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Overpowered Sword Chapter 160

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Level up with swords (160)

Leon’s eyes widened at the incomprehensible behavior.

The sword hanging from his waist swings to the sound of laughter.

Leon was just confused as to why he was smiling like that as soon as he saw him.

‘It seems like this person is the chief of the Bedouin people…’

The head of the Bedouin people <tyrant> Al Razaz.

The reason the beastmen did not invade the desert was because they had nothing to gain from their victory, but the existence of a sword master who could fight on equal footing with the beast king also played a role.

Literally, all couples are unjust.

Depending on the situation, the Bedouin tribe had one asymmetrical force capable of annihilating the legion alone.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! As expected, heaven has not abandoned me, Al Razaz! Welcome, distinguished guest! “I didn’t know that the rope would come down from an unexpected place!”

It was Leon who received an unexpected welcome.

He asked, lowering his hand from the sword hilt.

“Do you know me?”

“No, I have no idea!”

It was a bold and shameless answer.

In front of Leon, who was speechless because of the absurdity, Al Razaz approached without hesitation and looked at Jahar next to him.

As soon as Jahar caught his gaze, he immediately prostrated himself.

“Musa Zahar has now returned after carrying out the commands given to him!”

“Stand up!”

Al Razaz, who helped him up, spoke cheerfully.

“Jahar, I didn’t know that you would make such a big contribution in the mission I was sent to take care of your body! Just a moment ago, it was so dark that I couldn’t see an inch in front of me, but as soon as I saw the person you brought, my vision became clear. “You are the pride of the clan!”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Go back to the barracks and lie down. “I will take care of the guests.”

Jahar was at a loss as he didn’t know what to do with those words, but then he lowered his head and left the place. Even Jahar, who was famous for being stiff-necked in front of elders, was no different from a gentle sheep in front of Al Lazar.

Al Razaz, the only two men, spoke with a smile still on his face.

“That’s interesting.”


“You are a young man who has not yet reached the level of master and can freely use the <Aura Body>? “No matter how narrow the desert is, talented people like you are not common outside of the country.”

“What if you say Auror body…?”

“Those are the golden wings you showed me a moment ago.”

Only then did Leon realize.

The strength he learned from El Cid, telekinesis, was put into practice from the very beginning. Accordingly, the words and concepts used to classify elements that belong to the derivative concept of telekinesis were bound to be different.


A second body and power that only an Aura Master can manifest.

“Interesting. “My intuition tells me that you are the one who can open the way for our clan.”

“You haven’t told me anything, so you’re saying you’ll trust me based on a gut feeling?”

“ha ha ha! “As a foreigner, you don’t know me very well?”

Al Razaz heard his rebuttal and laughed cheerfully.

“Anyone who was born and raised in the desert knows my story. I was the one who escaped from Antrion’s nest with a single intuition, went through three sandstorms, and defeated the leader of the Saka tribe by myself. “You could say that my intuition is not just a ‘feeling’ but something close to foresight.”

If you look at it rationally, it was nonsense, but if it came from the mouth of an Auror Master, it was worth thinking about again.

A transcendent person who goes beyond the framework of living things.

Even though El Cid downgraded the masters of the current era as ‘half-penny’, his abilities could not be underestimated. If Al Razaz’s <Auror skill> is related to foresight, he was a being who could instinctively find the correct answer.

“Hmm, are the old people coming?”

At that time, Al Razaz muttered in an uninteresting tone.

Then he looked back at Leon and grinned.

“Distinguished guest, what is your name?”

“I am Leon, an adventurer from the guild.”

“Lion is a good name. I need to ask for consent before talking. We don’t have much time. “Isn’t that right?”

“…That’s right.”

Leon did not know the intention of those words, but since it was true that there was not enough time, he calmly accepted.

Al Razaz then said, pointing behind himself.

“Do you see the old men coming up behind me?”

“I can see it.”

