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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3214 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3214
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Ji Ying’s efficiency was very high, so after waiting for less than five days at High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai saw him rush back to High Heaven Peak.

“Brother Ji, how did it go?” Yang Kai couldn’t see anything from his face and asked somewhat nervously.

Ji Ying said, “Master agreed to meet with Sister-in-law.”

This answer made Yang Kai somewhat disappointed, but he also knew that it was impossible for Wonderful Pill Great Emperor to accept a disciple so casually. Since he had agreed to meet with her, it meant that there was a chance. If Wonderful Pill Great Emperor didn’t even allow her to meet him, Yang Kai could only give up on this idea. At the very least, there was still a glimmer of hope.

“Sister-in-law, if you have nothing else to do, please follow me. I can’t let Master wait too long.” Ji Ying didn’t want to delay any longer and immediately returned to Medicine Pill Valley.

“Thank you for your trouble, Brother Ji,” Yang Kai cupped his fists as Xia Ning Chang walked out from behind him, the two of them exchanging a few words.

Although they had just reunited and were about to separate, once she really entered Medicine Pill Valley, it would not be easy for them to meet again in the future, but in the long run, Medicine Pill Valley was definitely the best place for Xia Ning Chang to go. When she returned from her studies, she would naturally be able to spend some time together with them, so how could she stay here?

Ji Ying released his ship’s artifact and carried Xia Ning Chang into the sky.

Yang Kai stood in front of the hall and observed for a long time before withdrawing his gaze.

Su Yan, Shan Qing Luo, and Xue Yue stood behind him. Yang Kai composed himself and turned to ask, “Luo’er, are you really not going to the Wild Ancient Land?”

Over the past few days, Yang Kai had roughly explained the situation of the Star Boundary to the four women. Xia Ning Chang could be arranged to enter Medicine Pill Valley, and as for Shan Qing Luo, the best place for her to go was naturally the Wild Ancient Land. Although she was a human, she had a Monster Race bloodline and possessed the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider’s Origin Energy. In the entire Star Boundary, the Wild Ancient Land was undoubtedly the most suitable place for her to grow.

Yang Kai believed that if he sent Shan Qing Luo to the Ancient Land, Luan Feng and the others wouldn’t have any objections, but of course, even if they did, it would be useless.

However, Shan Qing Luo didn’t seem to have such intentions and was instead willing to remain in High Heaven Palace to cultivate.

As for the whole story, Yang Kai could guess that she was worried Xue Yue would be lonely, so she stayed behind to accompany her.

“No,” Shan Qing Luo smiled, “As long as you have the heart, where can’t you cultivate?”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “You’re right.”

Now that High Heaven Palace no longer lacked cultivation resources, even if Shan Qing Luo didn’t go to the Wild Ancient Land, it wouldn’t delay her cultivation. Since she was unwilling to go, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t force her. Turning to Su Yan, he said, “Let’s go to Ice Heart Valley.”

Saying so, his figure flickered as he flew towards the Space Array.

Su Yan followed closely behind.

A moment later, inside Ice Heart Valley, Ice Island’s Forbidden Zone, a Space Array lit up. The Ice Heart Valley disciples guarding this place noticed this and immediately came forward to investigate. After confirming the situation, they reported it one by one.

Yang Kai hadn’t been to Ice Heart Valley many times, but almost everyone in Ice Heart Valley recognized him. After all, when Ice Heart Valley had suffered a great calamity, it was Yang Kai who had saved it.

In the hearts of the Ice Heart Valley’s disciples, Yang Kai’s status was very high, otherwise how could a man casually enter this place where women gathered? As long as he showed his face, he would be killed.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, Yang Kai found Bing Yun in a large hall.

There was no one around, only Ji Yao.

As soon as Yang Kai saw her, he felt a headache coming on. He could not help thinking back to the time when he was in the Wild Ancient Land.

Ji Yao’s expression was somewhat strange as she stared at Yang Kai with a faint smile, making him feel even more uncomfortable, as if there was something hidden in her eyes.

Looking straight ahead, Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed, “Yang Kai greets Senior.”

Bing Yun smiled lightly and said in a gentle voice, “Why are you so polite? You haven’t been here for more than ten years, have you?”

Before Yang Kai could say anything, Ji Yao interjected sarcastically, “Palace Master Yang has many affairs to attend to, and he have come and gone with great wealth, so how could he even think about this cold Ice Heart Valley?”

Yang Kai raised his eyes to look at her, thinking to himself, I didn’t provoke you, so why are you being so sarcastic? Even Bing Yun glanced at her Third Disciple.

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, “Junior Sister Yao, how have you been?”

Ji Yao ran her fingers through her hair and said lightly, “You used to call me Yao’er, but now you call me Junior Sister.”

Yang Kai’s eyes twitched, and even Bing Qing’s eyes flashed a trace of helplessness as she raised her hand and said, “We’re not outsiders, let’s sit down first.”

Ji Yao replied, “There’s no tea to serve, Palace Master Yang, please don’t blame me.”

“Haha…” Yang Kai smiled awkwardly, not knowing how to respond.

Bing Yun finally couldn’t bear it any longer and glared at Ji Yao, causing the latter to lower her eyes and put on a docile look.

“This is…” Bing Yun glanced at Su Yan behind Yang Kai curiously, thinking that Ji Yao’s cold words probably had something to do with this boy bringing a woman here, so she asked curiously.

Su Yan stepped forward and cupped her fists, “Su Yan greets Ancestral Master!”

“Ancestral Master?” Bing Yun was stunned, and Ji Yao also looked up towards Su Yan.

