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Overpowered Sword Chapter 146

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Level up with swords (146)

‘…that’s scary speed.’

Leon widened his eyes and carefully examined the traces Varg had left on the ground.

A straight black line.

The faint, pungent smell of burnt coal was the trace that Varg had passed by a few seconds ago. Even though it was moving so fast, one of its legs was touching the ground, so the surface of the rock was scorched black due to frictional heat.

If you used both legs, it also meant you could run faster than before.


Leon let out a laugh without realizing it.

I let my guard down.

I chose to do everything in my own way, with the arrogance of thinking that I could win if I hit just once.

Beast King Varg.

A strong man at the top of the plains and heir to the martial arts created by Roderick himself should not have been treated with such a mindset. Leon, who reflected on his attitude, raised his sword.


Light shines in Varg’s emotionless eyes.

Top tax.

It was a posture that blatantly revealed its intention. If it approaches, it will kill you immediately. The sparkling eyes without a single distracting thought reminded me of a heavily sharpened blade.

What about spirit?

Golden flames blaze around its body, fiercely devouring the passing wind. It was clear that all of the aura in the body had been poured into the nervous system to increase reaction speed.

‘That’s reckless. However, that spirit is truly manly and good!’

Blood boils.

The fighting instinct inherent in Fenrir’s bloodline responded to Leon’s determination and tried to show its teeth.

Barg barely suppressed his impulse.

If you take it out, it will definitely become a life-or-death struggle.

“I’ll go.”

The moment Varg was about to attack once again, Leon gathered all his mental power and focused on his eyes.

Time slows down.

The world is discolored.

I felt a headache as if an awl was being driven into the back of my head, but there is a world that can only be seen if I overcome the pain. Beyond sound, a world of speed that surpasses the speed of nerve transmission.

The two warriors shared the territory for the first time.


In a world where even arrows seemed to stop, only Vargman was so fast that his shape was distorted.

His auror attribute is ‘wind’.

The speed brought about by an irregular level of acceleration that even passes air resistance behind the back and turns it into propulsion. The eyeball that managed to see his movement let out an ominous ‘crackling’ sound.

‘Still, I can respond at this level!’

There are some restrictions on Barg.

Not being able to use the <Auror Blade> means you can only attack from behind his back. And even if you only allow one effective hit, you lose.

The original condition was that the attack routes, which could have been a few dozen or a hundred or more, were limited to a few. Leon, whose reaction speed has been raised to its limit, can easily catch up.


Barg’s feet stopped as he turned left.

Before I knew it, Leon had turned in that direction and was brandishing his sword.


A flash of light ignites the empty space and changes orbit several times, chasing Varg’s afterimage. It is bound to be faster to swing a sword than to throw away one’s entire body.

As if to prove it, Leon turned a sword into a thunderbolt.

In just one second, golden lightning struck 24 times.

‘You didn’t get hit at all?!’

Nevertheless, Varg avoided the sword attack without a single scratch on his body. The holy sword that cut through the air cut only a few strands of gray-white hair.

But Varg smiled, as if mocking his astonishment.

“Can you follow me here? Very good. “I don’t know how long it’s been since I last ran properly!”

“It’s going to be faster than now…!?”

I’m just running left and right in place, but a quick wind blows up. If ‘Bobeop’ is about adapting to the environment and making the best moves, ‘Cheonrang’ goes one step further and reaches the level of dominating the surrounding environment.

It was right after that. The number of

new types of Barg, including the Heavenly God’s Wind

Treasure and the Four Winds’ Chakyeong (捕風捉影),

rushed forward quickly!


[no! My visual acuity just can’t keep up!]

Leon calmly swung his sword, but his vision was blocked by a clone coming towards his face.

It’s a speed battle where even 1 second of the comma is disappointing.

By the time you’re done, it’s already too late.


The impact of hitting the middle of his back caused Leon to fall forward, letting out a heavy breath.

It was Barg’s first goal.

“Visitor who calls himself the lord of the family, this is not the end, is it?”

“Sounds obvious!”

If I had the intention to break with one blow, I couldn’t have come this far.

The qualities of a warrior that burns even more when faced with adversity activated the four stigmata engraved on various parts of Leon’s body.

