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Overpowered Sword Chapter 138

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Level up with swords (138)

Nuwas, a village formed around a very large oasis, was one of the few settlements in the desert.

Large oases were priceless treasures of the desert.

An oasis is not just a puddle created by stagnant rainwater. The water pool formed in that way would dry up helplessly in the hot and dry desert climate.

The source of the oasis was groundwater that welled up from deep underground, where the blazing sun and the heat of the hot sand could not reach.

The groundwater that rises above the ground forms a lake-like puddle and supplies water to dying seeds, growing plants that are difficult to find in the desert. Trees several meters or tens of meters tall grow in an environment where even cacti cannot survive.

The landscape of Nuwas, surrounded by tall palm trees, was truly a mystery conceived by Mother Nature.

“and! “There really was a village in the middle of the desert!”

Ellahan shouted, smiling brightly at the exotic scenery.

The same was true for Leon and Karen.

The majesty of the sandy desert can be tiresome if you look at it for hours, but there is something about this landscape that moves people more than a bustling city in another country.

Looking down from the top of the hill, I could clearly see the inside of the village, and there seemed to be over a thousand people walking around on the streets.

“At this level, it’s enough to create a guild branch.”

Karen, who was skeptical about Lahmu’s words, stuck out her tongue.

“Well, just because you’re a nomad doesn’t mean you can just wander around all year long. “If you rely too much on bartering for water or food, if you miss the opportunity, it will be a disaster.”

“It must be difficult to decide where and when we can meet regularly. “It’s not something I would say after seeing that village, but I don’t think the desert is a good environment to live in.”

The other two people also nodded in agreement.

Since they couldn’t just watch from the hill forever, Leon and the others soon slid down the slope and approached the entrance to Nuwas.

The sand, splashing and splashing, passes by left and right like waves.

‘I heard that in the northern snowfields, there are shoes that can be used on snow-covered roads. Do you think they can be used in places like this?’

[Are you talking about Ski?]

El Cid suddenly jumped out.

[As you said, the sand grains in the sand desert are soft and there are no obstacles, so there is no place to ski. The problem may be that uphill climbs appear too frequently.]

Skis, which were developed as a means of transportation in snowy areas, were quite practical. Worst of all, did there even exist a country that tried to train soldiers who rode it and raise them as a type of military unit?

If the wizards of the Clyde Empire had not blown away all the snow with their overwhelming firepower, the outcome of the Northern Unification War might not have been decided in such a short period of time.

In fact, the speed at which they slid on the sand was so great that the three of them soon reached the front of the Nuwas warriors.

“Who are you?”

One of the warriors held out his spear and shouted menacingly.

Although no one in the group felt that this action was a threat, Leon politely took two steps back and spoke.

“We are adventurers from the guild of the Kingdom of Jugend. Would you like to take a look at the request?”

“Umm, take it out.”

When Leon showed the documents related to “Dispute Mediation in the Western Desert,” Musa waved his hand behind him.

Only then did I see other warriors lowering their spears as well.

Next, the warrior who returned the request asked a question.

“Do you have anything that can prove your identity?”

“Would it be okay to have a proof plaque for your guild?”

“Of course. “If it’s a guild, there’s a branch in Nuwas as well, so if you’re a member of them, you’ll have enough credibility.”

And when the three people took out the gold and silver plates, the warrior’s eyes shook greatly.

It seemed like he knew the guild’s ranking system well.

“Two gold medalists and one silver medalist…?! “I think the guild also made a big splash.”

A rank is expensive and the buttocks are even heavier.

Although it might have been a national-scale event like the Great Lode Expedition, “Dispute Settlement in the Great Western Desert” was still nothing more than a disturbance that was repeated periodically.

To resolve a request of that magnitude, each person would dispatch two valuable A-ranks?

It had to be a story that didn’t make sense.

“Pass! “Please take care of the request, adventurers!”

When dozens of warriors raised their spears and saluted at the same time, the blocked road cleared up and people’s attention poured in.

This is probably not a request to give strength to the nomads, but a request.

Leon and the others bowed shyly, passed under the crossed windows, and entered Nuis.

It didn’t immediately get cooler just because it was around the oasis. Rather, the muggy air retains water and becomes heavier, making you sweat along with the heated air.

