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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3222 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3222
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He had no choice but to chat with Ji Yao to avoid the awkward atmosphere.

Fortunately, now that they had Su Yan as a topic, they more or less had some things to chat about. Yang Kai asked a few questions about Su Yan, and Ji Yao answered them one by one. He learned that Su Yan had been living quite well in Ice Heart Valley these past few days, and the various Senior Sisters were all extremely friendly towards her. This was obviously out of respect for Yang Kai, but it was more of a friendship between fellow disciples. No matter what, Bing Yun had said that Su Yan was their Little Junior Sister and they would be family from now on.

When Bing Yun learned that Su Yan possessed the special physique of the Ice Crystal Jade Physique, she was even more overjoyed. When Yang Kai had brought Su Yan to Ice Heart Valley to acknowledge her ancestors, he had not mentioned this before. Originally, he had wanted to bring it up, but Bing Yun had readily accepted Su Yan, so there was no need for Yang Kai to say anything.

One of them sat while the other stood, Yang Kai occasionally turning his head to look outside.

The meaning was obvious. It was almost dark, so it was time for you to leave. Otherwise, if word got out that a man and a woman were alone in a room at night, it wouldn’t be good.

However, Ji Yao did not care about this at all and just sat there quietly, not feeling any discomfort.

As night fell, the rolling clouds outside the window became somewhat blurry, giving off a unique sense of beauty.

Yang Kai was a little speechless, really not knowing what Ji Yao was trying to do. Could it be that she wanted to settle accounts with him for what had happened last time? However, it didn’t seem like it. If she really wanted to settle accounts, she could have just said so, why was she still hanging around?

Standing still wasn’t a good idea, making it seem as if Yang Kai was listening to her lecture. Yang Kai said in his heart that he was now the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace, so he should at least have some face and status. This was his territory, so why should he just stand here?

Turning around, he adjusted his robes and sat down on the edge of the bed, not too far away from Ji Yao.

“By the way, how is Junior Sister Liu now?” Yang Kai didn’t have anything to say, so the so-called Junior Sister Liu was naturally referring to Liu Xianyun. Back then, she had entered the Star Boundary through the Starlight Corridor with him and ended up in Blue Feather Sect. Later on, she had coincidentally entered a small world with Yang Kai, where they meet Bing Yun. After leaving that small world, Liu Xianyun had entered Ice Heart Valley.

Speaking of which, Liu Xianyun didn’t come from an Ice Attribute cultivation method, so with Ice Heart Valley’s standards of accepting disciples, she wasn’t qualified. However, she had nowhere to go, so Yang Kai couldn’t just ignore her, so he asked Bing Yun to take her in.

“Junior Sister Liu has recently gone into seclusion to break through to the Emperor Realm and hasn’t seen her for many years, but I don’t think she has any major problems,” Ji Yao replied lightly.

Cultivators who came from the Lower Planes Star Field had excellent aptitude and perception, and had a high chance of reaching the Emperor Realm. Liu Xianyun was also one of the top masters in the Great Desolate Star Field. After entering Ice Heart Valley, she had plenty of cultivation resources and a good cultivation environment. With enough accumulation, she was able to rise to prominence.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, feeling happy for Liu Xianyun.

Ji Yao’s next words made Yang Kai’s heart jump, “Senior Brother also has feelings for Junior Sister Liu?”

Yang Kai stared at her and said seriously, “Don’t talk nonsense, you’re ruining my reputation.”

Ji Yao slowly played with her sleeves, “Has Senior Brother not done enough to ruin my reputation?”

What was the meaning of this?! Wasn’t it just that he couldn’t control himself that day? ‘Moreover, you can’t blame me for what happened that day. If you feel like you’ve suffered a loss, how about I let you molest me now?’

Turning his head to stare at her, Yang Kai said seriously, “Junior Sister Yao, I think you may have misunderstood me.”

“Haha…” The corners of Ji Yao’s mouth curled up slightly as she remained silent.

Yang Kai’s embarrassment quickly turned into anger as he leaned towards her, the veins on his forehead twitching, “Can you not laugh like that? It’s disrespectful.”

Yang Kai was originally angry, but after he finished speaking, his expression suddenly changed.

Because a look of panic flashed across Ji Yao’s face and her long eyelashes fluttered.

Recovering from his shock, Yang Kai’s face twitched as he realized he had almost pressed his mouth against her face.

This was f*cking awkward… Yang Kai had originally wanted to explain himself, but now he felt like he was taking advantage of the other party. It really was like the yellow mud had dropped from his crotch, if it wasn’t that, then what was it? Now that he had returned to his senses, it seemed like he had a guilty conscience. Yang Kai’s eyes flickered as he thought about how he shouldn’t bring up this topic.

He saw a faint blush appear on Ji Yao’s fair little face. It was a beautiful sight and a faint fragrance lingered at the tip of his nose, entering his nostrils like an invisible hand scratching his heart.

What was going on? Yang Kai was a bit confused.

Why didn’t she dodge? He had accidentally come so close to her, so logically speaking, Ji Yao should have avoided him, but she obviously had no intention of dodging, only a slight panic flashing across her eyes as she unconsciously rolled her snow white sleeve and lowered her eyes.

