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Overpowered Sword Chapter 147

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Level up with swords (147)

An unseasonably cold wind blew at the top of the rocky mountain.

At the sight of the three Fenrir people lying down in the hall, Ellahan and Karen only looked at Leon with blank expressions, not knowing what was going on.

It was Hathi who woke up before anyone else.

Is it because it happened to me once before?

Much more calmly than at first, but with a blush on her face, she strode towards Leon.

“You really…!”

Leon put his hands together as he looked at Hati’s bright eyes.


“How can you make me open my stomach in front of other people!? “Is what you saw on your own not enough?”

“Ugh, that’s not it.”

Ellahan and Karen’s eyes narrowed at that subtle tone.



For some reason, when two people with sad expressions approached, Leon, who couldn’t handle even one Hati, had no choice but to panic.

Hathi is shaking her chest in tears, and Ellahan and Karen are urging her to explain with glazed faces. Leon’s eyes, surrounded by three people, became increasingly dark.

It was a pressure I had never felt even in sparring with Kassim.


What saved him was someone’s monologue.

A low, low-pitched voice woke them up.

“There was a reason why you had the audacity to call yourself the leader. “I never thought that his true successor would come in my generation.”

Before he knew it, Varg had stood up and was looking at him with serious, sunken eyes.

It was a story that Varg had also heard countless times from his grandfather.

‘Only the true successor of Holy King Rodrik can make the Fenrir people obey. ‘I couldn’t believe what our grandfather had told us so many times was actually true.’

An Aura Master is a state where he can completely control his own body. Varg’s body was ‘preparing’ until Leon slapped his palms together twice and flicked his tongue right in front of his eyes.

As soon as the technique is completed, dodge, block, or counterattack.

I never thought he would be able to catch up in an instant at that age, but he still hasn’t run out at full speed.

300 years ago.

A turbulent period in which Saint King Roderick was active throughout the continent.

An era of great war in which the masters who appeared in hundreds and the evil cult that occupied nearly 30% of the continent were confronted by dragons who escaped from their hiding places and released their breath in the face of those invading from outer space.

Even at that time, there were very few people who could catch up with the master of <Tenrang>.

Roderick did not call it a martial art of ‘extreme pleasure’ for nothing.

His grandfather, Hackapell, left behind a legend that in his prime he could run faster than a lightning bolt.

‘Still, I couldn’t react at all.’

As if it had been inevitable from the beginning, Varg’s body flipped over so easily that it seemed futile.

The game was decided by the restrictions imposed by oneself.

It was a complete defeat.

“…I will retract my rude declaration earlier.”

Varg bent one knee and brought them to eye level.

“Barg, the successor of Mumaek <Cheonrang>, comes to see you. “As the leader of the clan, please understand that I cannot kneel down.”

“No, Beast King.”

Leon stopped him and helped him stand up.

“I just wanted to prove my identity, not a hierarchy. “I hope you think of me as Hathi’s friend and a strand of our old relationship.”

“It’s an old relationship…”

Varg rolled those words around in his mouth and then smiled as if he liked them.

And he responded by patting Leon on both shoulders.

“Okay, I’ll respect your wishes.”

“thank you.”

“Anyway, everything my grandfather said was true. I must have been blind.”

Varg let out a long sigh and said with a bitter smile.

“Well, even if I believed the story, I wouldn’t have guessed it would turn out like this.”


Leon also had nothing to say, so he just laughed.

Did you ever think that the word ‘submission’ literally means making you open your stomach? Even if someone heard it, they would have thought it was a metaphor or analogy and would never have guessed that they would be forced to do it.

Only then did Varg, who roughly summarized the situation, look around. Squall, who still hasn’t fully figured out what’s going on, Hathi, who is being interrogated by the two women, and Leon, who seems to have something to say.

“First, listen to the reason you came to me.”

Varg said, pointing towards his barracks.

The meaning was clear.

It was a stand-alone unit.

* * *

Ellahan and Karen Leaving Hatty and Skoll outside the barracks, the two sat facing each other.

