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Overpowered Sword Chapter 156

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Level up with swords (156)


If we were to interpret the meaning directly, it could be said to ‘put thoughts to sleep,’ but it should not be interpreted that way. The only thing that needs to be put to sleep is the distracting thoughts or distractions that disturb the true nature, and the thoughts themselves have to be deeply quieted by closing even the five senses.

So, meditation can also be interpreted as ‘think deeply’. I started by finding a quiet place, closing my eyes, and cutting off all external stimulation.

Of course, if you can handle yourself well, you won’t have any problems anywhere.


As the thoughts that were chattering noisily in Leon’s mind cleared away, only silence and darkness remained in the void.

Like a night sky without a single star.

Like the bottom of the deep sea where even the ocean currents have stopped moving.

Entering the inner world was not only the privilege of wizards. Martial arts workers were also possible and necessary.

Thinking about it like that, an old memory came to mind.

―Just as one does not ignore movement by focusing on stillness in magic, martial arts also need to focus on static training methods to reach a higher level. If you only focus on practicing Dong, the movements may become big and flashy, but they will lose depth.

El Cid has always been like that.

He helps him by talking about it as if it’s no big deal and remembering things that have passed in the past at important moments. El Cid’s voice rang out from a distant memory, as if guiding Leon as he wandered aimlessly.


In his mind where he couldn’t see an inch ahead, that voice illuminated his path like clear starlight.

Since when did it start?

Leon was walking towards an unknown place.

―Are you saying that the value of the country is under the world? It’s a bit different from that, but it’s the same with dealing with imagery. You can’t discuss the world outside your body when you can’t even deal with yourself. Your telekinesis is the basic of all basics. To advance to a deeper level, you must first know yourself (nosce te ipsum).

Know thyself.

I don’t know who said it, but it was a fairly famous proverb.

When I first heard that, I thought it wouldn’t be difficult. It was inevitable that Leon would shake off the lingering feelings of inferiority and feelings of inferiority he had harbored for several years upon leaving the Academy.

What remained vague was also able to be overcome by overcoming adversity several times.

‘Yes, I have overcome my past.’

I’ve been thinking…

《――I want to throw it all away.》

Until I stopped at the sound of a voice coming from somewhere.

‘no way.’

Leon realized who made that voice. There was no room for misunderstanding.

So I didn’t want to look back.

I didn’t want to look directly at the shabby-looking boy sitting down less than a few meters away.

The moment your mind, which was calm like a lake, begins to ripple

– do not ignore your weakness.

There was a voice that corrected his mind.

-Being weak doesn’t mean you’re bad, and being strong doesn’t mean you’re good. Only when there is a soft part can the strong part demonstrate its power. Accept your weaknesses and use them as the foundation for your strength. If you do not know fear, you cannot develop courage.

‘Isn’t not knowing fear courage?’

-That’s a guy with a swollen liver.

Leon, recalling old memories, burst into laughter.

‘I guess my liver isn’t swollen.’

My mind, which had become calm thanks to El Cid’s advice, starts to tremble again when I try to look back.

Still, it was much better than before.

After taking a deep breath to prepare your mind.

Leon looked behind himself.

“I want to quit.”

He was there.

《There is no point in continuing to do this for several years.》

I sat down on the floor with my broken wooden sword thrown on the ground and put my head between my knees.

Lost in meaningless efforts and repeated defeats.

《I’m not special…》

Academy uniform.

Shorter hair than he is now.

My self from a few years ago was sitting there, having reached my limits with a tattered body and mind.

He let out a sobbing, wet voice.

“I wish I had been born as a nobleman.”

Each word pierced my lungs and heart.

It hurts even more because it was my own thought.

The words I thought and swallowed in my mind because I couldn’t tell anyone were overflowing from my self from a few years ago.

《I wish I was more handsome than Lian, I wish I was a genius in swordsmanship, I wish there was no one better than me…》

The past, which covered his weakness with a thick lid because he thought it was just ugly, stabs him sharply. Even in my inner world, the duality that was hidden deepest within me arose.

There was a man who said that hard work would be rewarded, but grumbled that there would be no meaning in such efforts.

There was a person who promised himself that he would be able to defeat Rian, but thought that even if he died and woke up, he would not be able to defeat Rian.

There was a person who pretended to understand Chloe’s feelings, but ended up complaining that rich and noble people were better.

‘…It’s so hard to watch.’

Leon barely suppressed the urge to look away.

‘I was filled with such ugly feelings inside me.’

I didn’t want to admit it.

He couldn’t say that this pettiness, ugliness, and weakness were a part of himself. Even after winning the duel with Lian, leaving the academy, and overcoming several hardships.