“There’s no need to look for the guild’s location.”

Before Karen could even turn around in place, she found the guild and muttered in a dejected voice.

This was something I felt when looking at it from the top of the hill, and it seemed like Nuwas Village had all the facilities for visitors on its outskirts. The area itself must have been separated so that residents would not have to go in and out of the area where they reside.

“Well then, let’s stop by the guild first. “If it’s an accommodation or restaurant, you can always find it.”

“Okay, I agree!”

“As you wish, Leon.”

Perhaps conscious of the public’s attention, Ellahan called him by his name rather than by his usual name.

The guild was very close.

The group arrived in front of it in less than 5 minutes and opened the door.

I’m sorry.

Is there sand stuck on the door hinges?

As the unpleasant noise rang out, the employee who was lying face down on the other side of the window stood up with a confused look on his face.


The employee even yawned and held out his hand.

There was no way for a new person to come to the middle of the great desert, so it was clear that he had come at the request of someone.

But his leisure ended there.

Immediately after that, the middle-aged man fell off his chair after seeing the two gold plaques presented as identification. Also, after seeing Ellahan’s disguised identity attached at the bottom of the request form, I even experienced mild convulsions.

“Two A-Ranks and a Seongcheolsae Knight…?! Why were high-ranking personnel like you brought in for this request?”

His eyes were rolling, wondering if he had come for the guild’s hidden quest. If that were the case, it wasn’t someone a single counter employee could face.

But Leon said it as if it was no big deal.

“I already had things to see in the Great Desert. “This is a request I received with the intention of handling it concurrently.”

“Ah, I see.”

The employee, who had barely calmed down his agitation, took a breath.

“Then how can I help you?”

The attitude was much more polite than before.

Leon thought for a moment, then remembered Lahmu’s request and felt the need to speak in a roundabout way.

The disappearance case has not yet surfaced.

Even if it is brought up at this point, it will only be treated as a rumor or cause directionless fear.

“First of all, I want to know the areas where nomads and beastmen are clashing and the people in charge of negotiating rights that they want to contest.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, then the data was organized in advance…”


That’s not all, Leon added.

“If there is a caravan or tribe that you haven’t heard about recently, I would like you to bring that in as well.”

“Uh… is this also related to this request?”


Leon confidently agreed to those words.

Although it wasn’t entirely true from beginning to end, it was ultimately related.

“Before arriving in Nuwas, I met a group of warriors, and the name of the person leading the group was ‘Lahmu.’”

“If it’s Lahmu… Ah! The 18th son of a Bedouin chieftain!”

“I didn’t know his identity, but the sight of him patrolling with more than 50 warriors looked really scary. “Perhaps the Bedouin do not want to end this situation as easily as usual.”

It was a simple guess made up of pieces, but with the words spoken by a gold-plated adventurer and the movements of an actual person added, a very believable threat was created.

The teller fell for his persuasion and her hands trembled.

“Are you saying there might be a war?”

“It would be our role to prevent that from happening. “If the guild helps you, it will definitely be of great help.”

The employee finally understood what he meant and responded enthusiastically.

“All right! “Hans will gather all the information you need for adventurer Leon!”

“thank you.”

“And I’m not sure if that will help, but…”

Hans, his tail trailing off, opened his mouth cautiously.

“Tonight, a duel is scheduled in the square in the center of Nois for possession of a piece of border pasture.”

“A duel is not a negotiation?”

“Nomads and beastmen prefer to communicate with swords rather than words. No matter how well you speak, if you don’t have power, you are likely to be ignored, and there is a tendency to think that what the winner says is right. As a result, when there was an argument over something, it was usually resolved through a duel.”

Ironically, the solution wasn’t that bad.

This was also the reason why the populations of the two powers did not decrease drastically despite the numerous clashes between the nomads and the beast people.

Since it is difficult to recover the reduced population in either case, small-scale rather than large-scale rotation. It has become a custom to decide whether to advance or retreat by dueling with a few representatives at the forefront.

“…a duel.”

Leon’s eyes lit up as he found a clue to the solution in those words.

It was definitely not easy to persuade the majority.

