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Overpowered Sword Chapter 128

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Level up with swords (128)

Jugend’s fateful expedition to the Great Mine ended successfully in just one day without anyone knowing.

It was an expedition in which 108 A-rank officers, regardless of occupation, participated, led by Cardinal Irexana. It was unfortunate that the maximum force that could be mobilized in a short period of time was mobilized. If even a little bit of strength had been saved, the situation might have developed into a more dangerous situation.

Kaleidospider, the spider of the kaleidoscope.

Bishop Cordia in ‘Despair’.

In either case, they were at least level 3 and could be rated at level 2 or higher. It was a situation that went beyond the size of the city and almost became a national catastrophe.

“My judgment was a little impaired.”

Two days after the expedition’s return, Irexana now had only a few bandages wrapped around her upper body.

This was thanks to the two energies, the vitality overflowing in the body and the cardinal-level sexual power, complementing each other and restoring the body. If an ordinary person suffered such an injury, he or she would need to recuperate for half a year.

“I had expected the intervention of the evil sect, but I never thought that even the bishop level would step forward without knowing that their lives were a waste. “If the hero hadn’t been there at the right time… I wouldn’t have had the honor of being seen by the goddess.”


“Thank you again. Oh, of course, to the hero’s companions as well.”

Karen nodded and waved her hands at those words.

As a top assassin or an A-rank adventurer, is it common for you to come face to face with the cardinal of the church and be politely thanked?

Moreover, he is the Grand Meister, who is no different from the most powerful person in Jugend. The desire for honor that I had as a complex stirred violently.

“Why are you taking this for granted? If you really appreciate it, I’d like it if you could sign or stamp my notebook later…”

“I can do that much.”

“Oh yea! “You promised!”

After receiving Irexana’s confirmation, Karen shook her body in place. Already, the records she wrote alone lacked credibility, but if the cardinal’s authentication was added, no one would dare question the credibility.

“You are such a frugal person that you are so happy with just my signature. “He has the personality of a warrior’s comrade.”

“Ha haha…what is it?”

Leon, who read Karen’s intention, laughed nervously, and El Cid laughed when he saw what was going on.

[It sucks to be frugal.]


[Do you call black cows frugal these days? I think it was called a black cow back in my day, but I didn’t know that Alecto’s son was a black cow.]

With an inexplicable farmland joke flowing through one ear, Leon slowly got up to return to the auditorium.

Irexana said there was nothing to worry about, but the wounds he suffered while fighting Despair were serious. What on earth was the external method Cordia used? Even though Leon neutralized most of the poison with the holy sword, the wound area was rotting away quickly.

So Irexana immediately took extraordinary measures.

‘Ugh, I remembered it for no reason.’

I could clearly see him lifting the ribs with his own hands and tearing off the rotten flesh without any expression.

It was truly the mentality of an iron man.

“Cardinal, I will come back later.”

“Yes, please enjoy the banquet comfortably today.”

“Can’t you forget your promise to me?”

“of course.”

The two left Irexana’s private room, each saying a goodbye. Soon, a hallway with a neat yet solemn atmosphere welcomed Leon and his group.

A branch of the Holy Church that exists in Area 1.

After returning, the Great Mine Expedition spent a full day reorganizing and was invited to a banquet the very next day.

The same was true for Leon and his group.

Kkei Iik-.

As they opened the door to the main auditorium that had temporarily become a banquet hall, the eyes of the people who were chatting inside turned towards them.

Berger raised his voice before anyone else.

“oh! “Our hero has finally arrived!”

Berger, whose face was red as he had already drank several cans of beer, approached him with a grin.

Then he tapped Leon on the shoulder and said,

“How many times have I heard from Garlond that you cut off my head?”

“yes?! Oh, that’s…”

“I know the situation, so don’t be sorry! “It’s better than a monster copying my image and killing people!”

Berger, as if he truly had no regrets, smiled brightly and tore off the pork ribs he was holding in his left hand.

A mercenary is someone who dances on the edge of a sword in pursuit of wealth and fame.

What is important and what is not important.

A person who couldn’t tell the difference would just become a cold corpse before he could even say a few letters of his name.

“That guy is Leon? “You’re younger than I thought.”

“Don’t look down on me just because I’m young. “He is the one who killed Berger.”

The members of the expedition did not act rashly because they had seen or heard about the existence of the duplicate and its power.

Among the A-ranks, Berger, the ‘Piercer’, was quite famous.

This is a man who pierced six hundred battalions with a single spear and captured the castle with his members. There were few people here who could guarantee that they would defeat Berger, who wielded his spear with all his might.

“You idiots.”

An unknown man, the spirit priest who accompanied Team 11, muttered softly as he swallowed a sip of wine.

It wasn’t Leon who should pay attention to his thoughts.

A woman sitting next to him with a calm look on her face.

Karen was the target of attention.

‘The Assassin Master was acting as an A-rank adventurer…!’

The Assassin’s skill level increased, the more difficult it was for him to grow, making even A rank, which is a special grade, very rare.

However, a master-level S-rank assassin was in front of me.

Article 14: An entity that killed even mercenaries who were adept at hand-to-hand combat with a single sword.

‘If they target me, they won’t be able to last even 3 seconds and they’ll die.’

Elementalists who specialize in long-distance combat rather than close-quarters combat rather than front-line combat are good prey for Assassins. Even against an A-rank opponent, the odds of winning are less than 20%, but Karen is an S-rank Assassin Master.