Yang Kai’s eyes swept over her white face, delicate earlobes, and slender neck. From this angle, he could even faintly see a little bit of her chest, but because her clothes were too tight, he couldn’t see it clearly, but the darkness between the gaps of her clothes gave him endless room for imagination.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he turned his head to the side and whistled as if nothing had happened, moving his butt closer to Ji Yao.

Huh? No reaction?

A little more, a little more…

A warm feeling came from his side, it was obvious they were already close.

Up until now, Ji Yao still had no reaction, not even showing any intention of dodging, but when Yang Kai pressed himself against her, he clearly felt her body tremble.

No way? Yang Kai cried out in his heart as a thought flashed across his mind, but he couldn’t suppress it.

With one hand on the side of the bed and the other behind Ji Yao’s back, he slowly put her away and embraced her.

As soon as the whistle faded, Yang Kai sat up straight and stared straight at Ji Yao from the corner of his eyes.

Ji Yao turned her head to look at him, her sharp gaze cutting into Yang Kai’s face like a knife. Even with Yang Kai’s thick skin, he still felt somewhat embarrassed.

But now that things had come to this, what else was there to say? With a determined look, he turned to look at Ji Yao.

As their eyes met, Yang Kai’s gaze was filled with aggression, like a starving beast, while Ji Yao’s eyes avoided his.

‘You’re not that tough!’ Yang Kai laughed wildly in his heart before lowering his head and moving closer to her.

Ji Yao’s eyes quickly closed as her body trembled under Yang Kai’s embrace. When their lips met, her entire body suddenly went stiff. Yang Kai secretly found it funny. This wasn’t the first time, so how could her reaction be so big? A few days ago in Ice Heart Valley’s Cultivation Technique Pavilion, she seemed to be the same, but now she was still like this, not making any progress at all.

Tasting the sweet taste, Yang Kai quickly opened his mouth and began ravaging it.

Ji Yao seemed very clumsy, not even cooperating in the slightest, allowing Yang Kai to do as he pleased. If it weren’t for the trembling from her body, Yang Kai would have thought she was a block of wood.

The hand that was holding Ji Yao’s waist slowly moved up and placed itself on her shoulder before gently pushing her down onto the bed. Yang Kai turned over and placed his hand on her back while his other hand slid down her waist.

The entire room was filled with a scorching hot atmosphere.

When striking iron, one must strike while it was hot. Since things had already reached this point, Yang Kai naturally had to go all out. Grabbing Ji Yao’s belt with one hand, he wanted to pull it off, but to his surprise, Ji Yao grabbed his wrist instead and opened her eyes, her eyes filled with pleading.


Yang Kai was a little speechless. The last time he was in the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, it seemed like kissing was possible, but when it came to more things, Ji Yao didn’t agree.

However, Yang Kai could clearly feel that she had fallen in love with him. Her cheeks were so red that they seemed to be on the verge of bleeding, and her chest was filled with the sound of her heartbeat and her breathing was extremely heavy.

Yang Kai tried to tug at her belt again but found that Ji Yao was holding his wrist tightly, so he couldn’t do anything but take a step back and climb up.

There was still resistance, but the resistance was not as firm as before.

Yang Kai couldn’t care less about her. If she didn’t want him to eat her, then so be it. He had to satisfy her. Pulling out his other hand, he grabbed her two wrists and pressed them against her head while his other hand covered her full chest.

Ji Yao let out a soft moan as Yang Kai once again leaned forward and kissed her cherry red lips.

After an unknown period of time, the two people on the bed had already changed positions. Yang Kai was sitting on the bed while Ji Yao was sitting on top of him, her clothes in disarray and her hair in disarray. There was no trace of her pure and innocent appearance.

Her breasts were constantly changing shape under Yang Kai’s large hands, but she was still kissing Yang Kai’s lips, obviously without any technique, just like a dragonfly touching the water, making people feel both amused and angry.

“Junior Sister Yao, I have a request!” Yang Kai suddenly said.

Ji Yao’s movements suddenly came to a halt as she gently pushed his chest with both her palms, causing him to retreat to the side of the bed.

Yang Kai asked anxiously, “What is this?” Why did she suddenly run away?

Biting her red lips, Ji Yao glared at him lightly, “Hooligan!” Turning around, she rushed out of the room and flew up through the guardrail, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“What hooligan? I haven’t even asked for anything yet,” Yang Kai chased after the guardrail.

Great, the last time he had gone to Ice Heart Valley, he had taken advantage of her in the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, but now she had come to High Heaven Palace to take advantage of him. Did she really think that this would be enough to lower his status?

Yang Kai didn’t know if he would have another chance in the future, so he couldn’t help feeling a bit annoyed that he hadn’t been ruthless enough today to punish her on the spot. The main reason was that when he saw her begging eyes, his heart softened.

Letting out a long sigh, Yang Kai walked out of the room and searched the palace for a while before arriving in front of a room and entering.

Inside the room, Xue Yue was meditating and resting. Seeing Yang Kai arrive, she couldn’t help asking, “Husband, why are you here?”

Yang Kai didn’t answer, instead walking up to her and grabbing her by the waist.

“Where are we going?” Xue Yue wrapped her arms around his neck and asked.

“Look for Luo’er,” Yang Kai grinned wickedly.

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