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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3211 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3211
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In recent years, Ji Ying had been studying a new Pill Refining technique, the most important one being the method of collecting pills. According to him, this method of collecting pills was relatively simple, without the complexity of other Pill Refining methods. Even an ordinary Alchemist could master it after studying it, and after mastering this method, the efficiency of collecting pills would increase by at least ten or twenty percent.

One should not underestimate these ten or twenty percent. A few cauldrons of Spirit Pills might not be enough, but the amount of Spirit Pills an Alchemist could refine in their lifetime was enormous. If one were to really calculate these ten or twenty percent, it would be a terrifying amount of wealth.

Because it was only the final pill collection method, Ji Ying didn’t choose to refine a high-grade Spirit Pill. Instead, he chose a Dao Source Grade pill to refine. The early stages of the refinement process were smooth and simple, and although it was exquisite, it was still a normal process.

For a time, the Medicine Room was silent. Ji Ying was focused on Pill Refining while Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang were both watching, especially Xia Ning Chang. Her beautiful eyes were fixed on Ji Ying’s movements, occasionally flashing a thoughtful look.

Condensing Liquid, inscribing Spirit Arrays, and nurturing Spirit Pills. Soon, it was time to collect the pills, and Ji Ying’s expression became serious, “Brother Yang, watch carefully.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his hands began to form a series of hand seals as he sent a stream of mysterious Emperor Qi into the pill furnace. A strange fragrance filled the pill furnace as it began to condense.

After a moment, Ji Ying shouted, “Rise!”

Opening the lid of the furnace, a few round pills flew out and into a jade bottle he had prepared beforehand.

Nine pills, no more, no less. Nine was the highest number. No matter how good an Alchemist’s skills were, no matter how high their level of refinement, a single furnace of pills could only refine nine pills at most. This was something even Wonderful Pill Great Emperor could not avoid.

With Emperor Ji Ying’s identity as an Alchemy Master, refining such a furnace of Dao Source Grade Spirit Pills, even if he didn’t use his newly researched Pill Collecting Technique, he would still be able to refine nine pills.

However, Yang Kai was able to see that this method was indeed unique. At that time, he calmed his mind and carefully thought about it before discussing it with Ji Ying.

The discussions of Alchemists were not limited to theory, so naturally they had to experiment.

As a result, Yang Kai also took out his own Pill Refining Furnace and some herbs and began refining Spirit Pills. When it came to condensing pills, he used a technique developed by Ji Ying, which has pros and cons.

After refining a batch of Spirit Pills for experimentation, time passed by slowly, but Ji Ying didn’t show any signs of fatigue. Instead, his eyes became increasingly spirited.

Discussing with Yang Kai was indeed the right thing to do. Over the past few days, he had discovered that there were still some flaws in this pill-receiving method, but after slowly verifying it with Yang Kai, he was naturally overjoyed.

After five days, the two of them put away the pill furnace and walked out of the Pill Chamber.

Having gained some benefits, Ji Ying was in a good mood and ordered a few disciples to prepare a banquet to entertain Yang Kai.

This was exactly what Yang Kai wanted. Yang Kai shot Xia Ning Chang a look, and Xia Ning Chang immediately understood and picked up the wine pot to pour wine for them.

After drinking three cups of wine, Ji Ying slapped his head and said, “My apologies, I have yet to ask this young lady’s name!”

Saying so, he stood up and looked at Xia Ning Chang apologetically.

At first, although he could tell that the relationship between Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang wasn’t ordinary, he quickly immersed himself in Pill Refining. In his eyes, other than his Pill Refining skills, there was only Yang Kai, the person he was discussing with, so he didn’t pay any attention to Xia Ning Chang.

He didn’t even notice Xia Ning Chang pouring water for him.

Only now did he suddenly wake up.

“My humble wife Xia Ning Chang,” Yang Kai smiled and introduced.

Xia Ning Chang bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Grandmaster Ji Ying!” Her face was slightly red, this was the first time Yang Kai had introduced her to an outsider.

“Madam Yang?” Ji Ying was startled. The person who had been pouring wine for him was actually Yang Kai’s wife, so he said helplessly, “What… how can you do this? Please sit down!”

If he had known that Xia Ning Chang was Yang Kai’s wife, he would never have allowed her to do such a thing. This was simply a slap to Yang Kai’s face. Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t mind.

“My apologies for neglecting you, this Ji is guilty. This cup is to Madam Yang, please don’t blame me!” Ji Ying raised his cup, his face filled with sweat.

“Brother Ji is too serious, it’s just a small matter,” Yang Kai smiled and waved his hand.

Ji Ying looked at him with a bitter smile and said, “Brother Yang, you’re really too insincere. You brought your wife here without even saying hello, causing this Ji to make a fool of himself. You’ll have to punish yourself with three cups later.”

“Brother Ji has the final say,” Yang Kai smiled slightly before continuing, “However, I don’t need to drink too much wine, I have something I need Brother Ji’s help with, it’s about my wife.”

Ji Ying said, “If there’s anything you need my help with, Brother Yang, feel free to ask. As long as this Ji can do it, I won’t refuse.”

“For Brother Ji, this is definitely possible,” Yang Kai smiled confidently and pointed at Xia Ning Chang, “It’s like this, ever since Ningchang started cultivating, she has also stepped into the Dao through Pill Refining. Her love for Pill Refining is greater than her love for cultivation.”