“The elders in our clan are all hard-headed and always bring up principles and laws. Even if you offer to help me, you might doubt your true intentions or try to hold me back. “You can’t trust outsiders or something like that.”

“So,” said Al Razaz, laughing wildly.

“Show me your power.”

Before he knew it, Al Razaz’s left hand was grasping the hilt of the sword.

When Leon recognized this, he leapt three steps back and pulled out the holy sword. The reaction was faster than I thought.

Otherwise you will die.

The mind and body trained as a warrior pushed my back.


“hmm? Something.”

“Please be honest.”

Leon looked into his eyes and smiled bitterly.

<tyrant> Al Razaz.

The pinnacle of the Bedouin tribe, who had the appearance of a young man as expected of an Auror Master, was more childlike than one could imagine.

“Those are all excuses, right?”


Al-Rajaz, who discovered his true intentions, responded by firing.

“Well, about 90.”

There was no one among the Bedouin who could challenge his authority.

Even if you use a military demonstration, it’s good if it goes well, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s just okay. The Sword Master, who stood at the peak of the Great Desert decades ago and was stopped by even challengers, knew it but pretended not to notice it.

Only to solve your own interest and desire to win!

“Let’s finish with one sum.”

“I’m sorry I’m not mature enough.”

“Then I will consider it as a debt.”

“For a young man, you’re quite shrewd.”

While making small talk without much substance, the two slowly gained momentum. A hundred meters in diameter presses down on you with such heavy pressure that people approaching you stop without realizing it.

One day at a time.

It was a head-to-head match where the strongest and biggest blows clashed without the need for a fight.


Leon, seeing Al Razaz’s stance, calmed his breathing.

The top is the simplest and most powerful.

Slash down the sword raised above your head. Even though that is all, it creates destructive power that can decide the game with one blow.

There is no need to say more if it is the top of the Sword Master.

Nevertheless, Leon did not worry about the number.

‘Fight back.’

Like Al Razaz, he too welcomed this opportunity. As a swordsman who can fight a sword master without risking his life, this is the moment when I can’t help but roll my eyes.

Leon raised his sword without hesitation.

The posture is perfectly identical, as if it were a mirror. The two top prosecutors glared at each other.

It was a moment.

A faint ray of wind seeped in from beyond the tightly stretched space and crossed the border between the two.


Leon moved first.

I took a step forward with the momentum of driving the soles of my feet into the ground and slashed the sword I had raised with all my might.

A golden slash erupted following its trajectory.


a heavenly eclipse,

splits the heavens and the earth from left to right!

Al Razaz moved belatedly, as if the golden light was advancing and confronting the light in the slowest time.

No, the expression “moved” is not accurate.

It would be more correct to say that it ‘appeared’.


Leon’s eyelids slowly rolled up.

Before the reaction could even finish, ‘it’ appeared.

The knife held in both hands on an upper body covered with rock-like muscles is the same machete as Al Razaz.

A translucent giant with only the upper body floating. Upon closer


of the Djinn of Al-Razzaz,

its body is made up of aura and wind so dense that they can be visualized, and has the destructive power to turn all matter it touches into dust. I had it.

It was truly a storm giant.

As the elemental body containing tremendous power moved along with Al Rajaz’s movements, the atmosphere of hundreds of meters was turned upside down in its wake, and it let out an ear-piercing roar.

Crumbling rumbling――!!

I just hit the sword vertically, but a storm rages.

As the storm blade struck <Dube>’s sword light, the momentum of the light that had been advancing without hesitation was greatly reduced.

You can block the <Seven Star Sword> with a single sword strike?

A golden slash exploded before Leon’s astonished eyes.


As the sword light of <Dube> dispersed with a sharp noise, the storm giant also disappeared as if melting into thin air.


That was the ending.

As the pressure of the decisive battle around the vacant lot disappears, the wind that had stopped blowing begins to blow coolly. Although no one was seriously injured or pushed, the outcome was clear.

