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Overpowered Sword Chapter 108

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Level up with black and red (108)

It wasn’t just the color that was ominous.

From the appearance of the mark, it looked exactly like a skull, implying that it was a bad place for anyone who approached it.

Black and skull.

Either way, it was a shape that meant ‘death’. Pirates don’t use a skull flag with a black background for nothing. It is a symbol of warning and intimidation intended to arouse fear in those who see the flag.


It was then.

The moment Leon placed his finger on it, a small translucent screen emerged from the black marker.

[warning! The difficulty level is extreme!]

[Would you like to view the <Dimension Rift> quest? Y/N]

When I pressed Y, which means positive, the screen grew larger and listed information related to that mark.

『Dimensional Rift』

* Difficulty: Untouchable

* Scale: Unmeasurable

* Aptitude Object: Unable to specify

* Person in charge: Kasim, the Giant King

* A great rift in the dimensional barrier that exists in the depths of the Titan Mountains. It is teeming with monsters from another world who have not adapted to the physical laws of this world and are rejected by factors such as atmospheric elements and gravity. The danger level exceeds S rank on average, and some individuals possess power equivalent to that of high-ranking demons or adult dragons.

A shiver ran down Leon’s spine as he read the entire explanation.

If all of this is true, it means that right near the waterfall where he and Cassim trained, there was a swarm of monsters that could destroy an entire continent.

Cassim looked back at him with a puzzled expression and nodded his head with a calm expression.

“It’s true. Inside the crack, there are countless beings wandering around whose survival even the warrior commanders cannot guarantee.”

Only the Giant King can enter and exit the ‘dimensional rift.’

What that rule meant was not a right.

Cassim was the only one who was qualified to fight within the dimensional rift and possessed the necessary combat power.

Even Drake, who Leon and Karen faced, is nothing more than a half-baby in the hierarchy within the rift. Even if just one animal escaped, it was common for a warrior leader to form a group to take it down.

“Why would we be stuck inside the mountain range for hundreds of years? “It is impossible to close that rift without the power of me and the Titans.”

“Can’t it be closed even with the power of death?”


Leon looked at Kasim with distrustful eyes.

After sparring with him several times, I was able to estimate his level.

Invincible in the world.

A being that can erase clouds from the sky with a single punch and cause an earthquake with a single step. A person born into a race whose strength is guaranteed by birth, and who has entered the unrivaled realm even in the path of martial arts, which can be said to be the strength of the weak.

‘If it’s impossible even for my brother, there’s no way I can solve it now.’

Black markings are not allowed.

Leon, who had learned a lesson, looked at the map of the continent, but there were no black marks other than the Titan Mountains.

It was literally the worst dangerous zone in the world.

It was Leon who once again revised his perception of the Titan Mountains.

“There is one black, two reds, four oranges, nine yellows, and too many blues and greens…”

said El Cid, who had kept his mouth shut as he looked at the signs floating around the map.

[You can think of the color of the marker as the level of difficulty. Black is at a level that cannot be solved with your current skills, red is almost impossible, and orange is possible but at a very dangerous level.]

‘What about yellow and the other two colors?’

[Yellow is a bit risky, but is it worth it? Blue and green are both safe.]

After hearing about how to distinguish colors, it turned out to be a fairly intuitive sign.

In practice, this means that the problems he can solve are those marked in yellow or lower. You can’t be called a warrior if you just dodge when it’s dangerous, but attacking someone even though you knew firsthand that it was reckless was just as foolish.

Leon’s eyes move back and forth, examining the signs.

One of the two red markers was located in the capital of Clyde, and the other was located in the dark forest of the southern continent.

“I guess I should consider excluding black and red for now.”

It was a realistic decision.

Fighting an insurmountable enemy in an inaccessible place? It was like telling me to just die.

Then El Cid spoke.

[Oh, but you shouldn’t let down your guard just because the difficulty level is low? If you leave the blue and green marks alone for a long time, the situation will worsen and the difficulty level may become several levels higher than the original level.]

“It would be better to solve everything on the way.”

[Yes, it may be a bit annoying in many ways.]

