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Overpowered Sword Chapter 127

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Level up with swords (127)


There was no sound.

There was no shock.

The light and heat pouring out of Brave’s blade swept the front without even the feeling of cutting something.

How many more seconds passed like that?

When the light that was burning his eyelids faded, Leon carefully opened his eyes. The power that had been flowing into my grasp had stopped, and perhaps because of my mood, the weight seemed to have become lighter.


When his blurry vision became clear, Leon was able to see the crater created by his slash.

The land that evaporated into a spherical shape.

It looked like the sun had gone down.

Brave’s flash cut out only the portal connected to the ‘Mirror Canyon’ and did not emit heat or shock beyond that range. This is because Leon’s fear of the mine collapsing led the sword.


Then, Brave’s sword body, which had released all its strength, was broken into pieces like thin ice. The body made of special metal scattered like sand, leaving the sword with only the handle intact.

Jugendsteel No.111 ‘Brave’.

The sword created by the Jeonsen Grand Meister with a groundbreaking idea has finally fulfilled its role after hundreds of years.

‘Blacksmith Alecto.’

Thanks to his legacy being passed down intact for hundreds of years, Jugend’s crisis was able to be resolved.

It’s a relationship from 300 years ago.

If only Rodrik hadn’t fought the dwarves, if Alecto hadn’t vowed to beat him once, if Irexana hadn’t passed on that achievement to Leon.

Countless coincidences and inevitability combined to overcome malice.

As a warrior, it was a moment that made my heart swell.


At that time, El Cid couldn’t control his curiosity and asked.

[You said earlier that you knew why Alecto made Brave a one-time use, right? Why?]

‘Oh, that? It was surprisingly simple.’

[Say it without hesitation. Who on earth did you learn this from?]

‘…Why don’t you take care of your conscience first?’

Leon, who laughed at the shameless sound, explained.

‘You said that, right? Excluding the holy sword, there is no weapon that could not be destroyed with one swing.’

[Well, what did you say?]

‘So that’s what Mr. Alecto thought. Since it breaks once you swing it anyway, there wouldn’t be any problem if you create a weapon that breaks all at once from the beginning.’


It sounded far-fetched, but it wasn’t wrong.

Even El Cid was speechless and dazed for a moment.

‘And although the Holy Sword itself is strong and has the power to defeat external enemies, it does not have the function of maximizing the firepower of a single blow like the Brave. As far as one blow goes, it surpassed the Holy Sword – isn’t that something that can’t be said?’


‘It’s my expectation, so Mr. Alecto’s true intentions may be a little different, but… at least that’s what I thought. How about you?’

El Cid was silent for a moment.

His memory is such that even if he saw someone not 300 years ago, but 3,000 years ago, he can recall them as if they had met him yesterday.

A dwarf who was stubborn, stubborn, and more eccentric than the others.

Alecto’s grumpy face was strutting towards him.

What do you think, I won this time? do.


It’s ridiculous and I’m appalled by the shamelessness.

El Cid laughed.

[Hahahahaha! That bastard is the real one!]

I could think of dozens more arguments to refute.

They could have scolded me for handing out consumables as if they were swords.

But El Cid just laughed.

The sword that was forcibly created 300 years ago by an idiot who had only met him a few times opened the way for him to become a disciple in this world.

[okay! I lost, you pudgy bastard!]

Although he was admitting defeat to someone for the first time, he was so cheerful that if he had a body, he would burst out laughing until his abs were all numb.

How happy Alecto would have been to hear that.

He must have wandered around all over the place saying he would give it to other people and never let go of a glass of beer in his hand for an entire year. El Cid laughed out loud, hoping he was listening somewhere.

“It was a wonderful blow, warrior.”

Irexana suddenly came to his side and smiled.

“You have completely destroyed the bishop-level death spell.”

“It wasn’t my power, it was ‘Brave’s’ power.”

Leon said, showing the long sword with only its handle remaining.

