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Overpowered Sword Chapter 109

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Level up with swords (109)

Even without the monsters swarming within the Titan Mountains, the mountains were steep and rugged, making it difficult for even well-trained soldiers to pass through.

Densely grown old trees and uneven ground.

A swamp of death where you can’t escape even if you take one wrong step. A canyon where landslides often occur due to irregular gusts of wind.

The world’s most dangerous demon world, where you can learn the ruthlessness of nature with your own life. The Titan Mountains contained a huge number of monsters in an already harsh natural environment.

For those below B rank, even exploration requests to the outskirts are not approved, and even A rank adventurers are reluctant to go forward when reaching the depths. It is a land full of rare monsters that can make a lot of money by successfully hunting just one, but losing your life while trying to hunt just once was an unprofitable business in many ways.

However, there were two shadows running quickly across the depths of the Titan Mountains as if they were running across a bare grassland.


Karen jumps after stepping on a tree branch, does two somersaults using her inertia, accelerates again at the next landing point, and jumps up to an old tree in the distance.

It’s a movement that feels like springs are attached to both legs.

Although Leon’s acrobatic movements were too much for him, he used the vitality of the stigmata and caught up with her in one leap.

“and! fast! “It’s so fast!”

Karen, who was running ahead, cheered loudly like a child.

“You could have used the Aurors this way! “If I give it elasticity like a rubber band and launch my body forward like a slingshot…”

Before she could finish talking to herself, the teal auror wriggled and shot Karen’s body forward.

‘Pow!’ And a sound burst out.

The spontaneous acceleration even surpassed the speed of sound.

However, Karen, who succeeded in breaking the speed of sound, had to cry before being happy about that fact.

“Atta ta ta ta! “What the hell is it stinging!”

Perhaps because it was an unexpected acceleration, the skin that could not be completely covered by the aura was swollen bright red.

It must have been swept away by the air resistance when exceeding the speed of sound.

Unlike drakes, human skin was not covered with hard, flexible scales. Even metal often distorts or breaks under the pressure when it overcomes the wall of sound, but it was fortunate that the skin didn’t peel off as I rubbed against it with my delicate skin.

‘It certainly seems like he has reached the level of master.’

Leon, who was following her a beat later, was secretly impressed.

El Cid also seemed to agree with that statement.

[It seems that materialization has not yet been achieved, but if the released aura can be used by giving it physical properties, it would be safe to say that the initial level has been reached.] ‘If it is

materialization… it means <Aura Blade>. ?’

[Well, that’s right.]

<Auror Blade> is the power with which the Auror Master proves himself and is also an ability that symbolizes his qualifications.

A blade that materialized an auror.

To put it in one word, it’s simple, but if you try to explain it in detail, even if you prepare dozens of documents, it won’t be enough. The power to collapse a castle wall with one swing and pierce the gate with one swing.

[Of course, there may be a big difference depending on the user’s attributes and capabilities, but 〈Auror Blade〉 is the same as a biased telekinesis.]

‘Can you give me an example of bias?’

[It only has a few functions, but it is an efficient tool because it specializes in those functions. Either freeze or burn everything you cut. It might be possible to create a phenomenon that transcends the laws of physics. Have you tried cutting into space once? [That becomes possible.]

So, the moment you reach the level of master, you have no choice but to possess a force that is completely differentiated from the warriors below you.

〈Aura Blade〉 is a perfect upward compatibility with 〈Aura Weapon〉.

Regardless of the size of power, a hierarchical relationship is established. Even if you mobilize enough Auras to collapse a mountain, you are unilaterally defeated by Aura Blades, which are capable of breaking a single brick.

The extreme limit of force to the point of irrationality.

Karen has stepped into the realm of the transcendent.


At that time, Karen, who was moving forward, slowed down and naturally approached Leon.

“Now that I think about it, I think I forgot to ask, where is our next destination?”

“The Kingdom of Jugend.”

“Jugend? Ah, the country of the dwarves?”

Leon nodded as if he agreed with those words.


Rather than its official name, it was a country more famous as the Kingdom of the Steel Kingdom and Dwarves. Located in the southeastern part of the continent, the territory that surrounds the entire mountain range where large-scale special minerals are deposited has a rather unique shape.

It was blocking ‘Mirror Canyon’, one of the four major demonic areas on the continent, and because the personalities of the honest dwarves and the proud easterners were well suited, it was functioning as a fairly decent country.

“There was a yellow sign floating in Jugend. “It’s also the point where you can meet the saint, and you also have to stop by the temple.”

Since it is not that far from the Titan Mountains, it can be reached in three or four days. The usual concept of distance did not apply to them, who could run all day faster than a horse.

Moreover, Leon decided that going to the Kingdom of Jugend was the best.

Get closer to the approaching saint.

As a warrior, there are things to solve.

You can also visit the temple where the cardinal resides.

To use the old adage, kill three birds with one stone. It was an option where three people could benefit from one action.


However, Karen seemed to have thought of something at those words and kept her mouth shut, casting a dark shadow over her cheerful face.

The importance of a saint in a warrior’s party is undoubtedly the first.

Unlike thieves or warrior wizards, they are irreplaceable and their social status is also enormous. Even after the saint joins, will things continue smoothly like now?

To Karen, who was merely an assassin, the saint was someone who could not help but feel inferior.

‘What kind of race are El Cid Dwarves?’

However, without knowing Karen’s feelings, Leon asked El Cid about a race he had never met.

Dwarfs, the iron race.

It is said that they are a representative race of the Kingdom of Jugend and have the hands of a craftsman from birth and the mouth of a drunkard and a full beard. Although they are small in stature, both their muscles and bones are thick and hard, so their physical strength and stamina are superior to those of humans, making them superior to other warriors.

[They are bastards.]