This is because, unlike the minority, where it is easy and simple to integrate opinions, the needs and goals of the majority members are too diverse.

But what if just one representative can be defeated by a duel to make the people under him follow him? It may not be difficult to end the conflict between the two powers.

“Mr. Hans.”

“yes! “Please tell me anything!”

“It’s about tonight’s duel.”

Leon tapped the hilt of his sword with a confident expression.

“Can I and my group serve as inductees?”

* * *

It was that night.

Hans, a lazy employee, may have been surprisingly high-ranking, but his proposal was passed on right away.

This may have been even more so since it was a branch with no guild master and only a few middle managers. Even though Nuwas was big, it was only within the great desert. Outside of the desert, it was no bigger than a small or medium-sized city.

“I thought it was good since you were an inductee.”

Karen put down her fork, praising his judgment.

The only thing left in front of her was a plate with a long bone on it, showing that the meal was satisfying.

It was snake meat.

“Hey, I can’t eat it either!”

Ellahan was horrified as he squinted at the traces.

Unlike Karen, who was good at eating anything, she had a weak stomach, so dishes like grilled snake or steamed scorpion were impossible for her.

Leon also just sipped some bread and soup.

“There’s nothing you can do about food that doesn’t suit your taste. Next time, let’s ask for a dish that you can enjoy.”

Leon smiled bitterly and got up from his seat.

It was already time for the duel to begin in the square.

After paying with a few silver coins, the three jumped over the railing and headed toward the center of Nuis.

Since the area itself is not large, arrival was instantaneous.


It was easy to recognize the duel site.

Even though it was temporary, a crowd of people gathered around the wooden fence that had been put up to give it a convincing appearance to watch the duel between the two forces in person.

When Leon and his group arrived, Hans, who happened to see them, approached them.

“ah! “You’re here!”

He looked anxious, fearing that he might be late.

“We will start soon. “All you have to do is go up to the watchtower of the duel arena and give the starting signal.”

“Are there any rules?”

“Do not kill someone who has expressed their intention to surrender. Do not disturb the audience. Avoid excessive personal attacks. “Other than that, the use of explosives and poison is prohibited, and this is nothing more than an intrusion by an outsider.”

“It’s common sense.”

The rules of the duel themselves were ordinary.

After receiving some precautions from Hans, Leon immediately climbed up to the watchtower overlooking the duel arena.

Then, invisible people appeared below.

Nomads and beast people.

Selected representatives from both factions were warming up.

‘Is that Jahar, the representative of the Bedouin people?’

Unlike the people around him, he wore a black turban, so it was easy to distinguish him. Even though the distance was quite long, my skin felt tingly, and the strength I had reached as an Auror user was flowing out of my body.

Expert level.

He is a strong man who can step into the level of master even if he holds on to his talent or throws off just one more layer.

‘The weapon used is Shamshir. Looking at his posture and movements….’

[It’s a skillful sword.]

El Cid said harshly.

[Shamshir is one of the swords that became the origin of the modern scimitar. Since it is a form specialized for cutting, the type of swordsmanship that cuts quickly and flashily is bound to be efficient.]

‘Is it pleasure and fantasy?’

[Even if you learn the two elements in depth, it still lacks weight. If being fast and flashy is all you need, then just use a rapier.]

This is a harsh evaluation in many ways.

Leon swallowed the bitter smile that was about to come out without realizing it and turned his eyes away from Jahar, who was trying to face him.

On the other side stood the representative of the beastman tribe.



El Cid made a strange sound.

[what? How does that guy feel so familiar?]

‘It’s so familiar, doesn’t it have to be the old face?’

[no way. The lifespan of the beast people is not that long. Their apparent age is similar to that of humans. Even if you reach the level of a master, you won’t become younger than your prime.]

‘You’re not mistaken, are you?’

[Am I you?]

‘This piece of scrap metal…!’

As always, just as the two were about to bicker, the great warriors who were to participate in the duel walked out from both sides.

Before I knew it, the sun had set.


It is the sound of drums that heightens tension.

In just one leap, the two great warriors jumped over the 5-meter-high wooden fence and faced each other.

Nomads and beast people.

It was the beginning of a match where the pride of the two forces was at stake.

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