“Oh? Sister-in-law is also an Alchemist?” Ji Ying looked at Xia Ning Chang seriously and frowned slightly.

In any case, he was an Emperor Pill Master. If he had a peer standing in front of him, he would definitely be able to tell because Alchemists all had a unique temperament, especially when interacting with unusual flames and herbs all year round.

However, when he looked at Xia Ning Chang, he didn’t see any traces from her, but he could clearly smell the various pill fragrances on her body, causing him to become suspicious.

“That’s right!” Yang Kai nodded, “It’s just that in the Lower Planes Star Field, the conditions are limited and no one can teach her Pill Refining. Now that she’s finally here, I was wondering if I could let her learn Pill Refining from Brother Ji.”

Ji Ying said, “Brother Yang’s attainments in Pill Refining far surpass mine, and the two of you are husband and wife, so it’s the most convenient for you to provide guidance. Why should you be willing to give up what is near and seek what is far?”

Yang Kai smiled wryly, “Brother Ji is too kind, but as you know, I don’t have much time to teach her.”

When Ji Ying heard this, he knew that Yang Kai was telling the truth. He had been in High Heaven Palace for quite some time now, but he had basically never met Yang Kai. This guy seemed to be a mysterious figure who rarely showed himself, so how could he have the time to teach others?

Nodding slightly, he said, “If that’s the case, this Ji is willing to serve, but…”

Yang Kai cut him off and signaled to Xia Ning Chang, “Ningchang, come and greet Master!”

Ji Ying had the cultivation of an Emperor Realm and was also an Emperor Pill Master, so he was definitely qualified to be Xia Ning Chang’s master. Although he and Ji Ying called each other brothers, this didn’t affect Xia Ning Chang’s matters. At most, they would just be friends.

Ji Ying was the personal disciple of Wonderful Pill Great Emperor and had obtained Wonderful Pill Great Emperor Pill Refining Method. If Xia Ning Chang were to learn it from him, she would definitely gain some benefits. However, if she really wanted to take him as her master, Ji Ying would definitely teach her everything without holding anything back. In comparison, Yang Kai naturally wanted Xia Ning Chang to become Ji Ying’s disciple, so it didn’t matter if she suffered a small loss in status.

Before coming here, Yang Kai had exchanged a few words with Xia Ning Chang. At this moment, she naturally knew what to do and quickly bowed, but before she could say anything, Ji Ying waved his hand and an invisible force held her back.

“Brother Yang…” Ji Ying looked at Yang Kai helplessly and waved his hand, “No, no.”

If he really accepted Xia Ning Chang as his disciple, how would his status with Yang Kai be considered? What’s more, he wasn’t an ordinary Emperor Pill Master. He had the entire Medicine Pill Valley behind him, so accepting a disciple wasn’t something he could do as he pleased. He had to obtain the approval of Medicine Pill Valley first.

On top of that, he didn’t have any intention of accepting a disciple, it was fine for him to teach Xia Ning Chang. But taking in a disciple was a big matter, so how could he be so careless? Even if Xia Ning Chang was Yang Kai’s wife, before knowing her aptitude, Ji Ying wouldn’t dare to casually take her into his Sect, otherwise he would lose the face of Medicine Pill Valley.

The disciples under him were all dragons and phoenixes amongst men, and with time, all of them had a high chance of becoming Emperor Pill Master.

“Why not? Could it be that Brother Ji is unwilling?” Yang Kai thought to himself that since he had already said so much, how could he let him get away so easily? Today, he had no choice but to accept it.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that…” Ji Ying hesitated for a moment before continuing, “The Sect’s rules forbid this Ji from casually accepting a disciple, so this matter must be reported to Eldest Senior Brother.”

Although Medicine Pill Valley was the place where Wonderful Pill Great Emperor cultivated, the Great Emperor wouldn’t interfere in everything. The person in charge of Medicine Pill Valley was Wondeful Pill Great Emperor’s First Disciple, the Eldest Senior Brother Ji Ying spoke of.

“There’s also this Sect’s rule,” Yang Kai was stunned, but he also knew that Ji Ying wouldn’t lie to him, so he understood that his plan was about to have some setbacks.

“That’s right, otherwise Ji Ying wouldn’t have refused. How about this, Brother Yang, I can teach Sister-in-Law Pill Refining, but there’s no need for a master-disciple relationship.”

With Yang Kai’s unwillingness, if he just casually taught her, how many good things could he teach them? He tried asking, “Does Medicine Pill Valley still accept disciples?”

How could Ji Ying not know what Yang Kai was planning? Smiling wryly, he said, “I haven’t seen any new disciples in five hundred years, but if they have outstanding aptitude, I’m sure Eldest Senior Brother won’t refuse.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai smiled happily, “Ningchang, show Brother Ji a thing or two.”

Ji Ying stared at him in shock, somewhat unable to believe his eyes. After all, in his opinion, Xia Ning Chang didn’t have the slightest trace of an Alchemist, but Yang Kai seemed to have confidence in her. However, since things had already reached this point, it wasn’t appropriate for him to stop her, so he could only look towards Xia Ning Chang and secretly plan to go back to his Eldest Senior Brother and ask him to take Xia Ning Chang into the Medicine Pill Valley.

“I’ve embarrassed myself,” Xia Ning Chang said softly before taking out some herbs from her Space Ring.

These were all Origin King Grade herbs, and there were no higher grade ones in the Star Field.

This action alone made Ji Ying’s eyes light up.

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