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Overpowered Sword Chapter 11

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Level up with swords (11)

‘No, it’s too late.’

If you had moved with the intention of blocking in the first place, it was not a technique you could handle with your posture broken. If he doesn’t completely shed it, his wooden sword will shatter and become lodged in his chest.

Leon sighed as he glared at the wooden sword that was getting closer and closer.

I couldn’t say he let his guard down. It’s not that I was complacent. From the beginning, esoteric swordsmanship was this type of technique.

If you don’t know, you die.

It was difficult to find out the true nature of the preliminary action, and conversely, it was not uncommon for the preliminary action to be a deception. There was no such thing as an insidious murder technique.

‘in action…!’

The extremely accelerated brain slows down Elmont’s wooden sword.

But that slowdown also applies to Leon himself.

Moving body vision or reflexes only increased the speed at which the body reacted, but did not accelerate the absolute speed.

In short, it was a meaningless struggle.

‘in action…!’

As Leon reached his breaking point, blood vessels burst out of his eyes. My vision became a bit blurry along with the sharp pain, but the approaching wooden sword became even slower. As a rule of thumb, it is less than 1 cm per second.

Unfortunately, the same was true for Leon’s body.

He was pushing the ground with all his might, but the wooden sword was approaching him faster than he could dodge it.

If things continue like this, it cannot be avoided.

If it continues like this, it is correct.

If it continues like this, we will lose.

‘in action!’

It was then.


An unpleasant sound was heard.

An unexplained noise, as if something unknown had been torn apart.

At the same time, Leon’s left thigh was freed. In a world that had slowed down several times, only his thighs were free.


The wooden sword passed by with an eerie sound.

A direct hit would have shattered bones!

Feeling the killing power at close range, Leon’s liver went cold, but he immediately regained his senses and approached Elmont.

A large thrust carries with it a corresponding risk. This was especially true if it was a long sword rather than a long spear. This is because there was no time gained at the distance of the sword that could be gained at the distance of the spear.

It was indeed as he said.

“That guy—”

Elmont looked at him from up close, his face astonished.

The shock that the family’s secret sword had failed, the sense of crisis that the approach had been allowed, and the despair of not being able to bear it were all mixed together like mud.

So Leon never let down his guard until the end.

I had a feeling that if I missed this opportunity, I wouldn’t be able to win.


As Elmont struggled and struck his fist, the bone in his left wrist shattered on the wooden sword, making a terrible sound.

It is not strange if both the side that hit and the side that was hit flinch.

But the two didn’t show it at all.

Leon’s eyes were as cold as ice even though they were bloodshot, and Elmont’s eyes were burning with pain and anger. Was it so frustrating to be pushed out by a commoner without an Auror?

‘It’s none of my business.’

Rather, it makes you laugh at the frustration.

I was angry at Elmont, who was born with so much more than that, but only got this much.

Leon, whose stinging eyes widened, attacked again.


Two wooden swords clash and cut each other down.

The superiority of Leon, who used both hands, and Elmont, who could only use one hand, was clear. Unlike before, it is El Monte who is being pushed out every time.

Leon used that momentum to push him to the end of the arena.

To the point where if you take one more step back, you will lose out.

“It’s over.”

Leon raised his sword to the top and spoke calmly.


Elmont swung his sword in protest at the declaration. It was a blow that poured out all the remaining aura.

Wholehearted effort.

Unlike him who can inject aura, Leon cannot protect the durability of his wooden sword. Moreover, as it has been hit dozens of times so far, its durability must have slowly reached its limit.

As long as you destroy the wooden sword, you have a good chance of winning with one hand.

I only aimed for this moment when I lost one hand. That was the reason why he was pushed to the brink of being out of the game and induced the decisive blow.

‘You’ve been in the palm of my hand from the beginning, commoner!’

As expected, Leon went head-to-head according to his calculations and –


-He passed away Elmont’s wooden sword without hesitation.


Elmont stumbled from the perfectly executed parry.

The physical shock was not great, but the mental shock from reading the numbers was too great. If I had been so pitiful, I would have lost my mind with a stupid expression in the face of defeat.

However, Leon did not show the slightest mercy.


The wooden sword that was struck precisely near the mouth suddenly broke, and several white particles flew out along with the fragments. Elmont, who fell backwards due to the strong blow, lost his composure.

It was the moment when a series of duels that started off in a negative light came to an end.

Helmut declared the winner without hiding his surprise.

“Winner Leon!”

Only then did Leon put down the wooden sword that had been cut in half.

It was a close victory.

Although we could see that Elmont was aiming to destroy the weapon, if the team had been delayed just one more time, the victory or defeat might have been overturned. No, avoiding the <crescent moon stab> before that was almost a coincidence.

Even if I asked him to try it again, I wasn’t confident.

[Well done student! That guy also got robbed of corn with his mediocre talent, so he’ll be more selective about his words next time, right?]


Leon just shrugged his shoulders at El Cid’s words.

Will one’s character be healed after being beaten once?

They were more likely to hold a grudge for losing to a commoner. Is there any reason for the old saying that people cannot be rewritten? Still, since I had sworn an oath as a condition of winning, there shouldn’t be any major problems while I’m at the academy.

[I was a little more surprised than that, Leon. I never thought the door to ‘Accel’ would be opened already. It’s much faster than I expected?]