El Cid crushed that illusion with just one word.

[When the sun goes down, don’t you drink it until your tongue twists? Don’t you ruin the delivery schedule by breaking it after working on it for days and saying you don’t like it? What if I teach tactics? They are short-legged people who don’t know how to do anything other than attack head-on.]

‘…Is this just an experience again?’

[From their point of view, I’m probably a supporter of Cheolcheon, right? Because it was his own work, he cut down all the swords held out in front of me.]

Only then did Leon say ‘Ah’ and remember the contents.

It is said that Saint King Roderick’s dragon power was so outrageous that he broke everything except the sword that the goddess had made for him.

A treasured sword said to have been found in Gold Dragon’s rare.

A famous sword that dwarven craftsmen are said to have spent fifteen days beating.

Dwarves have great pride as craftsmen. Since all of the famous swords containing their souls were sharpened, it was natural for anger to bloom along with frustration.

[A sword just breaks if you swing it in the air? Is the problem that I packaged a defective product like it was a famous sword or that I swung it and broke it? I sat there saying nonsense.]

While listening to El Cid’s complaints with one ear, Leon thought for a moment in silence for the dwarves who must have been shedding bloody tears at that time.

There was no way I could have just been swayed by that temperament.

The dwarves must have been showing off their arrogance in front of Rodrik, and the guy who was annoyed by his confident attitude must have swung his sword with the intention of breaking it.

[But don’t underestimate anything.]

El Cid said.

[Dwarves are a race with muscle mass and density 2 to 3 times that of humans. They are about the same height and weight, and can control earth and fire spirits. If both legs are on the ground, it will exert a greater destructive power than a Chungcha.]

‘No, that’s how much without an auror?’

[This is a bit different from humans who are completely independent from nature. Just as an arrow fired by an elf naturally rides the wind, a dwarf’s body becomes as hard as mineral when attached to the ground.]

If you are 130cm tall, you are at a great disadvantage as a warrior, but if you weigh 130kg and are muscular, on the contrary, you are threatening.

The short range can be made up with a long weapon, and the center of gravity of a small and heavy weapon does not shake easily. And if that wasn’t enough, what if they had the same durability as steel through their race’s unique abilities?

Its combat power would be several times greater than that of heavy infantry.

[Although they may not have asymmetrical power, the dwarves have excellent average combat power for each individual. [A drunkard with no martial arts skills plays with a well-trained ten-ligament.]

And in the Kingdom of Jugend, the dwarves were armed with new weapons that were full of mechanical devices created with their own dexterity, which would inevitably cause great damage if one did not know how to deal with them.

It is famous for having cold weapons that are several levels superior to those of other regions, as well as iron cannons using gunpowder or steam engines installed throughout the walls.

The complete blockade of the ‘Mirror Canyon’ was not only the reason why it was able to establish itself as a rout in the southeast.

[Above all, if it were Jugend, he would still be staying…]

Suddenly, El Cid stopped talking.

Rather than forgetting what to say, Leon felt like he had said something he didn’t want to say, so he held on to the last word.

‘That guy? who?’

[Oh, I don’t know.]

‘I don’t know what I don’t know! ‘Is there anyone else who is as hostile to you as you are to death?’

[I don’t know. Even if you know, don’t tell me. What’s the fun if you know everything?]

‘Can you still call yourself a holy sword?!’

[From today onwards, call me Demon Sword.]

As always, Leon grabbed the back of his neck in a sharp manner, but El Cid said nothing more.

They say there are two ways to make people angry, and the first is to stop talking and that was true. He struck the hilt of the magic sword El Cid a few times as if to vent his anger, but there was no way he could hit the holy sword, which even Kasim’s punches had not worked on.

It was that moment.


The light emitted from the Holy Sword depicted the nearby terrain, and a blue mark sparkled not far away.

It was a quest.

When Leon reflexively placed his hand, the contents appeared.

『Demon Sword Destruction』

* Difficulty: Normal

* Scale: 1

* Aptitude Object: Incomplete Magic Sword

* Person in Charge: None

* A magic sword made of minerals imbued with evil power and controlling the user’s body has been discovered. The magic sword drinks blood and life, grows, and transforms the user into a human being. Destroy the magic sword that controls the mercenary Garlond and save his spirit.

At the same time, Karen, who was one step ahead, raised her voice.

“Hero! “There are people fighting uphill over there!”

It is in the same direction as the marker on the map.

If you were already fighting someone, every minute and every second was a life-threatening moment. There was no way that a hero’s abilities would be needed for an insignificant incident.

Leon made an immediate decision and ran to Karen’s side.

“let’s go!”


The two’s movements become even faster as they speed up in earnest.

It must have taken about 10 seconds for Leon and Karen, who left the scene leaving behind an afterimage, to cover the 2 kilometers and reach the uphill road where the fight was taking place.

Leon stopped at the top of the tree and looked down the road going uphill.

‘Is this a small procession of 15 people in three carriages?…’

Distinguishing between enemies and allies was simple.

The procession was well-maintained, probably because it had hired seasoned mercenaries, and the man standing in front of it was standing in front of it.

Even at first glance, the man with bright red eyes did not seem to be in his right mind. Saliva was dripping from the small, open mouth, and even the fine tendons in the hand holding the sword were bristling thickly.

Magic sword.

Leon’s eyes sank coldly at the feeling of discomfort even from this distance.


But Karen’s eyes widened as she looked at the row at the top.

“Hero, that person.”

“Huh? Ah.”

Leon, who looked in the direction she was pointing, soon saw a familiar face and his eyes widened.

A member of the mercenary group that accompanied them when they came to the Titan Mountains.

Hamel, a former ranger belonging to <Steel Claws>, was confronting a mercenary holding a magic sword in the upper procession.

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