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Overpowered Sword Chapter 14

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Level up with swords (14)


It was Leon who bounced out of the first sum.

The attack itself was perfect. He even gained a momentary advantage by going half a beat faster than Rian.

Nevertheless, it was greatly pushed back.

Even excluding the Aurors, the difference in power between the two was clear. Leon took a step back and gave a stab. Small movements: Pierce the air using only your wrists and elbows.

Rian, who was trying to chase after that threatening check, stopped.

‘Is it a loss of one step? Well, not bad for a start.’

Leon thought as he stood face to face with Lian again. I knew that my physical strength was lacking, but I couldn’t accurately gauge the difference just by looking at the status window.

I thought it was a fight just now.

If you honestly clash your swords, you won’t last even 30 seconds.


Exhale briefly and relax your entire body.

Then, Leon’s sword appeared to be hanging at an angle, then suddenly bounced up like a whip and then struck down.

Unlike the flowing movements, the tip of the sword was scary.

The shape was like a poisonous snake.


Ryan calmly took the attack with a cross guard. Even if it was just a little bit off, my wrist would have been shattered, but I got the maximum benefit with the minimum amount of movement.

It was a defense that seemed to have been copied exactly from a swordsmanship textbook.

And he made a diagonal slash in a defensive stance like a flowing stream. A blow that tried to split Leon’s collar bone. Regardless of its power, the conversion speed was ridiculously fast.


It was a method of performing an optimized defense against the enemy’s attack and then digging into any shaky posture or psychological gaps immediately afterwards.


Leon threw it to the side and took a half step back. Even though I exerted all my strength, my wrist still felt numb. Still, it wasn’t a big shock. If you rest for just a few seconds, it will return to normal.

But Rian couldn’t have missed the timing either.


A blurry image appeared in Leon’s vision.

A phenomenon in which future predictions shown by <Rodrik’s method> are executed half a beat faster than actual movements. Leon widened his eyes and glared at the shaking.

If you blinked even once, it was over.

‘It’s on a different level from El Monte!’

This vision is only a ‘prediction’ and not a ‘foreknowledge’. The faster and more perfect the opponent’s movements are, the smaller and simpler the preliminary movements are, the less accurate they are.

Ryan’s image was more blurry and incomplete than anyone else’s.

So, Leon had no choice but to fill in the imperfections with his own capabilities.

Kang! Cough! Kang! Geek!

They hit each other without even taking a single breath.

Looking at it, I can see that this fight is a competition between students. Not only did he not use auras, but his depth of swordsmanship and combat sense were superior to those of ordained knights.

The two men’s basic swordsmanship capabilities were equal.

Even though Lian was faster and stronger, Leon was able to get ahead by half a beat thanks to his ‘eyes’. Although I couldn’t use perfect parrying or countering like I did in El Monte, I was able to fight back somehow because I was one step ahead in the battle.

‘strong! ‘It’s a monster after all!’

‘Leon, you’ve already come this far…!’

Both sides were shocked.

The reality is that while Leon is strong with no end in sight, Rian is not even able to overwhelm him with her sincerity.

Two pairs of eyes burn with a rising fighting spirit.


Gilbert let out an exclamation without realizing it.

I was well aware of my master’s genius, but I had no idea that Leon would catch on like that. It was a sight that made even the old knight, who survived after fighting for decades, become agitated.

The sword attack that followed immediately afterward was even more terrifying.


When Lian attempted a Double Feint first, Leon saw through it and used Time Thrust.

A stab that penetrates the gaps in complex technology!

However, Lian avoided it by taking half a step out of the way, and cut the lower body of Leon who came forward. Leon, who read the counterattack, retreated half a step and counterattacked the top of his head, but his limit was to cut off a few strands of Lian’s blonde hair.

Swords held with both hands and sometimes with one hand clash.

Even though there had not been a single effective hit yet, the fierce momentum continued to soar. Faster and stronger.

The one who withdraws first suffers a huge loss.


My heart feels like it will explode. The two exhaled almost simultaneously and looked at each other with conflicting expressions.

Surprisingly, it was Lian who had a hard look on his face.

It was a small difference, but he was the one who started short of breath first. If they continued to fight in this fashion, the gap would widen further, so Leon had no choice but to gain an increasingly advantageous position.

Leon had been training close to asceticism for several years. Even Ryan cannot match his stamina and tenacity.

‘It can’t go on like this.’

Lian coolly reexamined his tactics. The plan was to overwhelm them using only swordsmanship, but that plan has long since collapsed. Even though we had already competed for a lily, it was only a whistle.

No, if you only look at technology, it would be fair to say that we were behind.

They were one step ahead in strength and agility, but if their physical abilities were equal, they would have lost.

Only then did Lian, who had read Leon’s intention, grumble.

‘For some reason, I thought there was no final blow other than the first attack… Did you plan to make it a physical battle from the beginning?’

It is a strategy that is not flashy.

It clings tenaciously, reducing stamina and lowering the opponent’s advantage little by little. A delayed war in which not a single mistake is allowed.

Just listening to it makes me smell like sweat.

Although Lian was tired of that tenacity, he became happy for no reason. I truly intend to win. Even if it looks ugly and ugly, the desire to win somehow was conveyed.

