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Overpowered Sword Chapter 110

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Level up with swords (110)

“Damn, we’re all going to die if this continues…!”

Hamel, who was leading the mercenaries at the back of the carriage, aiming his bow, bit his lip hard.

The pungent smell of blood stops my body from dripping.

The experience I had accumulated as a former ranger in the mountain guerrilla unit was crying out for me to leave this position quickly. It was the ranger’s duty to survive somehow, to waste time, and to force blood loss.

But he was no longer a ranger.

As a mercenary, I had to take responsibility for accepting the escort request and protect them from this position.

‘Damn, it looks like I’ve seen it somewhere before.’

Hamel, who belatedly found out the other person’s identity, gritted his teeth.

Garlond from 〈Gale〉.

He was an A-rank swordsman who had recently become famous in the mercenary industry, and his sword skills were said to be better than that of most knights. I don’t know why such a popular guy turned around in broad daylight.

‘Of the 5 C-ranked people, the only B-ranked person is me, and with my poor fighting power, am I supposed to catch that frowning A-ranker?’

That’s impossible.

Trying to suppress his desire to give up, Hamel loaded the remaining three special arrows.

That was the only possibility of catching Garlond.

Two explosive arrows and one freezing arrow.

Even if it is A rank, artifacts work. If the remaining mercenaries catch him for even a few seconds, they will finish this fight even if it means firing three special arrows at them.


Garlond, a mercenary holding a magic sword in his hand, smiled darkly.

When the mercenaries flinched at the creepy laughter, the magic sword that dominated Garlond’s body flashed red.

Kill it.

Kill every single one of them.


Garlond, with his eyes wide open, surrendered himself to the boiling murderous intent and attacked. As a result of Hamel’s sniping, he received an arrow in his thigh and an arrow in his shoulder, but he did not seem to feel any pain.


A mercenary blocking the path swung his halberd in a fast and powerful charge, just like his name.


Longsword and halberd.

Regardless of the weight difference between the two weapons, the outcome was clear. The mercenary, who had lost consciousness and was thrown to the side of the carriage, was scattered with shattered ax blades.

However, even if they are C rank, they are mercenaries who have experienced all kinds of hardships.

Even though there was one less comrade, they did not retreat and quickly surrounded Garlond on all sides as if sieging him.

“Die, you son of a bitch!”

“You bastard!”

Two spears are thrown out accompanied by harsh swear words.

heart and abdomen.

The timing of the stabbing aimed at the two parts was quite exquisite, and it was clear that they had tried it several times.

A coordinated attack that makes even B-rank take a step back.

Unfortunately, Garlond was an A-rank swordsman.

Take a look.

As the blade burns with blood, the spear shaft caught in its path is cut off in one go. The smooth cut surface was nothing short of proof of its brutal killing power.

Activating the <Aura Sword>, Garlond took a step forward to cut off the waists of the two mercenaries with a single blow….


An arrow flew in from the side and I took three steps back.


With his eyes as clear as glass, Hamel, who carried three arrows in his arms, calmly sentenced him to death.

If you kill, you live, but if you don’t kill, you die.

The first arrow was fired between Garlond’s eyes.


A bow fired at close range may be scary, but it is nothing if the location and timing are known.

Garlond, who was intoxicated by the demonic spirit, pulled out as if to avoid the trajectory…


He fell to one knee after being hit by the pressure of an explosive arrow. The explosion that hit his temporal region must have reached his eardrums, and he was staggering, unable to stand up, with blood dripping from his ears.

It was an arrow fired at the moment when the opponent was barely able to dodge, anticipating that he would dodge.

A swordsman who lost his temper and a sniper whose blood ran cold.

The winner of the number reading was decided from the beginning.

A second arrow is fired into the heart of Garlond, who has broken his posture.


This time, he swung his sword and hit the arrow without any intention of dodging, as if he wasn’t going to get hit again.

I didn’t know that it was an arrow that I fired knowingly.


The moment it was split in two by Garlond’s slash, the arrow exploded and froze a radius of several meters.

The freezing magic contained within the arrowhead exploded.

I reflexively used my aura to block the direct hit, but it took some time to break through the ice film that covered my body. At least 3 seconds, maybe longer.

And the third arrow flew between the eyes.


The final explosive arrow, in which Hamel poured out all the aura he had saved, hit Garlond directly in the head.

Dust rises and swirls around it.

It is powerful enough to defeat even medium-sized monsters.

Even an A rank is not something you can endure with your bare body.


However, after shooting the third arrow, Hamel threw away the broken bow and pulled out a spare dagger.

They say that bad premonitions always come true.

Beyond the smoke, a pair of shining eyes caught my eye.


The body was staggering, as if there had been no blows, and the face was covered in blood. Nevertheless, the magic sword in his hand was shiny with blood.

〈Aura Sword〉.

It is a threat that Hamel, who has already exerted all his strength, cannot handle.

“If we had just one more solid B-rank brat, we could have gotten halfway there.”

While complaining about his employer, Hamel strengthened his physical abilities with the few Aurors he had left.

When the blades collide, the dagger breaks in two.

The gap between the long sword and the short sword is more than three times.

“…I decided to quit drinking with my boss, but I can’t keep my promise.”

A deep, bitter smile appeared on Hamel’s expressionless mouth.

Since I decided to live as a mercenary, this ending is inevitable.

Even though it was a fight that I knew I couldn’t win, it was a moment where I didn’t give up and threw myself into the final battle.


Two shadows fell from the sky.

The two people who appeared without a trace, as if separating Hamel and Garlond from each other, turned their backs on him as soon as they landed.

For some reason, it looked quite familiar.

“Who are you?”

The mercenaries, who belatedly became aware of the two, shouted, but it was clear that they were scared, not threatening.