Wounds from long ago remained in his heart.

As Leon did not turn away even after that, the image changed its form once again.

This time he was dressed as an adventurer.

“I saved Blaine!”

Leon proudly stretched out his chest and shouted triumphantly.

“If it had been Rian, I would never have been able to save you! I was able to save Rubena because I was a hero!》

A sense of superiority that was even base.

Faced with that, Leon could barely hold back the nausea that was rising from his throat.

《It should have been like this from the beginning! Lian and others were just a stepping stone for me to become a warrior! haha! What hardships could the prince, who was born and raised with honor in the imperial palace, have gone through?”

Those were dirty and ugly words.

A person who looked exactly like him was talking about something that deserved to be despised, looking down on others with a sense of superiority.

I felt nauseous several times, but

I held back from saying ‘no’.

I refrained from yelling, ‘Shut up!’

I don’t know why, but I thought I shouldn’t do that. If you deny and suppress your own weaknesses, you won’t be able to say that you have embraced them all.

“Hey, you think so too, right? That damn prince got screwed because of me! The hero will be lucky if he doesn’t get captured by some crazy emperor and have the soles of his feet licked! Hahahaha!》

Leon opened his eyes and looked at ‘him’.

The image of himself spitting out Lian’s curse and asking for his consent with an ugly, distorted expression.


“what! Are you saying you’re just going to pretend to be nice to yourself?! I am you! It’s all your heart that hates Lian and that you’re happy about that flirtation! If you’re thinking of denying that—!》

Leon said as he faced ‘him’ for the first time.



I continued speaking, leaving ‘him’ at a loss for words.

“Thank you for swearing for me. Thank you for grieving on my behalf. Thank you for being happy on my behalf. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am now.”

《What nonsense.》


Leon said while holding ‘his’ hands.

“I’m sorry for continuing to leave you in this dark place.”

Then ‘his’ expression changed.

The eyes and the corners of the mouth were distorted with deep-rooted anger and hatred. I gritted my teeth and trembled as if holding back the sobs that were about to burst out.

I could tell without looking.

Because what was in front of me was Leon’s own heart.

“It’s okay now.”


“Yes, I won’t ignore you anymore.”

So, Leon pulled my hand and asked me to go with him.

‘He’ did not refuse.

‘He’, who was pulled as he was being pulled, seeped into Leon in the form of a faint light.

It’s different from back then when I didn’t have the luxury of pretending to be strong. Now I could not deny this weakness. By embracing even my ugliness, I was able to resolve to become a better person.

“…Oh, I see.”

Only then did Leon realize the nature of this inner world.

“The body and mind were one from the beginning.”

The mind defines ‘me’.

In the material world, the mind is just the contents of the body, but it is a different story if the mind can come out of the body.

El Cid called it an elemental body.

If telekinesis is the ability to paint the world with one’s own will, then the elemental body can roam the world just like its own body. Although it is not possible to become anything, it is possible to exercise that power depending on what you define yourself as.

Then El Cid asked.

[Leon, who are you?]

Leon naturally turned towards him.

Holy sword El Cid. Because they shared that connection, they were able to meet each other in their inner world.

El Cid, no, Saint King Roderick.

Leon’s eyes widened as he looked at him in the inner world.

It had to be that way.

“Tae Taeyang!?”

In the inner world, living things take the form defined by their minds. If you think of yourself as a predator, you will become a beast. If you think of yourself as a free traveler, you will become the wind.

And Rodrik’s elemental body was the sun.

Suddenly, all the darkness in the inner world was driven out by the light, and the whole world was shining brightly.

‘What nonsense…’

This was actually the first time I saw his true face.

Leon was too weak to estimate El Cid’s martial arts skills and could not understand how great what he was showing was.

However, the shape of the inner world was truly intuitive.

You can’t hide that you’re strong, and you can’t hide that you’re weak. I had to reveal my image honestly. The holy sword that only contains a part of Holy King Roderick’s soul is so amazing!

“El Cid.”

Leon, seeing him, accepted it obediently.

“I can’t be like you.”

[Well, that’s right.]

El Cid didn’t deny it either.

He knew how unreasonable he was. A mutation born with astronomical odds. A being that is the totality of human potential and talent, and at the same time has reached its peak.

Until the human species was born and destroyed, a being equal to Rodrik would never appear again.

So he was not disappointed by Leon’s words.

I just thought it was normal.


But I didn’t expect what he said next.

“I will chase you.”

[…Are you serious?]

All the geniuses who lived at the same time as Roderick were frustrated and despairing. And Leon’s talent was ten times lower than theirs.

It can’t be possible.