“The sword that the Cardinal’s father left me saved this country. It was a treasured sword that exalted the name of Jugend, who was so wonderful that even Saint King Roderick admitted defeat.”

“…I’m really glad you said that.”

Irexana’s calm voice became slightly wet.

“He was someone who said he wanted to pat the King Seong until the day he died, so he must have been pleased with the warrior’s words.”

Did an old memory come to mind?

Irexana put her hands together as if praying and her expression immediately changed.

It’s good to exchange good words, but there are still issues that haven’t been resolved.

He looked at Leon and brought up the topic.

“It was <Despair> that caused the monsters to escape from Mirror Canyon and led the contamination of the Great Mine. However, the people who bought the magic swords and are running away are <Chaos>. “This is the worst assumption, but they may have already crossed the border.”

Because they were concentrating on conquering the Great Mine, the level of the pursuit team was not that high. Those belonging to the <Chaos> sect who are good at deceiving and tricking may all get away.

As a result, a bloody storm would blow across the continent.

At that moment, Leon thought of a good idea.

“Cardinal, please wait a moment.”


When he grasped the handle of the holy sword without answering, El Cid read his meaning and immediately drew a map of the continent in the air.

A map with various colored markings.

Among them, I looked for something moving near the Jugend border, and there was indeed a yellow mark moving. 『Dosan Geomlim』 These are the cultists of 〈Chaos〉 who have amassed over a hundred magic swords.

‘It’s too late. Even if we chase them by airship from now on, it would take a full day, and they would have crossed over to another country before then.’

Leon, who had been following the mark with a nervous expression, soon discovered another unexpected mark and his eyes widened.

how? Rather than wondering, I wondered if it was true.

I didn’t know why the arrival was delayed, but it makes sense.

“I think we can rest assured, Cardinal.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you see the flashing yellow sign next to the border line and the golden hammer sign blocking the way?”

“Yes, I can see it.”

When I explained the meaning to Irexana, who did not know the English language, she also smiled and sighed in relief.

It had to be that way.

Have you ever encountered a tiger while trying to avoid a wolf?

The evil cultists of <Chaos> are now at an end.

* * *

On the outskirts of Area 13, the border area of the Kingdom of Jugend, there was a carriage running without hesitation.

It was a suspicious carriage without a single emblem, let alone a flag.

That’s not all.

The horses pulling the carriage had their eyes red and their mouths were foaming, and they were pacing their feet like crazy. There was no doubt that he was possessed by the power of ‘madness’.

The people sitting in the coach seat were talking noisily.

“Whahahaha! run! “Faster!”

“okay! Run hard and die!”


They were a people that could only be described as such.

Hair dyed in several colors, eyes that are out of focus, and even an outfit that shows no unity at all. If I stayed in the slums, I would immediately be treated as a drug addict.

They are the madmen who are shunned even within the evil sect. They are followers of the third sect, Chaos.

“Hey buddy!”

“Why are you calling me, friend?”

They rhymed with bullshit like two madmen playing together.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but I think the brothers of ‘Despair’ and ‘Destruction’ are extremely wasteful. “Isn’t that right?”

“oh! “I wasn’t the only one who thought that!”

“yes? Am I right? word? Yes horses! You guys, please say something! “I’ll give you carrots as a reward!”

Naturally, there was no way the words that were ‘mad’ would respond, so the two madmen continued to complain about missing screws.

“This world is our toy box! The brothers don’t enjoy it and pour it out like bitter water! “It’s a bit like this again. What are you going to do if Youth collapses all at once?”

“that’s right! “There is no other toy as fun as Youth!”

“I don’t like the idea of releasing spiders in places where they can’t be seen! “Why did you hide the surprise gift so deeply?”

“We’re not going to do that, are we, buddy?”

“Of course, buddy!”

The maniac shouted, excited by his colleague’s response.

“Let’s go to the desert this way!”

“desert? “It’s hot!”

“I’m going to die! That’s why it’s better! Let’s give those toys to people as gifts! To those who are waiting for war!”