In some ways, it was a very strange relationship.

Descendants of the beast people whom Rodrik personally raised and taught.

A holy sword warrior personally selected and trained by El Cid.

It was as if the thread, which had been divided into two branches, had woven a single knot over a gap of 300 years. If the succession of <Cheonrang> had been cut off, if El Cid had not taught the joke half-jokingly, if the first Beast King had not left the word to his descendants.

It might have taken longer for Leon and Varg to face each other like they did now.

“-is it.”

Varg listened to his story and nodded his head.

“By pushing the situation of the nomads to a cliff, they induce war. “For someone with small hair, it’s quite threatening.”

Steppes and great deserts.

In either case, compared to a proper country, it was quite small in scale, but its power was solid.

If the two forces really started an all-out war, there was a high possibility that it would end in a war of annihilation that would continue until all of the opponents who called for blood were killed.

No matter who is chosen as the winner, there will be a trial and error.

“I understand the story well. Regardless of who wins or loses, the outbreak of war itself is their ploy.”

“Yes, that’s why I need the Beast King’s help.”


Barg guessed something from those words and asked.

“Are you asking me to press the main radio signal?”

Although he had maintained neutrality as the Beast King, he was not bound by that principle.

If a justification exists, you can fully exercise your decision-making power.

Varg is strong.

Even Chief Huracan of the Tigris tribe, who prided himself on being the strongest of the beastmen as a single entity, did not dare to confront him. If Varg insisted on peace, the main radio waves would only make a bit of a fuss, but they were sure to keep quiet in the end.

“I’m sure if I insisted, no one would dare go against it.”

“But,” said Varg, who began to cry.

“You can’t build your position that way. “Even if I try to suppress the main enemy faction with my authority, it will be in vain if the Bedouin invade first, so it is a very short-sighted solution.”


“Try to attack head-on. “At the tribal chiefs’ meeting, together with Hathi, we will turn the trend towards the Juhwa faction and convince the Jujeon faction.”

Then Leon asked back with a puzzled look on his face.

“But, considering we are outsiders, is it possible for us to participate in the tribal leaders’ meeting?”

“I will grant permission at my discretion.”

Varg grinned and showed his fangs.

“The people of the grasslands are attracted to power rather than flashy words. “Once you prove the strength of your group at the meeting, no one will try to sabotage you with such cavils.”

Leon thought for a moment.

According to what I heard from Hathi, that ‘meeting’ was anything but benign. It starts with words, but at the end, they often end up walking out with each other in complete disrepair.

The meeting on the prairie was a barbaric debate where the pros and cons were decided by force if the parties were not convinced by each other’s arguments.

“…All right.”

Leon quickly came to a conclusion and accepted the proposal.

“Let’s join the meeting and change the flow.”

“Good idea.”

Varg agreed to those words with a happy expression and turned around.

“Squall! Hathi! “Bring your guests in!”

Shortly after his call was made, the brother and sister who brought Ellahan and Karen hesitantly entered the barracks.

Today, they were full of things they had experienced for the first time in their lives.

The fact that my father, who was like heaven, was respected by a human being.

I also left the two siblings alone and created a place to talk separately.

Of course, whether they were very surprised or not, Barg spoke to the two siblings in his usual solemn voice.


“yes? “Oh no, your father.”

“You go back now and prepare for the meeting. “Tell Felice that I will stop by later.”

“…I will pass it on as is.”

In an atmosphere that did not tolerate rejection, Squall retreated and left the barracks, sweating coldly.

Barg watched the scene until the end and called his name.


“Yes, father.”

“Gather the two guests and show them to where they will stay tonight. “I still have something left to talk about with Jongju, so I’ll call you back as soon as I finish that.”

“I will follow my father’s orders.”

Unlike Hati, who didn’t say a word, Karen and Ellahan glanced at Leon, but immediately turned away when he told them to go first.

I made up my mind that I would definitely get an explanation later.

Only two people remained on the rocky mountain.

Maybe he knew that Ellahan and Karen were getting farther away. Varg said as he stood up. The face was darker than before, and the voice, which was lower in tone, was somehow gloomy.