Only Hamel looked at them with a calm expression.

It was then.

Leon looked back and greeted Hamel first.

“It’s been a while, Hamel. how have you been doing?”

“Master Tao? Then, the person next to him…”

Karen waved her hand as if living up to that expectation.

“hi? “We met again.”

“Did your sister come too? Phew, I lived.”

Hamel finally breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the reaper’s scythe, which had entered the base of his neck, move away.

I said I was prepared to die, but I didn’t want to die.

Now, there was one A-rank and one B-rank added, and the damage received from him would have been significant, so the odds of winning were good. Hamel, who was thinking like that, looked at the two people and said,

“I will deal with it alone. “Please be careful so Karen doesn’t run away.”


Leon pulled out the sword from his belt and approached Garlond alone.

“for a moment! young master!”

Hamel desperately shouted to stop that reckless act.

“I know you’re strong, but you can’t do that! It’s A rank! It’s Galonde from “Gale”! And, as if he had taken some kind of medicine, he couldn’t feel any pain and his only intention was to kill the other person!”

“It’s A rank, so it’s worth it to struggle with this number of people.”

A rank is a powerhouse that is ranked high in the entire guild. Even though he lost his temper, it was okay to at least hurt him.

Leon deduced the situation of the war by looking at the traces in the area.

The smell of gunpowder. Ice remaining on the ground.

Even Garlond’s face looked as if he had been burned.

‘I used a special arrow. At least three shots. Because he had lost his senses, he would not have been able to respond to that anomalous method.’

In particular, the damage from a direct hit from an explosive arrow was quite large.

My eardrums were ruptured, my brain was shaken, and my sense of balance was probably messed up. If I hadn’t been possessed by the demon sword, I would have passed out long ago.

If you make him fight any longer, his life will be in danger.

After assessing the situation, Leon raised his sword as a stop.

‘Quick decision, quick action.’

El Cid added as if advising on that policy.

[Do not press with force. The magic sword can transform the user’s vitality into its own power. It’s a last resort because the host dies, but I won’t hesitate to use it if I’m cornered.]


[Induce the final blow. Use ‘Seonghwa’ then too. Because if you are now, you can cut that fake magic sword with a single sword.]

After taking the advice to heart, Leon took a step forward and Garlond also took a step forward as if matching his steps.

The distance between the two inspections is 15 meters.

Either way, it was a distance that could be overcome in one month.

A few more seconds passed as Leon and Garlond held their swords and watched each other. When golden eyes met blood-red eyes, it was Garlond who moved first.


Garlond, who had narrowed the distance in half a breath while screaming, lunged and continued to deliver a stab.

A blade that penetrates in the blink of an eye.

Nevertheless, Leon fought back by accurately deflecting the tip.

It was a method faithful to the doctrine of ‘Parry & Reposte’. Garlond’s sword blade, which brushed against the edge of Leon’s horizontal cut, snapped and rolled on the ground.

Kang! Kaang!

Even though he was almost cut off at the waist, Garlond maintained a more aggressive attack. No, it was not Garlond’s will, but the will of the Demon Sword.

Kill before you die.

Even if we die together, we kill each other.

The mentality of a Berserker, not a drone, was driving him. Without once backing down, he lunges at me repeatedly, lunge after lunge, as if he is going to die with me.

‘This is a bit annoying.’

On the contrary, Leon, who had no intention of killing Garlond, had no choice but to click his tongue.

‘If you hit back in moderation, he attacks more recklessly. Then…’

Leon pretended to be pushed back by the continuous attacks and continued to back away, giving him room to move freely.

It’s an obvious trap that Garlond wouldn’t fall into if he were sane.

However, he was possessed by the magic sword, and with a triumphant expression, he put the sword in the path guided by Leon. The reason why Garlond received the nickname “Gale” was because his arcane swordsmanship was performed in a rough manner.


Gale Slash The

centrifugal force

of the sword, which has been accelerated several times through continuous attacks, is further amplified and converted into the destructive power of a single blow.

If you do the basic work well, it has the power to split even an ogre in two!

Garlond’s mouth, drunk with demonic power, was torn in cruel joy.

“It’s wonderful swordsmanship.”

Leon said while looking at Garlond, not the demon sword.

“It would have been better if we didn’t see it this way.”

Without even paying attention to the “Auror Sword” swirling around the blood-red blade, Leon aimed the sword imbued with platinum-colored light.

The timing and trajectory are all as he expected.

Only the magic sword can be cut.

Leon swung his sword towards the strangely dancing blade.


a subtype of

the Grand Chariot,

a platinum-colored sword rushed into the approaching blood storm.

The cutting power that adds ‘Seonghwa’ to <Eclipse> is a technique that brings out the maximum that Leon can demonstrate.

The blades of the holy sword El Cid and the magic sword intersected once.


The half of the magic sword that was cut off with a single sword burst into flames in the air and disappeared without leaving even a handful of ash behind.

Subsequently, the magic sword that was left in half in Garlond’s grasp also crumbled. Even though it was a magic sword, it was a natural result since it collided with the strongest holy sword on earth before it had even fully matured.


Is it because the <Gale Sundering〉 was destroyed, or was it because the magic sword was cut and the shock was shared?

Garlond passed by Leon and fell to his knees.

Blood flowing from the corner of the mouth.

A body that has been completely overused by the magic sword.

Even if he had fought for just a few more minutes, Garlond’s life would have been in danger, and he could barely speak.

“…Thank you… everything…”

The dark red eyes also returned to their original state. Receiving Garlond’s sincere gratitude, Leon responded with a faint smile as if to reassure him.

“I just did what I had to do.”

It was truly a remark worthy of a warrior.

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