There is no way it will succeed.

As always, El Cid’s insight penetrated into the future and he was certain that the day when Leon would stand next to him would never come. I had a feeling that even if I said yes, it would cause him even greater despair.


“Whether it’s possible or impossible, it’s probably okay.”

The fire rising from behind Leon blocked him.

A golden light that is beyond brilliant.

Flames soaring like a pair of wings.

No, in fact, the shape he defined in his inner world was wings. El Cid, who recognized what Leon had defined himself as, laughed in half surprise and half joy.

[Khahahaha! ‘Challenger’? Did you say that you would climb up to the sky where I am with those two shabby wings?]

“Yes! “It’s as they say!”

He wished for wings to fly to the sun.

In order not to become complacent in my position as a disciple of the Holy King!

Even when faced with El Cid’s elemental body, Leon did not take even a step back and resolutely stretched out his chest and shouted.

“You said it. “The warrior is destined for certain defeat.”

[Oh, that’s right.]

“Then I will win!”

He declared in front of his eyes that he would surpass Saint King Roderick.

“Even if you were born great, you can do it! I, who was born ordinary, will prove it by defeating you! A better tomorrow than today, a better day after tomorrow! “I will create a world more wonderful than the peace brought by Holy King Rodrik!”

[Ha ha ha ha ha! Are you serious about this?]

El Cid, who was pleased with his ambition, opened his mouth.

[Do you like it! Cassim That lump couldn’t even move when it faced my elemental body, so it must have shouted that it would defeat me? After all, he is my disciple! In that sense, I will give your elemental body a name!]

Wings that challenge the sun.

Even in old mythology, there was someone who attempted such a feat.


A great man who had the misfortune of falling while trying to fly through the sky with wax wings and reach the sun beyond.

A symbol of humans who longed for the unknown world and challenged their limits.

This time, Leon follows suit.

I challenge Rodrik, who has reigned over the sky since birth, with talent no different from that of wax wings.

Some people will scoff at the fact that the result is obvious.

But El Cidman seriously expected success.

[It’s called Icarus-Wing.]

Ancient mythology.

A time in the distant past when, besides the Goddess of Mercy, other gods looked down from heaven to look down upon the earth.

He was the one who flew into the sky knowing the majesty of God.

Even if I failed, I had to acknowledge that one spirit.

[Don’t you like the name of a failure?]

“No, it’s a cool name.”

Leon answered while looking behind himself.

〈Icarus Wing〉.

Wings of golden flame.

Although it was a form embodied in the inner world, he now felt that he could manipulate this elemental body from the outside as well.

A force that is not subject to the laws of physics because it has no physical substance. Somehow I realized that I could swing it like a blade, protect myself like a shield, and fly like real wings. If you put your mind to it, it would be possible to accelerate your body by explosively spraying it.


Even if you were a failure, that failure had meaning.

In a way, he was like a warrior.

A person who pursues an ideal that challenges an unwinnable battle.

Leon, who decided to surpass Roderick, was also, like Icarus, a challenger with an unfulfillable dream who knew nothing.

[Now that I have awakened the elemental body, there is only one step left.]

El Cid said.

[The only obstacle remaining in front of you is the fulfillment of the karma required to become a true master.]

“The karma I have accumulated so far must be considerable.”

[If he was going to become an ordinary master, that would have been enough.]

However, as the immediate disciple of Saint King Roderick, Leon was walking on the royal road of nothingness that no longer exists in this era.

Leon is probably the only one who was able to use ‘telekinesis’ and ‘elementality’ even before becoming an Aura Master. Unlike other masters, he did not have an Aura Blade limit, so the scale of work required was truly beyond imagination.

To the extent that normal training would require a hundred years of penance.

[Don’t worry.]

Nevertheless, El Cid said it as if it was no big deal.

[If it’s the guy you need to defeat this time, that’s enough.]

“What?! “How did you know that?”

[I can’t tell you, but you can see most of it even inside the Holy Sword. It looks like they are slowly starting to move in earnest.]

Leon, as well as the priests of the current era, may not know.

[…Nephren-Ka, that damn bastard has been called in.]

El Cid gritted his teeth as he felt a dirty and disgusting figure writhing on the other side of the desert.

The main source of foreign media.

Although he was once the ruler of an ancient kingdom, he was unable to overcome the temptation and was a traitor who turned all of his people into ghosts of the underworld. Considering the scale of his power, it does not seem to be a proper summoning, but he is a man who increases his power by eating the living, so you should not be complacent.

Also known as ‘Black Pharaoh’.

It was a monster that could devour death and demonstrate demigod-level divine power if it completed its imperfect vessel.

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