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Overpowered Sword Chapter 104

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Level up with the sword (104)

‘I guess I was outsmarted…’

Leon expected to fall with his first attack, but what he executed was <Dark Breath>. I was caught off guard by the unprecedented method of collecting breath in one’s mouth while flying.

The guy who looked down arrogantly is not a useful talent.

He also learned. He lost an eye to those he looked down on as small and weak and filled the void of arrogance with cunning.


I missed the timing to avoid it.

As I infuse strength into my grip on the sword hilt, the surface of the holy sword scatters brilliant light to fight against the darkness. Just deciding to fight without manifesting aurors was enough.

That’s not all.

As a soft light emerged near Leon’s collarbone, pure white flames swirled across the surface of the holy sword.

It is the power given by the purifier’s stigmata, ‘Sacred Fire.’

“The same thing has changed since last time for me too!”

If Drake was to show his fangs in a more cunning manner, Leon only had to cut down more fiercely.

Before he knew it, a storm of darkness had reached his eyes.

A vortex of ‘encroachment’ phenomenon that causes all matter to collapse.

Even in the face of overwhelming violence, without a moment’s hesitation, he simply takes a step forward and slashes his sword.

Heavenly Autumn Eclipse

Dubhe A

platinum-colored sword light that seems to split the sky in two!


Waves of light bite the storm of darkness. Like a wounded animal, the darkness took a few steps back and roared, and the light also stopped in place, unable to advance any further.

It’s a whistle blow.

The perfectly balanced yin and yang soon returned to nothingness.

‘As expected, the <Seven Star Sword> can offset the breath.’

Leon ran next to him, satisfied with what he had checked once again. At the bottom of the canyon, the body is hidden in terrain that is hard to see due to rocks and bushes.

And Drake, facing the light that had taken his eyes and missing the prey he thought he had caught, became furious.


Despite his brilliance, his cunning mind worked well.

Why did I miss it? Why couldn’t I kill it?

There was only one reason.

I didn’t have enough strength. Just as you can’t breathe deeply while running, your breath is also drawn in while flying, so your output drops.

In the end, it was a question of power. You must attack your prey more powerfully, faster, wider, and more overwhelmingly.


Drake stopped roaring and growled darkly.

The sound was like a spell, embodying the power residing inside the man’s body in an unknown form.


The anomalous power of a high-ranking monster that is closer to supernatural power than magic.


Leon, who was looking at the guy from the bottom of the canyon, smiled bitterly.

[It’s not good.]

El Cid clicked his tongue as if sympathizing with that feeling. I knew that Drake was an expert in his own way, but I didn’t know that he could freely use primitive magic.

Although it may be of a different level from the magical dragon race, Drake is also a monster called the pinnacle of sub-dragons. Its output is not inferior at all compared to that of a human great mage.

[It’s dark primitive magic, so it’s old-fashioned magic that I haven’t seen in a long time.]

El Cid said while looking at the sky that was turning black.

[If a human wizard had used that magic, he would have died from exhaustion of magic power in less than a 100-meter radius…]

“That’s not what Drake said?”

[Well, that’s right. Mana is already rotting deep in the mountain range, so it can be recovered as long as you breathe. The longer it goes on, the faster you will tire.]

Leon nodded in agreement with those words.

“I had no intention of going into a long game from the beginning. “We can’t afford to let a guy who can leave the battlefield at any time get away.”

Even if there is a benevolent relationship, life is more important than an eye. Giving him a choice was like giving him the freedom to run away.

As he was discussing the strategy with El Cid, Drake roared loudly overhead, having finished preparing.


Suddenly, rain begins to fall in the night sky, centered around Drake.

The raindrops are the ‘darkness’ itself, in which the man’s magical power is condensed.

Although the magic power contained in one drop was not that great, it was impossible to be hit by just one drop of rain pouring down like a shower. A torrential rain of primordial magic that will melt your armor with just a touch and burrow into your bones if it touches your skin!


The darkness of the night sky turns into rain and pours down.

That may seem like a poetic expression, but what kind of romance can you find in a phenomenon that erases everything it touches?

Leon hid himself under a large tree, but soon laughed as he saw that even the leaves and branches were erased without a trace. If this happens in just a few seconds, there is no point in using cover.

[I’m planning on not letting you hide.]

“You cunning snake.”

Leon, realizing the guy’s intentions, raised his sword.

Then he jumped out of the disappearing tree and unleashed the holy sword’s light at full power.

Light and darkness form opposite poles in their properties.

Just as a huge amount of water can extinguish a burning fire, and an intense flame can evaporate water. The side that has the slightest power advantage unilaterally dominates the fight.


As the light emitted from the Holy Sword evaporated the darkness, an area within a 15 meter radius of Leon turned into a safe zone.

But that safe zone was bound to attract his attention.

In the middle of the night, as even a torch can be seen from a distance, Drake’s single eye found him as he floated through the night sky. The epicenter of the hateful light. The malice that was once suppressed overflows.


The driving force behind primitive magic is the emotions that drive that magic. The darkness that grew from Drake’s murderous intent stirs.

Kill it.

Kill it.

Kill it.

The pouring raindrops immediately changed their shape and aimed their long, sharp ends, like javelins, at him.


Feeling cold sweat running down his back, Leon immediately started running with all his might.

At the same time, a heavy rain of dark spears poured down.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew!

Only a round hole remains where the window was put down. On the outside, it may not seem like it has much power, but what if each hole is more than 5 meters deep?

