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Overpowered Sword Chapter 117

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Level up with swords (117)

As Garlond left for the guild in Area 1 one step ahead, Karen, who read the atmosphere, naturally left the room.

Finally, only two people remained in the room.

Grand Meister of Jugend and Cardinal Irexana of the Holy Order.

There was nothing more to say about the supremacy of his status.

The dwarves, who were always complaining about the king’s orders, obediently followed his every word, and he also had the authority to summon and mobilize the Holy Iron Knights from all over Jugend.

However, this did not mean that Ilshin’s military power was inferior.

The Titan warrior leaders were as strong as most masters, but they didn’t feel like they were stronger than this man.


“Irexana, the servant of the goddess, meets you, warrior. “We are truly grateful for the visit from the Lightbringer.”

The man who could hold his head upright even in front of the emperor knelt down at Leon’s feet without a moment’s hesitation.

An attitude of extreme respect.

In fact, Irexana, who was the most powerful person in Jugend, presented herself as a subordinate to an adventurer who was still only B rank. If anyone had seen this scene, they would have doubted their own eyes first.

Even Leon, standing in front of Irexana, was embarrassed.

“Cardinal, please wake up. “It’s very burdensome.”

“Yes, if you wish so.”

Although he got up as he wanted, he still bowed slightly and did not look down at Leon, which was truly polite.

Cardinal and warrior.

Those who follow the will of the goddess and those who carry out that will.

So it was natural for Irexana to respect Leon. It was difficult for Leon, who was born a commoner and had not yet gotten used to his social status, to adapt.

‘Besides, with that physique, it’s surprising that he approaches me without any sign…’

Although it is a bit inferior to Kasim’s natural body, Irexana’s body also shows the depth of her martial arts. Even Leon’s “Eye Method” was to the point where his appearance could be missed if he became sloppy for a moment.

It was a phenomenon that could not be understood with common sense, as a giant man over 2 meters tall was walking slowly but was deviating from his trained field of vision.

After thinking about that, Leon thought for a moment.

‘Oh wait a minute.’

Is Irexana really human?

There was no way a dwarf could have been that big, so he must have been a human, but humans with the elemental powers of fire and earth were also quite rare. And can the title of ‘Grand Meister’, the best blacksmith in Jugend, be given to a human rather than a dwarf?

Irexana noticed his gaze and smiled.

“I am a half-dwarf.”


Leon, who had read his inner thoughts, was greatly embarrassed and asked back.

Then Irexana began to explain with a calm expression.

“My father was a dwarf and my mother was a human. “They both lived happily ever after.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Even though he has dwarven blood, his size is such that it inevitably raises questions. Fortunately, I inherited both my father’s dexterity and spirit affinity.”

Half-dwarves were several times more rare than half-elves, a mixture of humans and elves. This was because the aesthetic standards of the human race made it difficult for the dwarf race to find the opposite sex attractive.

However, in that rare case, Irexana was born a rare child, born with the strengths of both humans and dwarves, and rose to the position of Grand Meister.

El Cid grumbled after hearing that.

[You are the owner of a blessed body. If you were to calculate the probability that you were born with only the strengths of both humans and dwarves, it would be astronomical.]

‘How about the strengths of both races, for example?’

[It is the height of a human, the ability to use Aurors, the muscle density and bone density of a dwarf, and the two attributes of spirit affinity have been added. With the addition of divine power, he could handle two Sword Masters on his own.]

As a rule of thumb, his physique was 208cm tall and 213kg, a level he would never want to face as a warrior.

That’s not all.

The hardening ability unique to the Dwarves, as well as divine power and elemental power, are not enough to make you an Aura Master! It wasn’t for nothing that Leon felt a wall as soon as he saw it. Like Kasim, he was an opponent he could not approach.

However, apart from examining Irexana, the story progressed and the blueprint for the Great Mine Restoration Operation was laid out on the table.

“I am trying to establish a containment line focusing on the area where my stigmata reacted. “I think there is a high possibility that he is hiding at the intersection of B25, M11 and A4 areas.”

“It’s a mining site for Hyeoncheol and Mithril Adamantium.”

It was the source of the materials used to make Garlond’s sword.

All three locations could have been contaminated, or only one could have been contaminated. It was a story that could not be concluded until the exploration team went inside.

Of course, the blockade line had to be wide and long.

It may seem inefficient, but if you miss even one spot, you will have to search again from the beginning.

‘El Cid.’


Leon naturally thought of ‘Public Technique’ and asked if El Cid’s ability could be used to specify the location.

However, the answer was negative.



[Now that the seal on the Holy Sword has been broken, I cannot directly interfere with your causality. It may be just a brief teaching like before, but direct assistance and combat are now impossible.]

‘…Now that I think about it, even when I helped him in Blaine, he didn’t wake up for a month.’

There was that much of a penalty when the seal was on, but I don’t know what will happen now that it’s all been lifted. El Cid’s very existence was an expedient somehow introduced by the goddess, so if he attempted anything more than this, he could have been kicked out of the Holy Sword.

I couldn’t lose my advisor and teacher just to find one monster. So, while Leon is thinking about the next solution,

[Why are you looking for another way when you’ve thought about it carefully? Even if it wasn’t me, using the method itself was quite good.]

‘Do you want me to try it myself?’

[Experience points are originally built up through actual battles.]