Even opponents who had no reason to fight felt fear when a food chain of that level was established.

Is it true that those who know nothing are braver?

Without thinking much, the man glanced at the people who were talking to Karen a few times and then carefully left the place.

“Keuuu! After all, Jugend’s alcohol is the best!”

Garlond, who was drunk with beer foam on his nose, came up next to Leon and greeted him cheerfully.

“Are you here, Commander? My lips were almost swollen from exalting your heroic tales. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“You’re drunk.”

“then! Gotta get drunk! “It’s such a great day!”

Garlond shouted as he raised the beer glass in his hand.

“For Team 8 leader Leon, who killed the damn spider!”


The people in the auditorium also clinked their glasses one after another as if responding to the shout, and the banquet hall was suddenly filled with the sound of glasses clashing and people gulping down alcohol.

Leon, who had unintentionally attracted attention, smiled bitterly. I tried to stay like I was drunk on water and like I was drunk on alcohol.

‘Well, there’s no way I would have left it alone like that.’

In an expedition in which 107 A-rank members participated, Leon, who was B-rank alone, defeated one of the expedition’s targets.

Irexana’s performance was natural, but his performance was not natural at all. Additionally, the skills he showed in his fight with Berger spread through word of mouth, and more than one or two people approached him in hopes of forming a relationship with the super rookie.

“Leon is a good name. “My grandfather was once called a lion…”

“Are you planning on continuing to be an adventurer? If you need a place to belong, please let me know anytime. “I promise you first-class treatment.”

“What’s the point? Wasn’t your clan famous for sucking up the sweet juices of rookies and then spitting it out?”

“what! “Are you insulting my colleagues now?”

Worst of all, while trying to recruit Leon, they tried to sabotage each other and there was a case where really angry people got into a fight.

Because it was right after the expedition, everyone was exhausted, so it didn’t escalate into a fight for their lives. Above all, it was difficult to deal with the aftermath of bloodshed within the church.

Leon just took a step back as a bystander.

‘A person with 30% of goodwill and a formal approach is 50%, and a person with malicious intent is 200%.’

His sensitive aura sense shined for the first time in a long time.

Leon read the likes and dislikes of the people who came near him and got a rough idea of what they thought of him.

Those who admire, those who are interested, those who praise.

Those who are jealous, those who distrust, those who ignore.

Just dividing it into two categories simplifies social relations considerably.

“Anyway, what are you planning to do with your reward?”

At that time, Garlond spoke in a tongue-twisted voice.

That was the biggest concern of the expedition members.

How great will be the reward that will be given in return for the mission jointly issued by the Jugend Kingdom and the Holy Church!

And Irexana did not betray that expectation.

―Arms made to order in Area 1.

It was said that one weapon would be provided by a gathering of the most outstanding blacksmiths from all over Jugend.

Not a single member of the expedition raised any objection.

My eyes rolled back and I had no choice but to nod.

“Hahaha! What is this story of a reward? “I tried using a cross spear this time, and it worked out well!”

Berger also jumped in and said,

“I think I need some armor that I can wear lightly. “I have no complaints about the cane side, and I feel the need to survive on my own once or twice when the time comes.”

Hazel, who was drinking quietly, also shared her thoughts.

“I guess I should get a broken shield…?”

One of Group 14’s mercenaries, a man who lost his tower shield to Rock Eater’s spit, also complained like that. People who were just enjoying hearing those words lightly cleared their throats a few times.

Leon was no different.

As he wiped away the few drops of alcohol he had spilled, he also remembered recognizing the enemy’s mimicry thanks to the tower shield.

‘Perhaps Kalraider created a clone based on the unconscious mind of the captured person. The reason the broken shield was reborn is probably because that person’s unconsciousness has not yet forgotten the shield.’

[That could be possible.]

El Cid answered carelessly.

Afterwards, Leon had to welcome another guest.

“Whahaha! “See you again!”

Ryan, the guild leader of Area 13, flew to the airship and looked for them. After granting Garlond the qualifications to be an investigator, he was the one who responded quickly to Irexana’s summons and dispatched A-rank personnel.

Ryan, who must have been drinking endlessly with Garlond, ranted with his eyes half rolled back.

“Leon, you are golden! “It’s class A!”


“That’s because there are still some procedures left! Please wait a little longer! “I will personally bring you the gold plate!”

His skills are already sufficient, and his performance has met the appropriate standards by defeating Kalraider during this expedition.

The moment Ryan spoke, his promotion was confirmed.

It wasn’t as exciting as I thought.

Is it because I have seen a wider world than A-rank or guild evaluations? All I felt was that it became a little easier to move around.

‘Well, I decided to get something better as compensation.’

It was a topic that got lost thanks to other people’s chatter.

He is the expedition’s number one contributor and a hero who must be supported by the church.

Irexana promised him and Karen some kind of gift. Because his identity was being concealed, he couldn’t give it to him openly, but since he had a good excuse, all he had to do was go with the flow.

As Leon watched Karen talking from a distance away, he thought of the gift they had planned to receive.

The pinnacle of symbolism representing Youth.

A weapon whose ownership is recognized only if the owner’s qualifications are proven.


These are treasures that warriors would risk their lives to acquire, and whose value is said to be comparable to that of a fortress.

That was the reward they had been promised.

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