“This is…” Bing Yun’s eyes suddenly flashed with a brilliant light as she stared at the sword hanging from Su Yan’s waist. Reaching out her hand, the sword flew into her hand, and Bing Yun grabbed the hilt of the sword with one hand before pulling it out of its sheath. A cold light flashed across the hall as an icy aura filled the air.

“Profound Frost Divine Sword!” Bing Yun called out.

This sword was originally her sword, something she had possessed when she was the Valley Master of Ice Heart Valley on Star Field Scarlet Billow Star. Later on, when she left Star Field for Star Boundary, she had left this sword in Ice Heart Valley.

Even though tens of thousands of years had passed, even though the Profound Frost Divine Sword had undergone a great change, she still recognized it at a glance. This was the sword she used to wield.

“Reporting to Ancestral Master, it is the Profound Frost Divine Sword!” Su Yan replied respectfully.

Bing Yun looked up at her, “Did you come from the Star Field?”

With the Profound Frost Divine Sword here, it wasn’t difficult to guess Su Yan’s origins.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “My humble wife studied under Ice Heart Valley on Scarlet Billow Star for a period of time, and the Profound Frost Divine Sword was obtained from Ice Heart Valley.”

“Humble wife!” Bing Yun keenly grasped this intimate word and a strange light flashed across Ji Yao’s eyes.

Stroking the sword’s edge gently, Bing Yun couldn’t help sighing as she recalled the events of the past. After a long time, she finally said, “The Profound Frost Divine Sword is only a Origin King Grade artifact, but from what I can see, it’s already a Dao Source Greade artifact. Moreover, it seems to be extremely intelligent. It seems that this sword in your hands isn’t a disgrace.”

Returning the sword to its sheath, Bing Yun raised her hand and returned the Profound Frost Divine Sword to Su Yan. Although it was an artifact from the past, to Bing Yun, the Profound Frost Divine Sword was no longer useful. Since Su Yan had brought it here, she naturally wouldn’t snatch it.

Turning to Yang Kai, she said, “Yang Kai, you brought her here to see me because…”

Yang Kai grinned, “Su Yan is also a disciple of Scarlet Billow Star’s Ice Heart Valley, so naturally she is also Senior’s disciple. Isn’t she here to acknowledge her roots and ancestors?”

Bing Yun nodded slightly and guessed Yang Kai’s intentions, “Very well, this Queen will accept her as a disciple and not bury her.”

Bing Yun was the most straightforward! Although Yang Kai knew that this trip would not be unexpected, he didn’t expect Bing Yun to agree so readily. Compared to Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, Bing Yun was much closer to him.

However, although Bing Yun was a 3rd order Emperor Realm master, she was far inferior to Wonderful Pill Great Emperor. Great Emperor taking in disciples was a serious matter, not to mention that Wonderful Pill Great Emperor had said he would no longer accept disciples.

Yang Kai signaled to Su Yan, who immediately said, “Disciple greets Master!”

Ji Yao said, “Master, since you spend most of your time in seclusion, why don’t you leave Little Junior Sister to me?”

Yang Kai was startled and raised his head to look at Ji Yao, only to see her give him a meaningful smile, causing Yang Kai to feel a bit uncomfortable. Before Yang Kai could say anything, Bing Yun nodded and said, “Good, if I don’t have any free time, I’ll leave Su Yan to you. You must teach her well.”

“Yes, I won’t disappoint Master,” Ji Yao respectfully replied before turning to Su Yan and saying, “Little Junior Sister, this is the first time we’ve met. In the future, you can call me Third Senior Sister or call me Ji Yao.”

“Greetings, Third Senior Sister!”

Ji Yao pursed her lips into a smile, “We’ll talk about it later. Master hasn’t even accepted you yet. After the Disciple Recruitment Ceremony is over, we’ll be a family, there’s no need to be so formal.”


Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat, feeling as if he had just thrown Su Yan into a tiger’s den. But at this time, he couldn’t go back on his word. Bing Yun had already agreed to take Su Yan as her disciple, and Su Yan was also very suitable to stay in Ice Heart Valley to cultivate, so why would he go back on his word now?

Would Ji Yao make things difficult for Su Yan? According to his understanding of Ji Yao, such a thing should not have happened.

Thinking so, Yang Kai’s heart calmed down and he said, “Senior, I went back to the Star Field a few days ago and brought some disciples from Scarlet Billow Star’s Ice Heart Valley with me. If Senior is willing to accept them, this little brat will arrange for someone to send them over.”

When Yang Kai left the Star Field, the people he brought with him were not only from Shadowed Star, but also from various Cultivation Stars. Scarlet Billow Star’s Ice Heart Valley was naturally the focus of his attention, almost emptying the entire Ice Heart Valley.

“You returned to the Star Field?” Bing Yun was extremely shocked.

“Yes, it was a coincidence.”

“How many people did you bring?”

“Is Senior asking about Scarlet Billow Star’s Ice Heart Valley or everyone else?”

“Naturally, Ice Heart Valley.”

“A few thousand.”

Bing Yun was stunned. She had thought that even if he had the ability to return to the Star Field and bring some people with him, he would only be able to bring a few dozen at most, but these several thousand people really gave her a fright. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, “You’ve become the Star Field’s Master?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Senior’s eyes are like torches.”

Only then did Bing Yun feel relieved. No wonder he was able to bring a few thousand people here, it turned out he had become the Star Field’s Master, the Star Field’s Protector. Other than that, it was impossible to explain why he was able to bring so many people here. She frowned and said, “The Star Field has its own Star Field’s rules, while the Star Boundary has its own. Only those at the 3rd order Origin King Realm can pass through the Great Starry Way and arrive at the Star Boundary. Although I don’t know what method you used to bring them here, I’m afraid you’ll be in some trouble.”

Yang Kai said, “Senior doesn’t need to worry, since I dared to do so, there naturally won’t be any problems.”

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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