Now, the western continent was in a state of conflict due to the indigenous nomadic tribes, the beastmen, and many other issues.

If more than a hundred magic swords were spread across that chaotic land, the tension that had been tightly drawn would snap and those who had lost patience would chase the scent of blood.

Sisanhyeolhae (屍山血海).

If the corpses piled up in war form a mountain and the blood flows like a river, their goal will be achieved and a great deal will remain.

“It’s okay to be the crazy emperor of an empire, but there are other brothers around him! “If we get closer, they’ll definitely tell us to fuck off again!”

“Friend, you are right! “Let’s go to the desert!”

“You understand my feelings, friend!”

As the madmen hugged each other and made a fuss, the sun in the sky looked down at them indifferently.

No, it might be wrong to say that I was indifferent.


Then the madman looked ahead and tilted his head.

It is a carriage that runs without pulling the reins once.

If there was someone standing in front of him with just one body, he would have been noticed immediately.

She was standing on the road, where there wasn’t much room to get out of the way. A saint, neatly dressed in black monastic robes, with her hands clasped together.

―Deus Lo Vult.

With three words of prayer.


An enormous wave of light exploded.

Seongcheolswae (聖鐵碎).

As the Holy Church’s strongest holy magic machine revealed its power, there was no room to block or dodge. The Chaos cultists abandoned the carriage a beat late, but even their evasion range was within the range of light.

1 second later.

The light of judgment subsided.

“-I am the iron mace and the one who shakes off the filth from what the Goddess looks upon. “With each swing, I think ten times, and I look up to the sky without a single trace of shame.”

Elahan, fully armed and with his hands together, finished a brief prayer of self-reflection.

“Please, merciful goddess, look upon this condemnation.”

Ellahan, holding the Seongcheolswae again, looked ahead.

The carriage that had evaporated due to her blow and the weaponry that was tainted by the evil spirit of the evil cult were somehow good.

These were things not worth remembering even for a moment.

Take a few steps forward.

Breathing in the air purified by divine power, Ellahan knelt down on one knee in front of the horses lying limp on the ground.

“…You’re pitiful.”

With the death of the evil cultists, the ‘madness’ was lifted, but it was already too late.

There were conditions that could not be corrected even with restorative methods.

“I’ll at least relieve some of the pain. “Leave in peace.”

Ellahan stroked the four horses one by one and let divine power flow into them until their hearts stopped.

Then the words, which were twitching with pain, immediately became quiet.

Although animals could not speak human language, Ellahan felt gratitude in their hollow eyes. After manually closing the eyes of every last one, she stood up.


As the 〈Sacred Barrier〉 helmet falls back, silver hair overflows.

Ellahan suddenly opened his helmet and planted the Seongcheolsae into the ground.

And then he put his hands together.

“Goddess, please guide the way.”

At the same time, Seongcheolsoe fell in one direction and Ellahan’s eyes also turned in that direction.

It was in the direction of the central area 1 of the Kingdom of Jugend.

“at las…!”

Ellahan jumped up and down with an expression filled with deep emotion.

In the middle of the night, a ‘revelation’ came and I waited and waited for several nights on this desolate street.

The desire to meet the hero went far away, but the goddess told him to stay there, so he had no choice. As a result, he prevented an incident that would have caused a bloody storm throughout the continent.

“I’m not satisfied because I feel like I’m in charge of disposing of leftovers.”

When Ellahan, with a pouting expression, reverse-summoned <Sacred Barrier>, a black habit naturally wrapped around her.

There was no longer any reason to stop now.

The golden eyes sparkled strongly, reflecting the light.

“But from now on, you can fight together with the hero, right?”

With clear eyes like an innocent child, she immediately bent down and kicked the ground with both legs as hard as she could.

There was a crunching sound of the ground breaking like a cookie.


In one leap, the saintess surpassed the sound, left behind a cloud of dust, and began to advance towards Area 1.

It was a sight that anyone would doubt their eyes if they saw it.

The meeting between Leon and Ellahan was not far away.

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