Leon realized he was alone and responded verbally.

Since Helmut had taken Elmont, who had fainted, to the infirmary, it seemed like he would have to clean up after him as well.

It was also a task that had been repeated consistently over the past few days.

Leon, holding a familiar broom, asked El Cid a question.

“Ah, you mean that thing you did when you dodged Elmont’s secret sword?”


El Cid said in a more excited voice than usual.

[The human body moves slower than consciousness. Even more so when accelerating. Reflexes are ultimately just the speed of consciousness and have little to do with actual speed. Then, why are skilled swordsmen able to move so quickly?]

“Because I learned Aura.”

[Half of it was correct. If you don’t use aura, your body won’t be able to withstand the repulsive force. So, you can usually use ‘Accel’ after you learn Auror.]

But then El Cid started praising Leon.

[You used ‘Accel’ without even becoming an Auror. Even if it is an imperfect success limited to the thighs, it is a great thing. Because I overcame the limits of my instinctive behavior with a single act of will.]

“Huh? wait for a sec.”

Leon spoke in an anxious voice at those words.

“I heard that my body won’t be able to survive if I don’t use my aura? But why am I fine? “Is it because I used it imperfectly?”

[Well, that’s right. The speed itself wasn’t anything special. Because it stopped to the extent that the muscles and ligaments could withstand it. If it had been used with the entire body instead of the thighs, even the internal organs would have turned over.]

“… It was a really dangerous situation.”

Leon broke into a cold sweat after hearing El Cid’s explanation.

I said it was a force I used without realizing it, but it was a natural reaction since I almost destroyed myself by mistake. Didn’t the adage that an ignorant person is brave come from this situation?

But it was still too early for him to feel relieved.

[Are you coming soon? Take good care of yourself for the time being.]

“What are you talking about? “What more is coming from here?”

Leon looked around with a puzzled expression.

There is no Helmut or Elmont.

Now all we have to do is go back to the dormitory and get some sleep, so why are we being advised to take good care of ourselves?

The reason was immediately clear.

[What is it? Of course it’s muscle pain.]

A terrible pain rose up from my left thigh!


Leon, holding his thigh, rolled around on the spot. The muscle pain that came a beat later was truly terrifying. The pain felt as if my ligaments were being pulled with a crowbar, as if it were being set on fire!

Soon, muscle spasms occur and the entire body begins to tremble.

Even if I tortured him with lightning magic, it would be less painful than this. Leon struggled, even shedding tears that he had not shed even when his bones were broken. This was because the repulsive force of ‘Accelerator’ not only tore muscle fibers but also tore through the nervous system.

“no!? Why are you doing this, Leon? “Did you have any internal injuries?”

In the end, only after Helmut returned, Leon was able to go from the annex to the infirmary and lay down on the bed right next to Elmont.

Elmont sleeps peacefully even though his face is a little messed up.

Leon struggles, holding on to his swollen thighs.

It was as if the winners and losers had been reversed.

* * *

“Off… I’m feeling better now.”

Three days later, Leon came out of the infirmary and checked his condition by stomping his left leg. Fortunately, there wasn’t much pain, but it was a little early to feel relieved.

Until yesterday, I still needed to be careful because I had cramps again after just a few steps.

El Cid chuckled at that and gave a short piece of advice.

[I use ‘Accel’ and that’s good enough. Keep it sealed until you learn the Aura. Will I really die next time?]

“I know.”

Leon smiled bitterly and touched his left thigh.

Even Leon, who has the strongest thigh muscles in the human body and has been thoroughly trained, was like this, there was a high possibility that other people, even if they were thigh muscles, would not be able to withstand them.

Even if you did it without knowing, it was a really dangerous thing.

He went for a walk to the park outside the academy as a rehabilitation exercise. The park was a place where students often gathered because the gardener’s skills were quite good.


Leon, who was sitting on a bench to rest for a moment, soon felt a buzz around him. It was different from the atmosphere when chatting.

It was a whisper lowered so that no one could hear.

Leon noticed the situation and secretly rolled his eyes.

When I observed the lips of some of the students who were pretending not to be and observing him, I was able to tell something.

‘I guess some rumors related to me have spread.’

[rumor? Ah, those idiots.]

Leon nodded his head at those words and then sighed.

‘I guess they made all kinds of assumptions to excuse their defeat. I was scouted by a prestigious family and took an elixir. I learned arcane swordsmanship without anyone knowing.’

[Where did they sell the pride of nobility?]

‘If such a thing really existed, they wouldn’t have attacked me.’

[Hmm, that’s a fair point.]

When El Cid countered like that, Leon got tired and closed his eyes and even his ears.

Even if you consider it to be a rumor or something, there will be no benefit.

There are several people who made it to the infirmary even though confidentiality conditions were imposed. I thought it would come to light sooner or later, but I had no idea that it would get so much attention in just three days.

It seemed like the remaining time at the academy would become even more bothersome.


It was then.

‘Who is it?’

There is a sign coming straight towards him.

There was no hesitation or hesitation whatsoever.

Leon opened his eyes to see who the person was. And then I encountered the exact person I expected.


There she was, smiling sweetly as always.

Standing with your back to the sun, your hair is golden and your lake-blue eyes sparkle happily.

Chloe said.

“Hello Leon.”


My heart, which was always agitated by that voice, became quiet.

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