For some reason, El Cid stopped talking with a complaint that sounded like a story from experience. This was because Karen, who had been quietly watching from behind, placed her chin on Leon’s shoulder.

The whispering voice and breathing in his ear made him nervous.

“Where do you go from here, hero?”

Karen put her hand out next to her ear, as if putting her hand on the map, and lowered her finger.

“It seems like black and red are places that can’t be touched yet, and most of the orange ones are far away. ah! “There is a yellow one nearby. Should we go there first?”


“Or, it might be a good idea to try solving a few blue or green problems as a warm-up. Before that, why don’t we stop by the village and buy some things and fill our pockets with money?”

“Well, I guess it’ll be okay.”

Leon wasn’t concentrating on the conversation at all and squinted at her gray hair and the side of her face shaking in his ear.

Light brown skin, typical of a dark elf mix.

Drops of sweat flowing down and blue-gray eyes.

The beauty that everyone could not help but lose their eyes at at least once was laughing and chatting on the street with each breath.


Karen, who realized that Leon’s reaction was not very good, turned to look at him and their cheeks, which were not an inch apart, touched.


Karen, surprised by the touch, jumped like a cat and landed nearly 10 meters away from Leon. It was an insignificant contact, but both people’s eyes widened.

She touched the cheeks we had just touched a few times and then ran away, covering my face with both hands.

Only Leon, standing there with a puzzled expression, was left there.

[No, that’s right.]

El Cid, who was watching the two people, felt helpless.

[Why is he so gentle when he comes from a slum? I thought we were barely making progress, but I can’t expect anything for the time being.]


[I don’t expect anything from you, my student.]

“It’s noisy.”

Cassim smiled bitterly after hearing Leon’s words to himself. This was because I immediately knew who it was said to.

Cassim, who had guessed the content through his long experience, opened his mouth.

“There is no need to rush. Since we are colleagues who will continue our journey together, there will be plenty of opportunities to develop our relationship. “There’s nothing good about a relationship between the sexes, especially if you rush it.”

“Death penalty?”

“Don’t listen to the nonsense of character wreckers like Rodrik, but seek advice from wiser people. Do you understand?”

Then El Cid’s sword hilt vibrated and he shouted.

《There’s nothing I can’t say because this lump stays quiet! Should I even give you a knife wound again? “Can you carve


《What the hell?! Leon! Lend me your body! “I’ll just cut that lump into star shapes and give it back to you!”

Leon let out a long sigh at that low-level argument.

The greatest hero in human history and a giant who could be proud of being the strongest in the world were about to clash for a trivial reason.

Leon, who had no intention of lending his body, turned away without saying any more. A bright dot in the corner of the continental map still floating in the air caught his eye.


Golden hammer.

Unlike the black skull, it was an unfamiliar sign that seemed positive. As I kept an eye on it using the ‘Anthology’, I could see the golden hammer moving little by little on the map.

It was different from the signs that were completely fixed.

“El Cid.”

《The lump that will rip off your scalp and make you bald… Huh? “Did you call me just now?”

“What is this sign? “There is only one and it moves?”


It took a few seconds for El Cid’s consciousness to turn from the argument to the map of the continent before he gave the answer.

《Ah, a saint.》


“The only human with that level of divine power is a saint. Even if you add all ten cardinals together, there are less than half of the number of saints… No, that’s a little strange, isn’t it? “Even if she is a saint, can she have that much power?”

El Cid said, surprised by Zepul while explaining to Leon.

《What on earth did the church do to make it more than five times the number of the first saint? At this level, without the amplification effect of the Holy Law technique, you would be able to use Divine Punishment with no penalty, right?》

“Divine Punishment?”

“Furthermore, if it can be seen moving at this scale, it means that it continues to run while maintaining subsonic speed…”

El Cid was impressed, wondering if this was a difference in times.

《It looks like the saint who will be your companion is really amazing. “You’re lucky, my student.”

“I didn’t know you’d come to see me there because you’re a saint.”

It was clear at a glance what the Saint of the Golden Hammer’s Mark was aiming for. Because it was running straight toward the Titan Mountains without even a single detour.

