistance.

Even Karen, who had entered the realm of speed, caught up in just a few seconds and soon the mouths of the three birds were wide open. It’s big enough to swallow up a mansion!

Quad deud deuk.

It was a moment.

Three maws bit into the ground where Karen and she had stayed, leaving only large marks and devouring them.

What is swallowed by Apophis falls into the stomach of another dimension. A hell-like space where humans cannot survive even for a moment. Nephren Ka laughed bitterly at the sight.

【It’s a shame I couldn’t make you a slave, but it’s okay because I killed you. Now the odds of victory for you guys are—】

That was right then.

The bodies of the three Apophis suddenly swelled up, and then

puffed out!

It exploded as if gunpowder had been swallowed.

Only then did Nephrenka find out.

This means that the vitality of the two people who were thought to have been devoured by the familiars has already gone several kilometers away.

Karen, carrying Leon on her back, smiled.

“How do you think the taste of my shadow is a bit thrilling?”

Oh’s 〈Lion’s Contemplation of the Lion’s Body〉.

Karen threw out a shadow that resembled the shape of two people as bait and ran away at that moment.

Nephrenka was furious at her words, but that was it.

Ellahan pointed his sword at his face and shouted.

“Go away, you filthy thing! “Recognize that your time for being foolish is already over!”

The sun rising behind her pushed away the darkness and the sky turned blue and glared at him.

It was dawn.

Nephrenka saw that and trembled.

The light of divine punishment and the mortals who were fooled by him.

The hatred for all living things turned towards the rising sun in the distance.

【Okay, you bastards. You saved my life.】

Even though his eyeballs were burning, he continued to stare at the sun until the end and began to retreat towards the western horizon.

The darkness that had spread across heaven and earth is lifted, and the world that had been eroded by the power of the ‘Black Pharaoh’ returns to its original state.

And Nephrenka declared war in a voice distorted by hatred.

【Enjoy your last day. I will be your death.】

His presence is getting further away.

Ellahan glared at him until the end and turned around only after confirming that he had completely left.

The face that was expressionless due to fighting spirit and anger finally finds color.

“…You’re immature.”

Even though the Transcendant was defeated, the evaluation was self-deprecating.

“Even though I used ‘God Punishment’, I couldn’t even tie my feet, giving way to a familiar. “This is the only way to be disqualified from becoming a saint.”

However, contrary to words, both eyes are burning.

Next time will be different from now.

Ellahan, who swore to himself, hurried his steps.

A distance of several tens of kilometers is nothing. She was the one who realized the threat facing Leon and ran ahead of anyone else. Although I didn’t sleep a wink for three days, I had long since forgotten about the fatigue.

‘Compared to the hero, this much!’

As I followed Karen’s footsteps, a group of people appeared over the horizon.

They are renowned elite beastmen from the 12 tribes.

These warriors can be said to be the best of the Bedouin tribe.

Adventurers who accepted the guild’s request.

The castle knights were dispatched at Ellahan’s request.

Faces that were too unnatural to gather in one place formed a circular formation centered on one person.

“sister! Mr. Leon…”

“It’s okay. “I just fell asleep.”

Karen stroked Leon’s hair on her lap and saw him surrounded by the light of the holy law.

Even though I was pouring out recovery methods, there was no improvement.

How he endured the past few days was so miserable that you could tell just by looking at his body. It is said that the amount of blood shed from the four places where the bones were cut out enough to expose would have been enough for an average person to die ten times over.

“Last name…no, Sister Ella.”

The Seongcheolsaegi knight who approached cautiously whispered.

“This is him…?”

“yes that’s right.”

Ellahan said as he added his hand to Leon’s recovery method.

At the same time, the Seongcheolsae Knights opened their eyes wide.

In the spirit of saving his own life, he musters up every last bit of his holy power that he had already poured into it.

Al Razaz said as he looked at the increasingly intense light.

“―You have a ridiculous amount of debt.”

For nomads, money is like life.

If you are an enemy, you must kill him even if it means throwing away your life, and if you are a benefactor, you must save him even if it means throwing away your life.

So what about the debt that saved the entire clan?

Al Razaz clenched his fists as he looked down at the wounded, very young man. I never thought that as the head of a clan, I would hand over that responsibility to someone else.

I was almost ashamed of my life as a sword master.

‘After all, you are his descendant. Brave and noble.’

Varg smiled.

It could be felt several kilometers away.

There is an unbelievable monster. If you fight alone, you will only die. However, the warrior who had survived alone for several days against that monster was now lying in front of me.

Neither worried nor thankful. The feeling that filled Barg’s heart was pride. I felt like screaming even though no one was listening to me saying that I had a pulse like this man.

“Anyway, you only take on roles that result in losses.”

Karen smiled bitterly as if there was nothing she could do and touched Leon’s cheek. Thanks to his holy power, his once smooth skin became rough, like untreated rawhide.

Even in that short period of time when I was carrying him and running away, I felt death creeping up my back several times. Running away with it hanging on her back for several days was a feat that even Karen had no confidence in doing.

“…Thank goodness…it’s not too late…”

Ellahan sobbed as he held on to that scarred hand.

If he was even one minute late, he would have died.

Without Revelation, she was late.

When he faced Ethan, who was trying to grab him right in front of him, Ellahan did not feel alive. The sense of reality that finally came made her shed tears.

It was truly a strange sight.

The Beastmen tribe, the Bedouin tribe, and the Holy Church.

Members of a group who have nothing in common show their respect politely. Only the adventurers who didn’t know much about the situation stood there with puzzled expressions.

“Not yet. It’s not over yet.”

someone said

“It’s tonight.”

Someone answered.

It was as he said.

Tonight was the only day to defeat Nephren Ka.

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