Even the walls of the castle were rarely more than 5 meters thick.

Due to the nature of ‘encroachment’ that ignores physical defenses, there was no cover that could block the attack.


Leon quickly ran up the wall on the side of the canyon and swung his sword at the heavy rain that was trying to catch up with him. Even though it was touched by the light of the holy sword, the spear of darkness only became slightly lighter but did not completely disappear and was bounced away by the slash.

‘One shot at a time is not a threat. but.’

Even if you count only those flying in one second, the amount could be dozens or even hundreds.

Even if the wounds were just scratches, the number was fatal.

Kang! Kakakang! Kaang!

Up, down, front, back, left and right.

He blocks attacks coming from all directions with three swings and jumps up using the spear aimed at his thigh as a stepping stone.

It should not move in a plane.

Using the walls of the canyon, we need to capture a position that receives as few windows as possible in three dimensions. Leon’s golden eyes flickered at a rapid pace, perfectly capturing the surrounding terrain in his head.

“If it were like before, I would have gotten a nosebleed or felt dizzy.”

Thanks to the stigmata of the originator, despite processing a huge amount of information, I did not feel the same dizziness or headache as before.

Leon broke through the heavy rain at the window just in time.


Despite this, I cannot rest even for a single step.

Even if he overcomes the crisis once, the heavy rain does not know how to stop and comes after him again and again, trying to suffocate him. In order to remove that amount at once, an instantaneous firepower of at least the Seven Star Sword level was required.

However, if he tried to use the Seven Star Sword, it was obvious that Drake would immediately prepare his breath. It was a fight in which either side had no choice but to lose.

‘Even though the terrain is advantageous, if we had fought in an open field like this, we would have been unable to use our hands or feet.’

The good news was that its aiming and control were not accurate. If the movement and formation of the spear had been a little more irregular, a picture that could not be avoided even if moved efficiently would have emerged.

If you keep attacking like now, you can avoid it for about 10 minutes.

It was that moment.


When he once again avoided the heavy rain of spears with acrobatic movements, Leon felt an unknown sense of foreboding and looked up.

Drake’s laughter took over his space before he knew it.

“Is it herding hunting…!”

[Someone thought it was a snake.]

Behind his back is a spear of darkness chasing him, and above his head is a Drake with his mouth wide open.

Because it was right after the jump, I didn’t even have time to pull myself away.

No, he must have been aiming for this moment from the beginning.

It was a perfect trap.

A surprise breath attack, using primitive magic, wait for Maul to get used to the pattern before throwing checkmate. Even Leon felt a chill down his spine at his cunning. If it was 1 to 1, I had no choice but to gamble here. I guess I had no choice but to use up all my saved strength and crush the attacks from both sides.


“–excuse me.”

He wasn’t alone.

“You forgot me, right?”

Karen, who appeared like a ghost behind Drake, who was starting to charge his breath, smiled coldly.

‘Shadow’ is a sub-attribute of ‘Darkness’, but since it is of the same family, there is a workaround that can be used. Like riding on the back of Drake, who was hundreds of meters in the air, upside down through the rain that poured down from the night sky created by primitive magic.


Drake was startled by the unexpected appearance of the enemy, but Karen was using the technique she had already prepared.

〈Shadow Wedge〉.

A secret weapon that destroys the target’s vital points by inserting extremely sharp, compressed Auror needles. Now that its output has been increased with 〈Run Dance of the Dusk〉, it can easily penetrate Drake’s scales.


A ‘Shadow Wedge’ was lodged in the humerus of Drake’s left wing, and


With Karen’s playful voice, the aura exploded loudly from inside the bone where the <Shadow Spike> was embedded.


Although it was so powerful that a wyvern’s body would have exploded, its wing bones were only slightly crushed. Indeed, it can be said to have the durability of an S+ rank monster Drake.

But the one who had lost a pair of wings had nowhere to go.

I had no choice but to fall in love with my own trick and fall right in front of Leon, the human who came right in front of me.


As Drake fell to the bottom of the canyon, the earth shook. Although it was said to have slowed down with just one intact wing, the impact must have been enormous as a massive body weighing tens of tons crashed down.

It wouldn’t be surprising if a landslide occurred right now.

Karen said, quickly coming next to Leon.

“It seems like things have gone well up to this point. How do you feel?”

This was the end of what the two had planned.

Drop Drake on the ground, block his mobility, and move to hand-to-hand combat based on his location.

“Okay, it starts from here.”

Even though it lost its wings, it weighs tens of tons and its claws are still intact.

The balance of power was still tense.

As soon as Leon could answer like that, a cloud of dust rushed out. Without even roaring, it just flapped its wings once and blew away a cloud of dust.

If I had hastily approached without waiting, I would have been greatly disappointed by the counterattack aimed at that approach. Drake, who lost his wings and fell immediately after landing, was no ordinary bettor.


Primal magic activated.

Blood-red eyes flash beyond the creeping darkness.

That terrifying presence was enough to make even Karen hesitate to take a single step, so even Karen stopped for a moment.

But Leon didn’t hesitate at all.


As he moved forward, Karen was also able to shake off her hesitation and move forward while looking at his back.

This is the role of a hero.

A person who leads people by standing in front of everyone else against the existence that everyone fears. Naturally, Leon stood in his own position and aimed the blade of the holy sword El Cid.

“Now it’s our turn.”

Reversal of attack and defense.

Leon, who activated all his stigmata, was enveloped in a brilliant light.

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