The strength I had used up was completely recovered in just a few breaths.

The real showdown started now.

[Are you not going to use the shield Banpoon gave you and the method I taught you?]

‘Yes, if possible, I want to be recognized as a martial artist.’

[I can’t help it.]

El Cid said in a voice that seemed strange for some reason.

[Try your best. Use everything I taught you to defeat an opponent who is several levels higher than you!]


Leon readjusted his posture and raised his sword.

I realized it after hitting it once.

It cannot be done with a line. If you don’t control it with your face, you can’t suppress that ridiculous speed. Since Leon has not yet passed the threshold of becoming a master, he cannot win if he competes in the same area as him.

So he channeled his overflowing aura into the sword.


Flames that even <Auror Fire> could not contain flowed out of the sword.

It’s truly a waste of power.

Even an expert-level drone could not handle it for several minutes, but Leon’s recovery power was more than that. ‘Guardian’s Stigmata’ replenishes strength faster than it dries out.


If the sword cannot keep up with Varg’s speed, it will block the path by suppressing the entire space.

With that in mind, the swung sword sets the air on fire.

It is called ‘Aura Flare’.

The flames pouring out of the sword covered a radius of several meters.

“This is… annoying!”

Varg swung his arms to avoid it. Then, the flame that was trying to touch my skin died out as if it had been pressed by something.

It was not an attack that would work from a distance.

However, Varg, who had to go behind his back, had to jump directly into the range of the flames. The



changes depending on the purpose.

As fast as the wind and as harsh as frost.

As Varg charges forward with his momentum multiplied, the flames retreat and the path opens.

However, Leon did not just sit still and watch.

Leon’s version

of Boost Blade accelerates the

sword by imitating the principle of the quick sword used by Zahar in the duel we saw a few days ago.

The aura was already being released to the fullest.

As the <Aura Flare> pours out in the opposite direction of the direction it is moving, the reaction forcefully pushes the blade away. The fire, which had been pushed away by Barg’s wind pressure, turned and swirled wildly.

“Haha! “My blood is boiling!”

Varg laughed loudly and moved forward.

The hair that was brushed by the <Auror Flare> burned and my skin turned red, but it didn’t stop.

Excitement that had been forgotten decades ago surges through me.

There is no need for gratuitous victory.

This is what struggle is like. The bravery that boils like magma, which must constantly move forward despite wounds and pain, and the wisdom that sinks like an ice mountain in a distant land collide!


Ten times, twenty times, thirty times.

Explosively burning golden salt burns the top of the rocky mountain and scatters its fragments, chasing the gale.

Like I would get caught, like I wouldn’t get caught.

Barg and Leon even forgot to breathe and aimed at the other.

The sound lags a step.

At the spot where the two people passed by, an explosion of alcohol and a shock wave erupted half a beat late, shaking the atmosphere.


With his concentration sharpened even further in the world of super speed, Leon sensed that Varg was accelerating.

If you don’t read it one step ahead, you must read it.

A swift, even irregular blow. The left

foot of the Heavenly God Wind Pavilion, Lightning


turned into a bluish flash and swung towards Leon’s crook.

Even though it is not a straight line but a curve, it is frighteningly fast.

If you respond after it starts, it will be late.


The atmosphere, cut in two, made a horrifying sound.

avoided. Since the attack came from the rear rather than the front, the very brief time gap gave us time to dodge.

Leon, sweating coldly, took a step forward.

A crisis is an opportunity.

Now that the big move had been avoided, it was time to switch to a counterattack.


If only there hadn’t been a shock wave that suddenly hit me in the stomach. Leon stumbled after receiving an unexpected surprise attack.

It was a shame because his entire body was covered in aura, otherwise his bones would have been broken. When he looked at the other person with an expression of confusion, Barg smiled and said.

“It’s a technique called ‘Hwankuk (還擊)’. “I returned some of the power of the missed attack and hit what I thought I had avoided.”

In the end, Leon, who only had one effective hit left, smiled bitterly.

“There is only one left with this.”


Barg scored two effective hits, but he wasn’t that relaxed either.

I don’t know about the first, but the second was quite close.