The most important companion for a warrior was a saint. An all-rounder who can observe the future with his ‘revelation’ ability and is flawless in both his magic and combat skills.

Identifying his current location may also be an application of ‘revelation’.

“Then this would be a perfect next destination.”

A yellow mark exists at the point where the approaching saint and her party can intersect.

Leon blinked as he pointed to a point on the map of the continent.

Kingdom of Jugend.

It was the name of the land the two should visit next.

* * *

It was two days after the Drake Festival.

The Titans, who had come back to their senses after detoxifying a strong drink that could make even a bear fall with just one drop in half a day, were immediately carrying out the same routine as always.

The hunters took their weapons and went out in search of monsters, and the off-duty giants stayed in the Hell Hall to train their bodies.

To this extent, being tough was a special ability.

And there were two people standing at the entrance to the village who had taken a day off to relieve their fatigue after defeating Drake and were ready to leave.

“So, how does it feel to wear?”

Chief Balkan, who came to see them off, saw the two people’s outfits and asked a question. Both Leon and Karen’s behavior had changed a lot since they first came to this village.

They were all equipment that processed Drake’s by-products.

What is fluttering inside Leon’s coat is a breastplate made of Drake leather, and the things on both shoulders are pauldrons made of scales, and gloves decorated with an unknown metal are also made from the skin of Drake’s wings.

“That’s amazing.”

The quality wasn’t bad, but compared to previous equipment that couldn’t be called good, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Is the armor so light and flexible that it doesn’t break even with Auror Weapons? If the existence of this armor were known, all knights would surely recognize its value and covet it.

An armor that can withstand ‘Auror Weapons’ that cannot be blocked even with full-plate mail, and doesn’t hinder movement at all?

“Wow! “I can no longer buy daggers!”

Karen was also delighted.

The number of daggers made from Drake’s bones and teeth was large, so even after forging over a hundred daggers, more than half were left over.

The same goes for the clothes she wore.

A bodysuit made of tights made of a mixture of wing membranes and scales reflected the light fascinatingly. Karen’s suit, which is a deep and brilliant color like onyx, has some of the power of primitive magic remaining inside it.

Leon carefully looked away and spoke to Vulcan.

“I didn’t know you would do this…”

The Titan blacksmith’s skills also exceeded expectations.

It is worthy of the expression that he is a craftsman, as he perfectly creates equipment worn by humans with his large and rough hands.

Balkan, who received the two’s thanks, immediately waved his hand.

“You guys caught this guy, so why are you leaving Cheongseung to make it? Just the leftover ingredients are enough to overflow with change.”

Even though the remaining by-products were contained to the limit of the subspace bracelet, more than half of it was left behind in Titan Village.

This means that it was not a loss-making business from their perspective.

Nevertheless, the two people looked at Vulcan while giggling.

This was because the dark green skin characteristic of the Titans was seen to be reddish.

“There’s no need to say hello in a lame way. “You guys will definitely protect my body wherever I go.”


“If we don’t die, we will meet again someday. I hope we can have a drink together that day. Drake’s Hunter, Great Warrior, Friends of the Titans!”

As Vulcan shouted loudly, all the giants who came out to see them off stamped their feet as hard as they could.

‘thud!’ The earth shakes and dust rises.

There are things that are conveyed even without saying anything.

There are things you can feel even if you can’t see them.

Leaving behind the sound of the Titans’ footsteps, Leon and Karen turned their backs on the village they had become quite familiar with. Then, they walked forward with a confident gait without looking back.


However, Leon, who looked up at the sky for a moment, and Karen, who followed his eyes, just opened their mouths.

A group of clouds filled the blue sky.

There was a straight road in the middle of that distant landscape.

As if someone had been hit with a hard fist.


Although he didn’t make it to the village entrance, he thanked Kasim once again for opening his path from afar.

Next time we meet, I hope I can ease the burden off your shoulders.

Leon, who shed a layer of his immaturity, made a firm determination.

“let’s go.”


Beyond the just-rising sun, the shadows of two people walking down the road stretched long.

It was a small departure ceremony for the warrior party.

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