It was only a matter of bending a spear, but it was successful before, so the possibility was not out of the question.

It was just that he couldn’t dare to do it because of the deadly difficulty level of <Technique>, and if he raised his proficiency, he might be able to explore the inside of the mine by tapping a few times.

Leon thought for a moment and then made a suggestion to Irexana.

“Preliminary investigation… you mean?”


In some ways, it was a natural proposition.

Unlike the adventurers and mercenaries who have spent months and years in Jugend, Leon and Karen are unfamiliar with the surrounding area.

I had never fought against the monsters that appeared in the mining area, and the way to fight in a narrow, dark cave was very different from that in the plains. Although it wasn’t a long time, it took a few days to get used to it.

Afterwards, I told him everything about the ‘Technique’, and Irexana nodded without further ado.

“All right. “I will grant permission under my authority.”

If the warrior could grow, it was something that he, as a cardinal, had to help. Irexana gave her a mark from her bosom and marked several areas on the map where Leon could enter and exit.

The main vein has not yet been fully explored.

Inside, monsters with a level of danger of S rank appear every few decades, and there are places where magma will pour out if touched incorrectly, so a structural diagram was essential.

“It’s exactly five days from today.”

Irexana said as she handed the map to Leon.

“It will take about that long for my summons to spread throughout the kingdom and begin this operation. “The margin of error is probably about half a day.”

“That’s fast.”

“This speed is possible because it is here at Youth.”

Irexana spoke in a voice full of pride for her hometown.

“Until then, please refine your spiritual energy, warrior.”

* * *

It was the very next day.

“…That’s how it happened.”


Karen, who had heard the whole story from Leon, agreed. Although she was an A-rank adventurer, she knew better than Leon the importance of a preliminary field trip for a special assassin.

There is no significant difference from the six principles.

All you have to do is understand the enemy’s strength, know when, where, and why to fight, and think about what and how to defeat it.

Karen said while looking at the dagger strap on her thigh.

“The only monsters that come out of the mine are the ones that don’t get along well with my weapons, right?”

“I guess so.”

“If I hadn’t prepared a new dagger, I would have had a hard time.”

After Leon heard that, he looked at her dagger belt.

‘surely. A dagger made from Drake’s by-product could destroy most minerals.’

The monsters in the mining area were influenced by their habitat, and their physical strength was often close to that of real rocks or minerals.

Metal Slime, which eats ore and imitates its characteristics, Steel Ant, which has a carapace and jaw harder than steel, Crag Mutant, a block of stone that builds a magical core and turns into a monster, etc.

Even if the <Auror Weapon> was used, the durability of the iron dagger would have been worn out in a short period of time.

“Over there? “Hero?”


When Leon raised his eyes at the trembling voice, Karen spoke with a somewhat reddened face.

“…If you stare at me like that, I feel a little embarrassed too.”

Even though I say it myself, I feel that my words are contradictory.

It was a feeling I had never felt before.

‘It didn’t bother me when other people saw it…!’

The rogue profession basically has quite a high level of exposure in clothing. This is because the equipment is miniaturized and lightweight for agile movement.

The assassin was the same.

Having too many attachments hinders your ability to hide, and there is no reason to equip armor if you are attacking unilaterally. The light clothing of the Assassin and Rogue were the result of rational judgment.

“I’m sorry. “Seeing the dagger belt…”

Only then did Leon realize where his eyes had rested and turned his head. After hearing what she said, the string that tightened her lightly tanned skin made me no longer notice the dagger belt.

The man and woman, surrounded by an unfamiliar atmosphere, twitched their fingers at each other. It was a feeling that anyone who saw them would not even think that they were people about to go into battle.

“Oh yeah. “Saint!”

Karen was the first to open her mouth to shake off the uncomfortable air.

“Didn’t you say you would be joining Youth? “When do you think you’ll arrive here?”

“Oh wait a minute.”

It was a blatant remark, but Leon also found this atmosphere awkward, so he quietly grabbed the hilt of his sword.

At the same time, the light of the continental map erupted from the holy sword.

A map showing the locations of quests and collaborators.

It was one of the powers given to warriors.

“Well, it’s going to be a little later than I thought.”

Leon, who found the sign of the golden hammer, tilted his head.

If she had moved at the same speed as the first time, she would have crossed the Jugend border tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but for some reason, the saintess’s movement speed had slowed down, so she stayed about a week away.

At this rate, it is impossible to arrive before the operation begins.

The corner of Karen’s mouth twitched slightly when she heard that news.

“Well then, I guess there’s nothing we can do about it!”

Karen, who kept pressing her lips to smile brightly as usual, cheerfully raised her voice.

“Let’s solve it together this time, hero!”

“Like last time?”

“okay! “Just trust this Assassin Master Karen!”

Leon chuckled after seeing her playful gesture.

He then shrugged his shoulders as he took a step ahead.

“Karen, I always believed in you, but why now?”


“Let’s go in. “There are only four days left.”

As Leon stepped into the mine entrance without hesitation, Karen, who had been looking behind him with a blank expression, followed in a huff.

It was my first time being manipulated like this, but it didn’t feel bad. With a smile like a well-fed cat on her lips, Karen threw herself into the darkness beyond.

The great lode.

The two’s new adventure began in a place that was no different from Jugend’s lifeline.

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