“I lost.”

Leon obediently admitted while sharpening his sword.

Although they had some spare power, including <Icarus Wing>, the situation was the same for the other party. I just summoned the spirit body and struck it down, but the <Seven Star Sword> was pushed back.

This is the Sword Master.

The power of a strong man who can look down on the world with just a sword.

“No, it was a great swordsmanship. As it is, it won’t be done in one go. “I didn’t even use the <Auror Body>.”

Al Razaz said in a humorless voice. Immediately after the clash, the excitement and fighting spirit that had not subsided were subtly visible.

“It’s a shame I’m not your enemy.”

“I am the opposite.”

“I guess I didn’t feel like it this time.”

Al Razaz must have relaxed at Leon’s weak voice and turned around, sharpening the sword in his left hand.

As a result, his intention worked perfectly.

Bedouin elders who followed him here.

They were astonished by the clash between Al Razaz and Leon, and their complexions turned pale. They seemed like strangers and strangers, and had no intention of questioning them. Al Razaz, with a boyish smile on his face, shouted.

“Did you see it!”

The warriors who watched the clash unable to breathe, and the elders who sat down without the strength to stand, only blinked their eyes.

Anyway, Al Razaz’s words continued.

“This man is the distinguished guest brought by Musa Zahar! “I am Leon, the warrior of warriors, who will join us in defeating the scourge of the desert!”

The air in Amar is heating up due to incitement that is not instigation.

The warrior who withstood the blow of the Bedouin’s living legend <tyrant> was worthy of praise in itself.

In this situation, no one would doubt his identity.

If you look at the results alone, it wasn’t bad.

‘This is the Sword Master.’

Leon looked at Al Razaz’s back and looked at his palm.

I was reminded of the moment when the <Dube>, which I had fired with all my heart, was shattered by a single blow, and the aftereffects pounded my body.

The difference in power was clear.

Even if he mobilized four stigmata and took out <Icarus Wing>, he would still lose in the end.


“…It’s not that far away.”

Gaining confidence, Leon clenched his fists.

* * *

The Bedouin barracks were truly diverse.

Some were simply made of cloth and leather, while others were more ornately decorated using metal. The barracks, which were framed with monster bones, were even hideous in shape.

Among them, Chief Al Razaz’s was by far the largest.

Desert monsters, decorations made of all kinds of precious metals, and even relics of the Saka people who fought against the Bedouin people decades ago.

The meeting that Leon was involved in was held in the barracks.


Al Razaz’s eyes lit up.

“Not only the Sacred Church and Guilds, but also the Beast People? “It’s been a while since I’ve been able to see the Beast King’s face.”

“You’re not trying to fight, are you?”

“I feel like it, but…”

Al Razaz shook his head, shrugging his shoulders as if he had some sense even if he were a <tyrant.>

“Let’s put it off for another opportunity.”

At those words, the elders all let out a long sigh.

Leon almost felt sympathy for their reactions. How much suffering do you have to endure on a normal day to make you laugh and laugh like that?

It was not uncommon for people to hold their stomachs as if they were sore.

Al Razaz said:

“If you follow your suggestion, there will be no problem if we retreat all the way to the grasslands. “The beastmen managed to allow it.”


Leon was unable to answer that he had given in to a duel because he did not listen.

It was then.

The words that Leon didn’t expect came out.

“I was already bothered by the monsters that ‘the guy’ was spraying, but it’s good. “Each one of them is nothing special, but they won’t die even if you kill them, so it’s difficult to deal with them.”

“…Wait a minute, you mean monsters?”

“hmm? “Didn’t you know? If the ‘bastard’ had continued to act for a short period of time, the damage wouldn’t have increased so quickly.”

Al Razaz said as he got up.

“I’ve captured some, would you like to take a look?”

What Leon would say was decided from the beginning.

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