Yes, this will must be broken. If you can’t do that, Leon will never give in.


Lian, who momentarily took a step back, threw away his sword.

The swords that were constantly clashing had finally cooled down, and the gap between the two had widened to four steps again.

As Leon had intended, a stalemate occurred.

But Ryan had the strength to get out of that situation.

It is one of the visions of imperial martial arts. Interfering with muscles and blood flow to exert force beyond its limits. If you don’t use the auror, it’s only half as powerful, but even half that amount is powerful enough.


The muscles of the whole body contracted and made a strange sound. Leon couldn’t hear it, but Lian could.

As muscle fibers tighten, blood circulation becomes faster.

This was true not only of the limbs but also of the internal muscles.

This <Sunshinbeop> draws in all the power that goes into physiological phenomena and utilizes it for combat purposes. It was the essence of the same strong body technique.

At the same time, Leon also noticed the change.


My spine freezes. Time, which was already very slow, slowed down even more, and the blood vessels in both eyes burst and my vision turned red. If you don’t do that, you won’t even be able to react.

That instinctive judgment saved Leon one second later.


Blood splattered from my right shoulder.

Ultra-fast horizontal thrust.

The speed is such that the preparatory movements are not even visible to the eye.

‘Is this the <Soonshinbeop>?’

Leon was inwardly shocked.

You haven’t even twisted his orbit like the arcane sword technique used by El Monte, but you can overwhelm him with sheer speed?

It was to the point where I doubted whether it was really right to not use aurors.

There was a voice that answered that question.

[No Aurors entered.]


[The human body is stronger and faster than you think. There are strong body techniques that focus on speed, such as <Sunshinbeop>, but there are also types that enhance strength or durability. Do not judge the limits with your common sense.]

El Cid’s words ended there.

The moment the conversation between the two stopped, Lian’s full-scale attack began as if he had been targeting that moment.

A slash like a thunderbolt struck the top of Leon’s head.


Leon’s knees, who barely managed to block the blow, were throbbing. Speed is destructive power. Lian’s sword using <Sunshinbeop> was nearly twice as powerful as before.

Is the average speed 1.5 times and the instantaneous speed 2 times?

It was impossible to drain and block it all like before. Leon’s upper body had suddenly become covered in blood, and his lower body was being thoroughly defended to prevent loss of mobility.

It was a shame because it was a fake sword and not a real sword. If it had been sharpened properly, there were quite a few deep wounds.

Kang! Cough! Kang!

Every time I receive a blow, my body bounces.

All-out defense with no room for counterattack. I even have a feeling that the moment I try to attack will be the end.

Still, I couldn’t just keep retreating.

Leon was now in a situation where there were only five or six steps left until the over-the-counter card. I had to find a way to move forward somehow.

‘It’s impossible.’

No matter how many times I think about it, I can’t think of a breakthrough.

Even if I only focused on defense, I wouldn’t have been able to survive 20 rounds, but that wasn’t enough, so there was no way to advance. This result was determined from the time Rian wrote <Soonshinbeop>.

Leon’s only way to win is to just endure.

While maintaining the infinitesimal advantage of physical strength, he waits for Rian to exhaust himself with the <Soonshinbeop>.

But the wait was too long.

‘…Shall I use Accel?’

This is a technique that has been used successfully once.

I was told not to use El Cid, but the concern was only for my own safety. Just like when dodging Elmont’s secret sword, if you focus on one area and minimize the damage –

Leon thought about that part and then laughed.

‘Ha, that’s not even funny.’

I took a half step back and couldn’t use my left leg for a few days. Moreover, I was not confident that I could control a technique that I had only used once. If that’s the only way you can do it, it’s foolish to choose the last resort when you can still do more.

What you must believe in until the end is the power you have built up.

There was still breathing left. The hand holding the sword does not even tremble. I have experienced this level of pain and fatigue several times.

“-Let’s try some more.”

Kicks away all three consecutive attacks that cannot be seen.

The sword scratched my skin, but it would have been better if I could have covered it up with just a few drops of bleeding.

Leon’s concentration had already reached a trance.

Do the best you can without any distractions. If Lian’s sword is the storm, Leon’s sword is the Taishan. Even though it was chipped, it never collapsed.

The only sound that came from the two steel pieces was loud.


A terrifying blow.

The sword with its added speed and strength skills broke Leon’s trance. The body that was thrown out by the sword only stopped after taking four steps back.

A point that narrowly escapes the over-the-counter card.

Leon came to his senses and quickly raised his sword.


It was that moment.

Lian did not pursue. His shoulders were rising and falling rapidly as he failed to finish off Leon with the final blow. I was sweating like rain, and steam was gushing out of my clothes.

The time Leon had been waiting for had finally arrived.

It was a one-time opportunity.

Leon’s body, forgetting his hesitation, jumped out.

Although he was less powerful than Rian, his physical strength was also limited. There was no choice but to make this attack the final winner.


Wholehearted effort.

Leon rushed forward, jumping four steps in an instant without leaving a single inch to spare. When he roared with spirit and skill, a thunderous sound erupted from outside the window as if in response.

And one step.

The final blow crossed.

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