“I would like to ask you one last favor.”

Leon had an intuition of what he was trying to say from the tone of his voice.

“There is someone I really want you to meet.”

“…Are you Mr. Hackapell?”


Varg groaned lowly and nodded.

“Did you say you heard about him from Hathi?”

“Yes, you are not of sound mind….”

“Unfortunately, it is as you said. Fortunately, he doesn’t go on a rampage or anything, but he’s always wandering in the past.”

It was a whopping 10 years.

For Barg, who had been listening to stories of his grandfather’s exploits and imagining his glorious past since the days when his tail had not even fully grown, the sight of Hackapell wandering through old memories was a pain in itself.

The moment I lost my family before being saved by Rodrik.

I saw my grandfather crying desperately, reverting to a child, despite the strength he had built up as a warrior.

The moment I stood on the battlefield for the first time and defeated an enemy soldier.

I saw my grandfather staring into space and demanding praise from someone who wasn’t even showing off.

“It was a more painful experience than I imagined.”

Varg’s eyebrows furrowed deeply.

He was someone I had always admired since I was young. The hero of the beast people who made this prairie their haven.

Hackapell no longer even recognized his grandson’s face.

[You idiot.]

El Cid muttered in a rarely subdued voice.

“But when I look at you, I can’t let go of the hope that something might happen. “If you ever come to your senses, I will…”

“Where is he now?”

Varg’s eyes widened at the answer, which was almost as if he had agreed.

Then, instead of answering verbally, he turned his gaze to look at the beast skin hanging in the corner of the barracks.

Leon looked back at him with a skeptical look.

“…Follow me.”

The two got up from their seats and moved toward that direction.

Varg stretched out his hand and pushed away the beast’s skin, revealing the wide open entrance to the cave in front of the two.

“I couldn’t care for someone who wasn’t of sound mind outside the scope of my vision. So, I built a shelter on this rocky mountain and created a cavity inside so that my grandfather could stay.”


“The reason why I haven’t been active so far is the same. “It’s because I couldn’t travel too far after bringing my grandfather here.”

As a Beast King, his attitude could not be said to be excellent, but when Leon learned of the situation, he understood Barg’s choice.

To the Fenrir people, Harkapel was literally a living, breathing legend and the savior of the beastmen who had been enslaved across the entire continent.

In addition to being his biological relative, Barg was also his teacher who taught him “Tenrang.” Even if I had to let go of my duties as a chieftain, I had no choice but to try to take care of him more.

Jump and jump.

The sound of the two people’s footsteps echoed in the cave.

Unlike naturally formed caves, there was absolutely no moisture inside Hackapell’s dwelling. Did they drill a vent somewhere?

Leon used the ‘technique’ without even realizing it.

Every time his steps hit the ground, the shaking spreads in all directions and returns as a faint echo. Stones filled without gaps responded more accurately than sand.


Immediately after that, Leon realized someone’s presence.

Dozens of meters ahead.

There is a living being that came into contact with the waves that echoed through the ground. Barg also changed his mood as if he sensed the presence.

It was my grandfather who wandered through another memory every day I visited him.

There were times when Varg was his comrade in arms, there were times when he was the older brother he lost, and there were times when he was the younger brother of his grandmother whose name he couldn’t even remember.

‘I don’t know who it will be today.’

Thanks to the blood flowing through their bodies, they were never treated as ‘enemies’.

To the beast people, their biological relatives were something they could never recognize, from their body odor to their voice.

It was then.

-Who are you?

The two people stopped when they heard a voice coming from inside the cave.

The moment Varg opened his lips to answer,

“Did Brother Rick call me?”

Suddenly, there was someone behind Leon.

Without a sound.

Without any repercussions.

With a movement that surpassed even the Aura Master’s knowledge, ‘he’ asked in a voice as casual as the wind. Unlike Leon, who was frozen, Varg, who had been subjected to this many times, turned around and said.

“It’s been a while since I visited you.”

Even today he didn’t recognize Varg.


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