If Leon had ever seen <Return>, the counterattack from a moment ago would have definitely resulted in a draw. If that were the case, he would have lost after having to strike three times.

“It’s the last time. “It was a good match after a long time.”

Barg’s body lowers to the ground.

I’ve seen that pose before, with both arms and legs hanging out.

That was the technique Hathi used to break Zahar’s O’s Kamshin. A mobility technology that maximizes the strengths of quadrupedal walking and combines rapid acceleration and direction changes.

‘Is it <Sprint for Heaven>…!’

The condition of having to place both legs on the ground when walking on four legs could not really be called shackles.

Leon faced him and lowered his sword.

The center of gravity of 〈Sprint for Cheonrang〉 is closer to that of an animal than that of a human. If you take a stance that is higher than a stop, your response speed will be delayed for no reason.

The two stood like that for a moment.

In a world where time is stretched out, where each second feels like a minute, they have drawn the future again and again. How do I dig in and how do I block it so that I can give the opponent a shot?

It was Barg who came to the conclusion first.


After chasing after the man who disappeared as if he had collapsed in place, Leon focused on the aura that was emitting around his body.

It is ‘Public Law’.

Even if you don’t have to pound the ground and use the echo of the wave, there is no more accurate means than your own aura. No matter how fast it is, its presence cannot be hidden at the moment of contact.





How many seconds later was it?


Leon turned back like lightning and reversed his sword.

As if cutting backwards while standing facing the front.

The blade, turned at an angle, was draped in front of Varg’s neck.

“…How did you predict my movements?”

Barg, like him, pointed his fingertips at the cervical vertebrae and asked without hiding his surprise.

Leon answered those words calmly.

“It seemed like you were targeting my back too openly.”

“So you looked ahead and attacked from behind?”


Even though they were one step ahead in the psychological battle, the result was a draw.

Considering the acceleration of one leg, Leon would have to be at least three moves ahead to overpower him.

That was the difference in speed between the two.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! “I didn’t know it would be a draw.”

Varg, who removed his hand from Leon’s cervical spine, laughed cheerfully.

Squall and Hati, who had always kept an expressionless expression, may have been surprised to see him show a variety of faces, but they just looked at their father with dumb expressions.

Varg spoke with an uncharacteristically playful look in his eyes.

“As a result, the bet ended in a draw, so I won’t be able to give you the final treatment.”

Only then did Leon, who read his intentions, click his tongue.

‘This man didn’t intend to admit it from the beginning.’

He is different from Ellahan, who was ready to collapse on the ground as soon as he met him. It was Barg who was not the first Beast King Hakapel, but merely his grandson. It was clear that they both had awe of Roderick and distrusted the idea that a true hero could become the master of the Fenrir people.

Is it his pride as the leader of the steppe, or is he just unwilling to bow down to anyone?

Leon decided to try it.

“Let’s try it one last time. “This time, I will place one condition.”


“I attack, and you can block or avoid it. “If I fail, I assume I lost.”

Hati realized something and struggled, but there was no way to escape from Ellahan’s arms.

“please! “Please at least cover your ears!”

“Please be quiet.”

“Boo, please just listen.”



When Hathi, who was subdued by Elahan, becomes quiet and the people watching the fight between the two increase tension.

Leon let go of the sword hilt and raised both palms.

The unknown brings fear.

In an unknown position, Varg assumed a quadrupedal posture again. It was like a quick readiness posture to avoid or counterattack no matter what attack came.

But it definitely existed in this world.

Pang pang!

It’s an unreasonable incident that you have to deal with if you don’t know.


Two applause and one tongue flick.

Ellahan and Karen tilted their heads at the strange behavior, but in the case of the three, it was quite different.

What El Cid taught only works for the successors of <Tenrang>.

Barg Hathi Scol.

It was a story that applied to as many as three people.




Only Hati, who had been attacked once, was shaking with a bright red face, while the other two looked at the sky with puzzled expressions.

Leon, who finally committed, let out a long sigh and said.

“You said, right? If your feet come off the ground together, you lose.”


“I won.”

The warrior who defeated the strongest of the steppes and his two successors declared victory in a subtle voice.

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